Jana Kramer’s Blog: We’re Having a Baby Girl!

08/17/2015 at 04:00 PM ET

Please give a warm welcome to our newest celebrity blogger, Jana Kramer!

The 31-year-old country singer/songwriter, whose latest single is “I Got the Boy,” is also known for her hits “Love” and “Why Ya Wanna.”

Before moving to Nashville, where she lives with her husband, former NFL tight end Michael Caussin, and their three dogs, Kramer was an actress, playing Alex on One Tree Hill and guest-starring on Friday Night Lights, Entourage and 90210.

The couple wed in Charlottesville, Virginia, in May and are now expecting their first child — a baby girl! — in February.

Kramer can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @kramergirl.

Jana Kramer pregnant blog Michael Caussin
Courtesy Kramer Caussin Family

​Hi everyone and welcome to my very first pregnancy/baby blog!

I was super excited when PEOPLE.com asked me to write a blog about my journey because it’s one that my husband and I are so excited to be on. I have been on Google so much reading people’s stories, so I’m glad to have my outlet here.

It has been quite the journey so far, but one I’m so thankful for!

I am currently 15 weeks along and my husband and I were so anxious to find out the sex of our baby that we did the early blood work test at 10 weeks to find out that we are having a baby … GIRL!

I had my nurse call my best friend Kathryn to give her the news. We then invited our closest friends over and had them fill up water guns with paint of either pink or blue. Mike and I were so anxious to see what color it was going to be. Check out the gender reveal:

Jana Kramer pregnant blog Michael Caussin
Courtesy Kramer Caussin Family

So a little about me before I start my rant … I’m from Michigan originally, and I have been singing since I was a little girl. I ended up going into the acting side of things first and got the opportunity to be on some amazing shows like Friday Night Lights, Entourage and One Tree Hill, just to name a few.

Music was always my passion though so I packed up and moved to Nashville and I’ve been living here for about five years now. I’m signed over at Warner Music and my second album is about to be out. It’s an exciting time!

But what I’ve always wanted to be was a mom — so this will be by far the best job.

My husband: His name is Michael Caussin. Born and raised in Virginia, and played in the NFL for five years. He has now retired and is currently in his transition phase and has a great new job with ETC Group, where he does sales work. I’ve never been more proud of my husband for his grace and strength departing and leaving a job he loved so much, but injuries plagued his future.

I do know one thing for sure though — I have never seen him happier knowing he has a baby girl on the way!

Our dogs: Sophie, Chance, and Biscuit are our gorgeous doggies that we cuddle and love so much! I think it’s safe to say their life is about to change soon since a baby is on the way, but they will always get spoiled!

Jana Kramer pregnant blog Michael Caussin
Courtesy Kramer Caussin Family

Okay, so here goes.

My husband Michael and I just got married in May, but we have been so anxious to start a family for quite some time now. We started trying early on, and ultimately ran into some problems, which sadly I have been hearing about more and more from people these days.

We met with doctors and went through some not-so-fun stuff. Without getting into detail, it was a very stressful time for something that is supposed to be fun! My heart goes out to the women who struggle with conceiving.

Nonetheless, I truly do believe at the end of the day it was not on our time.

And … a month later, I was pregnant!

Mike and I were so happy!!! But then came the part that I wasn’t quite prepared for: the morning sickness. My mother always told me to never use the word hate, BUT I HATE the word morning sickness. It’s not just in the morning. And people who don’t understand or haven’t been pregnant only think it’s in the morning.

Jana Kramer pregnant blog Michael Caussin
Courtesy Kramer Caussin Family

So that leads me to the Southern phrase, “Bless their hearts.” My “all day” sickness kicked in during week six. I really dislike throwing up — I mean, who actually likes to throw up? — but even when I ran to the bathroom to puke, I didn’t get the relief you usually get when you throw up.

My poor husband — he has the worst gag reflex. I have the best video of him cleaning my puke and he’s gagging while doing it. It was a small victory to see him feeling what I felt for just a moment in time.

So here I am, 15 weeks, my second trimester — still puking, still only able to eat bagels and cereal. The hardest part has been performing. I have a barf bag on stage and usually am able to get through the concert, but after every show, my sweet assistant Brittni holds my hair as I puke.

It has been so hard to not tell my fans what was really wrong. To them, I have had a stomach bug for more than three months now. I have seen pregnant women at my show and I’ve wanted to literally stop singing and just ask them when their sickness went away. The silver lining in all of this, though, is hearing that heartbeat. Knowing I have my baby inside of me.

In the end, it makes it all worth it knowing that in six months, I’ll be looking into her beautiful eyes. Until then, I just go back to praying that I’ll wake up one day soon and feel great. I want to be able to eat real food again!

Now my question is, should I post that video of my sweet handsome husband gagging? Hahahah. I laughed … oh boy, did I laugh.

Jana Kramer pregnant blog Michael Caussin
Courtesy Kramer Caussin Family

Here’s to hoping that by the next blog, I’m able to scarf down lots of food!

I guess my question to all of you is, when did your morning sickness go away? And this worry in my stomach of, ‘Will everything be okay?’ — is that normal?

Random fact: I am CRAVING chocolate milk!!! Like LOTS of it. What are you craving?

— Jana Kramer


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Ashley on

Hey Jana!! I’m 22 weeks and I can say I’m lucky I didn’t have morning sickness as bad as you seem to. Mine was mainly dry heaves and didn’t last long. By 12 weeks I was good. But the fatigue for me is still here!!! I hope you feel better! My cousin had it bad like you and it lasted almost into the third trimester.

As for the worry pit in your stomach I think that’s normal! This is my first also and I’m constantly worried! We’ll get through it 🙂 good luck!!

Laurie on

Congratulations! I’m 14 weeks along right now, so I’m right there with you! Luckily, I have not thrown up once. I count myself very blessed on that front! I’ve had a lot of nausea, especially triggered by strong smells or not eating often enough. My energy is improving and my appetite has been returning in the last week or so. It’s strange how differently women experience pregnancy. Best of luck!

Just Sayin' on

My oldest is 8, and sorry to say my sickness lasted my whole pregnancy. The thought of eating most days turned my stomach. The whole pregnancy I was capable of eating very little meat. Eventually I started eating more than nibbles of food. Watermelon and bananas were my favorite. After my dry spell of not eating food, it felt so good for food to actually taste good! So when it did, I kinda overdid it. I’d find myself having eaten a whole bushel of bananas, or a half a watermelon with a spoon. 🙈 My mom was worried the lack of protein would be bad for my baby, and would insist I try a steak. To appease her, I’d buy one…cook it….and heave and heave. My whole pregnancy meat smelled and tasted like scabs to me (I have no idea why THAT is what I associated it with, but I did). After a very barf filled, nauseous 9 months my little boy was born. 10lbs 1oz, 21 inches long. Lol, my mom never bothered me about protein intake again.

You’ll get through it. Fair warning, it took a couple months for my gag reflex to ease up even AFTER he was born.

Lindsay on

On the chocolate milk – I drank it every single morning (Carnation Instant Breakfast, actually)- still do!! it helped put something on my stomach when literally EVERYTHING else made me nauseated but I knew I needed some level of nutrition. It went away at about 16 weeks, and then I ate everything under the sun. My appetite definitely caught up with me after those long weeks of being perpetually absent.

On the “will everything be okay” thoughts – those are totally normal (at least, they were my normal). I would worry about the way I slept, if the waistband of my pants was constrictive to her, whether or not she was moving enough, etc. Unfortunately, they do not go away. At least not for me. They just change from “will she be/is she okay in there” to “will she be/is she okay at daycare/school/with the nanny/riding her bike/walking three feet in front of me” – it’s a never ending, constantly evolving list of worries. But it is still the best thing in the world! Good luck!

Abby on

My morning sickness went away around 20 weeks, just in time to start feeling the kicks.

linda on

Congratulation to Jana and Michael, best wishes for a healthy baby knew it was going to be a girl, Most of the women I know that have been pregnant crave pickles, ice cream , strawberries, but like the saying goes every pregnancy is different, can’t wait till your new cd is out,. Look forward to seeing pictures of the baby , know it will be beautiful, Hope your pregnancy gets easier the further along you get,.

Stefani on

With both my girls, my “morning” sickness went away after I gave birth! I hated how people kept telling me it gets better after this many weeks or after this or try this. Nothing worked, even zofran didn’t help, but it was all worth it after seeing each of my babies!

Anonymous on

I LOVED Jana until I read this!! Jana, you haven’t even been married three months and you’re ALREADY 15 weeks pregnant? Meaning you were pregnant before you got married. So don’t go blogging about your “issues” when clearly since you can’t get into them, you didn’t have any! I have already paid $6000 for our infertility treatments, and we’ve been married for almost THREE years…that’s trying! This is so inaccurate!

Emily on

Thanks for sharing this fun idea of gender revealing (although I do like the surprise factor). Do you wonder what your reaction would have been if it was a boy? Probably the same.

As someone who had trouble conceiving I greatly appreciate your honesty. I feel too many are afraid to talk about it, when really the results are the same a beautiful bundle of joy. After 5 years of trying I am the lucky mother of a 2 1/2 year old and hope to make her the big sister she deserves to be and will be great at. Congrats!

Anonymous on

First of all, clearly she was trying before they were married, which is fine by me and most of the world. Second, everyone has their pregnancy struggles so stop judging. Having said that, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

I have a bouncing six year old little boy who is the best gift I’ve ever received! Sickness lasts different on everyone but I promise it will be a distant memory once you meet that precious baby girl of yours! I feel that as a parent, you are always worried and scared and that’s so normal, so I’d say, ‘Welcome to Motherhood!’ So happy for you and can’t wait to read more!

Allie on

Hi Jana,

I had just mild nausea with my first child and never actually threw up. My second daughter however, I threw up for the entire 38 weeks. I was sick as a dog regardless of what I took or ate pretty much round the clock. The good news, is she was born healthy and happy with a head full of hair. The other good news is that my total weight gain was 13 pounds so losing the pregnancy weight was not a problem.

With my first pregnancy I craved nachos, grape soda and orange cream bars. No cravings with the 2nd – just wanted to get keep something (anything) down.

Good luck to you and remember, each pregnancy is different – just because you are sick this time doesn’t mean you will be at all sick the next.

Jess on

Sadly, and I hope this is not the case for you, my morning sickness didn’t go away until 36 weeks! My son was born at 37 weeks. I hope yours goes away soon!

Chelsea on

Congratulations to you both! Finding out you’re going to be a mom is incredible. I’m also 15 weeks (tomorrow) with my first child.

I wish I could help with the sickness, but I’ve been very fortunate and have not been sick once! I’ve been nauseous, have had bad acid reflux, very very tired. I now have my appetite back and an constantly eating through the day. Lots of small snacks instead of big meals is key! I’ve been very dizzy especially towards the end of the day but as long as I stay away from food with sugar and carbs I’m good. I’ve learned everyone is different so just hang in there!

Best of luck and looking forward to your next blog!

J on

Jana- Congratulations! It is so refreshing when people admit their struggles. It makes you seem more “real” if you will. While many of us struggle(d), it makes becoming pregnant that much more thrilling and vindicating after our worries and rough roads. Good luck to you.

Jennifer on

Hey Jana! First, you are a great singer and I love all of your songs. I actually listen and love your whole CD. I had bad morning sickness with my son. My doctor recommended that I take the “big pill” before bed. Worked like a charm! No more sickness for me. Hope that helps. That worry you feel is completely normal and actually will never go away. You worry about your pregnancy then you worry about your “heart” (child) in the world. Congratulations you have mom worry. 😉 I will pray for you. If you need anything, email me or you can find me on Twitter at beginagainjen . xxx

Lam on

Dating in August, engaged in December, married and pregnant in May … I wish you a life time of happiness BUT I find it really annoying and kinda insulting to those who have real fertility issues when you say you struggled to conceive …

Anyway, gorgeous parents for a gorgeous little girl on the way. I wish you a wonderful and healthy pregnancy (with no more “all-day-long” sickness) !

Emily on

Ask your doc for Zofran. Phenergen (?) will make you sleepy! I was hospitalized twice with hyperemesis and I ended up losing weight in the beginning, but at 22 weeks, I’m healthy, my baby girl is healthy, and I’ll take one 4mg Zofran on days when I want to run to the toilet to throw up.

The best advice I heard was to eat whatever you can stomach, because getting any kind of food to that baby is more important than maintaining a gluten free or dairy free lifestyle, if that’s what you’re into. I was gluten free but I found that the only thing I could keep down was bagels, bread, and pasta, so that’s what my meals are based on. Just wait til you get to feel her kick. That’s when it gets SUPER real!!!!!!!!

Congratulations, fellow Michigander!!!!! Much love from the 248.

Jana Kramer on

Thanks for the comments guys. Yes, Mike and I were trying before we were married. We both really wanted to be parents. And I was told I couldn’t have kids so I had a few surgeries and rounds of other treatments. We all have a different journey.

Lam on

Jana, I think it’s the first time I see a celeb taking some time to answer the comment section after a post on PEOPLE, it shows how down-to-earth you are, and I really appreciate that !

weatheredstorms on

I had the worst morning sickness with my son (we also tried forever to have him 3 1/2 years) I couldn’t even drink orange juice without getting sick.

I have found that keeping your stomach full is the key. Keep alot of protein snacks handy and even one next to your bed for when you wake up in the morning along with ginger ale. My OB also recommends the keeping your stomach full method. And lots of water.

Icky on

Jana and Michael, I wish you much happiness. I never had problems conceiving — in fact, I had problems NOT conceiving. But for my three pregnancies, the first one I didn’t know I was pregnant until five months along (long story), and my birthson was ten days early. Never felt sick but bloated and my hands looked like they belonged to the Cat in the Hat. I worked a full eight-hour shift, went home, was driven to the hospital and after two hours of labor, he was born.

With my second pregnancy, I knew early on and was sick from day one until the fourth month. I was nauseous and didn’t have any cravings. My first daughter was eight days late and for the last two weeks all I wanted was Pepsi, unsalted tortilla chips, and plain M&M’s. In fact, all of the final pregnancy pictures seemed to have those items showing. She was induced and after eight hours, my healthy girl was here.

The last pregnancy was planned and I knew right away that I was pregnant. The symptoms mirrored that of my second pregnancy, so even though I never officially found out I was having a girl, I knew I was having a girl. This time the nausea was really bad and the only thing that seemed to help was very cold ice water. I drank literally gallons of ice water a day.

I was also taking care of my stepson who was having acid reflux issues and was sick a lot. To this day, I cannot stand the smell of Honey Nut Cherrios or corn dogs or chicken noodle soup because these were the items that my son seemed to save for me when he was vomiting. My sense of smell was on overdrive and some smells almost hurt my nose.

When I was a week overdue, I was sent to the hospital and induced and sent home. Back to the hospital after no contractions and admitted. After forty and a half hours of labor, my second daughter was born on our anniversary. I knew she’d be my last. I told my husband if I went from two hours of labor to eight to over forty, there’s no way I was trying this again. My youngest is now eleven and despite it all, I loved being pregnant. In the end, yes, it’s more than worth it.

Monica on

Congrats on your baby girl! Huge OTH and country music fan here. 😉 Morning sickness with my first was terrible and lasted into my 2nd trimester. Like you, I craved chocolate milk and ate bagels every day! I’m now early into my 2nd pregnancy and my morning sickness just started… and yea, not “morning sickness”… all day sickness! Ugh! I look forward to following your blog and your next CD!

Jana Kramer on

thanks lam! and ugh monica I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time right now! Nothing helps! Zofran does help me from not throwing up as much but there are conflicting reports about it. But I have had friends that take it and have no problem. And Icky, my demise was honey nut cheerios. I don’t think I will EVER be able to have those again. And yes I’m craving strawberries too!! Have a great day everyone.

sarah on

mine went away at about 16 weeks. hope it gets better!

Amber on

Hi Jana!!! Congrats to you and Mike! I’m currently 7 weeks pregnant with my husband and I’s first child. I’ve had very little morning sickness, but I do get nauseous during the day. I’m also very, very tired. So tired I could fall asleep standing up. We’ll all get through it. Hope your sickness goes away soon! Best of luck, and cannot wait for your 2nd album 🙂

Amber M on

Oh, I wouldn’t wish the all day sickness on my worst enemy! I’m 33 weeks along and my morning sickness FINALLY went away around 19 weeks! Vanilla milkshakes and a plain baked potato seemed to help some. But I craved cantaloupe and chocolate milk (and I never even liked milk until I was pregnant)! My doctor put me on Diclegis and it helped some. I had lost 9 lbs in the first trimester and I remember distinctly waking up, not being sick, and going to IHOP and downing 4 plates that included gravy & biscuits, a stack of pancakes, sausage, fruit, and french fries! My husband, sister, and the waiter were amazed that my 5’3 120 lb frame could hold that much food but I was starving!! I couldn’t get enough! haha

Hopefully it will go away in a few weeks and you will be able to eat everything in sight!! Hang in there and congratulations!!

Keri on

My all day sickness started at 6 weeks and lasted to about 19 weeks. Once I found that Blueberry Lemonade helped with my sickness, I have felt great! 24 weeks now 🙂

Amy on

Jana, best of luck. I had morning sickness, more like all day sickness, with my daughter for 8 weeks, stopped at 16. With my son, it lasted 32 weeks. Eat what you feel like eating because it is different for every pregnancy. Try Zofran, after talking to your doctor. It helped me survive being pregnant and hospitalized with hyperemesis with my son.

Only you know what feels good to you and your body. Enjoy and congratulations again.


Good for her. And at least they will not need a nanny. Caussin wasn’t even invited to any NFL training camps so his career as a pro athlete is over. As far as I can tell his job is now following around his wife on tour and having her pay all his bills.

Stephanie on

Hey Jana,

The all day sickness for me last till I was about twenty weeks along. But from then till I have birth I had heartburn non stop. I drank chocolate milk a lot which helped for about a second. I couldn’t eat hamburgers just the smell alone made me gag. My son is almost two and I still can’t eat them without gagging. It does get easier. And soon enough your baby will be here.

Coco butter works for stretch marks. Drink plenty of water, make sure you have your bag packed ahead of time. My son was two weeks early and I wasn’t remotely ready for him to be here.

Congrats on being pregnant it’s amazing! Wait till you feel that first kick!! It’s weird and awesome and amazing all in one!

Jana Kramer on

Agould, my husband has a very successful job in sales. Leave your negative comments elsewhere. And ohhh I gotta try that blueberry lemonade !!!

Amy on

Congrats I guess? I remember when this chick was going around at concerts and twitter saying her then-boyfriend, now-husband cheated on her. What a bright idea to marry the dude that cheats on you. Good luck with your cheating husband, considering it’s your third marriage before the age of 31. No innocent child deserves to be brought up in the hands of reckless people.

Michelle on

Congratulations, Jana!

Agreed we all have a different journey. I have 3 kids and had trouble conceiving between #1 and #2 (18 long months). Just because your troubles may not be as dire as others doesn’t mean it wasn’t agonizing!

I had bad morning (all day!) sickness with my 3rd, my only girl. It lasted until 18 weeks and the reappeared a bit in the 3rd trimester. Hope you get some relief soon.

I took zofran. Agreed the conflicting lawsuits are so concerning! But had to balance the severe morning sickness to the meds. Luckily everything turned out ok for me.

Kelsea on

Congrats Jana!

So happy for you and your hubby! Your child will surely be a stunner! I would recommend zofran as it’s safe in pregnancy, especially past the first trimester. It can be prescribed through your doctor. (FYI you can get the dissolvable pill and also the regular pill so see which one works better for you!) I have heard from some mothers that nibbling on saltines right when you wake up makes the morning sickness a little better throughout the day. Motherhood maternity also has these lollipops that are made for morning sickness that I have heard have some success with people.

I’m sorry to hear about your fertility problems initially. There are a lot of women out there having issues getting pregnant right now and I know for them hearing the stories of everyone’s journeys really helps them out! I myself only have nieces to call “my own”, so I can’t really comment on the “worrying” issue. I will say that I worried throughout my sister’s pregnancy/birthing process and beyond, but the joy that those little munchkins bring is the best thing about my life.

All the best to you and I hope you start feeling better soon! Congrats again!

Kelsea on

Oh p.s. Please don’t listen to all these ugly comments! It’s easy to hide behind a computer screen and throw stones! People that are always in the spotlight will be scrutinized constantly…It just means you’re doing something right! 😉

KP on

Congratulations to Jana!

Diana on

Hey Jana,
I’m a writing professor and want to say that you are doing a good job on your blog. I do have one little critique (of course, I’m a professor): You use the word anxious quite a bit, and when you use it, you mean eager (anxious has a negative connotation, so, rather than being “anxious” about your baby and starting a family (I think you used it at least 3 times), you are eager—excited, looking forward, and feeling positive (not worried, feeling negative, etc). Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I’m happy to help if you ever have a quick question or something you want me to read (you have my email and I’m happy to give you my phone number). I teach lots of types of writing and presentations (including writing for social media and I have a really easy-to-read and short handbook I can forward. OK–lastly. My kids are almost 30 so it has been a while. My boys, I had no sickness at all. But with my daughter, I was sick all the time—until birth. Think about putting some peanut butter on those bagles (something my doctor suggested the kind of worked). Also, watermelon was a Godsend. I have a few others if you are interested. Good luck (and I know I sound like a know-it-all; I’m sorry). BUT, when I teach creative non-fiction, I would love to add a songwriting unit so maybe you (or a friend) could help me out. We could do FaceTime or you could come to Huntsville. Dinners on me.

Diana on

P.S. Wrote this quickly before class and wish I had an edit button b/c of the mistakes. Damages my credibility, huh?

Kathy on

Yes morning sickness is unfortunate part of comfortableness to many women, many women can relate to this. Great job on the post and happy for her and the family on their new addition.

Laurie on

Jana-Based on your amazing voice last Friday at Rockwoods Jam, I would have never guessed you were pregnant! Your performance was stellar and my friends and I had a great time-your hits were spot on and I enjoyed the cover songs you chose as well-you rocked Alanis Morissette!

On to your pregnancy question . . . I have two beautiful daughters myself and let me tell you each pregnancy can be different. I quit throwing up at 8 weeks with my first daughter but continued on through week 20 with my second. I also had fertility issues so I can relate to just how happy and ecstatic you are feeling right now-CONGRATULATIONS!

As for cravings. . . Famous Daves. I could eat it 24/7 when I was pregnant. Pulled pork sandwiches tasted amazing to me. Luckily I had a coworker who was willing to indulge my weekly cravings with me.

Best of luck to your and your husband as you anticipate the birth of your daughter.

Anonymous on

I was taken aback by what Anonymous wrote on August 17. I believe it was overly harsh and critical. So to you, Anonymous, I would like to say, I’m sorry. I am sorry that you and your husband have been in such a hard position, that your heart breaks every time you see another birth announcement or a sweet baby’s face when you’re at the store, and that it just plain sucks. But, that being said, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been trying for a baby for months or years; being told there’s “issues” is just painful. To shine some light on where I am coming from, let me tell you about my “issues”. My husband and I (married 15 years) tried for 10 years – yes, you read that correctly. I was told by several doctors that I would never conceive due to my PCOS and endometriosis, and only one who said “Let’s show them how it’s done”. We tried any and all medical treatments to conceive and then we looked to adoption – we got as far a signing papers to welcome a baby girl but her mother changed her mind and chose to keep her. I decided that maybe it just wasn’t meant to be but my husband asked me to try just once more and so we saved up and went through one more round of IVF. I am happy to say that finally – FINALLY! – we were successful.

So, Anonymous, I write this to you in hopes that it spreads compassion, empathy, understanding and solidarity for all women that have/are having to endure such heartbreak – no matter how long they have been trying.

I wish you only the very best.

And to you Jana – congratulations!!

Erica Engstrom on

I have been pregnant 4 times and with each pregnancy I am sick THE ENTIRE time up until I am pushing out a baby! yikes! All 4 boys so who knows, if I were to be pregnant with a baby girl if that would change anything up for my body. GOOD LUCK!! You are adorable.

Constance Dunlap on

Hi Jana,
First, I would like to congratulate you and your husband. I have 2 sons, one is 11 and the other is 2. Unfortunately, for me the morning sickness (all day sickness) lasted the whole pregnancy with both of my kids. Both of my boys were 6 weeks premature, but with todays technology they did great! I hope you get to feeling better soon! The nerves are just part of being a mother! I wouldn’t trade it for the world!