Jenn Brown Debuts Body After Baby: The Last 15 Lbs. Were ‘Frustrating’

07/21/2015 at 03:55 PM ET

Television host Jenn Brown and husband Wes Chatham happily welcomed baby boy John Nash into their lives last November.

While being a mommy has been “the best thing in the world” for Brown, getting back into shape proved to be a bit of a struggle.

“I had an extra 15 lbs. or so that no matter what I was eating — [and] I was working out — I just couldn’t get it off,” she tells PEOPLE. “That for me was frustrating.”

Despite friends telling her nursing would help melt the extra weight off, it just wasn’t happening. After Brown stopped breastfeeding, she turned to USANA Reset, a weight-management program that replaces meals with nutritional shakes and bars.

Jenn Brown Usana body after baby
Dusty Lu photography

A friend, who drank the shakes at work, introduced her to the program. Brown’s Reset regimen consists of two shakes a day plus one healthy meal (usually dinner) and a few of the program’s snack bars in between.

“I think I gained anywhere between 35 to 45 lbs. [during my pregnancy] and I’m actually under [my pre-pregnancy weight now]. I’m really close to my wedding weight,” she shares. “It’s not easy, I’m not going to lie.”

Brown, 34, says the pressure of losing weight is even more magnified while being on camera. “I think any woman can relate: When you don’t feel your best, it can affect you mentally and your confidence,” she says.

Juggling dieting, work and being a mom has been a challenge for Brown, but she says it’s doable for new moms if they have a plan. “The first thing I would say is don’t beat yourself up,” Brown advises. “There’s no set timetable to have to bounce back.”

Chatham, 36, has been supportive of his wife throughout the weight-loss process. “He’s been great in terms of moral support,” she shares. “When I got in my bikini, he was like, ‘Oh, looking good!’ Hearing your husband say that makes you feel great.”

Chatham has also gotten his taste of USANA — Brown, who is a product ambassador, admits he steals her chocolate shakes. “He’s a big chocoholic,” she says. “I personally like the strawberry [shake] the best.”

Jenn Brown Usana body after baby
Dusty Lu photography

Because of Chatham’s work, he’s missed out on most of Nash’s early life. But Brown is always trying to capture the baby’s milestones and sends photos and videos to him all the time.

Nash’s most recent milestone is sleeping through the night, thanks to Chatham’s mom, who worked hard to get her grandson to sleep while his parents were on location in Thailand.

“I was crazy happy!” says Brown, who traveled with Chatham to shoot his upcoming film with Blake LivelyAll I See Is You, in Bangkok.

Since returning from Thailand — where Brown jokes she ate more rice in five days than she has in an entire year — the new mama has restarted USANA.

“I know that in the world of being in front of the camera, you see some people say, ‘I’ve just got good genetics’ and ‘I had a baby and I was back in my size 3 weeks after!’ ” she explains. “I’m sure that it does happen for people, and that’s wonderful for them, but I struggled and I wanted to share that journey.”

— Christina Butan

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sandy on

What, her baby is only like 8 months old now. How much time has she spent with him- just enjoying being a new mother? Sounds like her main focus was on losing the weight as quickly as possible. How sad is that???
But she can proudly say she is actually close to her wedding weight. Well, whoop-de-doo!

sally on

Because of Chatham’s work, he’s missed out on most of Nash’s early life.
How sad is that????? No way would I have a baby and deal with daddy being gone all the time.

Anonymous on

Wow! Another worthless losing baby weight story.

charlotte on

who is this person? I read the article hoping I could figure it out, but “television host” isn’t really saying much. and yes @Anonymous, another worthless story. a really long one too!!!

Ann on

Sounds like a plan! 🙂 PS The remaining weight will drop off
in due time.

Kathleen on

Who is she? I usually think I know people but all I read was TV host, and apparently product placement spokesperson?

rebecca on

That baby’s face is so adorable!

Jennifer on

This article is just about promoting the weight loss supplements she used.

Liz on

What?? Her baby is that young and she’s talking about losing the last of her baby weight?
These stories are so ridiculous. Your focus should be on other things when you have an infant.
Nursing and working on a healthy postpartum body by eating replacement shakes and bars? Yuck, this is sad.

Anonymous on

Wow another story promoting unhealthy post baby body expectations! Who is this person? Is this just an advertisement in disguise for USANA, like that the Style articles trying to sell us ugly stuff?

Andrea on

Why do we have to see every single “body after baby”. It’s old. It’s done.

thandy on

Get rid of this grotesque woman!!!! She is sooo offensive and untalented, and why stop breastfeeding before two years? Go at least a year! At least! Best for baby and best for YOU her son is pretty cute, but ugh, that name…Nash John would have been better). WHo cares what she looks like in a bikini? And “shakes?” I don’t get it. When I was pregnant, I gained 28 pounds. Lost about 15 with the birth, and the rest just left on its own over a period of weeks/months….she had 15 extra? Could she BE more inspid? She was awful on ANJ and her replacement Christine is exactly as awful! And no matter what this woman weighs, she has to look at that face and hair in the mirror! and she says “Ther eis no set timetable” — well, then why not keep the “extra” weight for 40 years? WHAT A STUPID advertising ploy this entire piece is. Check out what those products are made of, and what they cost. Buy a banana, buy a sweet potato, buy a piece of salmon and some broccoli…live your life and don’t overeat and you’ll be fine. Idiot.

woderwoman1958 on

She looks great!
and that BABY!!!
He is too too precious!

Anonymous on

Very sad mommie is not enjoying motherhood. Concentrating on losing weight why? because of her job? husband? or just have to be thin?

moonie on

Another freaking product endorsement!

PunkinCat on

I hope she didn’t quit breastfeeding just so she could lose a few extra pounds.

blessedwithboys on

Shame on these “parents”. The mother deprives the child of his birthright to human milk so she can diet, the father is never around, and then they leave the country and the grandmother ferberizes the poor kid? Can you say “reactive attachment disorder”? Poor kids.

Also, she still has cellulite and tummy pooch. And that is as is should be.

Anonymous on

I usually don’t post but this story made me sad! He’s 8 months old and sounds like she’s spent most of the last few months worrying about weight. And commenting how her husband has missed most of his life 😦

I, too, tend to hold on to the last 5 lbs until I’m done breastfeeding but would not stop early just to get back to pre-pregnancy weight more quickly. I’m happily nursing my 3rd baby right now (5 weeks old) not even worrying about the weight as I know it will happen.

She does look great though.

Lisa on

Wow. I am hoping People posted this article as an example of what not to do when trying to lose weight after baby. I love the mixed messages People sends all the time. They purport that you should love your body at any size and accept everyone and then go ahead and post a ridiculous article like this that promotes an unhealthy and extremely pressured way to lose weight quickly after giving birth.

Lisa on

Oh so ironically the article posted just below this one is about sexism in Hollywood. Emma Thompson comments on the unbalanced focus on women’s looks in the industry. Hmmm.. I suppose nobody takes People magazine seriously anyway.

Briann on

So glad this is just an advertisement! Hopefully the money that she makes with this ad will allow her to spend more time with her adorable son!

Rachael on

Sad, very sad. That baby seems like an accessory for parents that would rather focus on losing weight, missing all those important milestones and traveling to another country. Stories like this make me angry, that poor kid

Rhi on

I cannot believe all the judgment on here. Shame on you all. Breastfeeding is not the end all be all Her baby will grow perfectly healthy and happy. We all “mother” in our own way.

Gas on

Um her son is so adorable.

Robert on

She tried to get famous on ESPN as the “next” Erin Andrews after she was a bikini model (lots of talent in that). The pic looks like she still has some weight to lose in the stomach from some pics of her I saw and her breasts are no where near as big, weird “after” having a baby.

Robert on

she is “famous” like so many others because of their looks and willingness to show lots of skin.