Inside Naya Rivera’s ‘Serene’ Baby Shower

08/05/2015 at 05:00 PM ET

If it takes a village to raise a child, Naya Rivera has gotten a pretty good head start on building her community.

“I’m so grateful that our baby is already surrounded with so much love,” Rivera, 28, tells PEOPLE of the guests, including her former Glee costars Amber Riley and Heather Morris, who attended her intimate baby shower on Saturday.

Naya Rivera baby shower
Marilyn Buissink

Rivera, who is in her third trimester, and her husband Ryan Dorsey, 32, chose a children’s book theme for the event, which was which was coordinated by L.A. party planner Sharon Sacks. For her special day, the mom-to-be opted for the Rachel Pally Wrap Dress ($233).

“They wanted to create a lovely, serene environment with white and ivory tones where guests could enter a room that would keep their minds at ease,” an attendee says of the bash.

Naya Rivera baby shower
Marilyn Buissink

Tables at the event were decorated with centerpieces designed by Petals LA and menus with different illustration of popular children’s book covers like Where Is Curious George, The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh and Rivera’s favorite children’s book, Love You Forever, which also topped the dessert, made by Hansen’s Cakes.

“There was lots of laughter,” the guest says of the bash, where the actress’ mother Yolanda shared memories from Rivera’s childhood. “You could feel all the joy in the room.”

Naya Rivera baby shower
Marilyn Buissink

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— Patrick Gomez

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Jack W on

I’ve been indifferent about him but he looks douchy wearing sun glasses to a baby shower.

And she was more interesting as crazy girlfriend scorned with Big Sean.

JS on

I think it is hilarious that they claimed to only tell the public their baby news because Star threatened to ‘leak’ the news and how they strive for ‘privacy’. Yet here they are doing spreads with their baby’s nursery and now this baby shower. If this is what you want to do then this is what you do but don’t claim to be some reclusive celeb trying to avoid the press. Star publishes baby news all the time. What real celebrities do is ignore and not comment. Mila Kunis never confirmed her pregnancy or had any announcements and there were tons of ‘rumor’s before it was obvious. That is a celeb that strives for privacy.

KellyGreen on

Loved that book, Love You Forever!! Always brings the tears 🙂 Congrats to them, beautiful shower.

Jane on

Aww this is nice.

Jack W on

Are we suppose to believe this mother earth stuff?

Heather on

How can these people claim they want privacy and then all they do is sell their personal life to magazine’s??

Jennifer on

Did anyone show up? Those photos show no one else!

imaneassi on

JS They had to tell the news SOONER than the time they wanted to because OK was gonna spread it. Naya wasn’t yet in her 3rd months.miscarriage risk free.So they didn’t want to share the news yet.Got it?

imaneassi on

Jack W Naya doesn’t pretend to be perfect but she sure isn’t the crazy controlling insecure bitch that pathetic bitter Big Sean tried to make her look like. She wanted a serious relationship, to settle down and start a family, while BS just wanted fun and proposed for PR, cheated and got dumped.His huge ego never got over it. Naya wants both family and career and hopefully she’ll get back to work after giving birth

Nancy on

This girl’s face really bothers me . . . omg . . why is it so distorted looking?

Jack W on

imaneassi… yes I am sure Big Sean made her tweet about stealing a rolex and years earlier made her key Mark Salling’s car. Face it girl can get crazy.

Truth is..... on

that face is surely manufactured

Jen on

imaneassi….so what if OK allegedly ‘threatened to spill the beans. OK is not the paradigm of truth and they spread rumors all the time. Naya is not big enough celebrity where she couldn’t have just ignored the rumors and let them be until she was showing. Nobody would have cared. All celebs have rumors about pregnancies and some are true and some aren’t. just because there is a rumor doesn’t mean they have to confirm it or make a statement.That is why I think that story is BS and they just wanted the attention early.

Imaneassi weirdo on

Guys don’t pay attention to imaneassi or whatever the name is they are pathetic naya crazy who make up stories about Nayas life. They are not to be taken seriously they’re a joke.

Imaneassi weirdo on

Guys don’t pay attention to imaneassi or whatever the name is they are pathetic naya crazy who make up stories about Nayas life. They are not to be taken seriously they’re a joke. It’s sad really

Gina on

Please, no one cares about this has been and her loser no body husband. No one would have blinked an eye at her “leaked” baby news.

KT on

That is a beautiful shower with a beautiful theme.

Kristi on

She is so trashy. I give this “marriage” 2 years.

imaneassi on

Jack W Except that she didn’t key anything,Mark not only denied that she keyed his car but also stated that he didn’t even have a car like the one they claimed she keyed. And yes, she tweeted that BS stole a rolex and deleted 30 sec later.So either she decided to deal with it in private or she wanted to hurt him like he hurt her cheating on her..And ever since totally ignored him while he desperatly tried to get her attention dissing her in about 4 songs..Is that all you got?

imaneassi on

Kristi Like you gave it barely a few months when you found out about it? And yet there ,they’re proving you wrong

imaneassi on

Gina Really? Is that why so many articles talked about it, just like they talked about her wedding, and write about her everytime she’s out? Keep telling yourself that. You don’t care? What the hell are you doing here?

Anonymous on

Jen- Fair enough, they could have just not said anything and let her belly do the talking. But look at what happens to celebs who do that: They get hounded like crazy by the paps and the media trying to get confirmation (in fact, I remember Drew Barrymore saying that she announced her second pregnancy- after not saying a word about her first- precisely because of that. The media and the paps had hounded her like crazy and this time she wanted a little breathing room!).

So I don’t blame them a bit for deciding to announce it themselves. At least then they can enjoy the pregnancy in (relative!) peace!

Cat on

The baby shower theme is lovely and seems gender neutral. Love the colours, the stuffed animals and the flowers. Hope they have a happy end of pregnancy and safe birth.

Jack W on

imaneassi she is snixx and has a revengeful side. Mark covered for her to make peace on set. probley. Yes big sean is a jerk never said he wasn’t. But she did release a stupid song about his ex girlfriends so she isn’t above it all. She also us judgy of other women when she did that.

LAna on

Ha, of course everything was in the contract when these people made their arrangement/marriage. One year is mandatory, so I’m guessing this will last from 2 to 3 years. What Hollywood people don’t do. Jesus. Another one of those couples.

imaneassi on

Jack W Stop confusing the charscter with the portrayer…Mark didn’t cover for her,..she did nothing as simple as that. The song wasn’t about his girlfriends.You can’t have it both ways. Either she wrote the song before she hooked up with that loser, so it’s not about his exes, or it’s about his exes which proves that the whole thing witry BS was a huge mess amd so toxic to her. No one said she’s perfect, she says herself she can be impulsive but she’s definitly not crazy, conytrolling, insecure bitch like her pathetic bitter ex claims. See, his quotes and his behavior prove that he’s lying. He couldn’t stop saying how amazing, winderful she is,how he”s lucy to go home to her every night, and to be the one to “hit that a…” every night like he said. And he proposed. So why would he do that if she was ;ike he claims she is/ And more importantly, when asked what do Naya and Ariana have in common,what did he say?THE SAME PERSONNALITY. So again who would choose as a new girlfrienf someone who has the same personnality than his ex, a personnality he claims was controlling,insecure jealouse and bitchy, and supposely is the reason of the break up?Never mind that he got caught cheating a first time with a stripper and then with Arianna which led to Naya dumping him

From everything we got about this, Naya was a mature normal woman who was looking for a serious relationship, wanted to settle down and start a amily, caught her boyfriend cheating on her through sms she read, but he claimed that the girl is like a sister only to make his affair public right after the break up.He disses his ex in about 4 songs while she totally ignores him ,which is the behavior of a bitter egohurt jerk while her reaction is the one of someone who moved on.

Now I’m waiting for Naya’s book and her take on everything…hey maybe I’m dead wrong, but with the infos we got, and his contradictions and behavior, I doubt it.

imaneassi on

Jack W Oh someone confusing the character with the portrayer…never mind.

Anonymous on

Loved her on Glee, congrats!

MV on

Naya looks gorgeous in the pictures.

Pam on