Kelly Clarkson Expecting Second Child

08/20/2015 at 01:35 AM ET

Kelly Clarkson Pregnant Expecting Second Child Brandon Blackstock
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Don’t let the crying fool you – they’re happy tears!

Kelly Clarkson revealed that she’s expecting her second child with husband Brandon Blackstock during Wednesday’s Los Angeles tour stop at the Staples Center.

The surprise announcement came while the American Idol winner, 33, was making her way through “Piece by Piece.” After holding back tears while introducing the song, Clarkson found herself struggling to get a handle on her emotions.

Instead, the singer stopped and told the crowd: “I was not planning on announcing this, but … I’m totally pregnant. I’m having a really hard time,” she explained of her inability to get through the song, which is both a kiss-off to her father and a paean to her husband for being a good dad.

“I’m gonna nail the s— out of this song. That was not how I wanted to announce that … I hate this song right now,” she joked while wiping away tears. “My makeup artist is backstage hating me right now. I just don’t want you to think I’m on pills or drunk.”

After finally getting through the tune, Clarkson said, “I’d like to apologize to my husband. That was not planned. I just didn’t want you to think I was crazy or something. Honestly, I’m just so hormonal today. … I haven’t vomited yet. That is a freakin’ win, y’all.”

The couple are already parents to daughter River Rose, 14 months. Blackstock is also father to son Seth and daughter Savannah from his previous marriage.

“This is going to be a fun show emotionally,” Clarkson continued after singing her hit “Breakaway.” “You know what’s not easy to do when you’re crying and choking up? Singing.”

“I’m so nervous to talk to my husband,” she added before covering Demi Lovato‘s “Cool for the Summer.” “We haven’t even told our [extended] family!”

Kelly Clarkson Pregnant Expecting Second Child Brandon Blackstock
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— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Patrick Gomez

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katiejhudson on

Aw, pg does make you feel so emotional. Congrats to Kelly.

Anonymous on

I’m so happy for her. Hopefully this pregnancy will be a lot easier for than the first. 🙂

el on

congrats Kelly and family! I know her husband and extended family might have preferred to hear it first hand, but to me (and I say this as my opinion) Kelly seems to live a very open and organic life. If she is hormonal, emotional and feeling the moment, she just did what was on her heart and told the world why she was experiencing the emotions she was. It happens. Hopefully everyone can rejoice in their news and celebrate this new baby. I hope she has a healthy baby and an easy pregnancy!

akm on


Kristen on

I was there tonight & it was such a precious moment to experience! The song is already emotional & seeing her like this just made the song 100x better. Wishing Kelly the best!

Laine on

This is too cute. She is awesome and so talented!! She really looks so happy.

Mary on

aww , so sweet

KT on

I love when she talks off the cuff. She is so down-to-earth and real!! She deserves this wonderful happiness. Congratulations!

Budding Fashionista on


Angie on


Christina on

I am happy for KELLY. As for Brandon, I hope he stops oogling at other girls and cheating on her.

Alexis on

That’s awesome! We saw her two months ago for the Macy’s 4th of July taping and when some guy asked her to sing at his wedding next April she agreed but warned she planned to be very pregnant then. Glad it worked out, lol.

Jen on


Katie on

El I think she was apologizing to her husband because of how she announced it to the world. I’m sure he and possibly their families new beforehand.

Sigourney on

So her husband has a history of cheating? She’ll have the second baby, then probably dump him, if in fact that’s true.

emma on


jackie on

Christina how do you know her husband cheats on shut up before spreading rumors and keep them to your self

Justme on

El, you think her family didn’t know? Really!
Congrats Kelly!

Beth on

She hasn’t lost the weight from her first pregnancy!!! Kelly, please, watch what and how much you eat this time around so you don’t end up with gestational diabetes!!

Kimber on

Ahhh, congratulations Kelly and Brandon! To “el”, I’m sure her husband already knew she was pregnant. She was apologizing for announcing it to the world like that. They had most likely planned to wait a bit. To “Sigourney”, seriously? Do you have some proof of Brandon’s cheating that none of us know about? If you’re going to say he cheated on his ex with Kelly..WRONG. Yes, they knew each other while he was married, but they never dated until AFTER he was divorced. Stop spreading stupid rumors that you cannot prove.

Bhavana on

Congratulations Kelly! I hope this pregnancy is easier on you than your first. Get plenty of rest when you can. Your body will appreciate it.

Just a Duck on

Pregnant at 100 lbs overweight is bad for the baby. Poor kid.

Tee on

Ach, I’m SO happy for Kelly and Brandon! Little River Rose seems like such a happy baby and I’m sure this new blessing will be just as joyful! Congratulations, Blackstock family!

Irish on

Excuse me but I was 200 lbs both times I was pregnant and didn’t get gestational diabetes or high blood pressure. In fact my kids came out healthy and beautiful so shut up, Kelly isn’t even obese, she’s a little chubby so what!

dancer92136 on

So happy for her. She loves being a mom and a wife.

Frank Carrot on

She’s going to be fat forever! Lol

Mellie on

Congrats, Kelly! You are an awesome person, and I’m sure an awesome mom. Continue to be real and love yourself as you are! People love real people!

dancer92136 on

Happy for you and your beautiful and growing family.

Anonymous on

Awwe!!! Sweet girl! We would have not thought you were crazy, on drugs, or pills. 🙂 Happy new baby!!!

tasha mamani on

Congrats Kelly!

Bree on

Congrats to Kelly and her whole family!! She is such a sweetheart in all the interviews I have seen and read.
To everyone saying she is to overweight for a healthy pregnancy I am a plus size Mommy and had two healthy babies and two healthy pregnancies. And my oldest is so skinny that we can’t find pants that fit her properly. Just because someone is bigger is no reason to insult them and basically call them a bad parent for getting pregnant. I made no effort to loose weight between babies because I knew I wanted my kids close together in age so I wasn’t going to literally work my ass off just to gain it all back right away. Now that my kids are born I am working on loosing the weight.

Christina on

jackie, take your own advice and shut up yourself. You’re probably the type that believes all seemingly-great marriages are really just that.

Marcus on

Why does she keep having babies with a man that is going to get tired of her being such a fatty and is going to dump her and go back to his thin wife? I saw a recent photo pf her and thought it was Rosie O’Donnell.

Anonymous on

hey thats cool but im prego to

anonymous on

Love her, and they are the cutest couple!