Carrie Underwood Recalls Accidentally Locking Son Isaiah in Car: ‘It Was Such a Random Thing’

09/02/2015 at 04:36 PM ET

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Carrie Underwood may be a seven-time Grammy winner, but she’s still prone to the accidents and scares that come with being a parent.

Nearly two months after her 6-month-old son Isaiah Michael was accidentally locked in the singer’s car, forcing her to break in, Underwood is finally opening up about what really went down.

“It was such a random thing, we were at the airport,” Underwood explains of the terrifying July incident during an interview with Lisa Dent & Ramblin’ Ray on their US99.5 radio show.

The singer and her husband, Nashville Predators player Mike Fisher, left their car on and doors open after parking and exiting the vehicle at the airport, giving one of their pet dogs the perfect opportunity to wreak havoc.

“My husband and I both got out at the same time, and both shut the door at the same time, and immediately one of our dogs — I still don’t know what one it was — jumped up on the control panel on the door,” she says.  “[We] heard the thing click, and I was like, ‘The doors locked, the doors locked, the doors locked.’ ”

Underwood, 32, who tweeted about the incident at the time it occurred, says that “nobody had a spare set of keys.”

After trying, unsuccessfully, to open the doors without force, the couple “ended up having to break the window.”

While baby Isaiah was more than okay, the car wasn’t. The ultimate kicker? The now damaged vehicle belonged to Underwood’s in-laws! “I don’t think our dogs will ever be invited back,” she jokes.

The country singer, whose upcoming album Storyteller is set to drop Oct. 23, also opened up about how her fans’ expectations of her have changed since she became a mother. Underwood admits she feels like listeners are expecting her to put out a record of children’s music.

“I’ve gotten so many questions about it,” she explains before joking, “Like I’m gonna write an entire album of baby lullaby songs or I’d be all of a sudden a wuss or something.”

The star insists while aspects of her life have undergone “inevitable” changes since Isaiah was born, her music will remain the same.

“It doesn’t change everything about me,” she shares. “It just added a wonderful new layer, a wonderful new dimension to my life.”

My boys…checking out the world through the bus window.

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Anonymous on

why does her hair look dry and like straw?

Angela on

I work for an insurance carrier and had an insured recently have her child lock himself and his 4-week old brother in the car because he was playing with the buttons on the key fob. A split second is all it takes for there to be trouble. I’m glad Isaiah and the pups were all unscathed!

And for anonymous, it’s likely because it was outside and it was breezy, making her hair shift after being styled and having product in it. 🙂 If you’re going to try to diss someone you can at least sign your name to it.

sam on

why would you reiterate a story about your poor parenting. this whole generation has no boundaries.

Katie on

Seriously Sam? She did what many have likely have done BUT she was with the car and didn’t just leave to go shopping. I locked my keys in the car once, granted without kids, but they could have been. She should not be looked at as a bad mom for this. Leaving intentionally is a completely different story.

Catherine on

How is accidentally locking a car door a sign of being a bad parent? Being a parent is someone who doesn’t feed their kid, who abuse their kid, who is drunk while their kid plays… silly accidents like that are not a sign of being a bad parent– if ever mistake or accident was a sign of bad parenting then nobody would be a good parent.

Rachel on

Yeah… there’s a lot of bad parenting in this world, locking your kid in the car when you’re right there and they aren’t in any danger isn’t included. It’s not as easy to do with newer keys and locking systems, but it happens. I shut the door of my aunt’s car years ago when we were leaving church, they were unlocked and the keys were in her purse in the front seat. It was cold out and my 2-year-old cousin and her month 3-month-old brother were in the car. The second I shut the door she reached over and hit the power lock and that was that. We could NOT convince her to unlock them after that. It took 10 minutes for my grandmother to arrive with the extra keys. No one was in danger, it just happened.

sam on

It is absolutely poor parenting…and the stupidity to keeping on referring back to it. What an embarrassment to herself? It’s just callous and should have remained private. Of course, after the Sound of Music she is no stranger to embarrassment and poor decisions.

Ann on

From other news source: Both Carrie and her husband exited their car closing their doors leaving the AC and radio on and the engine running. This is what I found about this whole situation very disturbing. With their baby and dogs inside they left the AC and engine running? Their car doors getting accidentally locked by one of their dogs could have ended very disastrously and fatal for their dogs and their baby. They maybe are good parents to their child, but, they’re also very negligent and careless. They probably found it amusing too that their dog locked them out of their car. I just hope this doesn’t happen again.

Guest on

Everyone makes mistakes. The thing with her situation is that both of them should never have existed the car at the same time with a baby inside. It is kind of like two parents flying on a plane at the same time. Some believe that it is best for both parents not to fly on the same plane or at the same time just in case the plane crashes and the kids are left without a parent. Anyway, yes it was careless of both of them. Hopefully she offered (and paid for) the damage to her in-laws’ vehicle. I find this ironic because I believe she was the one who said parenting was easy after only being a mom for a few months. I had to chuckle at that one! She has absolutely no idea what she is in for. Kids don’t stay cute and cuddly forever.

Mo on

@Ann Did you miss the part where they were at the airport? No one shuts their car off when dropping someone off. You’re getting your stuff out as quickly as possible and getting out of the way. There was nothing negligent about this. Stop being so judgmental, it could’ve happened to anyone.

Valarie on

Mistakes happens, hopefully they learned something from it and things like this never happen again.

Ann on

@Mo, as Rachel said, they should not have gotten out of the car at the same time or together. Not everyone leaves the engine of their car running then exit out when they’re dropping somebody off at the airport. Anything could and has happened before while a car is stopped (hit by another car, gear shift slipping suddenly somehow, etc., etc.). If you’re going to do that, somebody better be behind the wheel to control your car if any of the mentioned mishaps happens. It’s not worth risking lives leaving your car unattended momentarily with the engine running, it doesn’t matter how close you are to your car or in a rush you are.

Ann on

@Mo, excuse me, I meant Guest not Rachel.

@Rachel, re: danger. Please read what I just responded to Mo.

Anonymous on

Ann- No, they probably shouldn’t have done that (though I fail to see what’s so bad about the AC having being left on. It’s possible that it saved Isaiah’s life!). However, nobody’s perfect, and I see no reason to rake them over the coals for making a mistake any one of us could have!

Anonymous on

Glad she found out quickly and took her son out and her son is Ok!

Ella on

I don’t know the situation but this sounds purely accidental. We live in such an alarmist parenting culture now. People lose their minds over everything from formula to plastic cups. Now we’re not allowed any mistakes? Good luck with that. Parenthood is becoming such an unbearably depressing community for real people to live in. Everyone just wants to judge. Never mind what she is doing fight. Let’s obsess over what she did wrong.

sarah on

she may be a celebrity but she goes through the same Mom trials and tribulations as the rest of us! And for the record, a cop will usually unlock the door for you if a kid is trapped inside, I thought it was kinda funny that they panicked and busted the window! first time parents….

Kim L on

This is not poor parenting. Things happen. @Sam sounds like a bitter old fart. You must of been the perfect parent. Continue sitting on your high horse judging and putting out negativity. It seems like it’s working well for you.

guest on

This can happen so easily. I accidentally did this with my 1 year old. I turned the car on for my husband while he was putting groceries in the back of our car. Then got out of the drivers side to walk around to the passengers side and closed the door out of habit. With the car running the doors automatically locked. It was night time so there was no harm to my son but I still panicked. I called the fire department and they came and broke the side window. I’ve never left keys in the ignition again, but shit happens sometimes.