Kim Kardashian West Is ‘Officially a Soccer Mom’ – See North on the Field!

07/31/2015 at 10:00 PM ET

Between traveling the world, attending ballet class and being a young fashionista, North West is a tot on the go — and now she’s adding sports to her schedule.

“My little goalie,” Kim Kardashian West captioned photos of her daughter at what looks to be her first practice. “Officially a soccer mom!”

North, 2, is seen running with the ball in her hands — dad Kanye West makes an appearance in the background — and chasing behind it.

“My baller baby! She’s doing so good I’m just so proud,” the reality star, 35, wrote.

North West soccer practice Kim Kardashian West
Courtesy Kim Kardashian West

With their second child on the way in December — it’s a boy! — Kardashian West and her rapper husband, 38, are cherishing time with their little girl before she becomes a big sister.

“Kim and Kanye love being parents,” a source close to Kardashian told PEOPLE in May. “And they love spending as much time as they can at home with the family.”


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Officially a soccer mom! #MyLittleGoalie ⚽️⚽️⚽️

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Becca on

She’s so cute & focused at the task at hand!! However, please put her in lighter clothing. She’s probably so hot in black.

amyinoaktown on

Why is the poor kid always dressed in black!?!? Put her in some colors that aren’t so hot out in the sun…and fun for a little girl.

Lana on

She has her whole life to wear black. Wish they would put her in adorable clothes. Who doesn’t like kids clothes? They are so cute.

Julie on

She is a cute little girl.

lil on

Who the he11 picks out this kid’s clothes?? Seriously, KK, get a freaking clue. This kid needs to wear some color and something light and fun when she plays outside. No wonder the poor kid always looks so miserable.

Diana on

“She’s doing good”? OMG…did you graduate from high school???? She’s doing WELL Kim. Money obviously can’t buy class or intelligence.

Patti on

I look at the pictures of this cute little girl and think about when she finds out what kind of parents she really has. Sad

Eve on

Gawd even her nails are painted. I have never seen this little girl be treated like a kid, she is 2 and expected to act 16. They are pushing her to grow up way too fast. Put that baby in a dress with her favorite character, do her hair in two cute pig tails… why cut her childhood short?

joanne1965 on

big heaping smelly piles of cow plops. that little girl is never happy and they are never at home…

RazzleDazzle on

You’re not “officially” anything except, you know….

Mandy on

She is such a beautiful little girl but put her in something other than black!!

Janet on

I don’t blame her mother for putting her in black to play soccer. It’s practical and it doesn’t show the dirt.

Whatever anyone thinks about the parents, you have to admit that is one beautiful little girl.

sam on

she looks amazing and happy. who cares what she wears. who said there are colors appropriate for gender.

Patricia on

That child looks focused on her game. Maybe she’ll pursue it seriously. She looks pretty serious about that ball.

Patricia on

I wonder if Serena Williams looked like that when she held her first tennis racket.

Callie on

She is seriously one GORGEOUS little girl. I LOVE her hair in a bun too.

nikki on

For parents who are so into fashion, yet they dress her so blah…are they worried north would get more attention if she wore something bright…so depressing seeing a little girls dressed in dark colors all the time

Jennifer on

Do they dress that poor child in any color other than black? Goodness…little girl looks like she’s constantly going to a funeral!

ME on

This child is extremely average, nothing special at all. She has the same permanent scowl as her hideous father.

Nahla on

North is such a beautiful doll. No matter how you feel about her parents, she’s just precious.

dandylion on

Damn you to hell Ray j!

michelle on

Hey Dim, your child is already showing signs of a receding hairline, which is the outcome of always having her hair tight back so tight. It puts alot of pressure and strain on the hairline, she’s going to have quite a forehead by the time she’s a teen.

Milly on

Such a cutie! I think its sort of refreshing to see a baby girl dressed in neutral. And not all the pink frills. They are a fashion family after all.

Ella on

These weekly practices are a spectacle. It’s a family happening for millions across the country every weekend, only half of the kids don’t want to be there and half of the families don’t talk to each other.Parents accuse coaches of this and that, Competitiveness and social comparison. No, it’s not all bad and some do enjoy it. But I tell you, for the most part it’s a fad and a show more than anything else. Yes to sports and team spirit, no to the superfluous rest.

mitz on

Looks like North’s hair is pulled up so tight…her hair looks as if it is
being pulled out….bald spots.

dd on

wow she’s gotten so big, those are cute pics.

Naun21 on

She is only TWO……..somebody needs to introduce Kim to little girls clothes that have color not just black……

k2 on

Adorable…..girl power!!!!!

Let the little girl wear whatever she wants. I’m sure Northwest has a little mind of her owe; I know my daughter did @ that age.
We are not her parents; so, let’s all keep our opinions to ourselves and quit trying to raise other people’ children.

My daughter hates pink because I over did it with the pink from age 0-5. She rebelled against pink and no longer wears it.

july smith on

That top knot on her hair looks downright painful. I don’t think Kim likes North’s hair in it’s natural state. It’s always slicked down and pulled tight. Probably not good for the hair either.

sally on

always black!!!! WHITE is an appropriate color for running around out on a field in the summer heat. I don’t believe in forcing a little girl to dress drab & adult like. Will they ever allow her to pick out her own clothes???? Kanye is a control freak.

Anonymous on

The Bitter Betty’s are out in full force this morning…..Shame!

Tay on

Why are they trying to make her bald? That’s what’s going to happen if they don’t let her hair down once in a while. Kanye is so anti his women being natural, it’s sickening.

Tay on

LET HER HAIR DOWN! Why are they ashamed of her natural, curly hair? Kanye is such a hypocrite and Dim can’t think for herself, North is going to have the biggest forehead thanks to her vapid parents.

JenRod on

She is such a pretty little girl. I would love to see her in something OTHER than Black all the time. And her hair pulled back. Oh yeah and a SMILE!

me on

How can you be a soccer mom of a lone player? Poor kid will never play with a team. Its just a photo op

Sadie on

Honestly, what happened to wearing brighter colours!? All black, really?!

educator on

there is a certain irony in the fact that black (clothes) conceal(s) alleged subcutaneous fat…i´ve rarely see that little sugar cube smiling

Amy on

What is with that tight bun on her head all of the time, it looks like it would hurt

educator on

i guess that´s a kind of preventive homeopathic facelifting

CAM on

The nanny takes nice pictures……

kathy from fla on

Adorable little girl. So sad she has to grow up with such trashy, self absorbed parents! But alas, she will grow up tastesless and greedy like her parents!

Maybecinderella on

Oh my gosh, yes, she is cute , so are thousands of other little kids of this age . I don’t see any prominent beauty here, not yet , at least .They dress her like this on purpose , to make some kind of fasion statement out of her and to get a reaction and they get. Even I , myself , trying to weigh in on his senseless subject. Again, my point is ,let other parents show pictures of their kids and you will see some really beatiful faces. Stop putting these people on a pedestal .They did nothing to be admired for.

cs on

I agree with others. Black clothes in the sun is not good, much less playing increasing body temperature. Children nurture in fun and bright colors. nurture in fun colors. Yes, the hair tied that tight is not comfortable for anyone much less a child. My mother did that and I cried. Worse than anything, she is never seen with kids her age except with Penelope and Mason on occasions. They might say she does and does not like photo ops with them. What parent does not like to share pics of their child having fun with others? She is missing a large part of childhood.

just my thoughts on

Why doesn’t everyone relax about the colors! Did anybody think that maybe it’s the team colors? Maybe this is the uniform provided?
My gawd, worry about something important, like where your Own children are at this exact moment!
Sheessh! *walks away shaking head…

Anonymous on

Ooo cute pictures!

Tonja on

A goalie stands in the net. Leave it to Kim to not even know which position her child is in. Pfft