Pregnant Kim Kardashian West Wears a Crop Top (Yes, Really!) While Out to Dinner

09/02/2015 at 08:10 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West continues to prove her point: There’s just no room for maternity wear in her wardrobe.

Taking a break from her fitted frocks and signature leggings, the mom-to-be celebrated a special evening out by staying stylishly in sync with sister Kylie Jenner during a family dinner at Nobu on Tuesday.

And a growing baby belly wasn’t about to stop anyone from sporting a crop top — yes, Kardashian West included.

Kim Kardashian Maternity Crop Top App Launch
Charley Gallay/Getty

Joined by sister Khloé and mom Kris Jenner, the group were all on hand to celebrate the upcoming launches of their apps. But, let’s be honest, all eyes were on the reality star’s impressive outfit: a high-waisted skirt, matching bustier, a sheer robe and sky-high heels.

After being criticized for her clothing choices during her pregnancy with 2-year-old daughter North, the pregnant star — who’s due in December with a son — has decided to seek style advice from someone extra special during this pregnancy: husband Kanye West.

“After that, Kanye and I were just like, ‘Let’s do it ourselves.’ It was mainly him figuring it out — what my look was and what I was comfortable in,” Kardashian West told C Magazine. “So now I’ve had two years to really come into my own and have my own style. I figured out a formula of what works.”

Kim Kardashian Maternity Crop Top App Launch
Charley Gallay/Getty

— Anya Leon

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Robin on

Why does she need a “look” while pregnant? Where what you like and at the same time is comfortable.

Seth on

The look doesn’t work. It doesn’t flatter her at all.

jacque on

Frozen Faces!!

Jaz on

You mean, Frozen Fake Faces.

Patti on

Three pigs and then a fourth. Wee wee wee all the way home. And stay there.

Jenb on

All that Botox in one room

Kate on

While I respect you have free will to make choices….put some clothes on, girl! You have a daughter who will see these pictures!

Parna Veirna on

who gives a fuuck about these no talent cuunts and their demoon spawwn.
fuccking ghettto trash……..

anne on

Somedzy her children will look back and see to what lengths their mother went to attract attention. Sad role model.

MAS on

MOOOOO, WoW, Scary, Scarier

anne on

Someday her children will look back and see to what lengths their mother went to attract attention. Sad role model.

trish on

They all look crazy mad!!!

Annie on

Does it count as your own look if your husband picked it out?

Kristen on

Woww…it’s Cruella deVille and her waxen, joker-faced brood. Gross…

Nicole on

With all the plastic surgery, lip injections, hair extensions, hair dye/ bleaching and fake lashes these women are going to look horrible as they start to age. I almost feel sorry for them…almost 😉

Patti on

Kris looks an old bag

Carol on

thankful that this is the last time that she can get pregnant. She always have to have the longest wedding, shortest marriage, longest divorce, another year of hearing about another wedding and watching her Wear shrink wrap clothing while she is pregnant. I gave up my subscription after 30 + years because of People’s love for this woman and I will never buy another People magazine.

fatalreview on

gagging more maggots every day–GROSS SKANKK PIG ALERT!!!

Wilma on

Unfortunately, they all look too made-up and downright over-the-top. Kim’s outfit? Oh my gosh. . . . .

Becca on

IMO, for the first time ever, I’m going to say Kim looks good…..compared to the others!

Anonymous on

It’s so unattractive when you try THIS hard. Every time I see her, Kim (especially) looks like she put way too much effort into her “look”. Holy crap woman! People don’t care that much about you. I just like looking at her pics to see how ridiculous she looks and to see her circus family. Sad sad sad for her children, especially her daughter as she is learning to place appearance and “beauty” as the priority.

Chris on

It’s so unattractive when you try THIS hard. Every time I see her, Kim (especially) looks like she put way too much effort into her “look”. Holy crap woman! People don’t care that much about you. I just like looking at her pics to see how ridiculous she looks and to see her circus family. Sad sad sad for her children, especially her daughter as she is learning to place appearance and “beauty” as the priority.

sheila rae on

It’s just another shirt of hers that’s too small,so it rolled up.

Pnut on

Kris looks ridiculous. And so does Kiley. She looks like a plastic doll, and no compliment implied. Kendall is naturally gorgeous, and Kiley was the non-attractive kid who was gonna have to get a job. She sure fooled me, bc then she went and changed everything plain about her face and became a 45 yr old 17 (now 18) year old.

AnnaB on

They are all so trashy.

Truthfinder on

Yes, I know it’s a “crop” top. But PEOPLE made it sound as if her entire belly was showing….not at all the case. Even though I don’t like the look, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had conjured up in my mind because of the PEOPLE headline. I just wish these ladies (mom, first and foremost) would quietly fade into the background and go away. Not very nice of me, but enough already!

Just a Duck on

She looks like she’s a sack of potatoes. There are better pregnancy outfits.

Emma on

That is a homely bunch of worked over women. The more procedures they go through, the worse they look.

Naihsadrak on

I’m sure it takes them all day just to get “fixed-up” before They go grab a bite to eat. Don’t worry Kim, you’ll never be mother-of-the-year so go ahead and embarrass your kids now so when they’re older they’ll have great memories of your sluttiness! Kylie needs to go act her age and go to school. Momager is over-the-top trying waaaaay to hard to be young and ridiculous. Khloe, I’m glad you FINALLY went under the knife to rid yourself of some fat cells.

Sarah on

Really not attractive … Overdone , fake, plastic … Maybe Kris and Kim naturally HAD nice features but no longer… All of them. Too bad really.

Reesiesmommy on

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. And YUCK.

skigirl25 on

She looks stunning!

Heathyr on

Kim didn’t do it distastefully! Her sheer cover takes her out of the club and looks cute! Kylie’s skirt length takes her outta the club and looks cute! Chloe’s cover takes her out of the club and she always looks cute and Kris turtle neck is appropriate and cute! They all look high class and high fashion as they should!

Sue on

…but it doesn’t work…

Suma on

WTH did Kris do to her face? My god, she looks terrible.

Kathy on

It’s not going to matter what she is wearing while she is pregnant and what pictures they see….do y’all not see who is raising these children.

Lost in Atlanta on

Kim and Kris would look way better if they swapped outfits!

Danette on

I have 2 children…alway found it respectful to other to not wear belly button bearing tight clothes….that is gross! Sorry!!

guest on

Except… it doesn’t work.

Anonymous on

I’m less bothered by a pregnant crop top than an almost 60 year old in a tight bedazzled heart dress.

characterfan on

the girls all look respectable. Kris looks like she’s having a midlife crisis or something. That dress looks and feels too young for her. Maybe she and Kylie should switch, but that dress isn’t Kylie’s style.

Tonya Welton on

wow-kylie looks like a porn star.

Nanamn on

All I can type is TACKY!

Stella on

I just don’t even know who is the most ridiculous looking one.

Amy on

Do they not have any decent maternity clothes in CA?? Both pregnancies Kim has dressed terrible

ella on

…And subsequently made the entire restaurant nauseous

Anonymous on

words fail me !!

Skiwoman on

How inappropriate

LilahK on

Wow! What did Kris do to her face! Way too much of something.

Hatethem on

She always looks like a cow. Stop making these idiots rich and famous.

Elke on

They do not live like we do. They do not know how we struggle to keep our place to live, cloth to wear, food to eat.

Andy on

She looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket! Nasty!!

Sue d on

They all look like what they are…sluts.

spowalla on

Sweet Jesus! She doesn’t look any different than the first time around. And you need your husband to tell you what you’re comfortable in?!

Catherine on

See Kim, what happens is that when you refuse to wear maternity clothes and insist on just wearing your “regular” clothes, you don’t look pregnant, you just look fat. Then we all make fun of you and you complain about getting picked on. We can end this whole vicious cycle if you would just go get some clothes from Pea in a Pod like a normal pregnant woman.

love him on

All these chicks look so fake!
Correction…are fake.

julie on

It bugs me more what their mom wears. Is she 17 in her mind?

missy on

In the past two years she’s found her “style” and has “figured out what works?” She hasn’t worn anything flattering in over 3 years(and I’m not even taking into account her disaster of a pregnancy wardrobe). She needs to get a REAL stylist because her droopy leather sweat pant and cotton t-shirt wearing husband clearly can’t figure out what works for her body.

Guest on

Hope there’s not a fire or there will be 4 puddles of plastic on the floor. Kim looks like a hippo…no words to describe how fake they all look.

Marcy on

Such a big f’n pig and so are her sisters and mother.

Anonymous on

Kim and klan have absolutely no style, no taste. They dress like klowns. And don’t get me started on Kanye. This man dresses so fugly. Lol.

Kari on

it’s time they changed their name to the Addams Family. Kendall is the ONLY one with any class.

clark barr on

Kim and klan have no style, no taste. They dress like a bunch of klowns. Lol. And she consults Kanye to give her fashion advice and tell her what she’s comfortable in! Money can’t buy brains. Or good fashion sense, apparently.

Brandi on

If you look closely, you can see where everybody’s spanx stop. Kim included. That poor baby!

jane mater on

I love kylies hair colour she looks fab the other sister not so good in this photo i guess they are tired

Karen on

I love it when she stands next to her sisters and you realize she’s only about 5 feet tall. I CANNOT STAND THIS FAMILY! Yet, I continue to post… I see the teen has gone back to the fat lips. The mother looks like a psycho.

Amber on

I think that heart on Kris would look better if it was flashing like a neon sign.

lina on

I have my own style – my husband picked it out for me. Told me what I like and what I am comfortable in. Is she really that dumb and clueless??

Callie on

They all look HORRIBLE!!!! Stop bleaching your hair girls, blonde does NOT look good on any of you!!! Kim looks so uncomfortable, not to mention just plain STUPID. I wish someone would tell her it’s OK to wear maternity clothes. UGH!!!!!!

Callie on

They all look RIDICULOUS!!! Someone please tell Kim it’s ok to wear maternity clothes. Also, could someone please tell them to stop bleaching their hair blonde? It doesn’t look good on any of them!!!

dd on

all of kims sisters are passing her up on the HOT scale

edie on

Should be interesting when Kanye runs for president of the US in 2020… The only one thats pretty in the kartrashian /jenner family is Kourtney. and she is not even in the picture.

Norma on

Look at all of that plastic in one room! Don’t anyone stand too close with a lighter. It may melt. Good gracious!

Freya on

It’s like two pigs fighting beneath a blanket. ~Weezer.

j on

This family and their resting bitch faces are getting old.

Vee on

A formula of what works??
No one can accuse Kim of having good taste.
Then again, she married Kanye.

jackie on

Another meaningful article about these people!!!

Me on

Didn’t kris Jenner cancel appearance on Monday because her lips were swollen from a bug bite she got weeks ago in st Bart’s sure heals doesn’t she? Ha ha

Ohhhh. on

Ohhh, that’s a crop top. I thought the skin showing was a belt. Crop not, in my opinion.

Kathy on

Why do these people wear so much spandex?

Stephanie on

Dear Author,
It is hardly a crop top. Stop trying to make a big deal out of nothing.

ghost on

They all look scary omgggg.

Laid Back on

Kim,has zero fashion in her. She used to dress descent, before Kanye. Now,this hepher looks even worse. She seems brainwashed. Kanye,where’s the wackest,clownish clothes that I have ever seen.. .his clothing line is a joke!! When you are fat and pregnant, there is no look,only comfortable clothes. I can’t stand them.

Anonymous on

Hmm, I’m really starting to believe that Kim is not really pregnant. Take a really good look at the front of that fugly skirt she is wearing and you can see an outline of spanx and the cut out to her supposed bump. Just doesn’t seem real. I think her ass is just getting wider and fatter and that crap she talks about ‘pregnant lips’ is BS

Selene on

That’s the next president of 2020 wife will look like lmao that’s the first lady ooooookkkkkkkkayyyyyyy

Marcy on

Love it ! Were what ever you want 🙂

Ness on

They are beautiful girls who love to go over board for the attention. Who cares? All women seek attention and we all do different acts in order to gain. At least these girls get paid while doing and they look geared up head to toe with flawless makeup regardless of whats fake or real it looks sexy!!

Ness on

You must have a sad sorrow life that you have to bash these girls to make yourself feel better. May the lord forgive you for all the hate and negativity you have in your heart and may you find your inner beauty.

Christina on

All I can say is.. gross, slutty, fake, more fake and SCARY!!!

Zola on

Kim looks great with or without make up, so does her sisters

Nanu21 on

The Kardashian/Jenner females are looking raggy and old……there is no glow nor natural look at all so maybe its time for these females to retire from the camera especially Kim who for sure needs somebody to give her a total make over as all those things she squeezes into are tacky and so is her hubbie…….isn’t it time to find some fresh new faces as this group is as stale and boring as those Duggars…..

krtmom on

The Skanks!!!

kathy from fla on

Trash! Trash! Trash! Go away KarTRASHians!PLeeeeaaassseee!

Steph on

It’s sad that Kim and Kylies face are so plastic they can’t even smile.

huh? on

Her front matches her a**

WhoCares? on

…. has decided to seek style advice from someone extra special during this pregnancy: husband Kanye West.
“After that, Kanye and I were just like, ‘Let’s do it ourselves.’ It was mainly him figuring it out — what my look was and what I was comfortable in,”….
OH PLEASE! Kanye is NO fashion designer – He absolutely has NO style (neither does she)!!!! Just likes to show off body that actually if hidden in nicer, more flattering styles would be a breath of fresh air.

angie on

Going to dinner requires posing for photo ops??? Does this family ever stop? They keep getting scarier and scarier looking with all their plastic faces….YIKES!!!

JustMe on

Crazy eyes (and not in a good way)

Vol on

Um proud Kardashian sisters.

cb on

omg, as much money as this woman spends on stupid stuff, she needs to hire a stylist ! that can put her in clothes that fit her body and are flattering to her body type. as is, she looks like a major trashy hoe with no style what so ever !

really on

Kim looks horrible.

SomewhereOutThere on

Dammit, people!
I cannot say, I like any of the persons in this picture, – I don’t know them personally, so, only what they present to the public is what I “know”, – and, frankly, I don’t waste a second thought on them.
BUT, – what is going on here, the vile gall I see here viciously spewn at a fellow human being, another woman at that, – it doesn’t make me speechless. Instead it makes me furious and makes me want to scream: WHY??? WHAT HAS POSSESSED YOU?

Seriously! WHat has she done wrong? She has neither killed millions of Jews, nor has she uprooted and terrorised Syria, – she didn’t even fly a plane into a tower!
She simply chose to be noticed, in the public eye, – and yes, she is making a living off of it!

She does this for the attention, yes, – so what?
You think she deserves, – she had to expect the artorcities, the filth I see here thrown at her?
Dammit, – WHY???
Because people ARE LIKE THAT???
Lame! And, no, I don’t want to be put into the same bag as you!

What petty, small lives need this as an outlet for all the bitterness, ugliness and hatred, letting their green-eyed monsters run amok against A PERSON.
You don’t like her? Great! No problem!
I don’t care much for what she decides to portray herself as for the public. Do I think there are people more worthy of our attention?

So: WHY are you giving her the attention you so loather her to be wanting?
Why don’t you go out there and DO better? Do something to make this world the great place it could be. Give your attention to the people around you. To your community. Share yourself with them. Give your attention to those worthy of it.

And most of all, – give your attention to what you are putting out there.
Be, what you want others to be like, – do, what you want others to do, speak, what you want to hear others to speak.
Do good and don’t waste yourself .

Anonymous on

Not something I would wear pregnant or not, but if she’s comfortable then good for her.

#stillafanofthekardashiangirls. #notafanofkrisjenner

life goes on on

No class, no taste.

lilly pond on

Please make this pig and her disgusting family go away.

bb on

Let me get this straight. She found her “own” style this time by having her husband pick out her clothes.???? Btw, Kim, your husband has terrible fashion sense, the clothes don’t flatter your body type nor your height.

Justme on

The non-prego thing is trying hard to look knocked up. How odd…buy the prego look on the net

Sandy on

What kind of mother allows their 18 year old daughter to dress like that. Kylie will be in a porn movie within months, probably produced by her mother

Sarah on

They all remind me of Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her after they have had too many procedures done by Bruce Willis…their faces and body parts may start to fall off too!

Nancy on

I don’t quite get the “I have to go to the ladies room stance” that most all female “celebrities” affect when having their photo taken…… Unless they really do…

Digit on

The formula ain’t working….LOL. No one wants to see your beer gut, Kim.

Sunburn on

The 3 PIGS!!!!! That’s what they look like!!!!!

Ilona on


Mary Kyles on

I like the way Kim presents herself pregnant. She has a fashion sense of her own. What bugs me is how her sister tries to copy every thing she does instead of finding their own style. KRIS NEEDS TO GO SOMEWHERE AND SIT DOWN.

lilly pond on

Three big pigs and then there were four big pigs. They are all disgusting trash.

Anonymous on

Photo opportunity even on their family dinner.

Ann on

They are all a hot mess!

Cecelia on

I am NOT a fan of these people by any stretch of the imagination, but I am absolutely disgusted to see all the body shaming going on toward a pregnant woman, regardless of who she is. If you’re all so worried that her kids are going to google her one day in a decade and be embarrassed to see how “fat” and “hideous” she looked, or because of how “trashy” she looked, then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Because, by your very own admitted logic, her children will look her up on the internet and ALSO see people saying terrible things about their mother. So the problem you’re worried about, you’re just perpetuating it.

Sultry on

Kim doesn’t wear maternity cos it will make her look 55yrs and she already looks 45. By the way is Kylie preggo or what?

Anonymous on

Her face looks frozen.

Guest on

That is just bad and wrong, it is bdong

Embel on

These biatches have nothing to show for except their fake plastic bodies.

Zeze on

Perfecting the art of the vacant stare…

Tina on

She needs to re- think the ‘formula’, if she thinks it works she ends an eye examination.

Kelly on

I think they are beautiful 👌❤️💃🏼

lori on


gina stoll on

This one sick, twisted bunch

The Free Woman on

pretty dressed up just for dinner! 🙂

harry on

Kloe’s nose is disappearing! She use to have a fat nose, not its looking like Bruce Jenner’s pencil nose. Trash,-trash-trash!

LOL on

They literally look like the Adams family out on the town!!

guest on

Kris is an attractive lady (thanks in part to some help by her plastic surgeon) but she does NOT need to be wearing outfits like this. Her veiny legs are showing her age. And Kim always has this paranoid look on her face, like she’s constantly worried about still being “hot”. Time to let that go, Kimmy.

AvidAtheist on

Good grief, Kim. You are fashion remedial. Here’s some advice for you: Dress for the body you HAVE, not the body you WANT. Sheesh. Blind people have better fashion sense than you. All that money, and you can’t buy a friend who will be honest with you.

jewels1972 on

They all look ridiculous but Kris especially so. 60 yrs old dressed like she’s 18? Not a good look, Kris. Dress your REAL age!

Anonymous on

Dont give two shits, sick of headlines with kardasian in it

Marie Mullin on

Only 4 positive comments, why do they post , they like that ?? Kendall and Kourtney are smarter.Kendall you look ok way you,are.remember that.

Anna on

She looks fine! It isn’t like she is literally letting her belly hang out while out to dinner. If it wasn’t known it was a crop top I would have assumed it was a one piece dress.

Justin on

I think they all look great except for Kylie’s dress. Who wears that out to eat a nice dinner. She looks like she is about to go hooking on the corner.

Paige on

Honestly, I think Kim looks really pretty here.

Ingrid on

Kim just promise not to eat ” gas forming” ingredients…. That might be bad for the environment….we can’t have half of California blown away

Anonymous on

Yes they are good looks sisters, only they need good stylists for their dresses and fashion.

Guest on

They bare an uncanny resemblance to those “realistic” $ex dolls. It REALLY creeps me out. Except Kim who, as always, looks like fat grade D trash while preggo. DRESS LIKE A PREGNANT WOMAN, YOU WILL LOOK BETTER.

Anonymous on

What a scary looking group of women. Their bodies must be so polluted from all the chemicals/anesthesia they’ve subjected themselves to. Many health problems will plague them in the future. So unneccessary. Very sad.

Alexis on

Wasn’t she a “stylist” for Paris Hilton before her “video?.” So, why does she need her spouse to pick out her clothes for her? Not too mention, she OWNS the store Dash. She should know how clothes look with her back round. But she clearly has a big problem with her outfits, as we have all had to suffer through with multiple photos.

Anonymous on

Can take a break from these people? Like for50 years?

Lacey on

Kris looks masculine. Needs some style advice from Cait.

Nanu21 on

Four clowns in need of a serious make over especially Kim who needs to step aside and all three need to cut that fugly hair getting a up to date hair style loosing all those ugly clothes they squeeze into….porn look is stale!!!!

Dannie on

Why can’t she figure her own look out?

LabbieRescue on

Wow, Khloe sure looks like her hair dresser dad more and more. No denying it.

Kathy on

I was going to say they all look like they shop at Goodwill, but that would be an insult to Goodwill. Kris outfit is especially tacky.

Yikes on

What’s up with Kris and her “crazy eyes”? She looks like plastic surgery gone awry! Her face looks horrible.

Anonymous on

Yeah on three of them Kylie looked and dressed best.

Ellie on

Every “look” is like a sausage casing being squeezed to the limit, till you want to say… please wear a tent, Kanye’s ideas are not working.

NBA on

Quite revealing, look forward to coming back