Kim Kardashian West Shows Cleavage, Covers Up Bump on VMAs Red Carpet

08/30/2015 at 10:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West‘s pregnancy fashion parade continued on the VMAs red carpet Sunday night.

The reality star arrived — with husband and Video Vanguard award recipient Kanye West, decked in a grey sweatsuit — at the 32nd annual MTV awards wearing a neutral, cleavage-baring lace-up Balmain dress, complete with cargo pockets on her hips.

The expectant Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s latest look skews more conservative than her usually revealing attire. Until now, the 34-year-old mom-to-be has kept her pregnancy style tight and sheer, from her see-through Proenza Schouler dress at the CFDA Awards in June to the body-hugging streetwear she rocked while in Paris for “pregnancy fittings” last month.

VMAs 2015 Kim Kardashian Dress
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Most recently, she stunned in a revealing bikini on a family vacation in St. Barts.

The reality and lifestyle mogul and her rapper husband, 38, announced in May that they were expecting baby No. 2, after detailing her fertility struggles on her family’s E! show. Their son, due in December, will join 2-year-old daughter North.

— Jeff Nelson

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SC on

Sunday Top Story: Kim shows cleavage. Monday Top Story: Kim shows cleavage. Tuesday Top Story: Kim shows cleavage. . . . really? Anything else actually newsworthy happen?

TG on

Her lips look very bad.

ToniG on

What bump? I don’t see a bump.

KT on

The pockets are hideous.

Angel on

Go to US Mag..She should have covered that rump!!!

lmb123 on

Aside from the hideous dress (who told her that looked okay), look at how long it is. She will be lucky if her pregnant self doesn’t trip on it.

Eve on

That Dress would be okay at the right length and without those gnarly pockets.

Susan on

I liked his look!

huh? on

She’s got the wrong size fake belly on again.

Go look on US mag how gigantic her butt is!!

KuntyeKimTrashian on

I hope their baby is not born on my sons birthday! That would stink since I dislike these pigs

Anonymous on

She needs to stop dressing in a Dam closet.. Or letting her husband dress her… That and 99% of her outfits are heinous!!

susan on

OMG. What designer thought that massive pockets on the thighs was a good thing??

sam on

they are so odd. lol

gfrnbsn1 on

She’s so gross. Lips and boobs are ridiculous.

Sara on

She could look good if she wore maternity clothes. Wearing regular clothes when pregnant just make you look big.

Anonymous on

Lovely dress, covered her belly well!

Matthew Mullen on

I keep hoping the next headline will be about her in a car accident

The Free Woman on

Kim has gotten & stayed really large since before North was born. I just want to see her at a weight that flatters her tiny frame again.

Southern Love on

That dress…bless her heart for having the energy to gussy up and go out.

Justme on

I guess she forgot her baby bump. Interesting

Just a Duck on

Where did they find those clothes? A garbage dump?

kb on

Ewww. That is one ugly dress!

sharon c on

Kim’s dress was just about the most stupid cheap looking dress I’ve ever seen. She should be wearing something that would hide that huge butt!

sharon c on

That was the most God Awful dress I’ve ever seen. Where on earth did she find that, at Goodwill? And please, hide your butt, Kim!

michelle on

Poor thing,she use to be so pretty.

Guest on

I don’t see a bump either. The one last week was a lot bigger. LOL! They both look like clowns in those outfits.

gg on

Kim Kardashian West Shows Cleavage

Umm….when was there a time she didn’t People?

AdkMom on

Just goes to show u having all that money won’t give you class, or taste…or anything youngsters can look up to you for. Another child, another nanny….what’s his name going to be? South, East or better yet—WEST West???

Elle on

The color the fit and the style of the dress are all hideous, and she looks like she can’t make a human expression on her face.

rls4311 on

Every time I see her picture, I think she smells like cheese……….that real pungent kind………like sharp cheddar.

vc on

There are so many cute prego outfits and gowns that I have seen stars wear! Why does Kim always look sloppy and uncomfortable while she is pregnant? There is no glow no happiness in this girl. Under all that make up and fakeness is she really happy? hmmmm strange.

vc on

OOO ya , What Bump! ? I see nothing.

Nanu21 on

Where does old Kim get all those FUGLY clown like outfits she comes up with? If her hubbie helps dress her then his taste is as ridiculous as her’s….tacky……who just discovered Kim has cleavage….YAWN@@@

Ilona on


Anonymous on

It shows cleavage. It doesn’t look like she is pregnant in this dress.

mary on

What the heck is she wearing? Looks awful. She wanted to be pregnant so bad, why can’t she embrace it. Who knows if she is really pregnant, doesn’t look like it. Her butt is out of control.

OneCopsGirl on

Ok, somebody please tell me, does Kim Kardashian even OWN a bra????

Anonymous on

Kim doesn’t look like wearing the bra, her boobs seem coming out LOL.

Katie on

Her sagging udders are hanging all the way down to her stomach. Nasty.

Katie on

They are hanging all the way down to her belly.

Daisy on

She can tie them in a knot and throw them over her shoulder.

Katie on

You can put a bucket underneath her and milk her.

Dannie on

Balmain’s having a good laugh at your expense, Kim. He can’t believe you really wore that outfit. Will somebody PLEASE buy this woman a mirror!

linda on

Why can’t she get clothes to fit her properly? She goes to Paris for “fittings” yet all of her clothes are too long in the sleeves and length!

Sloan on

Ugly dress that did not fit. No way to disguise the enormous grotesque butt.
Look like the butt is due any day . How does she not fall backwards!!!! Stoned Kanye

PW on

I watched the show last night and this picture of Kim & Kanye is very flattering. Kim looked a hot mess with her sagging boobs resting under her armpits during the entire show. THEN she stood up when Kanye went on stage only to reveal her massive ass. She doesn’t look pregnant to me – just FAT. Who dresses these people. Kanye looked ridiculous with his bunched up pants. Honestly – money does not buy you taste.

Kardashian Hater on

Really?! I thought women were proud to show their bumps. The only thing this cow is proud of are here boobs and lips. Whatever!

life goes on on

Ugly dress for an ugly TV personality.

Julie on

WTH is wrong with her, nothing about this dress is attractive. He needs to stop picking her clothes, they make her look awful!

Abby on

Somebody get Kim a stylist STAT! Everything about this dress is horrible: the color, the cut, the pockets and especially the too long sleeves and hem. She needs to start having her (ugly) clothes altered so they are not dragging the ground. She used to dress very well but since she hooked up with Kanye I haven’t seen her look decent in anything she has put on including that awful wedding dress she wore when she married him.

lilly pond on


phil on

they both need help from someone–they dress awful

Ilona on

this couple sinks into the ridiculous

Marilyn on

Four boobs: Kanye, Kim, and the two she never covers up.

life goes on on


Anonymous on

I try never to criticize bodies…. however. those clothes suck. They both look ridiculous! There is no design to either of them. Its horrid.

CAD on

Pigs, all of them!!

Megrzzz on

This woman needs a bra!!! BAD!! I don’t know how she looks in the mirror and thinks she looks good….her style was better and she was so much prettier before Kanye entered the picture! These two are gross, pathetic and deserve each other and to disappear from the public eye. His rant of an acceptance speech made no sense at all…..

#mom on

The sausage casing’s coming open!

What on

Stuffed sausage look again. With all that money and she can’t get a good stylist?….

Anonymous on

Kim didn’t wear bra, her boobs almost coming out!

Anonymous on

@KuntyeKimTrashian – have a little class.

c on

Shame on you people! And by “people” I mean the trolls who leave nasty, negative & unnecessary comments. Weren’t you ever taught “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all?” SMH.