Gisele Bündchen Wishes Tom Brady a Happy Birthday with Sweet Family Photo

08/03/2015 at 06:00 PM ET

Thirty-eight and looking great! Gisele Bündchen celebrated her hubby Tom Brady‘s birthday on Monday with a sweet family photo, posted to Instagram.

In the image, the pro footballer and the supermodel, 35, share a smooch while knee deep in the crystal clear ocean. The couple’s two children, Benjamin Rein, 5½, and Vivian Lake, 2½, sit on their parents’ shoulders. Benjamin mimics his father, delivering a kiss to the top of his little sister’s head. The whole adorable family is beach ready in swimwear.

“Happy birthday my love! We’re so blessed to have you in our lives,” wrote Bündchen on Instagram. “Thank you for always giving us so much love. We love you! #love #family.”

Courtesy Gisele Bündchen

Relive Gisele’s Super Bowl Sunday!

Bündchen has continued to post on social media in the days following reports that the Brazilian-born model had allegedly worn a burqa in France earlier in July.

The supermodel was supposedly spotted on her way into a high-end Parisian clinic earlier this month dressed in the garment some Muslim women choose to wear for concealment.

The star and her sister were wearing the garment during the holy month of Ramadan, and didn’t adhere to the religious rules surrounding it concerning footwear.

Her husband has also been in the news as of late, as the New England Patriots is “very disappointed” in the NFL’s decision to uphold his four-game suspension for his role in the football tampering scandal known as “Deflategate.”

— Lindsay Kimble

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Guest on

awesome body

Irish on

Trying to throw some PR to cover up the bad PR about Brady. SMH.

Anonymous on

Say what you will about them, but their kids are ADORABLE!

Molly on

Ooh so cute!

Ellwn on

Where is his little boy John, his oldest son? I guess this is Gisele’s whole little family, but it isn’t the birthday boy’s.

YourAHoboYaClow on

The Brady’s are not the normal well off Family. They don’t seem to mind a little distractions in their lives. As for any Tom Brady issues, most are just jealous or cannot comprehend what some of the owners want to do to his reputation. If ANY of you, or your so called haven’t-been-caught cheaters are out there, I am SURE you’d be crying up a storm that its fair and unjust. Live your life – don’t get hyped up over something trivial due to a botched up ball issue with an NFL defective gauge. Get a Life !

j on

@Youreahobo… you are a little too ‘hyped up’ about posters on here and there are only a handful of posts..that is not having a life….oh and calm down…this story is about a picture of people hugging…

guest on

I often think his oldest child must feel left out of the “great family.

But, at least he can be grateful his mom doesn’t look like a guy.

Elle on

I guess Tom’s first son doesn’t get to partake in his dad’s birthday celebration. How nice

Debs626 on

BARF..two cheaters!!!

Poppy on

Hmmm, he seems to be missing a child.

Sadie on

Tom’s ex, Bridget Moynahan and her siblings, come from a normal upper income family. Her father is a retired Harvard administrator. Bridget has indicated that her son Jack has a great extended family with whom he spends time, in addition to the time he spends with his dad. I suspect that as a child, Tom and Gisele’s wealth is not important to Jack. Even though his mother, Bridget, is also a wealthy woman. She reportedly paid 4.5 million, in cash, for a 3000 sq. ft. condo last year and her net worth is estimated at 25 million. And of course, the cute pictures that are frequently posted by Gisele, are simply posed photos. Only they now what goes on behind their closed doors.

Nanamn on

can they not afford a bikini top for the 2 and a half year old Vivian Lake?

Guest on

For all of you dissing Tom and Giselle for not including his older son in the photo… Unless you know the custody/visitation schedule – shut up. Although it would be great if Tom got to see the boy on his birthday, there could be other circumstances, besides just not wanting to include him.

gracie on

I have to laugh at most of these comments. First of all, Gislele has posted tons of photos that include Jack. He spends a cosiderable amount of time with his dad,step-mom and siblings. I doubt he feels in any way left out. Second, this photo was not taken on Tom’s birthday. He is at training camp in MA presently so this is an old photo and Gisele probably just likes it. Lastly , the commentor about a top for Vivian…seriously? I see littlegirls at the beach with no tops and/or in diapers all the time. Gisele and Tom at at their private beach in Costa Rica…who cares about a top on a 2 year old. Get a life, people…it is jsut a photo They are a happy family and Jack has been included in Tom’s life since he was born.

Guest on

Nananm: Yes they can afford a bikini top for their daughter, but Giselle is from Brazil and women and girls go topless. Manu European women and girls go topless, too, get out a little. Plus there is nothing wrong with a topless 3 year old girl, looks just like a topless 3 year old boy.

kaye on

Was this taken before or after the Paris procedure? Although that part of her anatomy is partially obscured, I’m guessing before…

Lyanna on

Both cheaters and will end up in divorce Court soon enough. What comes around, goes around.

Tiago on

beautiful, Brazilian pride!

Tiago on

Guest: the Brazil women do not do topless, I’m from Brazil and have never seen topless women.

Hea on

Kids don’t need bikini tops and his oldest son was probably with his mother. Perhaps he didn’t even want to be in this pic. Why so quick to judge?

Maxine on

His oldest son is from Tom’s ex, so he is probably with Tom’s ex and not with Gisele’s family.

Vera on

Gorgeous family!

Maureena on

This picture is not taken on Brady’s birthday!! So relax about John not being there. Brady was in Foxboro, for the Pats’ training camp on his birthday, and usually all the kids are around at that time.