Billy Joel Introduces Daughter Della Rose

08/14/2015 at 08:45 AM ET

Meet the littlest uptown girl.

Billy Joel and wife Alexis introduce their newborn daughterDella Rose, in a sweet snapshot shared Thursday night at his Philadelphia show.

The wide-eyed little one, who arrived early Wednesday morning in New York, is pictured snuggled in her mother’s arms.

Della is the second child for the singer-songwriter, 66, and the first for his 33-year-old wife, an accomplished equestrian.

“Billy is thrilled to become a dad again,” a source told PEOPLE in April.

Billy Joel welcomes daughter
Myrna M. Suarez/Getty; Inset: Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty

Prior to Della’s arrival, the couple tied the knot during their annual Fourth of July party at Joel’s Long Island estate.

The couple “surprised guests by exchanging vows in front of their family and close friends,” the singer’s spokeswoman told PEOPLE at the time.

Billy Joel welcomes daughter
Jeff Sclock

Joel is already dad to singer/songwriter Alexa Ray Joel, his 29-year-old daughter from his previous marriage to Christie Brinkley. “Celebrating the arrival of my precious little sister this week,” Alexa Instagrammed Thursday.

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Ben on

Must be kind of bittersweet considering he probably won’t be around to see her get married or have kids. I understand the decision as to why they wanted a child, but these are the complications when you marry someone half your age at over 60…..

Christina on

Happy for them and all but, Grandpa’s have to stop making babies! I guess men are wired differently but I really truly don’t think I could sleep with someone the same age as my kids, it’s just kinda gross!

CC on

what a cutie!

Sharon on


Kachina on

KaChing! And mom just secured her pension and retirement. If this were the “average” Joe down the street I’m sure mom would have giving the almost 70 yr old man the same privilege.

Crystal Randolph on

She is adorable!!!

Kris on

Congrats, she’s adorable!

LilahK on

Beautiful blessing!

Jess on

Very beautiful

Ann on

@Ben, Just how do you know that he may not be around to see his baby gets married or have babies of her own? People are living longer these days human’s life span has changed.

Congratulations Billy and Alexis! Della’s adorable.

Dee on

Ridiculous. 66 and has a baby and a 30 year age gap with wife.

Danielle on

Billy shared this photo – and others – with the audience last night at his Philly concert on the big screens. The images popped up as he began to play “My Life”. Once the song was over, he showed a beautiful picture of his wife and daughters. He was so happy and proud – and his performance reflected it! Congratulations to the Joel family!

Lina on

Damn. she ‘s cute but she should be his granddaughter instead.

Ben on


Uhhhh cause even if she gets married at 20, which is super early, he’ll be freakin 86. Kinda gross. It’s a pretty selfish decision to have kids at that age. I’d be one pissed off daughter when I grew up if I were her.

guest on

Very cute!! Congrats to them!

lyoness on

I keep wanting to say Della “Reese”. She’s amazing. Lol! I love that these traditional, great-grandparent names are coming back. They’re beautiful and classic.

Lyanna on

What a nice 3 generation picture!

debbie on

How nice, a new wife four years older than your daughter and a new daughter who could be your granddaughter….beautiful family.

maryandlouis24 on

What a beautiful baby! So very happy for them all.

sally on

Fact is, men can have babies until they die! age is not a factor. When you hook up with a young women- chances are more likely than not she will want kids. Look at Tony Randall!!!

sally on

Tony Randall’s widow’s take on having married/had kids with an older man:

Tony Randall’s widow Heather has largely laid low since his death at 2003 at age 84. But now Heather, 36, is speaking up. She’s president of the board of the New York Theatre Workshop and is raising their kids, Julia, 10, and Jefferson, 9.

But, she opened up to Marie Claire.

“Did his friends think I was a gold digger at first? Well, I remember one or two women telling him he was an old fool . . . and I’m sure people said and continue to say things behind my back,” Heather laughs. “But I don’t hear most of it.” As for his real friends — Garry Marshall, Jack Klugman, Eli Wallach — “I don’t think anything like that ever occurred to them.” Heather is still very close to these Hollywood legends. “If they thought I was a jerk, I would think they would have dropped me like a hot potato.”
“I always imagine what it would be like to go on Howard Stern, because I know the first thing he would ask is, ‘What is it like to give an 80-year-old a blow job?’ I know this is hard for people to grasp, but sex was not a problem. We had frequent sex until he went into the hospital. It was just a normal part of our married life, and it was happy, and we took care of each other that way until the end.”
“I don’t think he knew people thought that [he was gay],” Heather says. “It just wouldn’t have occurred to him. He was very secure in his masculinity, which is why he wasn’t afraid to play effeminate roles. He was the first person on TV to play a lead character who was gay, in the series Love, Sydney, and then there was Felix U

Natalie on

Cluck cluck cluck

just my thoughts on

I have to agree with the few comments the I just read, as the instant that I saw this news about the baby, I immediately looked up Billy Joel’s AGE. I do not think it’s fair to the child when the the father Is as old as a ‘great grandpa’ could be at 66. Has anyone ever studied if old mens SPERM is as. Healthy as a younger male? We know full well that if a woman were to have a child this late or even in her 50’ss, 40’s and even late 30’s can present major complications. Especially with health issues. Is this a completely healthy sperm (for making healthy babies) when a man is this old? SHOULD men be having children this age just out of ethical? They will obviously grow up without a father perhaps by the time they’re 20. If they’re lucky.
I would not want to be with a man that is sure to die ,and to be my father’s age. And especially not if I hadn’t had children yet and I wanted to.
Mind you Billy Joel probably has some money that is sure to provide well for that mother and child.
So I guess she decided that the trade off was worth it?? Or maybe she wanted to be provided for in life, and was both smart and deceptive.
I just wouldn’t even allow this to happen. I wouldn’t date a guy who is exactly half my age and I am 33.
But I hope the child is healthy, and didn’t receive weaker or even tainted genes. Because if that was a risk, and it kinda makes sense. Then that woman risked having a child with health issues. Then she isn’t a good person.
I think too many Dr’s these days play God when it comes to saving premature babies who were born way too early. A friend who I used to know had a child with a woman who was on the older side of 40 and was determined to have a baby. Their daughter has extremely severe cerebral palsy. She is extremely infant like, and asked to watch a primary children’s show (vhs tapes ) and needed help with every single thing all day. Was in a wheelchair and couldn’t speak very well at all. Very limited vocabulary, like a 3 year perhaps. The last time I saw her. She was 16 or so. Was getting quite large, due to inactivity, huge devolved breasts. Which the father had to dress, bathe and help her on the toilet as well.
What. Happens when THEY die? Then she goes into an institution, where she could very well be abused?
You have to think of the whole picture when you have a child. And even though this man loved his daughter, he knew that she shouldn’t have been born (saved by dr’s and machines etc at around 16 weeks or something. Don’t you think that nature is taking care of itself? I believe that the soul will come back in another being. It’s their destiny, so if something is possibly wrong and God is bringing this child back because something went wrong. Don’t you think we shouldn’t interrupt God’s will?
I know that’s getting pretty deep, but this is just how I feel, my opinion.
Just my thoughts…

Commentor on

@just my thoughts…how odd that you spend so much time obsessing over other people’s lives and choices when they have nothing to do with you. Don’t you have anything worth your attention in your own life? Perhaps you should find something. Just a brief suggestion as your life and choices don’t impact me at all.

Xan on

Alexa’s reaction is very sweet. She seems like a good woman. That said, can you imagine being 30 and having a sibling who’s 60????!!!!

Anonymous on

The baby is very cute. Congrats!