Jenna Bush Hager Welcomes Daughter Poppy Louise

08/14/2015 at 07:55 AM ET

Jenna Bush Hager‘s summer just got brighter: Her baby girl is here!

The Today correspondent and husband Henry Hager welcomed their second daughter on Thursday, Aug. 13, she announced Friday to the morning show.

Poppy Louise Hager — who was born in New York City at 9:12 a.m., weighing 7 lbs., 9 oz. and measuring 20.5 inches — joins big sister Mila, 2.

“We are thrilled to announce the birth of our darling daughter,” the couple said in a statement.

“Poppy is named after Jenna’s grandfather, George Herbert Walker “Poppy” Bush, a.k.a. Gampy. His nickname growing up was Poppy, and we are proud to name her after a man we so adore. Louise is in honor of our grandmothers’ middle names, Louise and Lewis. Mom and Poppy are healthy and well.”

Adds Hager, “Jenna was fantastic throughout, and Mila can’t stop talking about her ‘baby sissy.’ ”

Jenna Bush Hager welcomes daughter Poppy Louise
Poppy Louise Hager – Courtesy Hager Family

After loving life with her firstborn, who is named after her grandmothers, the mom-to-be felt “so lucky” when she announced in April another baby girl was on the way. “I appreciate life so much more as a mom,” Bush Hager, 33, told PEOPLE, adding pregnancy the second time around had its perks.

“I know how wonderful motherhood is and that makes it so much sweeter,” she said.

Jenna Bush Hager welcomes daughter Poppy Louise
FaceTiming with Gampy telling him Poppy’s name – Courtesy Hager Family

The couple originally thought their first child was a son, and decided to play it safe and find out the sex of their second baby.

“We were convinced [Mila] was a boy, to the point that we painted the nursery a pale blue. And it was a girl!” Bush Hager recalls.

Equally “thrilled” over the upcoming addition were the grandparents, former President George W. Bush — who easily won over his first granddaughter — and former First Lady Laura.

Jenna Bush Hager welcomes daughter Poppy Louise
Mother and daughter – Courtesy Hager Family

After returning from maternity leave following Mila’s birth, the new mama admitted it didn’t take long for her father to bond with her baby girl.

“She was brilliant because once she laughed at him, there was this instant connection,” she said.

Jefe” released his own statement (and a photo with both granddaughters!) late Friday morning.

“Laura and I are overjoyed to meet our second grandchild today. Poppy Louise Hager entered the world yesterday in New York City, but we consider her an honorary Texan,” he says. “Jenna and Henry chose her name as a tribute to her great-grandfather, 41, who was nicknamed Poppy as a child. We are grateful to God – and to Jenna and Henry – for this beautiful, healthy gift of life.”

Jenna Bush Hager welcomes daughter Poppy Louise
The Bushes with their granddaughters – Courtesy Bush Family

Laura also shared a snap of the Bush family with their newest addition on Saturday.

Missing Maine on a rainy NYC Monday after a wonderful week.

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LilahK on


Sharon on

Wonderful! Happy Family!

Mellie on

Congrats! Two beautiful little girls! Life is good.

E on

Beautiful! Adore the name.
Congratulations !

Kim1 on

Congrats, I just saw Jenna on Today Show with Hoda on Monday or Tuesday,I didn’t realize she was due.

guest on

GREAT Couple…Love the Name! CONGRATS!

claire on

Congrats! How wonderful.

courtneyjhall on

Pretty baby and a very cute name.

Katie on

I love when babies are given a name with a meaning whether first or middle. My daughter’s middle name is Eleanor after my grandmother who died during my pregnancy with her. Poppy is a great name. Beautiful family. Congrats.

Anne Ganrs on

Refreshing to see that she opted not to do a “glam” maternity photo. The photos look more intimate, honest and beautiful.

dancer92136 on

Love the name and the baby is beautiful

Grayson on

Congratulations!! What a beautiful family!! Wishing them all the best!!

K on

Beautiful family!!!

Truthfinder on

Just darling…Congratulations to the lovely family. God Bless you.

Susan on

Love it! Congrats to the Hagers and Bushes!

Pressley on

I am one of 5 daughters named Poppy, Pippy, Pheobe, Penelope, Pressley. Beautiful baby, love her name. ☺

Anonymous on

What a beautiful baby.

Carrie M on

Lovely photos! Congrats to Jenna and family…

Jenny on

Beautiful family! Congratulations!

ELC on

Wonderful news!Congrats on your second daughter.

Cheryl Darby on

Congratulations! How wonderful to have such happy news.

Mrs. B on

Congratulations Jenna and Henry on the birth of Poppy.
She’s beautiful.

really on

What a beautiful little girl! I LOVE this entire family. Many congratulations to them!

J.P. on

Congrats on your new baby girl. Love the name. I sure do miss your dad as our president, but glad he has found his calling as grandpa.

Tiffany on

Such a pretty name ❤
My middle name is also Louise, after my great-grandmother.

Anonymous on

I love when babies names have meaning. Makes it so special that she named her after her father.

Mary on

Adorable baby and adorable name.

KAK on

That is just a lovely family!! Congratulations!

Lilly on

Cutie Patutie

bb on

I adore Jenna and Henry’s baby naming! Honoring parents and grandparents with the names, but creating a nickname like Mila (Margaret+Laura) and using a nickname like Poppy. It honors the family without having to use the same exact names. They aren’t too crazy celebrity names either. Perfect balance! Congrats to the happy family.

Rain on

Perfect timing to get a Republican emotional vote! Could these mothers not be half naked? If you can out make up on your face for the pic, then please get dressed too! Ugh.

Brooke on

What a wonderful tribute to H.W. Bush…Plus it is a darling name.

erica2 on

I don’t miss and can’t stand Jenna’s grandfather or her father and I hope that her uncle Jeb gets nowhere near the Oval Office but I must admit that motherhood suits Jenna and she makes cute babies. Congrats to the Hagers! Summer babies are the best 🙂

J on


I am not a Republican, but your post is ridiculous. Yes, I’m sure she timed her pregnancy and delivery just to get votes. And she’s hardly “half naked.” You seem like a heinous, bitter, pathetic person.

Linda on

What a Beautiful Family and so Happy for ALL the Bushes and The Hagers. So nice to name a child after one of their relatives. Congratulations and Be Happy

Lyanna on

@Hater Poppy is a flower – So is Rose, Lily, Daisy, Gladys, etc.. Don’t you have a bridge to patrol?

Heather on

Awe, congratulations to them! I love seeing pictures of George Bush with his family and happy!

Daisy on

Love flower name but not the Republican stink on it.

Shannon on

What an adorable name! Love the Bush’s! That photo with George and Laura is just amazing, grandma and grandpa are just beaming!!

Terry Dooley on

Great name! We r grandparents to two little girls. Love the Bush 43 photo! Girls rock!!

akm on

Nice photos, congratulations.

sela on

I was named after both my grandmothers, and my eldest daughter’s middle name is after my mom and my husbands mom. I didn’t give my daughters either of my names – one is hard to pronounce and one was popular in the family. But I did give my youngest daughter the same middle name as my grandmother. And my grandmother loved that i did it. My daughter is the only one with that name in the family.

LisaS. on

Congratulations! And I really like her name….Poppy. Beautiful family and truly blessed. No way the Grandparents can’t spoil those little cuties!

K.B. on

Congratulations to Jenna and her husband. Now take that baby out of that genocidal maniac’s arms!

Truthfinder on

Love the Bushes and MISS them in the White House! A truly classy First Family. Blessings to the newest member and all the family!

kay on

So happy for her and her family. Love that she put out those beautiful natural shots too.

Brooke on

That Mila is an absolute DOLL. I know that Laura is absolutely in love with her

Bella14 on

Beautiful family!

Callie on

YAY!!!! I love that name; it’s so fun and cute and just says sunshine. The POTUS and MRS POTUS look fabulous as always and very happy. Congrats!!!!

rpark on

…ironic the name has both a morphine and Latino connotation.

Amy on

So sweet!

Godiva on

SO sweet!
Such a great family.
Wishing you all the very best!

Susan on

While I’m happy for the Bush family and their new beautiful addition, I can’t help but wonder about the 60 million people in the Middle East displaced by war. Our “shock and awe” bombing of Iraq had devastating consequences to so many families in the region. Let’s start loving everyone’s children around the world and not just our own.

Susan on

Poppy Louise is a beautiful name. : )

Terri on

Might want to edit the article since I suspect the great grandfather is NOT 41 as the article states. LOL!!

Shannon on

41 is referring to the number President George H.W. Bush was, not his age.

Shannon on

Congrats Hagers! What a sweet family – I love the picture of George and Laura with the girls. 🙂

daz on

Beautiful children!! To bad they have a WAR CRIMINAL for a Grandfather!!!!!!!!!!!

renold on


Anonymous on

Honorary Texans? Even the Bushes were born in New England…

Ashley on

Beautiful pictures—love this family and dearly miss both Bushes as President. They all look so happy—much love and congratulations to them 🙂

doesn't add up on

damn George H. looks pretty old for being only ’41’ …

“Jenna and Henry chose her name as a tribute to her great-grandfather, 41, who was nicknamed Poppy as a child”

lisa on

LOVE LOVE the name Poppy. I didn’t care for George Bush as president but he looks like a wonderful father and doting grandpa. Cheers to them happy family.

Anonymous on

Beautiful family, congrats to all!

moonie on

So happy for this family! Beautiful baby! Love all the pics they shared! Best wishes for the family’s future!

charlotte on

congratulations on the beautiful new addition to the family. not crazy about the name, but it is a wonderful, loving tribute to her father and grandmothers.

RoseMary on

Congratulations! Beautiful family! They all look so happy, especially on the coast of Maine! The number 41 refers to the 41st president not George H.W.’s age. George W. was the 43rd president.

TLC on

Beautiful family. I love the pic of former President Bush & First Lady.

Maria on

Beautiful pictures.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Awwww….both daughters are gorgeous.

Anyone else notice no mention of Jenna’s twin Barbara…hmmmm.

Italy on

Beautiful Family! God Bless you all!!!! 🙂

T on

Awww! What a sweet angel. Beautiful family photos. Congratulations to the Bush and Hager family. Blessings of health and happiness.

sbj on

@<ricochet, I wonder why you feel it's icky to be named after your grandparents. My second, third and fourth names are my grand mother's (long story, don't ask) and I think it's a wonderful tradition

Tina on

George H. Bush is NOT 41, perhaps some proofreading is in order!!

Daisy on

Smile for the camera, President Bush, and don’t give a thought to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who died because of you. Don’t give a thought to the thousands of Americans who died because of you. Smile for the camera…

Sandy Brooks on

Wonderful family! Happy, glorious faces…

Me on

I’m not a fan of W., but that is one proud looking grandpa. He looks so excited. Very sweet. Congratulations to all.

LinaBina on

You don’t have to agree with someone’s politics to respect them as human beings and congratulate them during times of great joy (or condolences in times of sorrow). Congratulations to the Bush and Hager family. She’s a beautiful addition to the family.

dd on

cute pics

Carolyn on

Barbara Bush is in the picture of the whole group, what other sort of mention is needed? As for people who didn’t realize that “41” referred to line of succession in the presidency, please brush up on your history!

Louise on

Very sweet picture! I definitely would have chosen
the name Louise Poppy over Poppy Louise. But congrats to them, a lovely family.

Cecilia Gomez on

To erica2, just jump off the cliff cuz you’re one miserable being not fit to be here on planet earth. Go away & take your misery with you!

Congrats to Jenna & Henry! Also to President George W. Bush & Laura as well as to great grandparents President George H Bush & Barbara.

What a beautiful & blessed family!!!

Julie on

So sweet!

spowalla on

What great photos. I love the one where big sister Mila looks like she’s clapping:) Great name with such sentiment behind it.

Mellie on

Congratulations on your new little one. We called my grandfather Poppy as well. It makes an adorable name for an sweet little girl.

Kayla on

What a cute name. I wish them all the luck.

Kat on

Poppy Hager? Really?
Such beautiful girls getting weird names from their parents. 😠

CommonSense on

They look so happy. That’s great. Boy that Jenna look just like GW! And Barbara looks good too!

freya on

Wow what a load of crap while Bush has the audacity to flaunt his new grand daughter and his daughters safe and sound, those families of our dead soldiers who he send to their death to his bogus war in Iraq will not have the same privilege that he is enjoying right now. I’m sorry but I DON’T CARE ABOUT HIS GOOD FORTUNE WITH SEEING HIS CHILDREN SAFE FROM HARM OR THE BIRTH OF HIS GRAND CHILDREN . BECAUSE HE DENIED THE SAME THING TO OTHERS.

Mag on

Lovely name Pappy. Congrats to the happy family!

Cassie on

Beautiful baby, awful name. Congrats.

SusieQ on

RAIN~ I am shaking my head while laughing at your post. How ridiculous in your thinking about the “Republican” angle on this. 9 Months ago when this baby was conceived I honestly don’t think that was on their minds. If anything it would have been a mood killer! HA LOL As for the “half dressed look” did you ever wear one of the Fashion Forward Hospital Gowns they now have? Never in all my years of being hospitalized with several illness’s, procedures, births of my sons, and operations, have I EVER not even once received a gown that came close to fitting or for that matter staying on. Last but not least from a mother who nursed her children it looks to me as though she had at one point been feeding her beautiful little girl when asked if a photo could be taken. Why be such a hater. There is too much of that in the world. Regardless of your political affiliation or mine it honestly has NOTHING to do with the beautiful story of a former Presidents Daughter, who now in her own right is a journalist. Peace be with you.

Mr. Sunshine on

I’m in awe of people who say they missed a President who bankrupted this country due to a senseless war!!

Anonymous on

Aww nice pictures!

Peter on

Kudo to Jenna as former President’s daughter, a normal, adjusted well, young lady, she was raised right.

Guest on


Proofread! :( on

Great grandpa is 91 not 41!

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