Blake Lively Showcases the Perks of Breastfeeding in Bangkok

07/16/2015 at 10:15 AM ET

Blake Lively‘s adventures in Bangkok continue — with daughter James!

In between shooting scenes for her upcoming movie All I See Is You and exploring the countryside, the actress took time out to breastfeed her baby girl in front of a beautiful backdrop in a photo posted to her Instagram on Wednesday.

But despite the scenic snapshot, Lively, 27, admitted nursing on the go could get a bit sticky.

“The PERKS of breastfeeding. #YesThatsRiceInMyHair #BlondevsBronde #BrondeJamesBronde,” she captioned the candid photo.

Blake Lively breastfeeding daughter Instagram
Courtesy Blake Lively

But a bit of rice pales in comparison to the new mom’s luscious new locks, which she recently debuted while sitting on a suspended bridge.

“…Brondes have more fun #NoTypos-IKnowIThinkItsCrazyToo,” she wrote alongside a picture showcasing her new shade.

— Anya Leon

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Linda on

She reminds me of Hillary Duff, a used up star who needs to be in the spotlight all the time…..

Me on

Isn’t it amazing how blake is the first person ever to breast feed? Smh

Tina on

People will Instagram ANYTHING. Things only someone you know personally would care about.

Sam on

Isn’t it amazing how everyone gets offended when a celebrity posts something on Instagram that isn’t even offensive? No where does she say she’s the first to breast feed or that breast feeding is a must. She’s actually just using a photo that Loreal, her sponsor, has already posted for their Blonde vs Bronde nonsense. I guess they realized that they wanted more buzz so they had her post it too. I don’t see the problem or why anyone needs to comment negatively on it. But to each their own I guess.

Lauren on

Her boobs are fake though. What is the baby “eating”, silicone??

Anonymous on

She looks like Colbie Caillat ! Prettyyy

Lisa on

not getting enough attention?

Bem on

So tired of articles about breastfeeding! Why is this lactivist cult crap being shoved in our faces so much lately? It’s creepy. Feed your baby however you want – breast or bottle – but why does it need to be publicized? Since when is it a sideshow to feed a kid? This must be part of the whole “selfie” generation” mentality: “Gotta get attention for every single thing I do 24/7, and then wait for something I do to become controversial to someone so I can get even more attention”.

Em on

@Bem- couldn’t agree more!!!

Hah on

LOL, all your comments are hilarious. Much more entertaining than the initial post or the article.

Nope on

Her breasts are not fake, just the nose has been altered. nice try though

Ariel on

I love articles about breastfeeding– we need anything that can help normalize and encourage it for our backwards culture.

Anna on

Yes, her breasts are fake. Google is your friend

arabrabbra on

GORGEOUS! LOVE HER! Keep up the breastfeeding avocation! So many people opt for nasty formula simply for convenience. Nothing more gorgeous and natural than feeding your baby the way nature designed us to!

Derp on

Great. She has mammary glands. Does she want a freakin’ medal or something? Instagram is for losers and narcissists.

k george on

Disgusting! I hate when people have to show themselves breastfeeding. No one wants to see it, it is rude!!

seabot on

I can’t believe people are still childish enough to be offended by a child eating.

Ann on

What is the perk of breastfeeding in Bangkok…There is no difference breastfeeding there or anywhere else.Is she going to say the same thing, if she is in Paris.

Ami on

Agreed with every thing you said. The rage is laughable.

Cat on

I love how people get offended by Blake sharing something she loves about being a Mom. Isn’t that what social media is all about? And my guess is she has FRIENDS who follow her and might enjoy the picture for what it is. I certainly did. It’s just Mom life – even in a glamorous location with a gorgeous body you still have to feed your kid and get rice in your hair. Just goes to show she is a pretty normal gal 😉 I have BF pics too and I cherish them.

Pam on

Ooh good for her on breastfeeding not using formulas!

Ang on

I can’t fit the life of me understand why people would comment negatively about this. She’s a mum feeding her child. Normal, natural, beautiful. Everyday life.
She’s not saying she’s the first to breastfeed. She’s not saying she deserves a medal. Instagram/social media is for posting pictures of your life. This is her life.
Some of these comments are ridiculous.
And as for breastfeeding is disgusting/ no kne wants to see it. Grow up!! Really. Stop sexualising breast when they were MADE to feed babies and sustain human life!!

Tawrens on

I get breastfeeding is a beautiful bonding moment but why do these supposed celebrities need to share it with the world?

Hannah Evans on

@ BEM I co-sign everything you just said.

Hannah Evans on

@ Nope Umm I’m pretty sure Blake got implants after “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” so they are fake

Liz on

My Daughter is having her first baby due August 1st..I supportted her wanting to breatfeed..but then she went in thr bathroom at PF Changs and saw a women in there breatfeeding her 10 year old son..they were both thrown out. She changed her cause it made her sick. Feed your baby how you want its your choice. Stop downing formula I have 4 kids formula fed there all purfect thats what I chose to do. Natural or not!! Not everybody is in to natural. If you think your breatfed babies or any better or different that formula babies your are sadly mistaken. My kids and grandkids are very healthy and happy and bonded just as well as boob babies. No regrets

Willa on

Pretty photo. Must be nice.