Billy Joel Welcomes Daughter Della Rose

08/12/2015 at 12:00 PM ET

She’s got a way about her!

Billy Joel welcomed his second child on Wednesday, Aug. 12, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Wife Alexis delivered their daughter, Della Rose Joel, at 2:40 a.m. in New York.

Weighing in at 7 lbs., 6.5 oz., Della is the 66-year-old singer’s first child with Alexis, 33, an accomplished equestrian.

PEOPLE confirmed in April that the couple were expecting a baby together — another girl for the dad-to-be!

“Billy is thrilled to become a dad again,” a source told PEOPLE at the time.

Billy Joel welcomes daughter
Myrna Suarez

And life got even sweeter for the parents-to-be when they tied the knot during their annual Fourth of July party at Joel’s Long Island estate.

The couple “surprised guests by exchanging vows in front of their family and close friends,” the singer’s spokeswoman told PEOPLE at the time.

Joel is already dad to singer/songwriter Alexa Ray Joel, his 29-year-old daughter from his previous marriage to Christie Brinkley.

–Anya Leon with reporting by Mary Margaret

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SeattleDreamin on

While I am happy for them, he is just far too old to be having kids (let alone having a bride 1/2 his age)!

Hanni on

I’m so excited for them! He’s had some big heartaches in his life…I’m hoping things are turning around for him. What a beautiful family!

Aw, SeattleDreamin, don’t be so bitter. My husband is twice my age, older than Billy Joel, and we have two toddlers. Do you judge all couples who are different from you? Gosh, I thought Seattle was so open minded. Or is it that a older man with a younger woman (and having a family) is somehow threatening to your delicate self esteem. Let people be happy, hon. The world needs more love. 🙂

Shell on

His wife looks like such a digger – she cemented it with having a baby. Billy isn’t that smart, I guess.

Catherine on

The creepy part for me is that his new wife is almost the same age and has almost the same name as his other daughter Alexa.

seabot on

My goodness, people are cruel. Congrats to Billy and Alexis, best wishes to the family!

pattyr on

I’m sorry, but he is WAY TOO OLD to be starting yet another family & trying to recapture his youth…He is twice his wife’s age & will be 3 times his daughters age. Why can;t celebrities or men in general just age gracefully and stop trying to spread their seed with any female regardless of age???

Jillie on

Hmm…So will he be able to teach her how to ride a bike,roller skate etc etc. I think it is a shame when these men have children at such an age that they will not be able to do anything with them as they grow up because the father will be too old. Also what kind of memories will she have of her father as she grows up. Will he be alive to give her away at her wedding? I don’t want to hear about death could happen to anyone, we know that is true. This is different he chose to have a child at his age.

shazam on

just close HIS eyes and he would look like a corpse he has so much makeup on.

Sue d on

I’m sorry but if you have a 29 year old daughter you have no business at age 66 having babies. I’m sure she just wants to secure her future.

sally on

Wow so many rude comments. I am sure there will be plenty of time for joy. In reality, none of us knows how much time we have- so people should shut their mouths and stop being so judgmental!!

Chloe on

Sometimes life doesn’t unfold according to a timetable. I have learned not to judge, and I wished I learned it earlier. You love who you love when love finds you.

happy on

Babies are blessings but I’m sorry, this is just gross. He is too old for a baby plain and simple. A 70 year old taking his daughter to kindergarten. Enough is enough. Obviously for her, this is ALL about $$$$. She ought to be ashamed! There is a ridiculous, over the top age difference here.

dd on

Alexas inheritance from Joel just got cut in 1/2….

Kristin on

As a women almost his wife’s age I could not imagine dating a man his age, let alone marrying and having a baby with him. I can’t imagine what they have in common besides the love of money.

Jennifer on

For everyone judging his age: not everyone ages the same way- i know some VERY young people in their 70’s and 80’s. There is also something to be said for having life experience before having children. This situation does not effect your life, so get over it. Congrats, to the new parents, enjoy your little one.

Madison on

66? He’s in denial. He’ll be 84 when the child graduates from high school. That is plain selfish of him and he knows it and so does that gold digger he married.

Lyanna on

He looks like her dad.

Long Islander on

I’m truly amazed to learn there are so many morally superior, perfect people who feel entitled to tell others how they should live their lives.
If Billy Joel had listened to them he would still be washing dishes at Nick’s Luncheonette in Hicksville, NY.
You go, BJ. You’ve given us so much joy.
You deserve to enjoy your beautiful new family.

Brooke on

I always think about Cary Grant, who also had a child at 66. He dies when his daughter was 16. Just seems so unfair.

Madison on

@Hanni..Aw clearly, you too are a gold digger.

guest on

Well, THAT was close! LOL

Kim on

OMG Alexis I would hate to follow Christie Brinkley. Big shoes to fill.

sharon Little on

Dumb title, UPTOWN GIRL was Christie Brinkley when Joel dated/married her.Why reference it for his new baby??? It was song he wrote about her.

Diane M on

A nice normal name, how refreshing. Congratulations to the mom and dad.

lola on

WOW! Now that is a huge age difference! The picture looks like Father and Daughter. Not my cup of tea to marry an old man and his poor baby girl… Girls need their Daddy’s even when they become women. Sorry Alexa, you only get 1/3 now.

Mom Of Twinz on

Congratulations to them!

k on

I am sure she is in love with him because he is a 5 foot 6 guy who is overweight and bald and is 35 years older than her, oh now it is because he is worth like 200 Million dollars!

Kelly on

We think it’s a beautiful name. Congratulations to them both!

gigi on

@Hanni You said the world needs more love, well, practice what you preach. Don’t be rude to @SeattleDreamin just because his/her opinion doesn’t mesh with yours. Your comment is condescending.

Angela on

As we all know, its a man’s world. And men with money, power and prestige can buy any sweet young thing they want. You can be old, wrinkled, ugly, bald and short. The young beauties will still flock to the money.

A Dose of Reality on

1. Musicians dating and marrying younger women? Shocker! Well worth your time and your scorn. Don’t get out much, I guess.
2. Not one of us know anything about their actual private lives. They have, however, been together for six years, so clearly they haven’t rushed into anything and have a genuine connection.
3. Be happy for people. The end.

John on

Oh yeah, that kid won’t suffer any chromosome damage, nah …

kpc on

what the EFF does a 66 year old man see in a 33 year old woman? I don’t understand the man’s brain. Yes yes, there is the obvious sexual attraction but other than that? Does she cut his food up for him? Change his clothes when he needs it? I just don’t get it ONE BIT.

Jim J. on

People whining about a married couple’s age difference…That’s what happens when you see your favorite celebrity gets a new wife who wasn’t born yet at the prime of his career. I guess you’d probably liked her better if Alexis were at least a decade older than 33. Also, anyone over age 60 having new babies…Sad.

Peggy on

She trapped him, got pregnant by someone else. This isn’t his kid, and not remotely possible to be his kid. She’s a rotten human being only out for herself and whatever money she can get out of him.

lynnellen3 on

She was needy and wanted to get married. Not the way to do it.

Eddie on

I am 52 and although I find women half my age (26 to the mathematically challenged) sexually attractive, I cannot for one moment think of one thing that I would have in common with a girl my daughter’s age. they grew up in totally different generations, hell, her parents probably had “The Stranger’ on 8-track…while I hope for the best for Billy since he was one of my favorite musicians in the late 70’s/early 80s, I can’t help but feeling that this will end badly for him.. remember Paul McCartney and his second wife?

Susan on

Wow, she’s just a few years older than Alexa!

megan on

Even Billy is looking like “Yeah, I know. I should’ve used a condom. Thank god for prenups & good lawyers….”

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

life goes on on

Congrats, Grandpa.

SAR on

So his wife is named Alexis, and she’s close to the same age as his first daughter, whose name is Alexa. Must be confusing around the Joel household at family get-togethers.

Well, if they’re happy, and they sure look like they are, I’m happy for them. This is Billy’s fourth marriage — yes, fourth; Christie Brinkley was actually his second wife, and he had a third fairly brief marriage after he and Christie divorced — so I hope he can make it work. He and Christie are still great friends, by the way, which I think is really cool.

Cathy Wells on

what business is it of anyones how old he is they chose to have a baby and now she is born and they are very happy let them raise her and live their lives in peace

Shawna on

I am so tired of people saying that he shouldn’t be a parent because he might not be able to teach her to ride a bike or such things. I am a parent of 3 children, ages 14, 12 and 9. I am 36 years old and had my children very young. Over the last 8 years a disability has left me almost housebound. I cannot hike with my kids, I can’t take them for walks, I can’t go biking or swimming or any of those things people seem to think are the most important part of being a parent. Would my children be better off if I hadn’t had them? Anyone can become disabled, anyone can be unable to do the physical parts of being a parent. And anyone can die. A person can have their child at 20 and die in a car accident 3 years later leaving their child without a parent. There are no guarantees in life.

Jess on

Yup, definitely a gold digger who’s just secured her future.

And when I look at that wedding photo, she looks more into it than he does; plus, that expression looks more like “What the heck have I done?!”

Just my opinion

Jess on

What’s creepy, having your nee stepmother be a few years older than you. Plus, the names of his new wife and his daughter are close. That’s just all kinds of wrong.

D on

Okay, on one hand, nobody should be telling him that he shouldn’t have kids at his age. It’s their married bodies joining together.

Yes, he’s almost 70, and it’s crazy that’s he’s having a child at his age as the baby will probably still be a kid when he passes.

catmandu on

Guess Christie Brinkley is jealous! No more spotlight on her being the only wife with the only child!!! That Billy Joel money will go to this wife and new daughter.

Par on

Um his wife is like half of his age, its almost the same age range of his older daughter Alexa’s.

Par on

Um his wife is like half of his age, its almost the same age range of his daughter Alexa’s.

Northernlights on

meh, she looks just as old as he does



Sue on

I am sorry when I saw this lady, I thought for sure she was in her 40s or 50s. Can’t believe she is in her 30s. Before I knew her age, I thought she used a donor egg.
Maybe she is a gold digger but Billy should have been smarter. Hope their is a prenup in place.

Sherry on

Guys remember the wife is young and can take care of the children. and again some women love older men