Alec Baldwin Thanks Women Who Have ‘Helped Care’ for His Children

08/19/2015 at 06:55 PM ET

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria have help — and they appreciate it.

On Wednesday, the actor, 57, took to Instagram and thanked the caretakers for their assistance by sharing a sweet snapshot.

In the image, daughter Carmen Gabriela, 2 next week, rests on her nanny’s shoulder while another woman in the background tends to baby Rafael Thomas, born June 17.

“I am forever indebted to the women who have helped care for our children,” Baldwin writes, adding, “Muchos gracias Lizzy, Sandra, Zena, Lisa and Avril.”

Courtesy Alec Baldwin

Wife Hilaria, a yoga instructor, took to her own Instagram feed to clarify her husband’s comments — and clear up a few misconceptions.

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As we sit on the beach, thinking great thoughts, we say…..

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The actor also shared two more photos of Carmen on Wednesday.

“A good chair and a fresh smoothie,” Baldwin captioned the sweet snapshot of his toddler, who wore a tiny blue dress while sipping through a straw. “What else do you need?”

A good chair and a fresh smoothie….what else do you need?

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In another picture, Baldwin’s wife puckers up to their little girl, just inches from her tiny face.

“These two would kiss each other all day,” the proud family man writes.

These two would kiss each other all day!

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— Lindsay Kimble

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Jen on

It’s nice that he acknowledges they have help. Cute kids.

Anne McGill on

Well that was nice of Alex for giving a shout-out to the help. Most celebrities don’t admit to the nannies, so kudos to him there. His children are beautiful.

Kay on

Well…. 2 children with a nanny always on duty for each of them…. it would take 5 nannies to cover all the hours. Lots of overtime too!!

Kendall on

I swear that little girl looks like a mini Putin. The resemblance is uncanny.

gfrnbsn1 on

Why do they need nannies? Isn’t she a yoga instructor? Raise your own kids like regular working moms!!

DarkEmpress on

@Kendall funny & true

lunaticlarry on

“Raise your kids like regular working mom’s!” Um, who takes care of the “regular working mom’s” kids? The dog?

A on

I dunno. What is the point of having a child when someone else raises them the entire time. I think it is sad.

Sandy on

Hilario has the same hair as me this week. Hello humidity. Kids that age that are still basically bald creep me out.

MD on

You don’t need that many nannies to take care of two kids.
But whatever, that’s his money he’s spending.

JJ on

Hey at least they admit it and aren’t those celebrity couples who are like “oh I stay so thin from chasing my kids all day long everday” then you see pictures of them constantly out on Starbucks runs without the kids ever in their care. It seems like a lot of nannies but hey their life I guess lots of rich people including non famous ones do it too. As long a the children feel loved by their parents and understand mom and dad work and that the nannies take good care of them I don’t see the issue. I wouldn’t do it myself but hey everyone parents differently who am I to judge.

Maureen on

Ben Affleck thanked his nanny in a whole different way.

Jam on

Nannies can really be a great help to overworked and tired parents. Nannies can bring some new energy into the mix that the parents sometimes don’t have when raising toddlers. Kids while we love them, take a lot of work and energy. Some moms seem relaxed and make it look effortless. And some moms need a bit of extra help.

Lisa on

Five nannies?? How ridiculous. Why can’t celebrities take care of their own children? It’s not like both parents HAVE to work.

Alice Poplawski on

I highly doubt Hilaria is an overworked woman that needs 5 nannies.

Charlie on

I follow Mrs. Baldwin on Instagram. This article is false and misleading.

Tina on

Considering their mother spends the vast majority of her time posting selfies in her underwear or doing ridiculous yoga poses it’s no wonder they require 5 nannies.

MLC on

His wife is spanish and he writes very bad in her mother language … “muchas gracias”

elena on

Perhaps if his wife was less concerned with her selfies she would have more time for the kids.

Carolyn on

Carmen is not a cute child.

leaningbean on

Hey whatever works! I raised 2 girls on my own, but my husband and I suuure could use a handful of nannies to help with my son;)

KT on

That is pretty awesome of him to acknowledge and give gratitude to his nannies! I like him a little bit now;-) It must be pretty nice to have that kind of help.

janell on

Alec never mentioned “nanny” in his posts. These women might be doulas, babysitters, friends, etc. They might have “helped care” for a few hours, a few weeks, every day, or hardly at all. This “article” is based on supposition, and the readers jumped right in, babbling about “five nannies.” All he said was that some women have helped them with their children. Maybe these women work in a day care and the children have spent an hour or two there, and the photo is of an outing. He was THERE with those women, you notice.

stevW on

I see Hilaria in the neighborhood frequently. She’s always on her phone while other women tend to her children. If a pap arrives, she puts the phone away and grabs a baby for “her curated” photo op. Complete show.

Kim R on

They didn’t have the five nannies working at the same time did they? I’m assuming that as one or two nannies left their employment they hired new ones.

Anonymous on

I see people with negative comments about nannies. What’s the difference between that and working moms who put their children in daycare? Nothing. At least this way they’re in their own home all day. I also like that Alec acknowledged that these women are human beings. If they’re spending zero time with their children that’s a problem but we are not in their home so we can’t judge

sb'jour on

Hilaria and her PRteam are in damage control mode right now. They have been trying to sell her as a “lifestyle guru” for awhile. The show she was supposed to have fell through. Her book is a last-gasp attempt to position her. Intelligent people are falling for her manipulation. I too have seen her by the Devonshire and when a camera arrives, she takes a child from one of her babysitters and plays primary caregiver. If you want a rolemodel, Steve Martin’s wife is a good mother and, unlike Hilaria, she is not a media whore. Anne is also much more intelligent.

Ilona on

5 NANNIES !!! …. So what does Hillaria ???? SELFIES that’s all ????

Bella on

People can criticize all they want but I gotta say that as a mother of 2 very young children, I would happily welcome a nanny or two or five at times to give us a break!

Sara on

I can see a nanny during the day. Most working Mom’s have a sitter or daycare from 7:30-5:30 if they work 8-5 and then a sitter for a date night but 5 full time employees sounds excessive for a yoga instructor and an actor who probably work less than 90 days a year.

Sigourney on

How can you be that stupid? Obviously, the nannies trade off. They don’t have all five at the same time. They likely have one or two while they’re at some celebrity thing or she’s exercising. I would totally do the same thing if I had the funds. They seem like really attentive parents.

bb on

#1-People judge like they wouldn’t hire help if they had the money too!
#2-Someone posted this already but its so perfect “What’s the difference between that and working moms who put their children in daycare? Nothing. At least this way they’re in their own home all day.”
#3-They are employing however many people, which provides jobs and is part of helping the economy, kudos to them.
#4-Who are any of us to judge? It’s their life, their money, their kids. They look healthy and are obviously well cared for. I don’t understand the outrage that they employ help. They don’t have to apologize or soothe people’s hurt feelings over what they do in their own lives. People need to chill!

bb on

PS. My roommate is a nanny, not to anyone famous, but she loves her job. The family compensates her well, and she loves being with babies. It’s a win-win.

liz on

Five nannies to take care of two kids. White rich people problems.

Janie on

My kids go to daycare, I would have nannies if I could afford it- and would need them if I had more work obligations after hours (events etc) like celebs do. I am not the biggest Alec Baldwin fan, but acknowledging you have help is not a bad thing. It’s honest. I have lots of help I the form of daycare staff. To each their own.

Dee on

If I had the means hell yes I would hire a nanny and a housekeeper too.
All you people on here acting like total witches you would all do the same thing but you all cannot afford it or the lifestyle led by this couple so it’s a problem. That’s the truth!!!!!

It’s so pathetic all the hate towards rich people and what they do with their money……THEIR money!!! They don’t tell you how to spend yours so back off already and get a life. Isn’t that your kid crying get off the computer and go wipe their noses…..or pay them some attention!!!

WTG Alec…more people need to shout out their help at home because those people are employees and without the need for their services they would be without a job. You are helping the economy so good on you!!!!!

SHT on

I do not want to come off as judgy, but there are moms out here with more than two children, a husband, a job, lessons, house duties and other things who manage all of that by themselves. I find it a bit much to have nannies on this level.

Rachel on

2 years old and look how little hair ^-^ My daughter’s hair was just like that, including the tiny baby mullet I just couldn’t bring myself to trim off.

Whatever on

Baldwin thanked those that cared for his children. If I counted the women that helped my husband and I raise our children, we would be over 5. Those women watched our children while we worked or went to events without children. We appreciated their help, and to this day, they are still a part of our children’s lives- our children are older now and don’t require babysitters. It doesn’t mean that we didn’t raise our own children. It takes a village to raise children.

Chloe on

She is a lazy ‘Mom’ if she has 5 nannies, which she does. She will never know what its like to be a real mother with so many people to hand her kids off to, to go ‘workout, have date night, do whatever she wants.’ Not being able to do whatever you want, whenever you feel like it, is part of motherhood, sacrificing yourself for your child. Glad Alec cleared it up, I knew she had multiple nannies.

Kourtney Kardashian should cop to having multiple nannies per kids as well, she denies having nannies. But, you see her nannies scurry out of shots on her show and they blur the nannies faces when they are holding Kourtney’s kids. It’s why we see Kourtney all over the place on vacations, out to lunch, etc., without her kids and allows her so many hours to work out.

While women like Hilaria and Kortney do spend time with their children, they are not traditional mothers with all that help.

jmfan1 on

I’m surprised no one jumped on her for the comment about their baby sleeping with them. Isn’t it supposed to be safer for kids to sleep in a crib?

Dingosbaby (@dingosbaby) on

Moms are so supportive of each other. LOL. Whatever and whoever you need to raise kids right, do it.

cj on

Many of these posters need reading comprehension classes. They are making fun of the fact that people think his original tweet was thanking 5 nannies! They have help but not all nanny help. Get it?! They have family members, friends, babysitters and a nanny. Goodness who stinking cares anyway. Kids seem to be well loved and looked after period. If I named all the people who helped us with our kids by the age of 2 we would have had like 20 people to thank!

Anonymous on

She does not have 5 nannies!
She only has two and they never work at the same time. She also has days without any nanny.
She is very much a hands on mother. I see her all the time in the neighborhood and often without a nanny. She is always out with her kids and adores them.
When she is with her kids she is never on the phone and she does not distract her children with ipads or iphone videos.
She is very personable and approachable. She is very kind and caring of everyone.
You people really need to get a life and stop being so negative and down on others just because your own life has not taken you where you would like to be. Focus on yourselves and better yourself for a happier life, otherwise you are in for a rough time.

Sunny on

So basically she’s not to happy with her husband letting us all know that they have 5 nannies. LoloL

Wow he’s 57? He’ll be in his 80s when those two kid are in their 20s.

Patricia on

Good for them for giving thanks for the nannies. It’s also not an easy job taking care of someone else’s child. We have also the opportunity to have a nanny. And yes it helps a lot when you have to finish things for work or go out for an appointment. But its not like they are raising the babies….there are many times I have to stop working because mommy is the only one that can fix things.

Jen on

one nanny i understand but 5?!?! does she even work at this point? or is her job staying pretty and maintained for the hubby. kinda jealous, but i actually like taking care of my kids,

EllaHella on

5 nannies for 2 kids and she doesn’t work full time. Yes that’s a bit excessive. Its not like she is doing movies and TV shows, but like others said its his money he’s spending, he’s obviously loaded. I just hope he doesn’t go bankrupt.

Anonymous on

Wow! Some of these comments are just mean and rude.

Justme on

I laugh. Yeah raise your kids like regular working moms…send them to daycare! Some comments on here are just plain stupid. She can have nannies, there are regular moms who do…

Justme on

Really on these comments? She can have a 100 nannies if she wants.

cucu on

SO the oldest is 2 and they have had a million nannies come and go….ummm okay

Mae White on

This woman should just shut up.

Ok so you have 5 alternating nannies.
Leave the rest of us alone about your sleepless nights and child filled hours when you are tired.

Anonymous on

They doth protest too much! I’m sure they don’t have five full time nannies, but they sure as heck have five that help in some way on a regular basis. Why else would he have listed their names? Not that I can blame them. I was just thinking this morning about how much more quality time I would have with my kids if I had some help. My husband has been traveling for work a lot this month leaving me to cook, clean, shop, and care for our children all on my own. Between trying to get a few household chores done, breaking up fights between my kids, and listening to a screaming toddler, I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated. So can I blame them for having five nannies, part time or otherwise? Not at all. I may be super envious, but if I was fully refreshed after a great workout, had probably slept well since one of those nannies surely works nights, and my home was clean and meals prepared and I could just play with one child at a time, it would be awesome!! So yeah, no blame, truly just envy.

Corey on

It’s too bad that his older daughter never got half of the love and attention that these two seem to get. She is all tatted up and messed up as a result. Poor kid…..And the younger daughter Carmen looks like Chuckie or Putin. Hope she grows some hair soon.

Motherof5 on

Hilaria is getting pushback because she presents herself as someone she is not. Her PR team is all of the boards trying to make her sound like a victim here. She is NOT a hands-on mother. I, too, live near the Baldwins (which is why I follow stories about them) and Hilaria is always texting or talking on her phone while the “nannies” (sometimes three of them) are tending to her children. If a camera appears, Hilaria scoops up one of her kids (or her dogs) and ACTS like she’s attentive for the paparazzi. If Hilaria were spending her time working for social justice or something other than photographing herself in provocative poses, maybe the jobbed-out childcare wouldn’t seem so egregious and selfish. But she’s not. She’s trying to become a “Star.” The sad part about this is hands-on motherhood is wonderful and a real privilege. She’s missing out by limiting her time with her kids to a (photographed) fraction of the day.

Anonymous on

Lol!! In the real world I know many single working moms who are lucky to have ONE person helping them with their children. This woman is just as entitled as her ill-tempered husband. I wonder how she will react the first time her husband calls her daughter a pig, as he did his daughter Ireland? And why doesn’t HE help with the children when she is working out or such? These two are a waste of good bandwidth.