Kristin Cavallari Shows Off Baby Belly While Posing with Her Pups

07/23/2015 at 06:15 PM ET

Kristin Cavallari has a few tricks (or treats!) up her sleeve.

In a fun photo posted to Instagram on Thursday, the mom-to-be can be seen spending quality time with the furry members of her family.

“Their begging skills are on point,” Cavallari, 29, captioned the picture of herself standing in the kitchen as the two pups stare intently at a few snacks.

In a second snapshot, the expectant actress shows off her baby belly in a striped maxi dress while posing with her newest pooch.

Kristin Cavallari pregnant dogs instagram photo
Courtesy Kristin Cavallari

Although the reality star turned fashion designer has joked about living with a brood of boys — “Because 2 boys under the age of 3 weren’t enough,” she wrote on Instagram in March after adding the German shepherd to the family — she’ll soon be seeing plenty of pink.

Earlier this month, Cavallari and her husband Jay Cutler announced the sibling they’re expecting for sons Jaxon Wyatt, 14 months, and Camden Jack, 3 next month, is a baby sister.

“The boys are so excited to have a little sister on the way!” she wrote alongside a black-and-white photo of the couple and a pink pair of Converse sneakers.

— Anya Leon

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Maria on

Gorgeous German Shepard.

Guest on

Can’t stand this broad! She’s a real jerk! If if wasn’t for her husband, you wouldn’t hear of her.

Chad on

Hopefully none of her kids ever get sick since she’s chosen to not vaccinate any of them

Sadie on

I love her gorgeous German Shepherd!

Rachael on

This chick seems to be pregnant forever.. or all the time. Cute dogs!

ctgirl on

Beautiful German Shepherd, but I am very sad that the dog has a pinch collar on. I hope I’m wrong but thats what it looks like. She has plenty of time and money to get obedience training. With the right training you DO NOT need a pinch collar. Poor baby

meredith on

She just got lucky being naturally gorgeous. This is the life you can have…

natalie on

@ctgirl that is not true. my sister has a pit and it bit someone so they sent it to dog training and the TEACHERS at the dog training school advised a pinch collar. if the dog has ever shown aggression, pinch collars or shock collars are the way to go.

DaisyMoon on

expectant actress?
expectant “actress”, is more like it.

Kraftwerk K9 on

Dasko vom Kraftwerk is looking great with his new family! Excited to hear the news!

Caroline on

This girl is still “famous” because her husband is the Bears quarterback. She grew up in the Chicago area but suddenly living here isn’t good enough anymore. She needs to get over herself and be reminded that she wouldn’t be able to stay home with those kids, or have the life she has, without him! Honey, Nashville won’t kiss your butt either!

John on

Enough about this vapid, ignorant anti-vaxxer.

Sigourney on

I assume she won’t be bringing her unvaccinated children around other children that could put them at risk. I wonder if her husband is as dumb as she is or just going along with her to keep the peace.

Lauren on

I wonder if she vaccinates her dogs???? Because it would be ridiculous to vaccinate her dogs every 6 months and not her sons…

Pest on

If your child is vaccinated then what’s the worry if she doesn’t vaccinate hers? The Amish don’t vaccinate . People don’t hate on them . Leave the poor woman alone .

Momoftwins on

She has every right not to vaccinate her children . The pharmaceutical company’s are taking over our country . They chemicals that are put into vaccine’s are so harsh most people wouldn’t treat a dirty carpet with them . So why inject an baby with this harsh and disgusting chemical ? And why are most affluent communities allowed to enroll children into school with out having to be vaccinated . And how come the haters of moms and dads who choose not to vaccinate don’t hate on groups like the Amish . They don’t vaccinate either .

Momoftwins on

She has every right not to vaccinate . That’s her and her husbands choice . The pharmaceutical companies are taking over our country with all the money they make from selling the vaccines . The amount of disgusting chemicals that are put into the vaccine is horrific . You wouldn’t even clean a carpet with them they are so toxic . It’s also interesting that more affluent areas don’t make you vaccinate your children to go to school.

life goes on on

If she was not pregnant every five minutes, we would say Kristin Cavallari who.

Zol on

Those dogs are so cute.

Zelda on

She is an anti-vax loon who deserves zero publicity. I feel sorry for her kids.

Anonymous on

Next vaccinate her kids! It also prevent other kids to get sickness around them.

awodowswalk on

Bless her heart, she keeps popping out kids to try and stay relevant. Her time has been up for many years. She never actually did anything to rate “celebrity” anyway…

Grace on

People bring up that the Amish don’t vaccinate their children, but the Amish don’t bring their children to public schools. They are a secular community with very little interaction with the outside communities. This person travels with her children potentially exposing them to diseases that could kill them. To those who think it is a choice to vaccinate, you are correct. And it is my choice to have an issue if you don’t because I have a preemie who can actually die from some disease that a vaccination can prevent. So, is it your right to kill my child? I know that is an extreme question but forcing an unvaccinated child that could be carrying one of these diseases on my child in, say, a grocery store, is very much my business as now you have put my child’s health at risk.