Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Welcome Daughter Jagger Snow

07/31/2015 at 11:55 PM ET

Ashlee Simpson Evan Ross welcome daughter Jagger Snow
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It’s a girl!

Ashlee Simpson welcomed her first child with her husband, singer and actor Evan Ross, on Thursday, July 30, they announced on their Instagrams Friday.

“We are overjoyed about the birth of our precious baby girl, Jagger Snow Ross,” the couple wrote.

“Ashlee is doing amazing and their daughter is perfect,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She’s gorgeous!”

“Evan says he’s already obsessed with being a dad,” a source says of Ross, who spent Tuesday promoting his new ABC show, Wicked City. “He couldn’t wait to finish work and head home to the baby.”

The singer and actress, 30, and Ross, 26, celebrated the pending arrival of their baby girl with a whimsical baby shower at sister Jessica Simpson‘s home in June.

“Daddy @realevanross and my brother @rossnaess. It was an amazing night. #babyshower,” the mom-to-be captioned a photo of her sitting on a moon cutout under a sky of hanging stars.

The couple announced they were expecting a baby together in December — and told PEOPLE exclusively in February that it was a girl! But despite already being mom to 6½-year-old son Bronx Mowgli, Simpson admitted everything felt like a whole new experience.

“I think that no matter what, with every child it’s different. It feels new to me too, and it’s been six years, so I’m like, ‘Here we go! We gotta learn how to get the swaddle on again!’ ” she joked to PEOPLE in April.

While Ross doted on his pregnant wife with “massages, cooking — all of that!” the future father was also soaking up plenty of quality time with Bronx, Simpson said.

“It’s amazing. I can’t even tell you how incredible that child is — he’s unbelievable!” said Ross. “He’s been a blessing in my life and I’ve learned so much from him.”

One thing the proud parents-to-be wouldn’t discuss? Possible names for their daughter. After saying on The Wendy Williams Show in February that they would steer clear of fruit-inspired ideas, Ross and Simpson ultimately decided on a “unique” — but meaningful — name.

“You guys will figure out the story behind it once we tell the name,” he promised PEOPLE in June.

@realevanross I love you #JaggerSnowRoss we love you

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E! Online was first to report the news.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Melody Chiu

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jaees2015 on

Beautiful! Love + Happiness to them both. ❤️

Macy on

Evan Ross sounds like a great young man. So many men view someone else’s child as an unwanted burden, it’s nice to see a decent guy being kind. He must have a good heart.

Anonymous on

league of nations family

Dayna on

Awesome! I think this may be the first grandjoy of Diana Ross!

Kimberly on

What about Brooklyn, they already have Bronx, lol…I mean seriously Bronx Mowgli, poor kid! What is it with celebrities and these ridiculous names!

PunkinCat on

Love this couple. It’s obvious he adores his wife and takes care of her. They are so cute together.

glock on

Evan Ross is a “singer and an actor?” How did I miss that? Or is it self-posted YT videos? I guess I could google … oh wait, I have to hang the laundry outside ….

jenny on

I think “Bronx” is among the top three finest “celeb baby” names there. Really lucky kid!!!

phil on

evan ross? his legal name is evan olav naess–is he trying to cash in on his mothers name lol

Catherine on

I think all of Diana Ross’s kids use the Ross name except for the one whose first name is Ross. 🙂

itsME on

I bet she is just gorgeous!! congrats to mommy, daddy, and big brother ❤

Kestrel on

So much vitriol here!

Guess they’re all jealous that an attractive, young, loving married couple – with money no less – had a healthy baby girl. What’s wring with you?
Oh, I get it….he’s black. Sorry. I mistook your racism for a different form of idiocy. Don’t bother denying it: we have seen your true colors and they aren’t international.

Mon on

oh I bet grandma Ross will sing her a lullaby! These two look so cute together!!!! Cute little family!!

Anna on

@glock The only movies I know he’s been in are Mockingjay Part 1 and Mockingjay Part 2.

charlotte on

love how they say that they told PEOPLE “exclusively” the baby’s gender back in february. did anyone else really vie for that story? happy they had a healthy baby, but these two ain’t exactly celebrities IMO.

maryhelenc on

Congrats to them! Ashlee seems very happy with Evan, and her former husband Pete seems happy with his partner. I loved when Evan said in an interview that it was great that Bronx had his baby brother at his dad’s house and his baby sister at their house and it was a great thing for Bronx. He seems to really embrace being a stepparent and Ashlee, Evan, Pete and his partner all seem to coparent so well. It’s so lovely to see.

Marilyn on

Dayna, Diana Ross has 3 other grandchildren, at least.

lilly pond on

I wonder if the baby will look like Michael Jackson……..

Anonymous on

Longest pregnancy ever!! She announced it back in December and is only giving birth now!!

lola on

Awe… cute story. Curious about the name and can’t wait to see a photo. Congrats little family.

CC on

Evan has actually been in several movies. Come people stop throwing shade. He was in ATL, Pride, TLC movie, 90210 reboot (didn’t watch that one) and a bunch of other movies. People just love to hate on a happy occasion. They had a healthy baby girl, be congratulatory not rude!

jae on

He don’t need to cash in own his mother’s name, His fathers was very rich. But that is besides the point, we are suppose to congratulating them on the birth of their daughter. Congratulations to the both of you. I think they are a cute couple

Heidi on

Maybe they will name the baby girl Evan after her dad…. who sounds like a total sweetheart.

Amy on

@lilly pond-what a ridiculous statement. Why would she?

myuntidydesk on

What a stupid name for a girl.

maryhelenc on

I kind of like the name.

Kay on

I kinda think I might actually like the name… I was really expecting something a lot more eccentric (this is the sister of Bronx Mowgli) and I really like Snow as a middle name, so I guess Jagger isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of celebrity baby names.

dandylion on

That’s a horrible name.

Cali lady on

Horrible name! Celebrities just don’t care at all that the names they pick are just awful. Sad

Frank Carrot on

She’s not famous anymore and he never was. Stop posting about them.

Daisy on

Jagger is a word. It means one that jags. Bad name.

Shell on

Stupid name.

BD on

again such a stupid name

ana on

@Amy: Because her grandmother does! Duh!

ana on

@Anonymus: Longest pregnancy ever because she announced it back in December? Are ypu an idiot? Didn’t you know that a pregnancy lasts 9 months? From December until now it’s 7 months, so we assume she announced she was expecting during her second month. Please, grow up!

Jamie on

What is the deal with the Simpson sisters wearing their hair down like that? The ends look ratty. It’s not very hard to style long hair, try it, you might like it.

dd on

Evan seems crazy about his wife, that’s nice to see. Congrats.

Lacey on

Ashlee needs to ease up on the blonde a little.

Donna on

Okay, we’ll understand the meaning of the name when we see it, ???????????????????? I must be stupid, cause I don’t get naming a girl Jagger, and what is Snow all about????????? Both are terrible names, for a little girl????????

sharon Little on

Shes an Actress ? Really? I think Jagger is a cute name.I would assume it’s after Mick? Weird.

erica2 on

“You guys will figure out the story behind it once we tell the name,”…..sorry I don’t get their name choice am I missing something obvious?!?!? If somene gets it please chime in…

Jax on

Love the name! Congratulations!

Naun21 on

What kind of name is that….Jagger Snow…

sally on

jagermeister- their favorite booze?

J on

She is Diana’s 3rd grandchild. Her first grandchild is Callaway (girl from daughter Chudney). Then she has Riaf (boy from daughter Rhonda).

J on


MissScarlett on

Another celebrity child with an oddball name.

Lina on

Jagger? Its unique but at the same time its not jarring or incongruous as a name.

Pnut on

No no no no no. Just no. Jagger is not a first name for anyone, especially Diana Ross’ granddaughter.

Oh, and PS: the comma goes AFTER the 30, not July. Geniuses having children….

Ally1 on

Jagger Snow makes me think of when deep snow ices over and sometimes slip up your pant leg and scrape your ankle. Congrats to them on a healthy baby girl, but I just hate the name :/

Nancy on

LOL. Glad the baby is healthy . . . the name is AWFUL. But whatever.

Ilona on

Jagger Snow !!!! pfffffffffffffff

Uh...DUH! on

Hey Christine. You’re an absolute moron. You’re so busy trashing and bashing, you don’t even realize they didn’t name their daughter Brooklyn. What a ninny. Before you attempt to insult these people, at least get the information accurate….silly little goat that you are.

Boo on

OMG. STOP with these stupid celebrity baby names. We get it, you want the whole world to know how unique you think your child is but really, find another way than these stupid names. Good for them though.

hubbabubba on

All the moves like Jagger
I’ve got the moves like Jagger
I’ve got the moves like Jagger

AvaElizabeth on

another stupid name.

but she doesn’t continue.

Manhattan ShirKhan would fit better to Bronx Mowgli.

Anonymous on

Love the name! So unique.

Bec on

She certainly knows how to name children the most atrocious names imaginable. So selfish to ruin your child with such absurd names.

Heidi on

okay so can they explain why it will make so much sense to us – my only thought was that Evan was in The Hunger Games (president SNOW?) – but i’m as confused as many are on this board about how it makes sense!!

Bee on

Mowgli and snow. Disney much?!

Ariana on

congrats! That’s my birthday too! 🙂

Ariana on

Congrats! thats my birthday also 🙂

mer on

I love the name Jagger.

Anonymous on

UH..Duh- In Christine’s defense, they hadn’t yet revealed the name when she posted her comment (PEOPLE updated the post later when they did), so she was simply guessing.

Anyway, congrats to them! I’m with the majority, though…I can’t figure out the name as Evan claimed we would!

Jo on

Bleck. I actually felt that when I read the name. I was hoping she would go with something a bit more traditional, but she hopped on the celeb popular name band wagon. Why? I wouldn’t name a boy Jagger, but a girl?! I think snow is a cute middle name. Bronx is much better than Jagger as a name IMO.

ej on

haha @cookie that’s funny made me laugh

LoL on

Um Jagger Snow? Such a funny name!

s on

Those are some Hollywood names for Tina and Joe’s grandkids…Maxwell, Ace, Bronx, and Jagger….I can never tell whether kids are boys or girls anymore, but I guess society is trying to be more gender neutral?

Irish on

Jagger sounds masculine to me! I thought they were going to go with Evangeline after her father. Much cuter. So two girls in he family are a Jagger and Maxwell. Poor kids. :/

Irish on

Jagger sounds masculine to me! I thought they were going to go with Evangeline after her father. Much cuter. So two girls in the family are a Jagger and Maxwell. Poor kids. :/

Lupe on

The way they look at each other you can tell that they are crazy in love with one another. Very happy for them. Cute names.

Anonymous on

Um sounds like their son going to have Jagger move.

V on

What the hell is with these names?? Famous people I swear!

Kelly on

Congratulations on their new addition.

Truthfinder on

So, it is supposed to be obvious now that we know her name is Jagger Snow??? Is that a cross between Mick and Phoebe??? Just askin’ and guessin.’ ?????????