Lucy Liu Welcomes Son Rockwell Lloyd

08/27/2015 at 06:45 PM ET

Lucy Liu Welcomes Son Rockwell Lloyd
Nino Munoz/CBS

Lucy Liu is a new mom!

The actress “is the proud mother of Rockwell Lloyd Liu, brought into the world via gestational carrier,” Liu’s rep confirms to PEOPLE, adding that he arrived Thursday, Aug. 27. “Mom and baby are healthy and happy.”

The Elementary star, 46, shared a photo of her son via social media with the caption, “Introducing the new little man in my life, my son Rockwell Lloyd Liu. In [love]!”

While Rockwell is her first child, the actress has dedicated herself for years to helping children around the world, volunteering with UNICEF since 1994. Liu says being the daughter of two Chinese immigrants helped her to value what she had and made her want to help others.

“I felt like they really gave me an appreciation for the care and love we had,” she tells PEOPLE of her parents — who are now grandparents!

Introducing the new little man in my life, my son Rockwell Lloyd Liu. In ❤️!

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— Sheila Cosgrove Baylis

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Lam on

Love her ! Congrats !!

Jen on

Yay! Congrats to her!

Shalla on

Congrats! Little Rocky is beautiful. Wish the surrogate, Lucy and baby well. What a wonderful gift, via surrogate!

Beth Beavers on

2parents, you are entitled to your opinion, but as a child raised without a father now raising a child alone, don’t cast the first stone unless you have walked in our shoes. It is our choice, but one parent is sometimes better than 2 if one is an absent parent.

Beth on

Congrats to her!! Love the name!

Elaine on

@2parents, she’s 46. How long is she supposed to wait to find the right partner? She’ll be a mom devoted to her child and with her means, she will be able to support him. She probably has male friends for role models. I have no problem with this.

kelleye1980 on

I love that name! Congrats! on

not a fan of hers but this is besutiful…it’s hard to find the right person but that doesn’t mean women should give up on their dreams of having a’s a hard job but it’s also very rewarding

Anonymous on

Right on, Elaine! Better to have a child alone that to marry just to have a child!!

choyce2020 on

Congratulation & best wishes to Lucy Lui on her new beloved son Rockwell.

LilahK on


Amabelle on

2parents, why do you care? Not like you are paying to raise the baby! Sometimes people choose different paths in life. Like Lucy, I chose the same path. My daughter and son were welcomed via surrogate. They are very much loved and very much and very well provided for. I work full-time in a very good career and raise my kids. Atticus & Lilia are now 9 & 3 and they are the apples of my eye! So before you judge, get the hell off your high horse and stop preaching your crap!

I guess you’re one of those people who also believe same sex couples can’t get married and raise children too? Sure seems like it 😂

Anonymous on

Congrats and a big welcome to Rockwell! There are so many ways to become a family today; I’m glad she found a path that works for her.

Guest on

What a little sweetie! Congrats to Lucy and her family on her new addition!!

Katie on

I wonder if he is genetically hers. It doesn’t matter but his profile seems like her. Beautiful.

Katie on

Oops I didn’t read carefully. Nevermind

Anonymous on

Hooray for Love!! Congratulations!!

anon on

Gorgeous news! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous on

congrats to Lucy becoming a mother was probably her dream come true!love her son’s name he’s beautiful

Julie on

Tracey— you’re assuming she used donor sperm and we don’t know that, and we don’t need to know, because it’s none of our business. Lucy may very well have a SO, but she is typically incredibly private about her personal life. I’d actually wonder if she would have rather kept her son’s birth private too, if she wasn’t on a TV show that needed an explanation as to why one of it’s stars was missing for a few weeks….

Congrats Lucy!

Anonymous on

Congrats! She looks so happy!

My cousins father died when she was 6 months old. My very dear friend died when his wife was pregnant with their second child. A family in my neighborhood lost their mother during child birth….it was her fourth child. Children grow up everyday with parents that die, parents that abandon them and are born to just one parent and they survive and are happy as can be! Then you have children who grow up with two parents and they are messed up! You don’t need two parents to make a child happy or make them successful in life. They need love and guidance and support.

noorilhuda on

It’s great that she’s happy and the kid is healthy – but the baby has ‘gestational carrier’s’ blood – and if it was sperm donation, then of course, the whole vague scenario can come up – of the kid meeting his dad one day while being introduced to his wife’s father and never knowing he’s married to his sister from another mother!

Kay on

Beautiful little family! Lucy looks extremely content and little Rockwell is so handsome.

Penelope on

While I’m no fan of hers, I think this is amazing! Congratulations, Lucy!

Tilly on

@GinaG in that case someone else is raising my kids too. My partner (of 10 yrs) and I are dedicated to each other, but have no desire to marry. Doesn’t make us any less in love or any less of a parent. We work full time in high profile careers but spend family time on weekends that is enriching and focussed. They are intelligent happy and well rounded.
Whether you’re married, with them full time etc doesn’t matter a jot. It’s ensuring they’d loved and fulfilled. Family time then becomes so much more precious. This is not 1900, times change!

mer on

Congrats to her!!

To the “no father” debate. Maybe it’s not women’s fault there are no men and fathers for their children in their lives. Maybe it’s beacuse these days for strong independent woman it’s really hard to find a man she can trust and depend on in new ways. So maybe men need to do something about themselves. If a woman wants children and there’s no man around, it’s totally ok to find another way. It’s the 21 centure, FFS.

Xoxo on

Congrats to her! Emphasis on “gestational carrier” means it’s Liu’s egg and a sperm donor. The woman that carried the pregnancy was a “host” so it’s not related to the carrier. Love the name! He’s beautiful.

Kellylyons122 on

Awww, this is wonderful news. I met her a couple of years ago in London while shopping on Portobello Road, and she was just lovely. Very sweet, kind and shy. Congratulations to the new momma and her beautiful boy!

Jane on

Happy for her. But hope next time she choses to adopt. So many kids without a mom these days, no need to rent a womb for tens of thousands!

Anonymous on

Awww, congrats to her. And I’m guessing Rockwell is her biological son (although a donor egg could have been used as well- “gestational carrier” just means that the woman who carried him wasn’t related to him). If she hadn’t wanted (or been able to have- at her age you never know) a biological child, I would think she would have adopted. 🙂

Molly on

Love the name. Congrats!

silva guzelian on

She 46 years old and wealthy , she can give better life educations and future , who cares one parent or two parents , Cong. Lucy….

cj on

@GinaG you are likely a helicopter parent who believes the only person who can love and care for your children are your own. You have no idea of the wonderful experiences that other caregivers can give your children and how it helps them grow confident and secure and provides a greater understanding of authority figures besides the traditional stay at home mom. And I’m not bashing stay at home moms either. If that is your choice and you have the means to provide then great – enjoy an be happy. However, working 2 parent homes also have made choices and most of those choices are with the health and wellbeing of their family. Geez let live and let live if everyone is happy and healthy. Not every experience is going to be your experience and their are tons of millions of adults who were raised by single parents, 2 parent working families, and stay at home moms.

Kellylyons122 on

It never ceases to amaze me hoe entitled some people are when discussing another persons child. It is none of our business if she chooses to parent alone or with a partner. It is also none of our business if she adopts or has a child via gestational carrier, or whether she supplied the DNA or a surrogate for crying out loud! What a sickening bunch of old busybodies! Just shut the pieholes and wish someone well when they choose to. Enlarge their family and stop being so rude!!!

Leah on

Congrats Lucy!!
I will never understand the whole kids need two parents to be happy and healthy argument. Take a look around. There are lots of different family structures these days. There are both happy and unhappy kids in these structures. Kids need more than anything to feel loved and accepted. They also need discipline and structure. If all of those elements are there, then who cares about the number of patents.

dgdsgsdgsfg on

she didn’t carry it, it is not hers. she can pretend all she wants.

mschwellinger on

I don’t even want to engage with you but you sound like a boil on the buttock of society. I work full-time, as does my husband. Our 2-year-old goes to daycare and guess what? She loves it. She’s a happy, outgoing, social child who knows who her mama and daddy are. If you’re able to stay at home and raise your kids, cheers. That’s not an option for everyone. If you think every mother should quit their jobs and stay at home, full time with their kids, then you better be ready to donate money to make up their missing salaries. Otherwise, shut it.

Ologius on

@Tracey, I think you’re the one who’s stuck in the ways of thinking about family values. You must be thinking of the 1950’s ones, where the mom stays home and plays Donna Reed and the dad goes to work (and doesn’t cheat on his wife, wink wink). This is 2015 and family values have changed because society has changed, thankfully. I’m 34 almost 35 and never would have imagined a scenario where I wasn’t married with kids by now, but that’s where I am. Should a persons dream of being a parent be dashed because someone hasn’t met “the one”? No.

The Free Woman on

so sweet!!

Dan on

Is she then not the “gestational receptacle”?

Lauren on

Next mommy to be: CAMERON DIAZZZZZZ

Easyup on

How true Lauren. Drew, now Lucy, only Cameron left of the Angels.

casmia on

Wow… congrats to her! She’ll be a lovely Mom, I’m sure 🙂

Judy on

Congrats Lucy!!! Beautiful baby and welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood – everyday will be a new adventure! All the best to you and your baby boy!

Momoftwins on

I agree with kellylyons122 .

Abel on

Gestational carrier is not the same as a surrogate.
Baby comes from mom’s egg and another womb used to grow in.
That is 100% her child.

charlotte on

That is wonderful news! So happy that she will know the joy of motherhood. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

drgrady on

Major congrats to her. May they enjoy many cuddles.

Anonymous on

Dgd, wow. Just, wow.

gardenboy on

What an absurd name,sounds like the name of a town somewhere.

Anonymous on

Abel- Exactly! Not only that, but he would STILL be hers even if she had used a donor egg (traditional surrogacy is extremely rare these days, at least in the U.S.- Most states don’t even allow it due to the possibility of a surrogate being unwilling to give up her biological child after giving birth). As many an adoptive (or blended or foster) family would tell you, you don’t have to be connected by blood to be family!

KV on

The little boy is very cute!

Anonymous on

o v

Kay tapley on

You are great, always follow you, wish I had your energy and wish you all the best with your new world, always enjoy you now on Elementary. Good luck in everything

vincenzo on

Rockwell is beautiful like you are