Kim Kardashian West Shows Off Growing Belly in Sweet Selfie: ‘Good Night Baby’

07/28/2015 at 09:00 AM ET

Kim Kardashian West sure knows how to give her baby a good-night kiss.

The pregnant reality star posted a sweet pic of herself on Instagram blowing her unborn son a smooch in the mirror. “Good night baby,” she captioned the photo.

Kardashian West, who’s five months along, showed off her growing belly in a fitted white dress with a peach-colored jacket. The baby boy, her second child with husband Kanye West, is due in December. The couple are already parents to daughter North, 2.

Kim Kardashian
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

Earlier this month, the mom shared that she was anticipating her belly to “pop” at any time.

“I’m at the stage now where I wake up with a flat belly but then as I eat and by the end of the day it pops out,” she wrote on Twitter July 13. “This means it’s about to pop.”

— Tara Fowler

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Jenn on

I find it hard to believe that, despite the general consensus around the world, she is somehow still not aware that the duck face she makes in every photo is fuel for comedy.

Hilarious on

I wish I had a dime for every picture she takes of herself.

Anonymous on

F@#&ing disgusting.

Trace on

F@#&ing disgusting.

BrennaBoo on

@Jenn, that has got to be the best comment I have read to date! LOL THANK YOU! I totally agree!

Izzymom on

There isn’t any other pregnant female you can find to post pics of People??? Someone who pays money to have the gender of her child selected isn’t someone I care to see!! Especially a KarTRASHian!!

QDPie109 on

I can’t stand this woman but in her defense (which I can’t believe I’m doing) she was blowing her unborn baby a kiss so technically she wasn’t doing duck lips. I also think that outfit, for once, was much more tasteful then the other stuff she has been wearing while pregnant. OMG the sky must be falling if I’m saying something somewhat nice about her

Sue murray on

I for one do not believe she is pregnant. When you see her, she is always wearing a coat. It is hot in LA, I have yet to see her with a strapless dress. She wore them with the 1st kid.

lilly pond on


Montana Mom on

FGS. when are you going to have your stupid DUCK LIPS surgically enhanced so that is the only expression you have? I am surprised you even do the duck lips because that probably causes wrinkles like smiling does. Look Narcissism up in the dictionary and Kim K’s picture is there. I actually am surprised that they haven’t paid off Websters Dictionary to add her picture there under that definition.

Rolyat on

I think Kim’s biggest fan and the love of her life is herself.

Ellwn on

That’s sweet.
I used to say goodnight to my babies when I was pregnant. 30 years ago, so no internet sharing, just a precious moment.

Leslie on

God. Is there a more vapid, insipid woman then Kim Kardashian?
Someone needs to tell her that the duck lips are stupid looking and to spend less time taking pictures of herself and more time improving the world around her.
What a self absorbed POS.

Diane on

The selfie queen needs an excuse now to snap yet another puckered up selfie? I think I’m going to puke!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mikki Solodow on

And in Breaking News……..Kim Kardashian takes selfie of her wiping her backside after a successful bowel movement! Why does she and People magazine think we care about every darn thing she does? She is not talented, she is not a truly good or beautiful woman so what makes her so newsworthy? Or is it the vapid consumers who follow her?

Naun21 on

Do the Kardashians have a hot line to People Magazine as it appears they do because their every move especially old Kimmie appears almost daily. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are looking old so isn’t it time to update with some fresh new faces? Not Kendall, Kylie nor Bruce either as these folks are all used up……..

rushluv on

That baby bump is so fake! Check the article on the Dailymail, that shows how small the bump is compared to the one People posted up. Kim’s “baby bump” seems to grow at a rapid rate, and even the DM called her fake bump out but changed the title because PMK and Kim weren’t having it. I’ll believe Kim is pregnant, when I see an authentic baby bump in a bikini like she did with North. Plus, she isn’t even swollen and appears to not have gained any considerable weight. And why is Kim wearing long over coats in the middle of Summer? Got something to hide?

kathy from fla on

Really, People? You seem to have an obsession with the KARtrashIANS. Sick of Kim’s duck faces. Stop flaunting their wealth that she earned from her sex tapes and pimping Mom!

Sigourney on

Okay, I get the people posting on here want to make the nasty comments and dislike the woman, but it’s getting boring already. Don’t even bother. The comments are boring and repetitive. Unless you can come up with something more interesting to post, the same old tired comments are not worth reading. I doubt many people bother anymore.

Heather on

Good night with 50 pounds of makeup and her hair coiffed like she was heading to the Grammys. Honestly

GoAway on

I don’t get it…doesn’t she realize no one gets happy when they see her ugly faces in your selfies?!?! She just wanted us to see her expensive overrated bedroom where all the “fun” begins…yuk. I’m curious, didn’t she just tell us a month ago she was pregnant? So why does she look like she’s 6 months pregnant? Hmmm…..anyway don’t care

DisNerd on

Oh dear. She wore the 6 month belly for this pic. Girl needs to keep better track of those bellies and how far along her surrogate is to keep up the facade.

Marie93 on

She’s the sweetest. Love her. Wish her and Kanye all the best!

kali1998 on

How is looking at yourself lovingly into your cellphone and making a kissing face saying goodnight to your baby. Your so phony. Then plastering it on social media thinking it makes you look like a loving mother. You think we;re all as dumb as you are. We know a baby has no clue your taking a picture. And saying goodnight as you kiss yourself is impossible. Sing your kid a song and put the damn phone down. Get a grip. Somebody please take that phone away from the deluded women.

kali1998 on

I forgot to add about the pregnancy…When she wrote the snide remark about Taylor Swift when her and Katy Perry tried to make everything worse with Niki M. She did it with a selfie. This was what a week or two ago?? She was laying on her side in a pair of white cotton underwear briefs with a pull over shirt on and it didn’t come down that far and you couldn’t see a bump at all. Then about 5 days later the news had her walking out of a store with this big stomach????????

Kelly on

I cannot stand her. She thinks she is skinny. Oh my. She will make nori so proud when she looks back and sees her mom half naked and sex tapes. She will pimp her out like her mom Kris pimped all her sisters out. Nori has a trainer now for nori. Guess she’s getting ready for her playboy shot in 16 years. Kim makes me sick.

Kay Wilhelm on

She loves the attention and we continue to feed her narcissism …

Linda on

Yuck! I’m so sick of these people. Kanye West claims he is leaving the country because of racism. Well, don’t forget all of your baggage Kanye! All Kardashians and BRUCE.

Sheree on

How do you wake up with a flat belly when you are pregnant?

cheryl on

fake pregnancy

Sandra on

Right. Two days ago she is just about flat and today she looks like she’s about to pop next week. Surrogate? Phony belly? Would not put it past her. Wonder if she’s got the surrogate stashed in her home. Or in Europe. Kimbo does make loads of trips there.

Sandra on

Hey, Kimbo: put it out there in a bikini. Otherwise, you are leading people on—about being preggers.

Ilona on

Duck lips …..ah ah ah so ridiculous in 35 years !!!

SAR on

Which is bigger…her bump or her newly collagen-injected lips?

Carolyn on

What is going on with the weird coloring on the hand that is holding the phone?

Anonymous on

The more clicks on the articles and the more posts, the more they will keep coming on this site. I for one enjoy reading about the Kardashians, especially the children. And clear.y millions of other people do, too!

Kimmy on

Kim looks gorgeous in this picture!