Inside CaCee Cobb’s Boho Chic Nursery: ‘I Didn’t Want the Stereotypical Pink’

09/04/2015 at 01:00 PM ET

When CaCee Cobb found out she was having a daughter, she didn’t immediately start dreaming of decorating a pink nursery.

In fact, Cobb wanted something completely different for Wilder Frances, whom she and husband Donald Faison welcomed in April.

“I didn’t want it to be the stereotypical pink many people envision when they think of a girl’s nursery,” she explains.

In addition to spending time scouting ideas on Pinterest, Cobb enlisted the help of interior designer, Vanessa Antonelli, who managed to bring the mom-to-be’s ideas to life.

“I really had no vision other than I didn’t want a pink room. That’s what was so great about Vanessa because she really helped me understand what my style was and what it wasn’t,” Cobb says of her second child’s sleep space.

“I chose a peachish pink and we accented with navy, mint and gold. It’s feminine in a boho chic way.”

CaCee Cobb Donald Faison daughter nursery
Courtesy CaCee Cobb

With both Cobb and Antonelli pregnant, the two relied heavily on their partners to pick up the slack.

“You could tell we are both used to doing everything ourselves when it comes to manual labor, but since we were both super pregnant, we literally got to sit back, point and tell our husbands what to do,” jokes Cobb.

But although Faison was willing to help with the heavy lifting, the actor let his wife take the lead on their daughter’s nursery.

“I can’t really say that Donald gave a lot of input — but he definitely did his fair share of assembling, lifting and measuring,” says Cobb.

CaCee Cobb Donald Faison daughter nursery
Christine Farah Photography

The finished product features a floral accent wall behind the crib, a mini table and chairs set for a reading station, a comfy chair and gold ottoman and several personal touches on various boards around the room.

Antonelli even added a hanging branch as a clothing rack to display a few of Wilder’s cutest outfits.

CaCee Cobb Donald Faison daughter nursery
Christine Farah Photography

Not only was Antonelli “amazing and very patient” while planning the room — “Especially since I can’t make a decision to save my life when I’m pregnant,” jokes Cobb — but the designer also introduced the mom-to-be a few must-have baby products to include in the nursery.

“I literally love all of the items, but my favorite so far is the Mon Bebe recliner — I wish I had it throughout my entire pregnancy because it is so comfortable!” shares Cobb, adding that Antonelli also suggested a Nook mattress for the crib.

CaCee Cobb Donald Faison daughter nursery
Christine Farah Photography

According to Antonelli, the nursery represents both Cobb and her now 4-month-old baby girl.

“I would define CaCee’s decorating style as very carefree and a little bohemian. The looks she gravitates to are effortlessly pretty, which is really how we came to the final room,” she shares.

“It fits her own personality well, too, because she is so easygoing and casual.”

— Anya Leon

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Guest on

I’m sorry, but she hired a designer for that room? What did they design? Looks like all they did was hang up a stick from the backyard.

Beth on

Not a fan of the room at all! Beautiful baby though!

mommytoane on

Not completely a fan of how the room was put together but I do like the colors…girly without being too girly.

Guest on

Beautiful mom and baby, but hideous room design choices. She should get a refund! :/

Julie on

It’s a nice enough room, but nothing about it (other than the crib) says baby. It’s more for the adults to show off than the baby.

Kaleigh on

Very pretty! I love that wallpaper and the colors! It feels really happy and pretty like a garden party.

Callie on

Was the designer 5? That is one ugly room! Are the clothes hanging on the tree branch the closet or for decor? Newsflash – it’s OK to go with traditional pink!!!!!!

Easyup on

I’m with the other two ladies. Especially don’t like the crib, no style and looks like jail cell bars but the wall paper is pretty.

really on

It looks cold, not warm and comforting. Who is this girl anyways?

Jennifer on

Such a beautiful Room! All of the colors complement each other beautifully. It’s so soft and perfect for a little girl. Kudos to the designer, what a true talent! I look forward to the rest of the pictures!

Guest on

OMG the designer should be fired………my little one could do much better with the colors and the total flow of the decorations. Beautiful little one, she is so cute and happy looking. I hope the designer was at no charge b/c she should inquire about a full refund.

Jennifer on

Wow. This room is gorg!!!!!!!!!! I want to have a tea party in it. I love the wall paper, rug, crib, chair, little chair sets, clear shelves. I think I need it all!

Kimber on

If she actually paid someone to design that room, she was robbed. What a horrible mish-mosh.

Candance on

First time mom? Two words, white-carpet! LOL!

Kimber on

@really, she is Jessica Simpson’s best friend and used to be her assistant or something. Jessica is the kids Godmother. Odd, this baby has a black father, but sure doesn’t look half black. Might want to check into that….

Jennifer on

omg! I think I fell in love. The room is sooo pleasant and pretty! I cant wait to have a girl. :))))

Jennifer on

Ahhh I love Donald and Cece! This room suits Ceces style so well. just pretty. Also, loving the mid century crib. Does anyone know where I can buy that?

guest on

boho chic for a nursery….seriously???

Kaleigh on

My house is decorated like this with ecclectic things that go together. I dont have a baby yet, hopefully soon. I like the navy for a girl. I might be stealing that color combo one day if its a girl.

Jennifer on

@guest sounds like she’s Donalds bitter ex girlfriend. Y U so mad though? LMAO Shes really butt hurt about this room. Like Cece stole her life. Haha. Room is really really pretty!!

krtmom on


Pam on

Love this room! It’s gorgeous and not traditional girlie. I’m expecting and I am definitely calling Vanessa Antonelli.

Jennifer on

This room is just so beautiful.

Jessica on

The room is gorgeous. Anyone saying otherwise is devoid of style and originality. If it isn’t your taste, fine, but it’s not supposed to be YOUR taste…it’s supposed to be the mother and fathers taste. That was what the designer was hired to do. And she did. And well. When it’s your turn you can go to Babies R Us.

DaisyMoon on

That hanging stick looks ridiculous.

Traci on

I’m not a fan of the room. The rug under the little table goes horribly with the rest of the room, and I just don’t like the dark blue with the rest of it. The branch is also kind of silly. If you’re going to put anything on it then make it a cute animal, but not her clothes. However, the baby is gorgeous and she is the important part of the room.

Val on

Wilder is a doll but I am not a fan of the design. It is bare! Where is the sweet little girly things??? It lacks coziness completely.

Stylista on

That looks cheap and lame. 3 kitchen mats under a cheap outdoor table? Totally impractical. It’s so far off sabby chic, it looks like trailer cheap. Quite ugly.

Lauren Morgan on

Bland as sand

Kol on

The decoration is ok, nothing in particular.

guest on

It’s a very boring layout and the layered rugs are a tripping hazard when she learns how to walk. Clearly “designed” by someone who had no idea what they were doing.

Megan on

She hired someone for that boring room ? And those three overlapping mats look like a tripping hazard to me

sam on

i don’t think she has money b/c her husband has 5 kids with various women.

nkz on

Um the kid is very cute.

Hessa on

It isn’t CeCe…it’s CaCee!!! And that room is, blah…glad they like it, but it doesn’t look boho or shabby chic to me…it looks like a young couple’s house that can’t afford anything and get hand me down furniture from several households…and that crib..UGH!!! I have seen better cribs at the local Goodwill. I am just so shocked by CaCee using “a designer”…if she wanted boho or shabby chic, why not just ask Jessica or Ashley, that is their styles and I bet their homes are amazing! oh well, let’s just hope she and Donald have a long and happy life together with their kiddies…he seems like a cool dude.

dd on

not crazy about the room, but the baby is cute, the babys dress is cute and mom is cute!

befashiononline on

She needs to get her money back. She got scammed. It takes absolutely no design experience or skills to come with this atrocity. SMDH!

CaseyL on

Some of the ideas are cute. I love the recliner and foot rest. But seriously? The overall design is awful. There’s no warmth or personality. I think the designer needs to rethink her career choice. I see a bohemian/institutional look.

BTW: Ten Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes is one of my all time favorite baby books. The 1st few times I read it, I was a weepy mess by the end.

ImALadyToo on

Adorable little girl, but the room is not in my taste. It looks like it is designed more for adults than a baby. I thought you were supposed to have bright colors and interesting things for babies to look at to develop their brains.
By the way, who is this woman?!

OY on

Not a fan of the design, kinda robbed, she needs to get her money back.

Guest on

HORRENDOUS! This woman needs to never ever design again.

Kimberly on

I like this very simple and classy nursery. I think so many get obsessed with the girl nurseries and decorate with pink and princess theme too much and that’s just not for me either. It’s just too much to me! Sometimes less is more! What’s with the huge bows on their heads too, I just don’t like it. Her little girl is adorable too by the way! 🙂

Cheri on

Looks like they shopped at ikea for that room.

guest on

It looks like the room in your house where you throw all the furniture you don’t know what to do with.

ramona on

Sorry,but totaly boring. Sweet baby wakes up to what?No brightness or haapiness at all..

atlmom on

Looks like a Pinterest fail.

Susan on

Cute baby, not so cute room imho. In trying to be different she went trendy with the tree branch hanger and all those wall decorations. There is nothing wrong with wall decor but that wall decor would work better for a common room not a kids room. Colors are cute but look random together. I get trying to be unique but people are taking it a little too far sometimes.

Is that hanger close to the crib? In one picture it looks close but another makes it not look close.

karen on

Chair yes, rest of room, hell no.

Pam on

Color is ok, wall pictures could have done better.

penelope on

Looks like Brittany got tired of posting again and again. #obsessed

awodowswalk on

That is seriously the worst baby room I’ve ever seen… It’s so cold and random. It looks like someone went to a bunch of garage sales and threw a bunch of crap together 😁

Anonymous on

Ugliest nursery I’ve ever seen. The designer should quit.