Ne-Yo Is Engaged and Expecting a Baby with New Fiancée Crystal Renay

08/31/2015 at 11:00 PM ET

Ne-Yo has two big reasons to celebrate — the singer confirmed on Monday that he’s engaged and he and his new fiancée, Crystal Renay, are expecting a baby.

“Clearing the air..@mscrystalrenay and I are ENGAGED to be married next year. And yes we are expecting #FromTheHorsesMouth,” Ne-Yo, 35, announced via Twitter.

Speculation that REnay was pregnant started on Sunday when Ne-Yo posted a photo on Instagram of his fiancée holding a black-and-white image of the pair, in which he cradles her barely there bump.

Ne-Yo and fiancée Crystal RenayJohnny Nunez/WireImage

“Surprise!!!!!!!!!” Ne-Yo captioned the photo.

The R&B singer is already father to two other children — a daughter, Madilyn Grace, 4½, and a son, Mason Evan, 3½ — from his previous engagement to Monyetta Shaw.

Ne-Yo also took to Twitter on Monday to set the record straight following an appearance Shaw made on VH1’s Hollywood Exes, in which she revealed that she had her tubes tied when they were together so that they wouldn’t have any more children.

“Clearing the air..I didn’t force Mo to tie her tubes. Mutual decision. And the procedure is reversible. #SheCanHaveKids #FromTheHorsesMouth,” he wrote in a separate tweet.

— Naja Rayne

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Mrs. B on

Everything about this “man” is tacky. He has babies with women, then becomes engaged! And for him to publicly discuss his ex getting her tubes tied is as low as you can go. He’s trash!

Me on

Cause having kids before marriage worked so well for you last time….

Anonymous on

Mrs. B- Once this baby is born, he’ll only have kids with two women. That’s not so terrible. And his ex was the one who first brought up the fact that she had her tubes tied. He was simply defending himself from the nasty stuff that she apparently implied (I didn’t see her interview, so I don’t know for sure). I would have done the same if I were in his shoes!

And he DOES have a point. She can still have more kids if she wants to, whether by getting the tubal reversed (and hoping the reversal was successful!), leaving her tubes the way they are and doing IVF, or adopting.

That being said, congrats to them! Hopefully things work out better for him this time around!

MomOfOne on

Watch this! Hilarious!

Tvontheweb on

Watched that episode when she cried about having tubes tied and burned and now you impregnate another woman…that’s beyond disrespectful. It wasn’t a mutual decision, if so you should have been the man and gotten a vasectomy since she birthed two of your children. This is a wake up call to never let a man control you with money or fame because he will leave you for the next.

MrsRight on

What a tacky creep. Of course he pressured her to have the tubal. “We are getting married, two is enough….” Then on with the next. He’s selfish and UGLY. Hey this weeks woman – wise up. YOU WILL BE NEXT WHEN HE GET’S TIRED OF YOU. Take a lesson from BeYonce, she dated, got married and YEARS LATER HAD HER CHILD. That’s the order.

Anonymous on

Tvontheweb- For all we know, he DID offer to get snipped, but SHE insisted on getting her tubes tied (and if I’m remembering correctly, her births were C-sections, so she probably figured that as long as they were already in there, she may as well have the procedure).

And why is everyone assuming this relationship will fail just because his first one did? Plenty of people go on to have succesful relationships after the first one fails!

Anonymous on

Er, I should have said after his SECOND serious relationship failed (I forgot for a moment that he was involved with that selfish woman who let him think he was the father of her child before Monyetta).

Honestly, given that relationship and the little I know about Monyetta, it sounds like he’s just not that great at picking women. Hopefully this one will treat him better!

jfkbrit on

He s just typical of b;ack males, get ’em pregnant then abandon them, that’ why 75% of black children live in single parent homes in poverty and grow up embittered and disadvantaged.It’ such a pity that everyone accepts he moal turpitude out ther but, hey, f you wan to destroy a society, destroy its values an principes.