Kiptyn Locke Welcomes Son Koltyn

07/24/2015 at 07:05 PM ET

Kiptyn Locke Welcomes Son
Courtesy Kiptyn Locke

Kiptyn Locke‘s little buddy has arrived!

The former Bachelorette contestant and his girlfriend Samm Murphy welcomed their first child, son Koltyn Murphy Locke, on Thursday, July 16, he announced on social media shortly after the birth.

“I promise to be there for you, always. To put you first, support you and be someone you can count on — no matter the situation, time or place – I’ll be there for you,” the first-time father wrote alongside a photo of the new dad cuddling his sleeping son.

“Your happiness will always be enough to make me happy. You will never be alone in this world. I promise to show you how looking out for those around you, whether best friends or strangers, makes our world a better place.”

My Promise I promise to be there for you, always. To put you first, support you and be someone you can count on – no matter the situation, time or place – I’ll be there for you. I promise to live my life in a way that gives you an example of a good man and positive role model. I will teach you to respect, appreciate and love a woman. To open doors, take your first bite second, and be a source of strength, security and caring. I will share with you the importance of passion in all aspects of life: sport, relationships, work, your personal interests and beyond as you show up to each and every day. And when you find your passion I will support you, encourage you and stand behind you no matter where you find it. Your happiness will always be enough to make me happy. You will never be alone in this world. I promise to show you how looking out for those around you, whether best friends or strangers, makes our world a better place. I’ll teach you to never underestimate the value of humor, never compromise your principles, and always remember the importance of family, friends, loyalty, integrity and character. I promise to introduce you to many of this big world’s greatest treasures and then encourage you as you forge your own path and become your own man. Above all else, I promise you love, unconditional love each and every day until I take my last breath. Welcome to the world, son. Dad <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>> Happy Birthday Koltyn Murphy Locke 07/16/2015

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On Wednesday, Locke shared a collages of candids to celebrate Koltyn’s first week of life. “Countless hours in my arms or sleeping in my lap and I’m freaking myself out on how long I can just stare at him,” he captioned the photo.

“So many unknowns in this experience and journey. I’m feeling beyond lucky that he is healthy and loves his Dad and his Mom so much. Can’t wait for the adventures ahead.”

Locke, 37, confirmed the pregnancy in March, and had nothing but praise for Murphy, who runs a medical distribution business.

“She’s incredibly intelligent, very active, very compassionate and self-motivated, a loyal friend to everyone that I know that’s close to her. She’s a really admirable person,” he told PEOPLE.

And having an unusual moniker himself, Locke was looking forward to carrying on the tradition with his firstborn.

“We’ve been looking at some K names that are kind of similar to mine, actually,” he shared.

In honor of Mother’s Day, the dad-to-be took to Instagram to share his excitement over the pending arrival of his little one.

“Thankful on this Mother’s Day for this mama-to-be and the incredible gift we’ll be sharing together this Summer,” he captioned a selfie of Murphy cradling her bump. “I can’t wait to meet our son.”

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Kat on

Congratulations! Beautiful baby.
But why make public the promises made to his son? Is anything private/sacred anymore?

DaisyMoon on

Beautifully written…I just don’t understand the need to post it publicly.
Why not put the loving note in the baby book and save it for the kid to read when he’s older.
Much more special and meaningful that way.

DaisyMoon on

Kat, your post wasn’t up when I wrote mine, but we had the same exact thought!

Leeanne on

A nice thing to do for your son would be to marry his Morher

Carolyn on

Stupid way to spell Colton. Just like his father the poor child will have to spell it out for his entire life.

Pam on

Adorable pictures!

Alyssa on

Kiptyn seems very over dramatic -it’s a baby – congratulations. No need to act like it’s the first baby of the planet – glad Tenly got out of this relationship!

Pam on

Aww he is so darn cute!

Librababe on

Those spellings though…

Valarie on

He is from bachelorette? Never heard of him. Congratulations anyway.

Sara on

The most important thing a man can do for his child is to love their mother. Make a life commitment to your son’s mother , and HE will be fine.

Anonymous on

Leeanne and GinaC- What if it’s HER that doesn’t want to get married, though?!

Congrats to them!

Libby on

Very cute. Congratulations.

And to all of the people who say they need or should get married first. They don’t NEED to do anything. It’s their life and not yours. It’s non of your business whether they’re getting married or not. Their son won’t have a less good and fullfilled life because he was born to an un-married couple. We live in the 21st century and it’s 2015.

Live and let live. -.-

JJ on

Adorable baby but that name spelling. What is that? Looks made up and very girly spelt. What is the obsession with Kolton, Colton, Coldon etc as names now. Is Mark, Alex, Matthew, James etc so out of style now we need to make up spellings of names we made up.

Carolyn on

Stupid spelling of Colton. The poor kid will have to spell out Koltyn for the rest of his life. The dad sounds like a moron.

J on

I guess the name Koltyn being similar to Kiptyn isn’t obvious to you…

QDPie109 on

No idea who he is but OMG what adorable pics. So sweet. I still don’t get people’s need to share their beliefs on marriage before kids on everyone. A piece of paper doesn’t make a family. On top of it a piece of paper doesn’t gaurantee a happy family, just saying.

Tara on

oh no … he got his mom’s nose 😦

Carolyn on

Koltyn, Kiptyn, haaaahaaa

Pnut on

Do people actually say names out loud before they spell them all junked up? Colton sounds nothing like Koltyn. And keep all your promises sacred within your family. Seriously…

LOL on

Kiptyn and Koltyn? Really?

smithy on

What a strange world we live in where this guy posts a baby photo to Instagram including his fatherly vows. Whatever dude. Make the promise to your son. Oy vey with the self-centered over sharing. I can’t stomach it.

Hea on

Are those considered common names?

KZ on

Um Koltyn doesn’t sounds like a boy’s name.

Anonymous on

Colton would have been better, but at least it doesn’t sound ridiculous. $50 he’ll (the Kid)change the spelling because he’s sick of correcting people.

Anonymous on

Lovely name and happy for them!

KL on

Um poor kid to have to make sure spelling his name correctly rest of his life.

Anonymous on

As someone who has had to spell her (“normal” and typically spelled, btw!) name (both first AND last!) all her life, it makes me chuckle to see people acting like having to do so is the end of the world. Sure it can get annoying at times- but it’s NOT that bad, and it makes for a lot of laughs (honestly, I kind of ENJOY seeing all the hilarious ways people bungle the spelling of my name, especially the ones that are nowhere near how it’s pronounced. It’s interesting seeing just how idiotic some people are!). 🙂

Janie on

Put a personal intimate letter to your child on a social media site??!
I guess anything for attention. Whew!

Guz on

Personal letter on social media? No more personal.

Brooke on

And somewhere…Tenley Molzahn is banging on her doctor’s office for Valium.

Mother of 5 on

Kiptyn’s social media posts seem very self- serving.
He is quite adept at ‘image crafting’.

Kola on

Koltyn is unique and uncommon name!

thatbritishone on

Good Lord please please please quit with the uh… “unique like all your friends” naming conventions!
I must be getting old. When I was a kid, “Debi” was a “new” way of spelling “Debbie”.