Riley Curry Does It Again! Check Out Her Adorable Birthday Dance

07/19/2015 at 03:55 PM ET

How do you celebrate your 3rd birthday when you’re an Internet sensation? With the Nae Nae, of course.

Stephen Curry‘s show-stealing daughter Riley celebrated her big day on Sunday by putting on a dance show.

In an adorable clip shared by Riley’s mom, Ayesha Curry, the little girl is seen boogying on a patio to SilentΓ³’s summer hit “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).”

Ayesha captioned the video: “This is 3!!! Happy birthday baby girl! Never a dull moment. You light up our lives and keep us on our toes. Mommy and daddy love you so much. Let’s celebrate.”

Riley Curry dance Watch Me
Courtesy Ayesha Curry

Ayesha also shared a shot of Riley smiling on her birthday, captioning it simply with “3.”

It’s been an exciting week for the Curry family as they welcomed daughterΒ Ryan Carson on Friday, July 10.

Stephen shared the first photo of the new arrival last week, showing Ayesha and Riley cuddling the newborn.

On Thursday, Riley was center stage yet again when she attended the 2015 Kids’ Choice Sports Awards with her dad. While Stephen may have been the one taking home awards — including best male athlete — it was Riley who stole everyone’s hearts.

— Maria Mercedes Lara

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Mimi on


Heather on

So adorable. What a character!

trish on

What a cutie pie!

Notoliviapope on

Too adorable. Haters can reserve their comments!

Sami on

She is adorable


It’s enough now.

Me on

I keep seein these people’s names and 100% have no clue who they are.

Jamie Girl on

Riley is so adorable! Happy birthday to this sweet little girl.

Jame on

Such a happy baby and she is quite beautiful.

Darcie on

She’s such a cutie pie! This little girl makes me smile every time I see her …what a show stealer. Watch out daddy someone is gunning for center stage!

Jenine on

She is so freaking adorable! I’m such a fan of this family! Ayesha dresses her so cute…I love it!

ugh on

could you PLEASE invest in a copy editor or “reporters” who know to use Spellcheck before hitting “submit?”

How do you celebrate your 3rd birthday when
an Internet sensation?


so embarrassing.

sandy on

I guess I’m the only one who does not understand what they are trying to do with this child? She was just two & now turning 3 and they are constantly pushing her into the limelight! They want her to be famous, obviously or have her own TV series!

Jane on

I don’t care about this kid. She is no one and just annoying.

Sue on

Loooove me some Riley! Ayesha and Stephen should definitely get her into modeling! I bet she would be hilarious in commercials!

Ashley on

Happy Birthday sweet Riley!!!

grhondasf on

They sell that outfit at tugtug in San Francisco.

Esther on

SUPER cute!!!! What a way to celebrate! Love her!

Nicole on

Happy birthday cutie pie πŸ™‚ πŸŽ‚

Forty Nine on

Call me a hater. But, I’m already over this kid and I have yet to see why she’s suddenly so popular. What exactly is she doing that is cuter than any other two year old in the universe? She should be protected not exploited.

Guest on

Awwww this little girl is cute. Watch the video for the song then watch Riley dance. Makes me πŸ˜„

Anonymous on

It’s funny that people say who after the article clearly explains who the adorable girl is, but anyway.

If you don’t care to see her or the Kardashians or anyone for that matter, you don’t need to click and waste your time commenting. You can scroll and roll! There are plenty of people who find her and everyone in this world enjoyable.

Everyday it is exhausting ready hateful comments about how ugly someone is or about their size. And yes, this includes children. Think how you would feel if people wrote this on a picture about your kid.

sam on

may i ask…is she bi-racial? i know nothing about sports

Hally on

Cute!! Kids really like this song huh

Nicole on

@ Sam no she’s not bi-racial. Both of her parents are African American. I don’t understand the significance of her race for you. When I look at her I just see a very charming adorable 3 year old. But since you have such a curiosity, I will use this as a teachable moment. African Americans come in a variety of skin hues and physical characteristics (ex. light/dark eyes, blonde/brown/red hair and different hair textures). I’m living proof, my brother and I both are ginger heads with hazel eyes and our parents are both black. We’re both asked the bi-racial questions a lot and instead of getting frustrated decided to educate because unfortunately people have to put in a box or category before they can accept you…so sad!

Guest on

Never get enough of her. So adorable!! She’s the life of the party. lol

Nicole on

Team Riley all the way! I would rather read articles about a nice clean cut hard working family with values any day over the trash that people and other media sites promote all day…. more stories on the Currys!!!

Charlene on

She is a beautiful, adorable little girl. It’s so refreshing to see this instead of all of the hate and violence going on in this world. This is a breather for me. Just Gorgeous!!!

Charlene on

@Nicole. You are incorrect. Both Steph and his wife are Bi-racial. Yes blacks do come in different shades, but that does not make them Bi-racial or mixed. Some are simply lighter brown than others. There is a big difference between light brown-skinned and Biracial/Mixed.

Tee on

@Charlene – you are incorrect. Both of Steph’s parents are African American/Black. Not sure about Ayesha.

Julie on


Jennifer on

It’s only because her Daddy (Stephen Curry) and the rest of the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals last season that this kid is getting all this media attention.

If her Daddy’s team didn’t win it last season, NO ONE would really care about what this kid does!!!

Anonymous on

Cute picture!

Anonymous on