Kim Kardashian Jokes About Fake Pregnancy Rumors: ‘Can’t Hide It Now’

07/18/2015 at 06:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian West is already five months along, but the star misses the early days of pregnancy.

“I secretly loved the rumors I was faking my pregnancy bc I was so skinny,” the 34-year-old Tweeted on Friday, before revealing how far along she is. “LOL Well can’t hide it now! 5 month (20weeks) and 20lbs up.”

Kardashian West and her husband, rapper Kanye West, announced in May that they were expecting their second child. In June, they revealed the baby, due in December, is a boy. The couple are already parents to daughter North, 2.

In the weeks following the big announcement, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star confronted rumors that she wasn’t carrying her own child, Tweeting that “nothing is confirmed unless you hear it from me!”

“If I got a surrogate I would say I did! Thankfully I didn’t have 2,” she wrote to fans the week prior.


Earlier in the week, Kardashian West shared that she was anticipating her belly to “pop” at any time.

“I’m at the stage now where I wake up with a flat belly but then as I eat and by the end of the day it pops out,” she wrote on Monday. “This means it’s about to pop.”

Regardless of her changing body, Kardashian West’s maternity style hasn’t differed much from her usual high-fashion ensembles. She’s been accentuating her growing bump with tight-fitting dresses and hasn’t yet shied away from high heels.

The star’s bump was front and center during a Thursday outing in West Hollywood. Kardashian West paired strappy sandals with a form-fitting jersey dress and a khaki trench coat.

— Lindsay Kimble

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Mia on

Try not to wear clothes like this. Too tight & ugly.

Kaycee on

Gawd, she looks like a cow.

Vee on

She looks like a stuffed sausage.
I don’t want to be a “hater” but she truly looks ridiculous.

Callie on

I think she’s awful for wanting to hide her pregnancy. She should be proud of carrying a child and while she’s at it, wear more comfortable clothes and shoes; she looks like a stuft sausage. I don’t know how she be look so pretty one day and so ridiculous the next. Hey Kim – it’s ok to wear maternity clothes!!!!

LIN on

She looks like she was poured into that dress. So glad I don’t have hippo hips like that.

Tracy on

If she wanted to try and hide it she could stop wearing skin tight clothes. It’s not like she’s normally petite.

Daisy on

Kim was never skinny! She looks like a heifer with udders.

Karen on

Those heels are screaming….”get off me! I am breaking!” The dress remains silent…it can’t breathe!

cjm on

Does she not look in a mirror before leaving the house? What about nice, comfy yoga pants and a tee shirt? With walking shoes?

Farmer John on

Moo! Moo! One of my cows has escaped!

maryhelenc on

It’s a shame she never dresses to flatter her shape. But at least this pregnancy seems to be treating her better. She was so miserable carrying North. I can relate, because all three of my pregnancies were wrought with morning sickness and sciatica and migraines. But it’s nice to see that she seems happier.

lana on

She was never skinny to begin with! And…..that dress does not flatter her at all! He belly button looks like a enormous cave!

lana on

She was never skinny to begin with! And…..that dress does not flatter her at all! He belly button looks like an enormous cave!

Gemma on

Sweetie, you aren’t pregnant, you’re just fat. Soooo many things wrong with the story you’ve concocted, and anyone that has ever been pregnant or even been close to a pregnant woman knows you’re lying.

Just a couple examples – One doesn’t wear spanx and high heels after a difficult conception. ESPECIALLY after supposedly having problems last time around.
Pregnant tummies don’t have the upper/lower fat roll seam. (yours is very visible in that outfit)

Guest on

She wouldn’t look so bad if she wore clothes that fit. You’re 20 weeks pregnant, dress like it. Stop trying to fit into snug clothes and the same bra you were when you were 30 lbs lighter. I don’t get it. That isn’t sexy.

Guest on

Kim needs a therapist. Her primary concern is always about her weight and her looks. The babies always come secondary. I get body image issues…I have them too as do many people, especially women, I’m not going to pretend I’m going to be thrilled when I’m pregnant either. But I’m not going to be wearing skin tight clothes and high heels either. She must only feel beautiful glammed to the max because it seems like it pains her to wear flats and casual clothes, even pregnant. This is more than narcissism; it’s an unhealthy preoccupation with ones looks and weight. She needs help.

Stephanie Cannon on

Wow, she doesn’t look pregnant, she looks like she’s been eating for 5 people!! I’m sure she’s all of 145lbs, which is not a lot, but when she’s squeezing her surgically enhanced butt into an outfit 3 sizes too small, it doesn’t look good.
Hire a new stylist pronto!!! Or if she doesn’t want to buy maternity clothes, then buy bigger sizes!! But for the love of God, don’t accentuate the negative….because it is BAD!!!

Blank on

Every last one of you are stupid all you do is sit here and talk crap about Kim. Who the are you to sit here and judge her you don’t know her and nor do I . If you do t like her so stop looking at pictures of her reading about her. calling her a cow and she is t pregnant she is just fat really are all you guys size 2 and did t gain any weight during your pregnancy. You all need to grow heck up. Guess all you all do all day is sit on your fat butts and eat Bon bons all day. Get a life.

Anonymous on


Jessica on

“If I got a surrogate I would say I did” bull just like your other surgery secrets, just keep it real kim I think people would like u more if u just be honest!

Sarah Evans on

Body shaming isn’t bad enough, the gals have joined together here to go on about a pregnant woman who looks fat. And the “You’re The Gross One” award goes to: Kaycee, Tara, LIN, Daisy, Farmer John, lana, Gemma, Guest and Guest (who get a special nod for being jerks and unwilling to identify themselves at all,) and Stephanie.
Thanks everyone for playing “You’re The Gross One!”

Baddest on

Was skinny my asset!!! She was and is consistently photoshopped by magazines

Jennifer on

Um….who accused her of being so skinny?

Nikki on

she needs to take off the Spanx, that is not good for a developing fetus/baby. And maybe wear clothes that fit!!

Patti on

You have never had a flay belly, pig

Patti on

Flat belly

dipittydoodaa on

Wow. There are some really nasty things being said on here. I am no fan of hers but to call her fat, cow, pig, etc is just awful. No she is not stick thin. The chick has curves. She is normal. Sounds like some jealous people IMO. I do agree that she should wear clothes that fit, but it is her choice not to.

"SKINNY?!" on

SKINNY!!????? OMG! Thanks for the laugh! She has NEVER been skinny!!!!! Hahahahahaha…still laughing!!!
I’m crying it’s soooo funny. She is so delusional!

Sandy on

Does anyone else think she just dresses like this because Kanye makes her? She probably has no say. I mean, it doesn’t look comfortable. Who wears clothes they have to be stuffed into day after day? Someone who is told she has to to please her man. They are both weird. So many issues I don’t even know where to start. Why is everything skin tight? Why not some nice capris and a top with flat sandals. Give yourself a break girl! Don’t let your control freak of a husband tell you what to do. Take your life back!!!! Probably why their 2 year old girl wears nothing but black and grey.

What on

Cause I’m like sooooo skinny! ! Ugh! No its cause your freaking wearing spanxs and trying to hide the fact your pregnant. Because your such a shallow stuck up person.

dosie juggar on

Pregnant? She full of chit.

All she did was take off her Spanx. A pregnant belly isn’t all soft and squishy like hers is. Does she really think that she was like Shamu last time and this time she’s Miss Peggy Petite?

Pam on

She is the worst dressed pregnant woman ever.

Janet on

Skinny??!!! Really?!! When?!! Yes she has curves and built like a normal sized woman, but doesn’t she think she’s just a little overweight?!!! And that was before the pregnancy.

Little Shop of Horrors on

Feed me Seymour! Feed me all night long!

Amy Doss-Andres on

Why does she need a trench coat on the hottest day of the year?

Kiki on

Oh girl you biiiigggg! Please get a bra that FITS! And don’t use pregnancy as an excuse to be enormous! Y’all need to hire a new stylist too because the one you have is trying to sabotage you, clearly!

Marley Persimmon on

Looks like two pigs fighting under a blanket.

Stephanie on

To the person below: when she said can’t hide it now it wasn’t a statement to take literally. Are you familiar with what a joke is? Also I could be wrong but isn’t her stomach small for five months?

tk on

The woman has enough money to dress better. She does not look pregnant, just big!

dosie juggar on

Is there a reason why her f-u-p-a always has to be on display now?

KJ on

Good god, with all the money she has you’d think she could afford a mirror and a stylist. That’s just not flattering, in any way, shape, or form. Nasty, if you don’t have the body to wear it, don’t leave the house in it!

Kim Kardashian's Azz on

Kimmie! I can’t breath! I can’t see! I’m dying I tell ya!

Guest on

She doesn’t look pregnant…just heavy. Trying to understand why this woman gets so upset by criticisms when she dresses the way she does when pregnant. Kourtney should talk w her about not stuffing herself into clothes. SMH…

Susan on

When has she ever been skinny???? I’ve never seen anyone with a worse sense of style.

JJ on

People were questioning her being pregnant, not because she was skinny, but because she is SO VAIN! Everyone thought she would have a surrogate so she wouldn’t get fat(ter). She would look so much better and be so much more comfortable if she wore maternity clothes or clothes that actually fit her! She might look “skinny” if she didn’t look like she was wearing saran wrap all the time!!

anonymous on

Does she never wear clothes that fit properly? He boobs are literally popping out of the bra, and he dress is 6 sizes too small. Use some of your money to by some comfortable maternity clothes and stop torturing your unborn baby in the name of fashion.

Ms Amber on

Dear Kim,
There are actual maternity clothes out there that are still stylish, especially for someone like you. You can afford the most expensive maternity wear out there. Please stop squishing yourself into designer outfits.
Sincerely, disgusted.

Carolyn on

I’ve never seen her wear anything that looks decent on her, pregnant or not.

Mikki Solodow on

How can she be expecting a baby in June? That was LAST month which means if the kid is due next June, that will end up a pregnancy lasting more than 12 months………….

Fan on

Best wishes on the upcoming birth.

Ginger on

She looks like she had a few hamburgers for lunch. With fries.

halolol on

she looks like she only ate a fatburger. sure doesn’t look 5 months

elena on

Being it’s her second “pregnancy” her stomach should be more pronounced at 5 months. She does not look pregnant at all, just larger. She’s a liar.

christine loewen on

Hah! “Skinny?!?” What a deluded hog.

Nikki on

I was so skinny! LOL ////thats the best lsugh all day..Kim skinny….LMAO

njb on

Behind every fat woman is a beautiful woman. Now get out of the way Kim so we can see her!

Hilarious on

I don’t think anyone has ever called her skinny. She very curvaceous, skinny no.

Autumn on

I’m sorry for the language but, when as that bitch ever been skinny?

Kayla on

First I don’t think she is lying about being pregnant. Also people on here calling her a fat cow are just rude. She’s pregnant!!! I’m not even a fan of hers but bashing any pregnant woman about their weight is just wrong. But I do agree she should be wearing better fitting clothing. Also is a safety issue with the heels. If she would fall she could cause harm go the baby. I love heels but when I was pregnant I avoided them once I was about 3 months along.

Eve on

I hate the things being said about this woman on here but it’s frustrating to know she brings it on herself with the things she says and does. It’s like any attention is good attention for her.

Kitten on

Still hiding that wide a** with all the coats lolololol looks like will be Keepin Up with the Koats! #solame

Shawna on

I’m not going to call her names because that is childish but I do feel she is lying about being pregnant. That is not a 5 month pregnant belly. Especially with a 2nd child. You always show faster with subsequent children. With my second I was in maternity clothes by 8 weeks. I don’t know how she is planning to hide this for 9 months but she should really just be honest and admit she is not actually pregnant.

Lexie on

This is why women will never get anywhere – we’re too busy tearing each other down. You’re just perpetuating stereotypes of women being catty and hating on eachother – you don’t see men doing that to other men.

Kayla on

Not every woman is the same. All women carry babies differently. You can’t compare yourself to somebody else. And I think her belly looks like a 5 month pregnant belly.

Darlene on

What some nasty comments. Jealous much??

Carina on

Looks like Baymax is popping out of the expansive Universe of her right boob and cavernous belly …..Her style is putrid, pregnant or not. I’d expect nothing less from a deadfish of a rejected porn star. I actually feel bad for Kanye, cause he must seriously be delusional if he thinks Kim Kartrashian is even remotely sexy. Those clothes should be considered fetal abuse…..

Looloobell on

She looks horrible being pregnant… She should be glowing and enjoying it but she flaunts her body with a too tight dress that poor embryo has no room to grow… And you don’t wake up with a flat stomach when you’re five months pregnant every woman who’s been pregnant knows that! And it doesn’t just pop out after you eat… She’s as dumb as a stick

sandy on


dee on

Why would you want to hide something you claim you wanted so badly? Why not celebrate it? #sovain #selfishforsure

Anonymous on

She is not skinny!

Shel on

Hang on… I’m a week ahead of her in my pregnancy and SO have NOT gained 20lbs. That is WAY too much…

heather on

Who ever said she was skinny? That’s hilarious!

Boy does she look lumpy in that dress!

Debo on

Hmm…article says she’s due in “JUNE”???! Well, if she’s 20 wks, wouldn’t that put her due date around November??! (I’m not even good at Math, but could still figure this one out…geez!)

Ted on

Goodyear called. They want their blimp back.

SS on

She looks great. And how refreshing, a pregnant star celebrating the weight gain! Good example for others.

Christina on

1. Wear a bra that fits. That is too small in the cups.
2. Take off the spanx, everyone knows you’re wearing them. Try to think about your growing fetus.
3. You were never skinny, we know Photoshop is your friend.
4. Wear lower heels, quit being so selfish.

I was pregnant twice, both times I gained about 17 pounds. (I dealt with horrible morning, afternoon and night sickness) my babies were both healthy.

Diane on

Oh my word. She is such an ugly pregnant woman.

Lena on

@Tracy. Sad thing is – this betch thinks she is petite!

Emily on

I think Kim looks great! It’s nice to see that she isn’t changing her wardrobe and wearing what SHE feels comfortable and most confident in. I remember her last pregnancy and how the media was constantly attacking her body image and how she looked. The comments on this page are doing the exact same. She’s a pregnant woman who you don’t even know- get a life. Who cares if she’s wearing a bodycon dress whilst pregnant?

honeybeesbuzz on

She looks fat but does not look 5 months pregnant especially for a second pregnancy. She would have been showing much earlier and should have a hard round belly by now. There’s something really fishy going on.

suzy diamond on

WHEN has she EVER been “skinny?” She looks like a cow in most pictures!

ShaunieB on

OK, so whoever wrote this article could have worded it better. She announced in June they are expecting a boy, not the baby is due in June. Also, I totally agree with those on her hiding the pregnancy that she fought so hard for, but hey, to each his/her own. My grandma is a firm believer in belly bands, which would be similar to spanx. They help to control the stomach growth and stretching. Most women tend to carry different with boys than girls. She blew up with North, I think she isn’t gonna get too big with the boy. Congrats Kimye, u make beautiful babies! Can’t wait to see the new little one. And to know his name!! 😀

GG on

She looks good! Not fat.

Mon on

There is nice maternity clothes out there and if not maternity then loose comfortable things! I feel sorry for the little one.

Mom Of Twinz on

Some horrible comments, how many of you are mothers. Her choice of clothing or shoes, aren’t what you would wear. But that’s her choice, we all make choices other don’t like. Here’s to her having a healthy baby!

brina on

20 pounds already, at 5 months? Way she’s going she’ll gain another 30 before all is said and done.

Dani on

Ya’ll people be heathens with your nasty comments. Who do you all think you are to judge? Bunch of holier than thou fools.

AM on

She looks terrible! And she had better pace her weight gain if she is having a 12+ month pregnancy…

jacque on

I see sausage casing is the new look.

Bored on

She has no clue on how to dress her body type. She always looks like she’s stuffed into her clothes.

J on

Oh Kim seriously skin tight see through clothes during pregnancy??!! Have some class already 😕

Justme on

Can she be any dumber? She an I d I o t

Justme on

Faking because she was so skinny? I’m sorry she was skinny years ago, now she fat and fake. She also claims to weight in at 116 and Kourtney weighs in at 120.. Really, she way fatter than Kourtney by the end of all this, she weigh a good 220-250 fat pounds. At least 50 more than her original fat weight

Boo on

I mean, you can see through her dress. Not only that but her bra is too small. And her dress is too small. Yes ladies, when you see the dress puckering like that, the dress is too small. Trash all the way

Cb on

She acted like this with the first pregnancy, complained the whole time, and ended up with preeclampsia. Take the spanx off, find some comfortable shoes, and you might have a normal pregnancy. And there is no way she’s five months along.

Naun21 on

Does she not ever look in a mirror….evidently not! Looks awful so needs to make over on how to dress because lumps are not happening…..if she is so excited to be pregnant why doesn’t she dress like it and stop squeezing into those FUGLY skin tight dresses that are not flattering at all….. she is high fashion….where at the circus!!!!

Vens on

Yep, she did not get the ‘second pregnancy’ memoo 🙂

veggiemama on

Always craving attention. What kind of example is she setting for her little girl? Is she going to grow up to be a Kardashian slut like all the others? And this gets first place in People Magazine every week. I never read the lame articles, because they’re about a family which is so boring and self-obsessed. I hope a People Mag editor reads the comments, because we are all so over this slut.

Tessa on

All those who are attacking this young woman about the way she looks and her pregnancy need to stop. Just because you do not like someone does not mean you have to be a bully because that’s what your comments basically show you too be. Let her be who she wants to be it’s her life not yours. Look in the mirror before you judge. For the record every woman’s pregnancy is different and do not carry the same. Different body types. Think before speaking.

Jo on

She’s at 5 mon. and has gained 20 lbs. already ? I only gained 22 my whole pregnancy and was not watching what I ate. She’s headed for Jessica Simpson and !

Julie on

She dresses horribly. I don’t understand why she doesn’t dress to flatter her body. Wear clothes that fit.

Wu on

Kim doesn’t carry well..she looks like a horse…(maybe because she is a horse ?)

Sara on

She really should hide a lot more.

Nora on

I don’t normally click on anything to do with the Kartrashians; but seeing the title made me wince. Why would any woman who was pregnant because she and her husband/partner wanted to be. Why hide it? Why try to hide it? Those people are morons. I just don’t see the popularity at all.

Better than u on

Because I don’t judge women on how they dress, she looks great 🙂 If she wants to wear skin tight stuff then she should, ya’ll are just jealous. Calling a mother a pig, who do you think you are? Your mother would be ashamed, women don;t have to look sexy all the time, especially not for your sorry asses 😉

Maureen Mizuno on

To me she always seems to look obscene. There is class or sophistication to how she carries herself. All she wants to do is show as much of her body as possible in public, which is not very attractive. She looks like a human cow for lack of a better expression. However, she has made a fortune doing it. I don’t understand why but whatever floats your boat.

Tawrens on

I wonder why she thinks she’s so important that people would spread rumors about her sorry skanky ass. Her fake boobs are bigger then her belly at 5 months says something about this superficial white trash. Nobody cares your preggers. Nobody gives a damn about your sorry ass.

Judith Hauver on

She looks morbidly obese, not pregnant.

Limo Liberals UGH on

She is not above wearing prosthetics and photoshopping pics…I can’t stand her. That whole family. UGH.

Tawrens on

For all those ragging on posters for ragging on Kim get a life. She was lucky North was healthy considering she’s doing the same here that she did with North squeezing into too tight clothing. Preeclampsia is dangerous to both mother and child. One or both can lose their lives from it. North is nothing more then an accessory to her like a necklace. She dresses her up like a Barbie doll and she’ll do the same to this child. Call for the kid for pictures otherwise completely ignore the child. There are no more self involved ego driven people the Kanye and Kim. Naming their kid North West? I don’t care they’ll call her Nori because everyone else is calling her North which at best will get snickers, at worst she’ll be the target of bullies. Something they don’t care about because they named her something they thought was cute not thinking it through saddling her with a name that is a bully target.

Elizabeth on

WOW soooo many haters on here! I don’t care what you think about her personally, but to open fire verbally at a pregnant woman is just wrong! Carrying a child is beautiful, I don’t care who it is. God blessed her and Kanye regardless of who y’all *think* they are and I say good for them! Congrats on the boy! Kim, you are a beautiful, curvy woman and I love your confidence. Much love!

Guest on

At least buy a good support bra.

trish on

Doesn’t look any different today than she did months ago.
I will nvever understand why this woman is famous.
Any other woman and she wold be bullied as to her body size etc.
Every man that has dared to join this family, has bolted. Does that no speak volumes?

Kelly122 on

You know, I’m not a fan of Kim or her family. I think she’s a vapid, UN-talented little twit with nothing ,ugh to offer the world. However, the body-shaming that I see going on here is disgraceful! When did it becom okay to insult and ravage someone for their looks just because you don’t like them? People defend Kelly Clarkson and say people shouldn’t insult the way she looks, but then turn around and rip Kim K. To shreds for her looks? I get it, you don’t like her, but don’t be a hypocrite! Either you dislike body-shaming for everyone, or you’re a hypocritical bully. Pick one.

Trutharian on

The day she does a naked belly photoshoot Ill believe it.
Remember, Kim K recently was very angry that a pap shot her in her backyard naked? That was probably because she didnt have her fake pregnancy belly on…It was hushed up pretty quick. The Kardashians probably paid them off.

rm on

I’d really wish she knew how to dress a bit more appropriate now that she’s pregnant….but seems like she doesn’t.

Anonymous on

she looks beautiful

jujokki on

BAHAHAHA, yes Kim, everyone thought you were faking it because you “looked so skinny”…You faking something? Lying?

carol on

How can she be due in June if she’s 5 months now?? It must be an elephant!

Jennifer on

Someone needs to tell her that she’s too fat for her clothes, and especially her bra.

NYC on

Kim can’t wear flats. She has to always wear heels or she will look short, fat & stumpy.

Amanda on

I am not a fan of hers at all. Nothing against her, but not really my cup of tea… But most of you guys are just awful mean people. How can you look at a woman and have comments like “pig”, “cow” “you were never skinny”, “deluded”… The list keeps going on. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. She is trying to share her joy of pregnancy, and all you can do is make fun of her weight gain.
People should be congratulating her for her pregnancy, not caught up in our society’s need for “the perfect figure”. She shared something happy, and most of you just turned around and insulted her for saying she gained weight. At the end of the day, who cares if she gained weight, even if she wasn’t pregnant? As long as she is happy for who she is, and she loves herself, who really cares what she’s wearing, or what she weights?
Now, dont get me wrong, she shouldn’t be wearing heels while pregnant… But no one should be wearing heels ever. They do serious damage to your bones and ligaments, something that can be made worse by pregnancy.
In the end, she shared part of her life with the world, and the world turned around and had nothing nice to say. You people who are making such nasty comments hide behind your computer screen, thinking its ok to say those things about her. Well its not. Ever. You should say those things about people, in person or online. They hurt. Every day people hurt themselves because of the nasty things bullies say to them. Well I’ve got news for you, the only “nasty” people are the ones who are willing to intentionally say mean and hurtful things about another person. Please go take a long look in the mirror and think about what kind of a person you are… Because what kind of person is willing to say that about someone else?

The Captain on

Thar she blows!

Jane on

When was she so skinny?

Terrisa on

She isn’t pregnant. First, the gender came to early. Red flag. Second, her body has not changed except belly fat and hips, which is where she always plumps up. Third her torso is short, you can’t hide a fetus, which is firm and round. My advice get loose clothes and have a better designer for the fake bump! You are going to need it if you think you can pull this off. Not!!!! Should have paid closer attention to your north pregnancy!

Kayla on

What a bunch of haters. She looks great! She’s pregnant so calling her a fat cow is disgusting.What pregnant women shouldn’t gain weight?? Get real people, I’m not even a fan of hers but bashing her body when she is carrying a child is just sick. She probably has a better body pregnant than half of you hating on her. Jealous!!

gina stoll on

Sorry, Kim, but you were NEVER skinny!

Michelle Gonzales on

Please get a bra that fits!

cmmu on

when did it become socially acceptable to poke fun at a pregnant woman? would you like to be called a cow while pregnant? words never hurt until they’re directed at you.

Laura on

These comments are hilarious! Thanks for the laughs, everyone.

Kardash on

Females tearing down other females? SHOCKING.

People claim to hate the Kardashians, and yet they garner the most responses on any tabloid site. If you take the time to come on here and rant about how much you hate her and how fat she is, you are only perpetuating the attention you claim she doesn’t deserve.

I love the Kardashians, as they are my favorite guilty pleasure.

You’re all sitting anonymously behind a computer talking trash on a pregnant woman. At least she puts a public face to any of her negative behavior.

Be positive. Say things that are productive for society. The energy you put into the world, is the energy that comes back to you. That includes mean comments online, on this article, or anywhere else.

Susan Bourgeois on

Skinny?????? What kind of mirror is she looking into?

theresa on

Get a bra that actually fits. Nice crater for a belly button hole–clothes a bit tight?

Shannon on

Wow. Why on earth does everyone feel the need to attack this pregnant woman??? I agree some looser fitting clothes would be more flattering but do we really have to resort to all the name calling? Shheesh

Linda on

Could you please invest in some good foundation garments (foundation garments are bra’s, underpants, slips) So very sick and tired of seeing your junk bouncing around. It’s really gross.

Tonja on

She’s delusional she has never been skinny. Lol

cheryl on


lee on

I think it is ridiculous that a person who has gained fame by being famous because she is a slut. I am not a hater, but who cares what that fat cow has to say about being pregnant. I am only posting because I am so bored

Hotness on

That doesn’t look like a baby bump. It looks like a food baby. This pic does not dismiss any of the rumors. She should have gotten a surrogate because her body never snapped back from North. And she’s only 5mons preggo and already this fat!

Merelyashadow on

Proof positive that money can’t buy class.

Terri on

Pregnancy bumps are usually in the front, not the rear.

Grandma on

“Skinny” is not a word that describes KK, not for a long long time.

isa on

She looks like a a busted can of biscuits.

Commentor on

That 20 pounds is not all baby. Look at those thighs. Ugh.

nanamna on

Duh! No hiding the fact that she is really pregnant because she usually has her bobs and tummy exposed for us all to see!

Anonymous on

This is an old article. Why are you reposting it?

Aurelie on

Cracks me up how y’all are hating on her. Haha, you people got nothing better to do. It’s entertainment, for God’s sake!

dearkim on

Dear Kim K.,
You look stupid. Please wear clothes that fit & make your growing body look better.

That’s all.

Internet person who cares

seabot on

I hate to break this to you Kim. but NO ONE ever thought your weight was behind your surrogacy. And you still don’t look pregnant, you just look overweight.

Brandi on

I’m surprised to still see this story in the news feed when People originally posted it over a week ago. Must be a slow news day! We definitely get it…Kim is pregnant and starting to show in her usual assortment of too-tight clothing. Time to retire this article and put more current and interesting stuff up (and preferably of the non-Kardashian/Jenner variety)!

Naun21 on

she makes me want to “mooooooooo”

Nicole on

You can’t stuff a pound of ground round into a shot glass, Kim.

Matt on

what a worthless whore

Shell on

She always looks like she stuffs herself into her clothing.

Sigourney on

Her feet will blow up soon as they did the first time, the straps of her sandals painfully cutting into her feet. She’s not faking her pregnancy, stupids. There are too many physical manifestations.

Jenny on

I still think she’s faking. She just isn’t wearing her Spanx in this picture.

Linda on

Such a gross woman!!! Has to show her privates constantly.

Bellablue on

Skinny she never was. Since she wants to look sexy all the time (that why she’s either half naked or tight clothes) she needs to know she can still look sexy in maternity clothes

Michele on

U could hide it but insist on wearing those f-ing awful tight clothes. Livin up to the wh0re name.

SiempreFe on

You all should be ashamed. As I read these comments I got tears in my eyes. Who are ANY of you to judge her? She’s wearing a form fitting dress, with spanx and heels; she isn’t walking down the street with a bottle of vodka and a cigarette. When you have fertility issues, you want to share it with the world when you’ve conceived (as she did), and if you haven’t (most) want to enlighten others by sharing how they’re going to grow their family (surrogacy, adoption, etcetera). Calling a woman a “fat call”, commenting on the size of her hips, the ugliness of her period is a deplorable thing to do. Grow up.

vc on


Kathy on

I don’t believe for a moment Kim is pregnant. The fake bump is rather obvious, one can actually see where it starts LOL……and how convenient that all of a sudden she keeps wearing overcoats where ever she goes…I wonder what she’s trying to hide? In “I’m Cait” she was asked by Cait’s Mother to take her coat off, her reply was…” my clothes don’t fit, my zip is only half up”…Yeah right, coz she can’t afford any clothes that fit…ahahahahaha Pull the other one Kim!!

nba on

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