Naya Rivera’s Blog: The Third Trimester – I Can See the Finish Line!

08/06/2015 at 04:10 PM ET

Please welcome our newest celebrity blogger, Naya Rivera!

The actress is most known for playing Santana Lopez on Glee and has also had a role on The Bernie Mac Show.

Rivera, 28, and Justified actor Ryan Dorsey, 32, tied the knot in July 2014 during a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

In February, the couple surprised fans with a special announcement: they’re expecting their first child!

In addition to her personal blog, you can also find the mom-to-be on FacebookInstagram and Twitter @NayaRivera.

Naya Rivera blog third trimester baby shower
Marilyn Buissink

After months of changes, anticipation, and excitement it’s finally here — the third trimester!

When I reached the final leg of my pregnancy, I was ecstatic. I could see the finish line and it felt so good. Sure, my back was on fire and I was tipping the scales at numbers I didn’t think I could ever reach, but who cares?! WE’RE ALMOST DONE!

Being in my third trimester means hard work is ahead and every day a new body part aches or seemingly falls apart. But it also comes with its share of really fun and exciting things too.

First on the list was a major baby prep, otherwise known as nesting. This is when your motherly instincts kick into high gear due to a cocktail of hormones causing you to become the master of almost any DIY project. I could be seen carrying almost everything we own out to the street to be thrown away. I needed less clutter and an entirely new decorating scheme, STAT.

I spent days washing everything in the baby’s room and closet, putting together chairs, strollers, and crying to my husband that we needed a new “vision” for the backyard. “I’m thinking one giant pink flamingo in the pool.” (See Instagram post below.) Ryan was great during all of this and even got in on the nesting action himself, taking on a huge re-staining/painting project for our entire backyard.

Naya Rivera blog backyard
Courtesy Naya Rivera

Once I came down from my nesting high, I turned my attention to the baby shower. A baby shower is one of those events that a girl dreams about her whole life, or at least I did. The planning of this event was usually fantasized about with my best friend while also planning our future weddings.

“I want to have someone hand deliver the invitation as a message in a bottle … get it?!” We would make lists of who we would invite, and things we would veto. “How do we feel about the game where everyone eats shit (candy) out of a diaper?” Of course times change and I didn’t stick to any of my childhood plans, but instead enlisted the help of a fabulous party planner, Sharon Sacks, and together we planned the most perfect day to celebrate baby Dorsey.

Naya Rivera baby shower
Marilyn Buissink

Naya Rivera baby shower
Marilyn Buissink

Naya Rivera baby shower
Marilyn Buissink

Naya Rivera baby shower
Marilyn Buissink

Naya Rivera baby shower
Marilyn Buissink

Naya Rivera baby shower
Marilyn Buissink

Naya Rivera baby shower
Marilyn Buissink

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On a side note, let’s be honest, baby gifts are the best! The absolute overload of cuteness that comes with baby clothes, gear, and toys is enough to make you forget that the heels you’re wearing at the shower are leaving 2-inch deep indents in your skin.

But seriously, I’m so grateful that not only is our baby already surrounded with so much love, but that we are fortunate and able to provide a great life for the little one.

So hats off to all of the strong, powerful women and mothers in the world, baby or no baby, you’re all amazing! And to all my third trimester mamas, we’re almost there!!!

Here are my favorite preggo products I’m loving right now:

— Naya Rivera

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Pnut on

I’ve never heard of anyone throwing herself a baby shower.

Allie on

I wish her all the happiness in the world, but yikes, pregnancy isn’t doing good things for her surgically enhanced face and body. She was such a beautiful girl before she started going overboard with the plastic surgery!

seabot on

She planned her own shower? Ew.

Heather on

This woman seems 100% fake, who even takes her seriously? And why is that money grabbing husband of hers wearing sunglasses indoors! Who the hell does he think he is! this marriage screams FAKE.

Pnut on

Doesn’t anyone spell and grammar check anymore? “Thank you for being apart of this day” is basically being grateful that someone didn’t show up. A. Part. Being a part of… Der.

Mary on

She looks like Naya Rivera ate Naya Rivera…

Valerie on

Stop being so mean omg, if you don’t like her then don’t read this. You’re the ones who are losing their time.

And btw: a lot of people plan their own baby shower. I did.

And you all are exaggerating about her botox, she looks really good now. Not plastic at all.

Jane on

I’m such a fan of you blogs. I can just feel you excitement.

Amy on


Jane on

Umm my own sister in law planned her baby shower with help of course. I don’t get why people have to write nasty Comments for no reason.

Katie on

I use to have a lot of respect for her but now i don’t. Everything she is doing now is a mess. What happened to her album and movies? Oh well i guess she’s a famewhore. And her husband is a joke. He needs to fix his hair. Who told him that looked good?!

CalmUrTits on

Stop hating ! If you don’t like her why did you click her article in the first place? AND comment !?
Get a life geez !

Diz on

I’ve never actually known anyone who didn’t plan their own baby shower… Maybe it’s just our generation, I don’t know. This was a great article, very interesting and not all stuffy and boring like I see some other baby articles can be.

rubi on

that idiot money loving husband of hers really likes the attention and the money he us getting from all of this. and she is desperate and pathetic enough to give him a baby and let him leach on as much as he wants. bahahaha. ridiculous. they are both pathetic and this blogging is just her trying to stay relevant. only her crazy stans like her. nobody else gives a shit about this person.

rubi on

that idiot money loving gold digger husband of hers is really loving the attention and the money he is getting out of this isn’t he ? he was living with a roommate before this desperate woman married him, i bet this is amazing to him now. and she is pathetic and desperate enough to keep him around and give him a child. i mean just look at them. so pathetic, so phony, trying to stay relevant. but nobody cares. i feel kinda bad for her. having to sleep with that thing every night… yikess!!

Katie on

Hope the baby doesn’t look like him. If she wanted someone to have a kid with, she could have found someone better looking, talented and wasn’t a struggling actor who could actually afford stuff. I have seen his acting and it is horrible.

Ellen on

Look at all of these hateful trolls leaving rude comments. Naya looks beautiful and very happy. People should never judge a pregnant woman on how their body looks…you look stupid and your jealousy is showing. I would hope to look half as good as she does if I were ever pregnant. Congrats, Naya!

Alice on

Warning – nasty people on here taking advantage of their Right to be mean, judgmental, and offer up uninformed opinions. It is such a shame that women cannot support each other.

Katie on

@ Alice im sorry that it’s mean but its the truth. Who marries a guy 2 months after a broken engagement?! And which guy is crazy enough to say yes?! Ryan is cause now he doesnt have to be poor. Naya is talented and beautiful but she has really let her career and reputation go bad. Her quick marriage only makes her seem more crazy.

imaneassi on

Big Sean fans as bitter as he is.Naya.Naya really dogged a bullet with him,right on time.She looks happier and healthier than she’s ever been.Congratulations Naya!

Just Me on

What a lovely baby shower! We don’t have anything like it where I live. Naya chose such a beautiful theme. Too bad about the typo in the Thank you note, the party planner involved should be really ashamed of herself! You don’t thank anyone for being “apart” unless you really hate them.

You thank people you enjoyed having over for “being a part” of whatever they were “a part” of. Really, really sad, – a bummer, – but all in all I hope the guests and Naya simply got a laugh out of it 🙂

Naya’s hubby looks sweet! He reminds me a bit of a softer version of Heath Ledger – less “driven”. Really sweet looking guy.

I wish the couple only joy and happiness ❤

Helen on

Naya looks super good!! i wish i looked a half that good when i were pregnant

and i can actually feel her excitement. wish her the best. can’t wait to see her baby!

Katie on

Not a big sean fan. That stan should stop assuming stuff. I disagree with the heath ledger comment. You are insulting heath ledger by comparing him to a fugly money grabbing talentless “actor” who hasnt had any important roles.

Dianne S. on

Wow. There’s a LOT of trolls out here who are either a Big Sean stan or a Heather stan. Or are all of you the same person? It seems like it. How bitter are you? Saying she’s irrelevant yet she’s relevant enough for your hating asses to come here, read her blog, then post long ass comments about how irrelevant she is, then coming back to the article to reply! LOL If she ain’t relevant, YOU wouldn’t be so affected with anything she does. I bet this baby shower costs more than your life’s worth. Ha!

Anyway, this is such a gorgeous baby shower. And indeed, that baby is so lucky to have you and Ryan as their parents. Wishing you and your family nothing but the best in everything.

Jack W on

She planned her own shower becasue none of her friends could do it how Naya wanted plus it has to be nice so she could sell her pictures to People.

Sam on

She looks great! Good for her.

imaneassi on

rubi You’re beyond shallow and pathetic.Her husband’s net worth is two millions so he doesn’t really need her money and he may not be the best looking guy outhere but he makes her happy.He”s 100000000000000000…times the man her bitter ex ever dreams to be.
Katie The mess was her relationship with Big Sean.She’s out of that mess, definitly dogged a bullet, thank God,wants family and career.So I suppose she’ll go back to work after giving birth.

ChickenNoddlesSoul on

Why is her man wearing sunglasses? He looks like a buffoon. Yikes plastic surgery has ruined Naya’s face. She needs to lay off the botoxs. Big Sean dodged a major bullet.

Alex on

Maybe Naya doesn’t look stunning like she did in her pre-pregnancy days because of any plastic surgery she may have had.

Maybe she doesn’t have the most attractive husband in the world – but last time I checked, you married someone for love and not for looks.

I know lots of people who plan their own baby shower – especially those that are organized and want to have a say in their special day. Seriously people, stop being so critical about others. She is a human-being too, people make mistakes and are not always perfect. I think she is doing a good job highlighting the realities of pregnancy and preparing for a baby.

Leave her alone and think about how you would like it if others made the same comments to you – how your botox and plastic surgery is making you look atrocious and that your husband is pathetic for wearing sunglasses inside…

Katie on

@imanessi the site that you checked his net worth on is wrong. The site also has his date of birth wrong and other facts. On celebrity net worth which is correct he is worth $200000. That is not the money he has however right now. @Dianne S if she is so relevant why is it she is only at the bottom corner of People. Naya is a clist actress. Dont act like she’s jennifer lawrence. Only fans or used to be fans care about her. Not really the general public. Naya does look beautiful. She’s pregnant and going to gain some weight. It’s not a big deal.

Helen Simmons on

Look great!

imaneassi on

Katie My source is wrong and yours is right/?Whatever…She is relevant…That’s why whatever she does so many sites report it. No she’s not JL and I don’t think she’s trying to be.Right now she’s focusing on her family and hopefully will get back to work after giving birth. Why would PEOPLE even bother asking her for the blog if she was so irrelevant? It’s not like there aren’t many other more relevant pregnant celebrity who would glady do it…

bitchiscraybutiloveha on

It was a nice theme. I really liked it but why does her man have shades on inside…he ruins the pictures.

Anonymous on

Very lovely pictures!

Dara on

Love You Forever! The book was the first thing I noticed. I had that book when I was growing up. It’s nice to see it incorporated into her baby shower.

Dee on

WOW….all the sad and unhappy trolls came out to play!!!!!

Congrats Naya, wishing you a safe delivery. Enjoy this last leg of the journey and get as much rest as you can.

Back to your gullies Trolls!!!!!

shubho51 on

Looking great.

iteenworld on

Naya Rivera, Thats Awesome article for MOM’S. Also Looks Great. Thanks for sharing with Us