Charlize Theron Welcomes Daughter August

08/01/2015 at 10:10 AM ET

Charlize Theron Adopts Daughter August
Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Charlize Theron has adopted a second child, a daughter named August.

The actress worked with an adoption agency and gained custody of the baby, an African-American girl born in the United States, in July, PEOPLE has confirmed. The news was first reported by TMZ.

Theron adopted her older child, now 3½-year-old son Jackson, in 2012.

As the Mad Max: Fury Road star told Ryan Seacrest in March of that year, “It’s been amazing, the amount of emails and congratulations. Everyone’s just been so lovely — it’s been really nice.”

That spring, Theron told British Vogue, “I’ve always been very honest in saying I wanted a family. I’ve always known I wanted a family.”

“[I hope] to be like my mom. Fair, tough, and supportive,” she continued. “Our family is everything. Her greatest skill was encouraging me to find my own person and own independence.”

— Adam Carlson with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Anonymous on

Better to adopt then to marry Sean Penn. Just asking, does she know there are white, Hispanic and Asian kids that could be adopted? I guess adopting an “African American’ proves how not racist she is…against them anyway.

Kathy on

To “Anonyous”,
What a horrible thing to say. ALL babies deserve t have someone to love them, no matter what. You are a sad example of a human being.

Angela on

Congratulations to her.
Anonymous, she is from South Africa.

Jackie on

First people complained because she didn’t adopt a kid born in the good ol USA and not they complain about the kid’s race. What a joke!!! The nerve to say such things about a person you don’t know and about their own personal decisions. And for all we know,it could’ve been Sean who decided to leave. She’s been working on this adoption for months and probably he didn’t want to be part of it. Who knows! Point is: enjoy the news and keep nastiness to yourselves.

Marissa on

Uhh Anonymous, Charlize is African herself. Not black, but she’s South African. And I think it’s lovely that Jackson and August will grow up together, have each other and clearly a loving mom who wanted them very much.

Jackie, Jackson was born in the United States too.

Anonymous on

Did you ever think that maybe she wants to adopt African American babies because she’s African American?

wundering2 on

wow, what an incredibly ignorant thing to say, no wonder you posted it under “Anonymous”.

Mary on

Not to mention Jackson is African American.

Kaycee on

OMG, some of you people sound so stupid. She is NOT African American. Yes, she is FROM South Africa, but that does NOT make HER African American. GUESS WHAT…there are WHITE people who are born and raised in South Africa.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to Charlize, how exciting. Also, to Anonymous, what a horrible thing to say.

onganosrus on

Congratulations Charlize!!!!!

Jo55 on

“Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” Adoption is a blessing. Congratulations Charlize and Jackson!!

maryhelenc on

Congrats to her!

Charlize is a strong woman and will provide August with a wonderful example and I’m sure Jackson will love having a sibling!

Anonymous on

So yeah, Theron might be an Afrikaner from South Africa but she is no African.

Dr. Doolittle on

To Anonymous You are a moron. Theron was born in Africa. She is African. Period. End of story. And what does Sean Penn have to do with it? And what business of yours is it what minority race she adopts? How many white, Hispanic or Asian kids children have you adopted? You sound like one of those bitter, miserable people who find bad in everything.

norosecoloredglspls on

to Anonymous,
you have a seriously ugly heart.

Truthfinder on

If Charlize is an American citizen than that makes her, African American, right? Yes, it does! She is the epitome of African American only if she is an American citizen. You can adopt any race you want…it is all a blessing. I just kind of wonder what her ulterior motives are? Hollywood is so narcissistic. Charlize is the epitome of narcissism…in my humble opinion!

UGH! on

Oh good lord, she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. She’s a woman who wanted another child. Had she opted to get pregnant, some would have criticized that she’s unmarried. Had she adopted internationally, some would have complained that there are children here who need homes. Had she adopted a white child, some would have accused her of getting special treatment because of her fame.

Anonymous, did it ever occur to you that she approached adoption with the attitude of “I want another child and don’t care about race or ethnicity” and that this child just happened to be the one she was matched with? Why not be happy that there is a baby going to a loving home?

Anne Ganrs on

Celebrities adopt black babies because they are readily available. You don’t have to wait long. The waiting list for a white baby is very long. I imagine any baby who is lighter skinned than black is easier to find a family for.

Anonymous Keppler on

I’m sure all the moolinyans would be singing a different tune had she adopted her own race…but I know these moolinyans are gonna get on the government teet one way or another…so none of this nonsense MATTERS…

You ALL sound like mental defectives…where’s an abortion clinic when you need one.

Just on

People will say something negative just to say something negative. At least she’s out there caring for 2 abandoned children, that’s all that matters. And adoption does not take months but years. My friend said the reason why people adopt in other countries is that the system here takes a long time, and also they tried adopting a blonde child and they were told they were even harder to adopt. I forgot the reason she gave me but that’s what I remembered.

Anonymous on

There is no color it is loving a huma n being Good for her

Annie on

Congratulations Charlize! I am very happy for you. I am the mother of 3 (Caucasian) birth sons, and 1 (African American) adopted daughter. My husband and I adopted her because we wanted to add a little girl to our family. The reason we chose to adopt a child from the US, and an African American child, was due to the fact that we had next to no chance of adopting a Caucasian child. Being that we already had birth sons, it would have made it nearly impossible. As far as Charlize is concerned, being a single woman, she possibly could adopt a Caucasian child from the states. However, the wait time would be incredibly long. Lastly, there is a REAL need to place African American children in homes. I may be wrong with this statement, but I have heard that African American couples/families don’t adopt at the rate Caucasian ones do. A child needs a good home to grow up in – period!

Tonja on

How wonderful! A sister for her little guy. Congrats to them

Anonymous on

Congratulations for her on a new adoption.

Marky on

I have no clue why there are seemingly NO active moderators on this site. The fact that someone can get on this thread and make obnoxious statements regarding her race, her children’s race, or who’s going to be on the gov’t dole or not, is disgusting! I am no fan of Charlize Theron, but I am a fan of adoption, and have adopted both internationally and domestically, as well as having been a foster parent. People adopt internationally because it takes less time, they may not feel they can deal with open adoption, and/or they are particularly drawn to another culture. It isn’t cheaper. People adopt interracially because they want to be a parent, and are mature enough to know a child is the same, regardless of color, and all colors can be near angelic and run the gamut to absolute hell-raisers. It isn’t always due to how you raise them…I have several children all very well functioning, and one who may never get her head out to see daylight. We loved all of them, cared for them with all that we had, educated all of them, and there you go. As to whether Charlize is African-American…if she is a citizen of the USA. she may refer to herself as African-American, and so may others. That identity has to do with your former country, and your current country…not, as some seem to want to think, anyone’s race. And seriously??? What has Sean Penn got to do with anything in this story? He is long gone, for whatever reason, happy day! Congratulations to Charlize Theron, and her son and new daughter!

Citizen on

She can’t have kids of her own…? Or she doesn’t want drama with the baby father?… Just sayin’. Nice of her to adopt kids though. Never against that.

Ellie on

Nice for her and her son, it’s nice and she wanted the baby who will be loved and that’s all that matters!!

I don’t like the baby’s name, August(e) here in France is a boys name (Augustine is the feminine version) and I don’t like the sound of it for a girl at all…

Sally on

Very happy for her! Congrats.

Anonymous on

Citizen- She could have just gone to a sperm bank if she was worried about drama with the father, so I doubt that’s the reason. I think she maybe just didn’t WANT to get pregnant (I remember her making comments about being “turned off” to pregnancy or something along those lines).

Also, Jackson and August ARE her own kids. 😉

Jackie- Sadly, I think you may be right about Sean. I remember when they split, PEOPLE did an article and they quoted a friend as saying that Charlize had told her that she “hoped Sean and Jackson could be family”. Sounds like he didn’t want more kids and never really took to Jackson. 😦

Anyway, congrats to her! I would have gone with Augusta or Augustina myself, though.

Anonymous on

Good for her on adoption. There are so many orphans needs to be adopted, at least she is providing one more orphan a good home, and raising her at a good environment.

Mrs. S on

Congrats to Charlize! I’ll bet she’s so excited. For the record, ALL babies are wonderful,adorable and deserve a loving home and parent(s) regardless of color/race.

Diana Sanchez on

What a beautiful blessing. Congratulations!

Nancy on

She is not African American. She is white. As for buying another baby, I put more thought into adopting a rescue kitty.

West on

This is wonderful news . How awesome for Charlize and Jackson . What a Fantastic name too . August Theron . Infact I think she picked Greet namens for both her kids .

Deb on

I think that she will make a simply lovely parent. Congratulations to all three!

s on

Wonderful news! I can’t wait to see some photos of Jackson and baby August!

dandy on

The lily’s are in full force on this board. The ignorance is flowing like water in a river. So many, “I may be wrong but” “Abandoned” or “easier to get” and the classic “them”. Wow, what a lovely Country we live in.

Anonymous on

Nancy- Why? Because she’s not black? “African American” doesn’t mean that. It means someone with African heritage- either being by being born there or having ancestors from there- who lives in the U.S. Charlize falls into the former category (she was born in South Africa), therefore she is African American.

And considering the fact that Charlize waited over three years to adopt a sibling for her son, I’d say she put a LOT of thought into this adoption!

Anonymous on

Oh, and can we please stop referring to adopted babies as being “abandoned” by their birth parents (as some on here have claimed)? Most of the time (at least when we’re talking about domestic adoptions), babies are put up for adoption by parents who very much WANT them…and love them enough to let them go (because they know they aren’t in a position to be able to properly raise a child).

jessiemaystorm on

Does the colour of the baby’s skin really matter? She is a little girl who needed a home and now the three of them have each other. How absolutely wonderful! Congratulations to Charlize and Jackson, and welcome little August. May you all have a long happy life together.

HappyGoLucky on

Blacks/African Americans adopt in large numbers formally and informally. Blacks make up about 13% of the population. But Black children make up about 23% of the children available for adoption. It’s more about the number of children in need of homes than the willingness of Blacks/African Americans to adopt.

Grace on

Wow, so many comments about race. Silly me, I thought she adopted 2 Children of the HUMAN race. Guess I read incorrectly since so many comments are focusing on race.

CC on

Anonymous you sound ignorant. If you must know black babies are some of the least adopted babies. Also so what if she wants to adopt a black baby? What’s wrong with that? I am a black woman and I welcome it, she is giving these children better lives. If I had the money I would adopt whatever race of child needed the most help.

Isabella B on

Better for a child to have parents of a different race than to not have parents at all. All of you hateful people need to just shut the hell up. I think adopting is an incredibly noble thing to do, and if I adopted a child, I wouldn’t care what race they were. A child is a beautiful blessing and deserves a better chance at life.

Hea on

Isn’t she South African-American? Not african-american?

Congrats to her and Jackson! In my country, August is a classic boys name but I guess that’s what is trendy today. 🙂

toni arias von hohenzollern on

the power black.jackson baby.august baby.toni arias von hohenzollern.. one kiss only one

ThinkingOutloud on

Charlize was raised in South Africa as is a lot of White’s who are born and raised in South Africa. Africans are about as diverse as Americans they do come in many shades. If you know anything about history, which many don’t, you’d know that many Europeans set up colonies in Africa: the French, British,etc; they essentially “land-grabbed” and then forced the native Africans into apartheid. The USA is not different Columbus basically claimed the America’s for Britain, slaughtered as many Indians as he could and forced Africans into slavery. People always associate the color of one’s skin with “African” or “Latin” or “British” and it’s just not the case in the 21st Century. Many British are now mostly immigrants as is many French people are immigrants.

Betty K on

People adopt for the sake of the child, not where they are from, not the color of their skin. When a bond is made and your motherly instinct locks in, nothing will stop you from being there for that child. So, happy for her and her new addition.

Stacy on

congratulations on the birth of your baby. may she have a happy and healthy life

fran on

Who cares what nationality kids are as long as people can adopt them and love them. It makes me so mad when people always refer to race.
People are people in God’s eyes, and we need to see the same.