Zoë Saldana Shows Off Incredible Abs in Gym Selfie: ‘Mommies, We Can All Do It’

07/31/2015 at 09:30 AM ET

Zoë Saldana is nearing the end of her journey to return to her pre-baby physique, and she’s excited to show off all her hard work.

“Almost there! It’s been difficult but so rewarding. I feel strong,” Saldana, 37, wrote on Facebook, sharing a workout selfie. “All it takes is determination! Mommies we can all do it, damn it!!!”

In the picture, Saldana shows off her trim stomach just eight months after giving birth to twins.

The Star Trek Beyond star has been sharing progress reports from her fitness regimen through Facebook over the past few months. Between videos and inspirational anecdotes, Saldana encouraged fans to join her in getting into shape.

“Beautiful ladies, thank you for your positive comments,” wrote Saldana in the comments on her photo on Wednesday. “You have no idea the joy and pride I feel when I read your comments saying you feel inspired and want to do it for yourself. Please continue to share, I was inspired by so many mommies around me to get back into shape because they shared their journey with me. We are stronger when we stick together- wishing each other good, cheering each other along.”

Zoe Saldana's abs at gym
Courtesy Zoe Saldana

Saldana welcomed her sons Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio last Thanksgiving with husband Marco Perego Saldana.

She wed the Italian artist, who opted to take the actress’s last name, in the summer of 2013 in a secret London ceremony.

Zoe: Why Being Blue Was Beautiful

— Lindsay Kimble

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guest on

Rich mommies always kill me telling the average mom what she can do. YES WE COULD DO IT IF WE HAD AN AFTERNOON NANNY, EXTRA MONEY TO PAY A TRAINER. STFU rich b****!

BD on

It just might be a little bit easier for rich celeb moms for whom their body is their capital…

CIN on

It’s definitely possible. I’m not rich & it took me almost 2 years , but I did it. I’m a full time mom & I also work full time. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. Anyone can. You don’t have time, you make time.

Macy on

Please guest, all it takes is us getting up off our *ss and working out at home which some don’t do including me. I have done it before with simple workout tapes and moderation in what I ate and I lost a ton of weight and felt great. Don’t blame her if you’re not as motivated. I’m not either and I don’t give a crap right now. Someday when I’m ready I will as could you. Don’t hate her for your own problems.

Macy on

Please guest, all it takes is us getting up off our *sses and moving until we sweat for awhile in the privacy of our own homes for next to no money. I did it with a single workout DVD and moderation in what I ate. I lost a ton of weight and felt great. Now I don’t give a crap because I don’t feel motivated right now. But when I’m ready I can do it again just as you could if you wanted to. Don’t blame her for your own lack of motivation. I don’t because I know who is to blame…ME.

Auntielisa on

Yes she should be proud of herself but not everyone has her resources. Also not every body can or should look like her. So over the unrealistic expectations put out there by clueless celebrities. How about doing something to empower women by focusing on their minds and accomplishments!! I teach high school and would love for young women to see someone celebrating intellect !!!

Shaindy on

While I wouldn’t have put it quite as crudely as ‘guest’ did, I would agree that this is NOT possible for a great many moms. I’m a mom of four, and my husband works away from home eight months out of the year. We don’t have the money to pay for babysitting for me to go to the gym three or four times a week (and make no mistake, Ms Saldana is likely at the gym more often than that), nor do I have the money for a trainer, nor for a cook or a meal service (which I’m going to guess Ms. Saldana also has). So, while it’s possible for all moms to do this physically, the reality is that for a lot of us (the majority?) it’s not becaue of our material circumstances,

Oranges on

Zoe looks great! Wow! I’m not sure why she is only ‘almost’ there. Obviously being super fit and very lean is important to her, so good for her on working towards her goals. I’ve not even had a baby and, sorry, I will never look like that. I am healthy & happy with my body and I *think* that is what she is trying to say.

J on

She’s right – WE CAN DO IT. You don’t have to be rich. I gained 65 pounds with my first pregnancy. It took me over 3 years to lose the weight. I lost it though! There are great exercise videos on the internet that are FREE. Also, there are many free apps and websites where you can track your food intake/exercise for FREE. Watch food portions, cut out as much sugar and junk as you can, and try to stay as active as you can. Good luck!

J on

@ Shaindy, I don’t mean any respect by my comment that is to follow. You’re saying you’re a mother of 4 who doesn’t have time – you do. Again, I mean no disrespect. If you’re spending time on US, you do have the time. Go to youtube and watch FREE videos. You don’t need to leave your house or pay for a gym membership. You don’t have to be rich.

Anonymous on

I’m a real mom too, I also work full time and have a husband who works full time. You can make time if you you really want to, I believe this 100%. Do a 15 min dvd when the baby is napping or playing on the floor, go for a walk when he goes to bed. It takes a little longer than if you did have help but it is possible.

Anonymous on

Yes, all mothers can do it, but not as easily as celebrities….celebrities should not be preaching to mothers about what mothers can and can’t do since they have more resources available to them as compared to the average mom. Write an article about an average mom who has a job and is also raising kids and how they achieved success! That’s a “PEOPLE” I could relate to!

Amelia on

Wow, most of these comments are so negative. Zoe seems to be more about empowering people and bringing them down. She’s being supportive in a general way, not saying “I did it, so you have no excuse”. What is she supposed to say? “Sorry, you can’t do this”? She’s talking about inspiring each other and sticking together not bringing each other down. At least she’s bringing a positive message to this world!

lisa on

everyone saying its easier for rich moms or celeb moms needs to shut their trap and stop playing the “woe is me” card. I am not rich nor a celebrity and I find time three times a week to workout. Either at my home, or a gym, or taking a dance class. It doesn’t cost a fortune, in fact working out at home is free. I find the time because its important to me to be fit and healthy for my mind and my family. So for everyone knocking her because she is rich and a celebrity, none of those things will buy you a healthy body, so go pound sand.

guest on

Not hating her and I don’t have a problem..I’m just saying with a 1 yr old and a 4 yr old with no nanny in the afternoons and working 40 plus hours who can be totally dedicated with no extra help. GET HOME, FEEDINGS, BATH, READING TO KIDS FOR BEDTIME. PLEASE!!

@guest on

Stop making excuses! She’s rich and what’s your point. There are plenty of females who are not rich that have lost weight. It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t take money to lose weight. There are plenty of exercises that can be done at home if you don’t have the ‘resources’ for the gym. All it takes is motivation and dedication.

On a side note, I applaud her for taking 8 months to lose the weight. This means that it was an incredibly hard journey for her and that she did it the right, safe way.

Mandy on

I’m sorry, but when you are working 50 hours plus a week, the last thing you want to do is work out. I have my daughter that I need to spend time with, cook, clean, do laundry, dishes, plus get some sleep in there. When I’m home, I’m spending time with my kid, not worrying about my lack of abs. I’m not over weight at all, but I refuse to spend my time worrying about the fact that I don’t have a 6 pack.

Lauren on

Some of the comments on here just show how bitter some people are. I know several working moms (some with more than one job!) with multiple children who have gotten back to their pre-baby bodies, or better. Quit tearing others down because you’re too busy making excuses to get into shape.

guest on

@STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Are you a mom?

J on

No actually we can’t all do it. We can be fit, but to have abs like that after twins, you were a twig beforehand and are genetically predisposed to being a twig. Good for you, but no, that is not a realistic body for 95% of women. So you do it and keep it to yourself.

Marky on

I didn’t gain 65 pounds when I was pregnant, I gained 25. I was down to my normal weight within a month of delivery with my last child, and I had 3 children barely 4 to newborn, and a sick parent to care for. I cooked our food, so I chose to cook healthy food…it is easy to plan your menu for the day while you are getting everyone dressed and fed in the morning. After everyone was fed, dressed and playing/napping, I worked out for 30 minutes in my living room with my children playing. No nanny, no outside help. Since I was a caregiver to a parent, I had to make trips to the hospital (with all my children), and I cleaned my own house, did all the laundry, and made certain the pets were cared for. I also worked at times, and was totally BF the baby. If nothing else, I walked the children in a stroller to the grocery, and Get Real, if you don’t choose to exercise, realize and admit that it is a choice. Stop punching your martyr card and talk to your spouse about helping with the house, the laundry, etc, so you can have a few minutes here and there. It has been proven that long hours in the gym isn’t better than a few intense minutes throughout the day when exercising, anyway. Run and play with your children, and stop being mad because someone else has more than you do…sheesh, do the best with what you have!

EllaHella on

I am so tired of these self centered celebrities snapping selfies of how fast they lost their baby weight. Regular moms who have full-time or even part time jobs do not have time to spend 3 hours at the gym, or chefs preparing meals for them. Its ridiculous.

Twin Mommy on

I am a mother of a 5 year old and two and a half year old twins. Although it is not easy by any means, I did find the time to workout. I started slowly exercising for 20 minutes 3 times a week at home. I also started watching what I eat. I am now 118 pounds and am 5″4. I am proud of my accomplishments. However, Zoe posting this picture and saying that all Mommies can do it is not accurate. After having twins, loosing all of my pregnancy weight and working out, I still don’t have a flat stomach. My doctor said that is very common with twin pregnancies for the abdominal muscles to stretch/tear and the only way to fix it is through surgery (tummy tuck). So no matter what I do (I will not have elective surgery and take the risk of something going wrong) , I will never have a stomach that is flat like Zoe’s.

Patricia on

I can’t believe these hateful comments. Just because she works as an actor doesn’t mean she qualifies as rich. Only the actors at the very top who work all the time get rich. And some of them get a million dollars for a movie and then never work again.

RW on

Please don’t make other mommies feel like they should work toward abs like yours. That’s just not right.

PCC on

It’s hilarious seeing mommies ripping into each other over who can or cannot get back their pre baby bodies. You all take the bait thrown out there by some faded celebrity who gets a second wind writing a baby blog or some such non-sense

IN this case, this lady is obviously addressing her comments to people who are invested (for whatever reason) in her “journey” and are taking it with her. She’s not throwing out a gauntlet to all the other hens out there, so chill out.

Frieda on

Great, she has a toned body. So what? Says nothing how she is as a mom, friend, wife. It’s just a body. And as other pointed out, she has the resources to devote time to something that is apparently really important to her. I really hope other moms reading this right now are not feeling down on themselves because there’s no reason to.

Katie on

Zoe looks fantastic for having had TWINS only 8 months ago, and she should get kudos for all her hard work in the gym. However, it’s a bit insensitive of her to assume that all new moms can get their pre-baby bodies back, especially in the short time she did. I work full-time in a job with very unforgiving hours, and we can’t afford a nanny or babysitter to watch our 3 year-old. When my daughter was a newborn and I was on maternity leave, her nap was my time to eat, shower and catch up on my lost sleep in addition to paying bills, returning phone calls, cleaning and doing other errands. Since I went back to work, I literally have no free time between my job and parenting. We’re up at 6 a.m., then we get our daughter ready for preschool and ourselves ready for work, I’m at work from 8-6, then I pick up my daughter from preschool, fix dinner, do homework/play with her, give her a bath, then bedtime at 9 p.m. Then after that, I have to do another couple of hours of work from the office, pay bills, clean, and prepare for the next day. This usually keeps me up until after midnight. My office is pretty far from the closest gym and I only get 1 hour for lunch, so there’s no way I could drive there and back and get in a meaningful workout in 60 minutes. I try to watch what I eat, but I’m over 40, so diet alone is not enough to lose weight with my slower metabolism. As a result, I’m still carrying around 20 extra pounds 3 years after my daughter’s birth. If Zoe, or anyone else, has any suggestions about how I could squeeze exercise into my cramped life (without losing any more than the mere 5 hours I already sleep), they would be most welcome!

asma. on

asma ejza siuqdi

Milly on

I know it’s just a celeb talking without understanding the real world, but I’m inspired. I’ve already lost 21lbs with the Loaded Gun Diet and those abs are my next goal.

s on

Come on, we can do it! Our lives are full of work and kids and elderly parents and school functions etc. I have three kids and after a lot of moaning about no time, I now get up 30 mins earlier and workout to a dvd at home, 3 days a week. I run at lunch if I can’t work out at home. I am stronger and although I hate getting up, it works for me…no trainer, no nanny. I trade babysitting with a friend on the weekend when my husband is away.

Mad on

I hit the “angry” button on top. I just think this is so unimportant. Flat abs are simply flat abs, they are not important. I just hate that there will be some women who will read this and feel defeated and less of a woman because of this article. Please focus on important things and not nonsense from an actress who is no authority on what woman can or should be doing.

Vg on

It’s not easy for regular people to get the result like hers! It needs lots of time, money to achieve results like hers.

Cherise on

I never knew how many LAZY Moms there really were. During my on campus college years while working full time I never let my body get out of control. It was so easy to get in an uninterrupted workout in while all four of my daughters were playing. Majority of the time we were exercising and didn’t know it because we had so much “fun” we jumped rope (cardio), ran track (cardio/leg/arm workout), played volleyball (arm workout), double dutch (I always turn for the best arm workout), rollerblading (cardio/quadriceps/glutes/hamstring/workout). Just me and my daughters! All Moms can do it “without” being wealthy or having a nanny! No Excuses Just Do It!

Enoughsaid99 on

I beleive anyone can lose the weight, it just takes some people longer. It probably easy for her, because she was already thin, so it was just a matter of changing her diet, eating right, and exercise.

klee1976 on

Sorry that I must correct you on this. No, not all mom’s can do it, damn it. Some of us can’t afford the child care in order to go to the gym much less afford a gym membership. And some of us can’t afford to eat perfect organic healthy foods. The determination is there, trust me. I do everything I can while at home with my children, running a business out of my house but it isn’t easy. I applaud you for being able to have these opportunities.

mer on

Yes, moms CAN do it, but they shouldn’t and don’t have to. That’sd the point. Moms are perfectly ok and full-valued persons even if they don’t struggle for the perfect body.

ANJ on

“All Moms can do it “without” being wealthy or having a nanny! No Excuses Just Do It!”

Most can, not all. Two words: chronic pain.

You don’t know what anyone else is going through, so just worry about your own body.

Shar on

I’m excited for her that she did it, and it is motivating to see her after recently having twins. Meanwhile I did understand some of the negative comments. While she does have the resources to get it done faster, that’s not to say we average people CAN’T do it. it’ll just take longer and more work. After my first child, I lost everything in just under a year. After my second child, I was a little healthier during, so the after weight lose wasn’t too bad. After number three, I’m feeling like it’s impossible. I need all the motivation I can get.

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