Brandon and Leah Jenner Welcome Daughter Eva James

07/26/2015 at 02:30 PM ET

Brandon and Leah Jenner Welcome Daughter Eva James
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty

It’s sweet music to their ears: Their baby girl is here!

Brandon and Leah Jenner welcomed their first child, daughter Eva James, on Wednesday, July 22, Leah announced Sunday on Instagram.

“On Wednesday, July 22nd I became a Mom,” she wrote. “It has without a doubt been the most profoundly beautiful time in my life but also emotionally, spiritually and physically challenging too … and I am so grateful for every second of it. Brandon and I are taking care of our healthy, little baby girl, Eva James Jenner.”

Ever since going public with her pregnancy in March, Leah, 32, has been sharing updates of her growing baby belly on Instagram.

But the mom-to-be wasn’t the only one willing to bare her burgeoning bump: In May, singer Brandon, 34, got in on the fun.

“He thinks he’s funny,” Leah captioned a photo of the two’s competing assets.

Despite her teasing the possibility of it being a boy, girl or burrito belly, Leah — who was celebrated at a pink and blue baby shower in May — eventually confirmed the couple were thinking pink.

“So excited to meet our little girl,” she wrote alongside a picture of the parents-to-be posing with a pink rose.

Weeks before they welcomed their daughter, Brandon gave his followers a final look at his wife’s pregnancy progress by sharing a shot of her cradling her bump.

— Anya Leon

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mary on

I like these 2, bet she is a cutie, like the name.

Anonymous on

The only ones to seem normal in the Jenner family. They seem to be really down to earth, bet they will make great parents!

sharon Little on

He’s a singer ???? Seriously? Thanks for not going with a K name/sound.

kb on

Yea!!! Congratulations! You will be amazing parents.

Justme on

First photo, what is she doing with her mouth? Don’t get the creases on the sides

Mon on

Another poor kid who will have to deal with the grandpa-dressing -like-grandma drama! Poor kids!!!

Shell on

Congrats! I bet their baby is beautiful 🙂

Lana on

How refreshing. They gave their child a beautiful and normal name. Congratulations!

Easyup on

OMG, I thought that was a photo of Ashley Tisdale. Congrats to the new family.

Truthfinder on

Congrats…love the name. Happy for the couple.
At the very least, THIS child can start from scratch on what to call Grandpa/Grandma Bruce.

mer on

@mon, grandpa dressing like grandma, really? Where are you from, the 1950′?

Jan on

So happy for this couple! They will make great parents to this sweet baby!

grady on

he looks great with beard and mustache. He has “followers”? What do these people do (I don’t mean to insult, I’m actually curious). and yes, I guess there is no Grandpa Bruce, though other children had one. life can present challenges. I know the kids still call him dad, and why not, it was his role, his sperm created them.

sheila rae on

@mer contrary to what you and others want us to believe, being transgendered is not the norm. Congrats Leah and family.

Ari on

What a beautiful name! I’m sure she is adorable. Leah always seems to be such a sweetheart. congrats to the proud parents!

Ellie on

Such a gorgeous couple, and so loving and sweet to each other. Congrats on a very lucky baby girl!

emnusa on

How will you explain when the baby wants to know why her grandfather is also her grandmother?

Becca on

Love this couple, their music, & their relationship. Congrats! I can’t wait to see their bundle of joy!!

mel on

congrats great couple and im sure they’ll be great parents

LLJ on

I think they should have named her Caitlyn after her grandpa;)

Sadie on

Congratulations, and what a refreshing and NORMAL name…thank goodness.

Nicole on

Congratulations to them! I love the name that they chose, it’s very beautiful. I’m glad their baby was born healthy. I hope they enjoy every second with their little girl since babies grow up so fast.

Anonymous on

@lana how is James a “normal” name for a girl?! It’s not. I’m so tired of people naming girls ACTUAL boy names. Get a life!

Emmalee on

Attention celebrities: James is not a girl’s name. 10000 girl names out there,& they want attention, so they give her a boy’s name.

Ecm on

Attention all the James is a boys name haters. In the 30’s James was in the top 400 girl names. It’s been used as a girl name for centuries, only becoming more popular as a boy name in the last.

Emily on

So happy for them! I would be incredibly disappointed if I found out they were jerks in real life. They both seem so sweet. And I love the name, it’s modern but still classic, and not one of those crazy Hollyweird names either. Good for them! Best wishes to their new family!

Anonymous on

They are nothing like the K family Jenner family is the best of all but it is so sad that the baby don’t have a grandpa.

Celebsarah on

Eva for now and James as a later-in-life option?

DD on

So will Caitlin be Grandma, Grandpa – or both?

Amy on

Brandon is a man. He is oh so perfect and his wife is amazing too. Congrats!!

Avva on


Bari on

To hell with all the Caitlin comments….Who cares? I’m more concerned with the fact that Don Felder is now somehow even more connected/related to Kanye West. WTH?

Bari on

To hell with all the Caitlin comments. Who cares? I’m more freaked out by the fact that Don Felder is even more related/connected to Kanye West. WHF?

Anonymous on


Anonymous on


Maximus on

Did they give her a boy and a girl name just in case she changes her mind later on?

Mon on

@maximus. Your comment is spot on!! Haha!

Congratulations! on

Congrats on the baby girl. But oh no, not “James” AGAIN. At least it’s “her” middle name! Funny, you never seem to see a baby boy with a girlie name, first or last for that matter.

Anonymous on

Congratulations to them, I love the name, Eva James.

cameron on

I hope they do not expose their child to Bruce. He is mentally ill.

mer on

I love the name. Eva is very simple yet quite unique.. and James for a girls is awesome.