It’s Official! Kim Kardashian West’s Baby Bump Has Finally Popped

07/21/2015 at 03:30 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West was right: Her baby belly was ready to make its official debut.

On Tuesday, the mom-to-be stepped out in Paris wearing a tight-fitting skirt, gray blouse and navy trench coat paired with her famous black shades.

But it was her obvious baby bump — it’s finally popped! — that made the biggest statement.

“I’m at that stage now where I wake up with a flat belly but then as I eat and by the end of the day it pops out! This means it’s about to pop,” she Tweeted on July 13.

Kim Kardashian pregnant Paris
Ralph/Pacific Coast News

The reality star and her husband Kanye West will welcome 2-year-old daughter North‘s baby brother in December. And as she continues to travel the world, Kardashian West is making sure to indulge in all the perks of her pregnancy.

“In Paris a few days, who else will eat my fav foods w me then have pregnancy wardrobe fittings!” she Tweeted Monday, sharing a selfie with friend and French fashion designer Olivier Rousteing.

— Anya Leon

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Callie on

Kim – STOP wearing trashy, tight clothes!!!! I seriously don’t know how she can look so pretty one day and so horrible the next. She looks uncomfortable.

CareBear on

Ok, is it just me or does her face get a really strange, plasticy (well even more than usual) look to it when she’s pregnant?

Anonymous on

Her face looks like melted wax. Really, is this the direction that “beauty” is going? I’d rather have wrinkles.

Liz on

I just don’t know about this. I know all women and pregnancies are different, but hers is just not adding up to me. I am also due in December (and this is my first pregnancy) and have been showing (have a visible baby bump) for awhile. When it is your second, you usually show sooner. Again, I know this is a personal thing. However, the thing that really makes me suspicious is that she has gone from a lumpy mess of a midsection to a full bump within days (and also conveniently, this has happened right after her statement about her bump). I dunno…I think it is just fishy and I’m not convinced that there isn’t a surrogate/prosthetic bump going on.

Jessica on

Wow she went from having a flat tummy a few days ago to looking 6 months preggos all in a matter of like 2 days!

dee on

Shocking! A pregnant woman’s belly gets bigger. So unheard of!!

anon on

Horrible taste in clothes

lana on

And this is news…..why?

Mari on

Went to Paris to get her new belly pillow fitted! LOL!

sandy on

Kim let it out!!! Don’t try to hide it. This may be your last child. Enjoy it and embrace it.

Tina on

That’s funny because I saw a picture of her in some black tight outfit that was supposed to be recently and all that stomach did not appear to exist. Now this picture. It could just be the black and the angle but….. She would look so much better if she just wore looser clothing. I know women nowadays don’t like to buy maternity clothing, just wear clothes that stretch. But really, pregnant women look so sweet in loose, flowing clothing.

lilly pond on


Luna-tic on

So her pregnancy belly prosthetic is finally ready?? Lol, sonder what the surrogate looks like at this stage!!

Cinnamon on

Is it weird that I would much rather see stories about the Kartrashians than see stories about the idiotic Duggar family? Yes. Thought so.

Sandra on

Wow, never seen an egg shaped baby belly before!

Kate on

Big fatty…totally kidding. Looks kinda cute. She should relax the outfits a little. Wear some trackies or something. She would probably look better and would most def be more comfortable.

Susan on

Looks like her lips popped too. She sure has a long way to go if she is due in December… Pace yourself with the food there sister!

Linda on

Such a vile and disgraceful woman!!!!

Mia on

Duck lips & fashion style are worse during pregnancy! Sooooo bad😜

cb on

not sure how she can wear such tight clothes – pregnant or not. that is vvery uncomfortable and painful looking. not to mention pure trashy looking.

cantstandkimye on


mary on

She needs to let that baby breathe she wanted to get start acting like it u know u r gonna get very far!!!!

Missy on

She’s gotta go to Paris for maternity clothes?

Skiwoman on

Surely,someone in the Kardashian family can tell Kim to stop wearing the tight clothing.Her clothes are unattractive and cheap looking

Bogus on

She’s gonna suffocate that baby with those extra tight outfits. Not to mention, I don’t see the reason for her to continue dressing sexy when her shelf life is (almost) up.

huh? on

Oh, look…she’s started wearing the pillow baby.

Amazing how she’s all lumpy and mushy one day, and big and firm the next. It’s almost like it’s fake. Huh…..

huh? on

Oh, look…she’s started wearing the pillow baby.

Michele on

She took off her spanx 😂😂😂

mhx on

Pregnancy bellies don’t start at your f-u-p-a.

Naun21 on

Why is she considered to be high fashion when she always looks awful and she looks tacky all the time. Somebody needs to whisper in her ear just how ridiculous she now looks squeezed into those skin tight clothes with a baby bump…….she is showing her age so has lost her youthfulness……..time to retire her!!!!

Dawn on

I know that I did not show with my second child until I was about 5 months pregnant, but I also did not wear clothes to squeeze my belly flat. I hope she has not been doing that. I had also lost over 40 pounds before getting pregnant with my second, maybe that’s a factor also.

Tara on

Right out her backside haha

Casey on

I guess shes thrown out the pregnancy spanx.

Ellie on

How much filler can fit in those lips?!?!

Justme on

Really that’s an odd bump…but I see her lips have gained some weight

Parisian on

Is the middle of summer season in paris, +90 degrees (32 C) and she is wearing this?

Justme on

@liz, never heard your second child shows sooner when pregnant. But if she is knocked up, her fat covers it up. My daughter is also due around the same time, she’s taller and way thinner than kanyes wife and has been showing for months

Annie on

She is the spitting image of Octomom. Kim Kardashian is such a pig.

Jen on

Pregnancy also looks like it makes her lips pop!

Mimi on

She doesn’t do pregnancy well. The last time she looked pregnant on both sides of her body.

Madison on

Why does she continue to wear such binding clothing? I almost feel like it’s cutting off her circulation.

Pnut on

So incredibly unflattering.

elena on

That looks fake …this woman is ridiculous.

anne on

She looks like a plastic mannequin. She has NO modesty about herself or even her pregnancy. I wish people would stop watching her show and stop following her life. She is vain and desperate for attention.

Tarize on

more fcukking demon spawn from this trailer trash ghetto couple.
At least we have bad parenting and fkucked up lives of their rat kids to read about in the next 20 years.

Geris on

oink oink oink…Suuuuuuuuuuu WWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE….oink oink oink oink….snort snort snort………oink oink

frenchie11 on

Please spare us……we don’t care if this woman craps 2 or 3 times a day!

cheryl on

looks like a pillow baby 2 me……wheres the surrogate……

Anonymous on

Fuck Kim kanye and North West

rls4311 on

Is she wearing one of those fake pregnancy pillow things, that ties in the back and looks like a real pregnancy? Her belly changes the shape and size from hour to hour. I wouldn’t put it past her to wear a fake pad, have a surrogate, and lie to everyone that she’s pregnant. That’s so Kardashian.

indy nile on

Why does her face look so thin? Not like her first pregnancy. Her face should be a little puffy. I still don’t buy it, that bump just doesn’t look real. I’m with you Liz.

indy nile on

And another thing, what’s up with the sucked in cheeks and never a smile on her face anymore? Is it too much Botox? seriously

Dogman69 on

The real question is, “Will her stomach get bigger than her lips”!

Sabine & Lynne on

Get lost Kim…Just go away to some remote, unpopulated island at the other end of the universe and take your whole family with you. Hopefully gravity at the other end of the universe doesn’t pull the fake baby pillow out from under your shirt. Usually when you are pregnant you don’t need to eat to make your belly pop. Gas maybe ?? She really needs to stop with the lip fillers…she could suck a large sink tap with those. She could suction cup her mouth to a mirror with those daffy duck lips. Fashion Icon ? For who ? Escorts ??

Wy on

She has the prosthetic piece on upside down. The narrow part down by her chacha is supposed to be up top!

Wy on

Her prosthetic pillow is on upside down. The narrow part at the bottom belongs up top to make it look like a naturally pregnant belly.

SAR on

And she’s also gotten some collagen injections in her lips.

Why is this woman news? Why is any of the Kardashian clan news?

Laurie on

Her lips are bigger than her supposed belly.

Katie on

Her face is starting to look rubbery. Her clothes are just awful.

Gigi on

If Prince the musician had a sister.