Ice-T and Coco Expecting First Child

07/27/2015 at 10:10 AM ET

Ice, ice … baby!

Rapper Ice-T and his wife Nicole “Coco” Austin are expecting their first child together, the couple announced during a Friday taping of their new show, Ice and Coco.

“I’m pregnant!!! Yah!! Ice & I are so excited! I announced it Friday on our new talkshow which airs Aug 3rd,” she Tweeted.

“Oh s—! The news is out. YES. We’re having a baby,” the dad-to-be, 57, added via Twitter. “We want to say thank you to everyone for the overwhelming LOVE you are sending us! We appreciate you.”

The new baby will be the Law & Order: SVU actor’s third child — he’s already dad to Tracy and Letesha, his two adult children from a previous relationship.

Ice T Coco pregnant expecting first child
Smallz and Raskind/Warner Bros.

“I’ve been pregnant for a while, but we’ve been holding it between us for some time,” Austin, 36, told Good Day NY on Monday morning. “It’s a nice feeling to know that the world knows and I don’t have to hide it.”

During their reality show run, the couple made it clear they wanted to start a family together. However, doctors warned Coco that her health — including high blood pressure — could be a risk to a possible pregnancy.

But the now mom-to-be refused to give up. “There’s a lot of peer pressure for me. It’s not just my family that’s giving it, it’s the world … When the time’s right, I will,” she told E! News in 2012 of having children.

And when the time came, the pair were surprised at how soon Austin became pregnant.

“It wasn’t a big deal. It was actually shocking how easily it happened,” she said. “It’s beautiful how life actually works. Now that I have a little thing inside of me moving around, it’s amazing.”

In addition to prepping for their upcoming addition, the couple will also be busy with their new talk show, Ice and Coco, which debuts Aug. 3, on select Fox stations.

— Anya Leon

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JD on

Yay for them! I used to watch their reality show, and loved them.

Anonymous on

Wow, that’s great, congratulations, finally, lol.

charlotte on

well then………. interesting. i wish her a healthy pregnancy and seriously cannot wait to see what this baby will look like.

Um hmm on

another future talk show failure. It’s taped a week in advance? People want their news and talk live, not a week old.
Cute couple though.

Bree on

Finally!! That’s gonna be a good looking baby!

Eli on

Holy cow, she is only 36? Before I read that I thought she was way too old to be having kids. She is a rough-looking 36.

Callie on

This talk show will probably be cancelled 3 shows in. Congratulations to them on the baby though, I think she will make a great mother. I LOVED their reality show and am disappointed they aren’t doing it anymore 😦

Tommy on

So someone tell me why this is news?

Poppy on

36 my azz.

Melissa on


Catherine on

Ice, Ice, Baby?

Was it not Vanilla Ice who did the Ice, Ice Baby, not Ice-T?

I get they were trying to be funny, but the joke falls flat when you’re referencing lyrics from a different artist.

Hmmm on

I’ve never been so genuinely happy for people I’ve never met in life. Congratulations!

Kathy on

That is one strange lady.

jlduke55 on

Awe, congrats to them! I watched a few episodes of their reality show years ago and they were so cute together, you can tell they just adore each other and are a solid couple. I expected him to be totally different than he is because he used to be a hard core rapper, but he’s a big softy!

jennifersparisi on

Very, very happy for these two. I love him on SVU – he’s the only reason I still watch that show. And I wish her the best during this pregnancy. I was just diagnosed with extremely high blood pressure last week (I’m 35) and was told that I had to make a drastic lifestyle change or I could forget about ever having a child because I would be dead in a year. I find a lot of inspiration in this as I am trying to make my own lifestlye change. Praying that she has a normal, healthy pregnancy.

Jenn on

Im shocked she is 36 Im 38 and I look ten years younger….

Anonymous on

I didn’t realize he was 21 years older than her. She looks a lot older than 36 and lucky for him he looks younger than 57. I’m happy for her that she can finally show motherly love to a baby besides the Bulldogs. Cute couple, cute baby but daddy’s going to be old as shit at high school graduation..

Mary on

Tommy, considering this is a celebrity news site and he is a celebrity, I would say it’s news.

Susan on

Cynic1018, you don’t sound too happy, why interesting and you can’t wait to see what it will look like?

Carolyn on

That chest couldn’t possibly be real!

Kim on

She is rough looking and has looked much older for a couple years now. Cute couple but I dont find her attractive at all.

The Free Woman on

yay! Love them!

Toni_Marie on

I am so happy for them!!! Good luck!

Maria on

I think she’s way older than 36. She lies about her age for her job. That’s what took so long to get pregnant – she needed fertility treatments because she’s older. We’re not stupid. I think she’s really sweet but I do pray for the health of that baby. She’s the one who wanted this, Ice already had children.

Debs626 on

Hopefully they will have a good nanny to take care of the baby, cause she does not seem like “mother” material.

Kendall on


Sassy on

He’s 57 and having another child… talk about selfish! I get so tired of seeing Hollywood men who are in their 50’s, 60’s and up having children. Sorry, you played around in your younger years and now you think you deserve to have the youthful years and fertility of a younger woman to spread your seed. Your actions are disgusting and selfish. You won’t even be able to physically keep up or do anything with your children and you’ll be dead most likely by the time they graduate. Money can’t take the place of a real parent, no matter how rich you are. No hope for this child as it will probably be raised in a gangster world full of vulgarities and be cursing by the time it’s 2 years old.

Jax on

Yay for them! They are going to make great parents!

Aussie cathie on

Debs626……. Pull your head in like you know her personally? Judgmental much ……

life goes on on

Really happy for them, like many others, I used to watch their reality show, one of the few I watched. Great couple, also Ice T is great in his Law and Order series.

misspiggie on

Yay. I always loved them as a couple. There is a mutual respect. Good for them 🙂

KL on

Yay love them! Love him on law and order SVU!!

Nancy on

She’s 36? For how many years has she been 36?

Emma on

@Nancy – looks to me like at least 15 years.

jlo27916 on

OMGGGGGGGG YESSSSS! I love these two. Unconventional? Maybe to some but Coco is often judged like the cover of a book and she’s actually very smart and sweet! Happy for them!

Tawny on

OMG. Some people…. “Why is this news?” Well, you’re on a friggin celebrity baby blog site asking why the announcement of a celebrity pregnancy is news. Are you stupid or trolling. Really.

Tawny on

It’s insane how many of you seem to think that their lives affect yours AT ALL. Who cares how old he is. What does it matter to you? If it wasn’t age, it would be SOMETHING. They’ve been married for 15 years. I think they know what’s best for THEM and their family. Don’t like older men having babies? Don’t have a baby with an older man. Seriously, you people seem like bored housewives who have nothing better to do with your day than scroll through celebrity internet news and write bitter, bitchy complains as if what you have to say matter in the least to ANYONE… much less the celebs your putting down.

sharon Little on

I have the perfect name : Chai Latte :}

Jeanne on

Congratulations that’s wonderful news!

Anonymous on

Sassy- And how do you know that? If the photo of him in this article is any indication, he is in EXCELLENT shape and will likely have no problem having lots of fatherly bonding time with his child…and living long enough to see him/her graduate and maybe even get married and have kids of his/her own!

Maria- So? Maybe he wanted another one (shocking thought, I know!). 🙂 At least I sure hope so, for the baby’s sake!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

BTW, I don’t think she’s lying about her age. She’s been very open about having health issues (which hopefully she got under control before getting pregnant!), and those tend to age you.

Rachael on

Wow, didn’t expect this – based on her reality life, she will make an interesting mother. Best of luck to them, babies are not puppies

Anonymous on

Loved their reality show!

GG on