Kiptyn Locke: Parenthood Shifted My Path in Life

08/21/2015 at 10:00 AM ET

He’s wanted to be a dad for his whole life, but Kiptyn Locke wasn’t prepared for just how joyful — and a bit overwhelming — parenthood can be.

“When you introduce kids, a new road comes about,” says the former Bachelorette contestant, who welcomed Koltyn, his son with girlfriend Samm Murphy, on July 16. “My path has changed a little bit, but it’s the path I’ve always wanted.”

And the new dad, 37, is learning quickly, and embracing parenthood milestones with his “alert and curious” new addition.

“We read a bunch of books and did all the preparing stuff,” says Locke. “But when your child is in your arms, all that stuff goes out the window. You instinctually connect with them and you know what they do or don’t need.”

Kiptyn Locke son Koltyn baby photo
Micaela Malmi

Namely, more diapers than Locke ever thought possible. “The diaper thing still amazes me,” he admits. “The little guy is efficient. I feel like I’m buying more every day!”

As for the bond between the father and son, it was instant, says Locke, who stood by Murphy’s side during her “quick and intense” labor before laying eyes on their baby boy for the first time.

“He came out so alert,” recalls Locke. “He looked right at me and, I think it’s because babies have the falling instinct, but his arms went out and it looked like he was asking for a hug. Then we put him on his mom’s chest, skin to skin, and as he was laying there, he was squeezing my finger so hard and just looking at me. It was unbelievable.”

Kiptyn Locke son Koltyn baby photo
Micaela Malmi

The businessman, who always dreamed of surfing and soccer with a “little partner in crime,” will ultimately support his son no matter what he chooses to do with his life.

“I still look forward to all of that, but my thinking has shifted,” says Locke. “There’s this realization that he is his own being and I want to see what he chooses. I looked at him and I said, ‘Whatever you want to do, I just want to stand by as you discover it.’ And I want to lead by example. I want to live my life in a way that he’ll respect me.”

Kiptyn Locke son Koltyn baby photo
Micaela Malmi

One thing Locke is looking forward to in the somewhat immediate future? A little bit of playful future blackmail perhaps.

“On his [first] birthday, I want to take a picture of both of us in diapers,” says Locke with a laugh. “And matching outfits is definitely happening.”

Kiptyn Locke son Koltyn baby photo
Micaela Malmi

— Aili Nahas

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Tara on

I’d be happier if his gf got a nose job.

Nope on

Ease off the lip injections not Tenley

happy on

Great but when the relationship fails because you two didn’t take the time to get to know each other before rushing into playing house, I DON”T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT! Good luck because sadly you will need it.

Shannon on

Should have been Tenley! What’s up with her lips?! Baby boy is adorable!

DaisyMoon on

What a beautiful child.

Sarah on

They don’t care about Tenley and neither do I! Congrats on your beautiful son! Love his name and your girlfriend is beautiful!!!

B on

Really Tara. You’d be happier if she had a nose job? How would her physical appearance modification make you happier? Think you need to get a life there.

Zonbie_hands on

Always loved Kipton! Glad he is happy,

erica2 on

“I want to live my life in a way that heโ€™ll respect me.โ€ how about making an honest woman out of his mother. Make her a MRS. seal the deal ๐Ÿ™‚

happy on

Once again, where is MY COMMENT???? Oh, but this one will post…so typical! I tried 2 times and it said I already did it…SURE People Mag, SURE!!! FIX IT!!!

Maria on

I am a follower of Kiptyn on Social Media and have been excited for him and Samm on their journey into parenthood. I also, happy that he has chosen to share his experience into fatherhood with his followers. I however am appalled and how people choose to respond to his posts in such a negative manner and with such disregard for the beautiful mother of his child. I get it that everyone is hung up on his previous relationship with Tenley, but come on people this is real life and relationships don’t always work out. I know I can’t change society behavior, but I just wish people would think before posting such hurtful stuff. She is a human being with feelings who deserve more respect than having her looks compared to Tenley.

suelawin on

These are beautiful photos of a happy family. Samm is adorable. Koltyn is precious in every way. We should offer nothing but good wishes and blessings for them all.

KoalaP on

Beautiful baby! Not loving the “yn” for a boy but cute name!

Suelawing on

Sam is beautiful. Kiptyn is happy. The baby is a gift from God. Everyone is happy please just share their joy! Negativity just makes you sad not them! #always see the best