Inside Jessie James Decker’s Nursery: ‘I Always Wanted a Sports Theme’

07/29/2015 at 08:00 AM ET

With her second child — a son! — due in September, Jessie James Decker has finally put the finishing touches on her baby boy’s nursery.

And the soon-to-be mom of two has scored a major touchdown with the vintage sleep space, designed by Decker with the help of Joss & Main‘s style director.

“I knew I always wanted a sports-theme room. As soon as I got pregnant with him and knew it was a boy, I just felt like it fit his personality!” Decker, 27, tells PEOPLE.

“I think when people do the animal themes, they are cute and all, but it just didn’t feel like this little guy. He feels like a cool sports dude already.”

Eric Decker Jessie James Decker son nursery
Shannon Fontaine/Joss & Main

Any athletic genes passed on to her son wouldn’t come as a surprise: Decker’s husband is New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker. Already parents to 16-month-old daughter Vivianne Rose, the couple are looking forward to officially being a family of four.

“I think we are most excited about all rolling around on the carpet and just playing together as a family,” shares the country singer and designer. “I can’t wait to see Vivi love on her baby brother and give him kisses.”

Eric Decker Jessie James Decker son nursery
Shannon Fontaine/Joss & Main

Although much of the nursery is a far cry from Vivianne’s room — “I won’t be making his room pink or adding tea sets,” Decker jokes — there are a few pieces that have resurfaced.

“I think a necessity is the glider,” she explains. “That comes in handy if they get sad in the middle of the night and miss you and need to be rocked back to sleep.”

Eric Decker Jessie James Decker son nursery
Shannon Fontaine/Joss & Main

The big-sister-to-be is already a huge fan of the final product, which includes sweet wall hangings, plenty of storage space and a scoreboard above her brother’s crib.

“She likes to go in his room and play with his little toys I already have out,” shares Decker. “She has pulled in a few of her toys to play with in there, too. She definitely loves his new room.”

Eric Decker Jessie James Decker son nursery
Shannon Fontaine/Joss & Main

And now that the nursery has been crossed off the to-do list, Decker is counting down the days until her son’s arrival — and wrapping up a few final loose ends.

“I just need to wash his baby clothes now and put them all away in his closet,” she says. “We are so excited and ready to meet this little guy. It will be an amazing addition to our loving family.”

Eric Decker Jessie James Decker son nursery
Shannon Fontaine/Joss & Main

Eric Decker Jessie James Decker son nursery
Shannon Fontaine/Joss & Main

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

Why is there a TV in the room?

Ari on

What a beautiful family!

Mary on

The TV is dumb, but could they at least have tucked the cord up for the photo shoot? It’s literally right by her head in the cover pic

LA6226 on

Cute. But clearly an aditorial for Joss & Main. No journalism any more without slipping an ad in there.

julie on

Love this couple. Maybe they have a tv so she can watch her husband play football while rocking the baby!

Britgirl on

Did they ever think of perhaps putting some COLOUR in the babies bedroom?!

Amanda on

Love it! Very elegant!

me on

Clearly an ad for the company and a name drop for the non celeb Jessie James Decker/Eric Decker

Easyup on

I too would like to know why there is a TV in the baby’s room? I don’t see a lot of design here, very austere.

Heather on

People are sooooo judgmental, it’s sad. The room looks nice and I like that wall unit! It looks relaxing in there!

Tee on

I actually think the nursery is pretty cute! And honestly, as a general rule, I tend to feel that celebrity nurseries are insanely over the top. This one is a little over the top but far more toned down than most! The only thing I don’t get is the television. Why on earth anyone would have a television in a nursery is beyond me!

Heather Little on

For those of you wondering why there’s a TV in there, didn’t you ever watch TV while you were nursing. I know for me, I loved catching up on Grey’s Anatomy episodes while I was nursing every two hours. That room is as much for her in the first year as it is for the baby. Give her a break!

robinepowell on

Nice room, but why is there a TV in there?

Ford Torres on

She could’ve done a sports-themed room for her baby girl. Sports aren’t just for boys ya know. Just saying…..

Aimmers on

So, not every boy likes sports….

megan on

exactly, Ford. It annoys me, too

Anonymous on

Kudos to them for NOT having bumpers in the crib!

Jen on

Where can i find that score board?????

Brooke on

To say that “Sports just seemed to fit his personality” drives me nuts. Hate adhering to gender rules.

Marky on

This nursery is lovely and reflects what the parents have chosen for their new baby. Nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t mean they will force their son to play football if he likes chemistry and hates football. Their son isn’t here yet, so they’ve chosen what they like, and what he likes can come into the room with time and knowing him better.

As someone who has raised a few children, I think all the “color” and jazzed up excitement is wonderful for the playroom, but a bedroom is for sleeping, and needs to be calmer and a bit more soothing. Stimulating, over-the-top exciting things from the day a child is born results in children who can’t sleep when they need to, and who needs a 3 ring circus going every minute. or worse yet, may feel overwhelmed by the constant overstimulation. Maybe that’s why my kids have all been able to fall asleep on their own within minutes of being put to bed, can readily fall asleep as children, and never needed me to come put them back to sleep after age months. This mom is on the right track….

Mary on

Why couldn’t it have been a sports theme for the first child. No reason a girl can’t have a sports themed room if Mom wanted it badly. Why wait for a boy?

Annabelle on

The tv is weird. She actually has a truck driver mouth on Twitter. Her bio says she pees in the shower, she has an instagram pic talking about wanting to eat vivis poop and another tweet asking would you rather eat poop or kiss an 85 year old man with no teef, then said ya’ll ate gross I’d rather eat poop. She also uses sexual innuendos to try and sell her clothes like boys will want to tap that @$$ if you buy it etc. She’s good friends with Kim Kolziak so what do you expect. She also dated Kim Kartrashians ex Reggie Bush.

rona on

what is he wants to play violin and study physics (not the physics of balls flying through the air or humans crashing into other humans). It’s not fair to “program” children before their identities and preferences are known. And it seems unfair to puncture a child’s earlobes too (or cup off parts of his body). I agree, no television in ANY bedroom. And she is so unattractive, eeeee….hard to look at her. I feel sorry for her first kid if she has stopped nursing. And to answer another poster, I never watched television during night nursing!!! No….quiet quiet in baby’s room, or next to parents’ bed, just the sucking sound and maybe very quiet humming….all darkness. NO TELEVISION and no devices.

gagme on

so he “feels” like a sports guy? A fetus is telegraphing that to her? Does she have the brains god didn’t give a salamander? Good grief. Infants don’t need much; in many parts of the world they sleep in drawers or small boxes for the first months. Why does she need to wash his clothes? Who has been wearing them? Babies like natural fibers and no snaps or zippers….and those SHOES she apparently took off for the shoot? THOSE SHOES?! Excuse me??????

What would her hair look like with no “treatment?”

LIN on

What a adorable family. Almost too perfect.

Guest on

Best decision I ever made was letting a friend talk me into sending my baby to buckeye land instead of my alma mater! ! The sports pride is unbelievable and my baby had a ball in college. Bedroom looks like a buckeye campus store!!! Haha Was just mad Kohls has badger gear but not buckeye gear! Hahaha

Truvi on

So many judgy people. It’s her son’s room. She chooses what to do with it. If we were able to post pictures of our kids rooms same thing would happen.

Truvi on

Bring your show back Jessie!

praying Mantis on

I agree that this nursery seems to be more about mom than about baby. Babies need and enjoy lots of visual contrast and this room provides… lots of white, greatly enlivened by touches of pallid blue. Dull nurseries are trending in the celebrity world.

Becca on

I’m not seeing a sports theme. Did I miss something? Why does an infant need a huge flat screen TV?

heather on

There is a stuffed ball and a poster. How is that a sports theme?

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