Why Kelly Clarkson Was ‘Frightened’ to Have Another Baby

08/20/2015 at 06:00 PM ET

Kelly Clarkson revealed Wednesday that she’s expecting her second child with husband Brandon Blackstock, but the announcement may have been a bit of a surprise given some comments she made after the birth of her daughter River Rose.

Earlier this year, Clarkson, 33, opened up to PEOPLE about why she was having some nervous jitters over a potential baby number two.

“I’m frightened to have another one,” Clarkson told PEOPLE in February. “I want another one — like in a couple years.”

She added, “But I’m just a little frightened because she’s so perfect.”

Kelly Clarkson pregnant second child frightened
Bob Barker/Newspix/Getty; Courtesy Kelly Clarkson

Since River was such a good sleeper and a jovial little one right off the bat, the singer joked: “I feel like something horrible’s gonna come out of me. Because she’s so great — like, the yin to her yang.”

“But I won’t put that out there,” she finished. “I’m gonna project happiness.”

Looks like it worked! Clarkson, who had a tough pregnancy with River, said onstage during her announcement that thankfully she hadn’t “vomited yet. That is a freakin’ win, y’all.”

— Alex Heigl

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Missy on

So happy for her! She is such a beautiful, sweet and amazing young lady. She deserves happiness 🙂

Bem on

I’m expecting my first and have had a very easy pregnancy thus far – no morning sickness or other terrible pregnancy symptoms. I get where she is coming from, because there is no way I’m rolling the dice again lol!

Maria on

I love her and I understand she is pregnant, but this is a horrible picture of her.

heavy duty on

Guess she figured as long as she’s still fat from the first one she’ll wait to lose all the baby fat after having the second one. Why go to all the trouble of losing weight just to gain again with the second pregnancy.

Pillowpants on

My first was such a good baby. Slept through the night at 6 weeks. Such a chill babe about everything in life. Then I had my second and he is a fussy, extremely energetic, head strong lil’ bugger. But he has one of the best smiles that truly lights up my world and I wouldn’t change anything about him.

Sigourney on

She’s gained a lot of weight but she may as well enjoy the pregnancy and can worry about losing weight after the second baby. She looked gorgeous in her wedding dress, slim and lovely. She may never get quite back down to that weight but eventually she could try and lose some of her excess poundage with diet and exercise.

Anonymous on

I’m very happy for her. Having children is a blessing. I took great care of myself before I got pregnant and during my pregnancy. Did not want to be fat and keep the pregnancy pounds after birth either. It’s too bad she never lost the weight before her 1st pregnancy or after it. It’s gonna be a difficult road ahead to lose all that weight especially after a 2nd baby. All the best to you Kelly!

me on

Why is everyone so focused on her weight? She’s happy and even with a few pounds is healthy. You don’t see her slowing down and doing nothing, do you? Very happy for her and her hubby!

dancer92136 on

She is so happy how can you not be happy for her?

Kathy on

If she’s ok about her weight, why can’t others leave it alone?

kitty62862 on

I said the same thing, never had another.

This is why she was looking so chunky lately.

Good for her.

Josh on

This is awesome! We were wondering when she stopped her show in SLC to pick up our baby boy, Boston and at one point said “I want a little boy!” Well, maybe this is it! Check out the video from the SLC concert:

Rose P on

I’m so grateful I didn’t get huge or get stretch marks from my pregnancy. This is so sad…

Kimber on

@Rose P..”This is so sad”?? What’s sad? She’s happily married. She’s happily expecting her second child. I see nothing whatsoever to be SAD about. If you’re talking about her weight, it’s just that, HER weight. No need for YOU to be SAD about it. Some people……..MYOB.

Mellie on

Kelly, you look so cute with your hair so long and braided like that!

Congrats on your upcoming baby! Stay real!

Rachael on

Congrats! I will agree with another comment – that picture… oh boy. Not sure what’s up with the hair, but not flattering at all

Mh on

Good Lord, she is unattractive.

Ologius on

Congrats to her, I think she was beautiful at any and all stages, she could be the size of a house and still outsing most people.

wut on

She’s pregnant only the second time? I thought she had been pregnant since 2004.

Monica Berry on

I know how she feels, I thought the same thing when I was having my second child in 1983 and ended up with three perfect children. Congrats to you.

Sharingathought on

I think some of the weight comments in this case are more out of concern versus making fun of her weight. The reality is that she is going into a pregnancy very overweight, and there are risks with that. I love Kelly, and I haven’t been concerned about her weight so much, but more about the fact that she is so okay with it. I can be fine with someone being okay with their body as it is, and having a good self esteem, but I would also hope that she cares about her long term health especially since she had a child and another on the way.

erica2 on

I am happy that she is pregnant but alarmed by her appearance. She is too young and has way too much money to look this sloppy!

lilly pond on

What a hot mess.

Lyanna on

River is known as a “sucker baby”. They are so good, they sucker you into having another one. I know, I know, “how will I ever love another child as much as my first?” Just like the first baby, as soon as you see him/her, you will fall in love all over again. So happy for them 🙂

bricioadamstwins on

I wish her an easier second pregnancy. I too suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during my second pregnancy and it’s not easy being so sick all the time, having to be hospitalized while running after a toddler.

So not right on

That’s such happy news!!

What breaks my heart is as soon as I read that she was pregnant I told my friend that she would start getting the comments again. And I was right. And the people making them should be ashamed of themselves.

I don’t know why people have become so obsessed with celebrities and their pre baby, during pregnancy body, and post baby bodies when there is no need. KC is not a person that has sat and done nothing since the birth of River Rose.

I don’t why people think its okay to body shame anyone because they have the internet and a keyboard.

catt on

This is why the the world needs controlled depopulation,I myself am about Kelly’s size and for those judging her,karma is an extreme bitch,I’m very happily married with two daughters who sadly have to grow up in this world,get over your own insecurities and find something better to do with yourselves

Angela James on

I think the problem here is that Kelly didn’t just get chubby. From some of the performances and photos that I have seen of her after having her daughter, she looks bloated from head to toe. For her short height, I believe all of the medical charts would categorize her as obese, rather than overweight.