Stacy Keibler Felt like a ‘Warrior’ After Drug-Free Home Birth

07/15/2015 at 11:30 AM ET

Stacy Keibler felt like she went through a war after giving birth to daughter Ava Grace at home last August, sans drugs. But she says it was the best kind of battle — and she’d happily do it all over again.

“I felt like we went to war together. I kept saying, ‘Ava’s a warrior. I’m a warrior.’ It was one of my mantras that I would say. Then when she came out, I feel like we had this bond that we had just fought together,” she tells Ricki Lake in a new video for The Business of Being Born.

Keibler, 35, credits the film with helping her and husband Jared Pobre make decisions about her pregnancy and Ava’s birth.

“Watching The Business of Being Born changed everything for my husband and I,” she says. “We really wanted to research midwives and wanted to learn as much as we could about doing things more naturally.”

Stacy Keibler Ava
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Specifically, Keibler says she chose to stay extra healthy during her pregnancy, to give her the stamina she anticipated needing for childbirth. She and her husband chose a midwife and doula who had the “right energy” and says she also wrote up a two-page birth plan, with instructions on what to do if she was required to go to the hospital.

“If I had to go to the hospital, they pretty much couldn’t do anything unless it was an emergency situation,” she recalls. “I just want to help educate other women out there because there’s so many choices I didn’t realize I could make.”

The actress and model’s choices were put to the test even before she went into labor, with the baby being overdue and her OB suggesting induction. With the support of her midwife, Keibler says she knew she would not choose to be induced.

Ultimately, Keibler says labor lasted 19 hours, “and for 12 of those hours my water hadn’t even broken yet.”

To combat the pain, she repeated mantras and tried to visualize herself with her baby in her arms.

In the end, not everything went exactly according to plan, but Keibler chalks that up to a perfect introduction for her journey ahead.

“I really think it prepared me for motherhood,” she explains. “You’re going to go through a lot of things you don’t expect. I had my weakest and strongest moments. I’ll have those again being a mother.”

— Kathy Ehrich Dowd

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Sandra on

I can’t imagine doing that for 19 hrs, but if it was what you wanted then I say….You Go Girl!

Mandy on

Any woman who has a child is a warrior. Whether at home or in the hospital, without pain meds or with them.

Anonymous on

I’m glad she had such a positive experience, but I really hate when celebrities share “their way” of childbirth in the guise of educating women. Everybody’s childbirth experience is their own and shouldn’t be judged.

Megan on

I am eagerly waiting for the arrival of my nephew, whose mother (my sister-in-law) is having a home birth. She is more than 10 days over due. This is her second baby, first one was almost 10 lbs (9lbs 12 or13oz- I can’t remember), she had uncontrolled bleeding and was in labor more than 50 hours. I don’t believe she is a candidate for home birth, but she wants to be in control no matter what. I just keep praying that she and the baby make it through this process.

Zelda on

Check out Hurt by Homebirth and have your hearts broken. The Business of Being Born is one of the most scandalous docs I’ve ever seen. Frankly, I don’t understand this movement to birth at home without meds. It’s very narcissistic and it’s always all about the mom and her precious birth plan. What about her precious child? So you can crow about being a warrior later? Unreal.

krtmom on

Many woman and their babies would die without medical intervention during and after birth. Why take your chances if you don’t need to? I would be dead if I wasn’t in a hospital after birthing my daughter. It’s all well and good until something goes wrong! BTW, all mommies are fierce warriors!!!

OhPlease on

While I’m glad she had a positive experience, she would be telling a different story had there been complications. She is not an expert, so she need not try to “educate” other women based on her one (positive) labor and delivery experience. Also, kudos for no drugs; however a medicated birthing experience does not make a woman any less of a warrior.

OhPlease on

One more thing: My “birth plan” was simply to have a healthy baby and mommy at the end. Two pages worth of details with instructions on what to do if taken to the hospital? I would leave that up to my DOCTOR, who should know what’s best for me and baby.

maryhelenc on

I’ve always felt like women who brag about their drug free birth & how powerful it makes them feel are just looking for a pat on the back. I’ve had a drug free birth & one with medication (no epidural, because my older two were born at hospitals without & my youngest came too quickly for any meds) & after all three I didn’t feel like a warrior, I was glad it was over! It always feels like they want to make moms who had a C-section or took the pain meds feel somehow deficient, when every woman & body is unique.

My best friend laboured for nine hours & the nurse offered her the epidural & when she said she had to go natural, said it best “There is no medal for going drug free. It doesn’t make you special. You choose what’s best for you, because no matter what, you all leave with a baby & that’s what counts.”

Ariel on

Hooray for unmedicated home birth! Hooray for getting education. I’ve done birth both ways, and one is definitely more warrior-like (and awesome and healthier).

Lauren on

Congrats on your drug-free lavender-scented home water birth complete with your doula delivering your baby in a fairy costume while Enya plays in the background. Sounds like your event planner really pulled this one off.

Anonymous on


ejny on

To each his own. I had pain free deliveries (epidural) that were fast & are beautiful memories. Pain free deliveries let you focus on the baby and miracle of birth but again it’s a personal choice.

Kmongan711 on

Inducted? I am still stuck on this…is there any editing done at People these days? I think you meant INDUCED.

Tina on

Happy she had a healthy baby. But why is she still in the news?

charlotte on

i think it’s a stretch to call her an actress PEOPLE mag. and baby Ava looks like a baby Evan !! not a pretty little girl……….

Susan on

This is Stacey’s choice and not necessarily other women’s choices. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a baby in the hospital with pain meds. Look at the latest Duggar whose mom prefers to have home births. She had a C Section but it was not disclosed until much later and I will assume there was a preference to not even disclose anything about the C Section. However, she got pregnant and married shortly after her Clooney breakup. Hope this lasts for her.

Kim on

ALL women who give birth are warriors – regardless of whether she uses medication or not. This is so ridiculous!

amyinoaktown on

Beautiful family!

tooquiet4me2005 on

Good for her. And she’s a warrior, too, for having survived Clooney.

karen on

Does she expect to be Mother of the Year? Get over yourself.

Anonymous on

All women who give birth are warriors. I had to have an emergency C-section, took 2 doctors to pull him out of my pelvis, pulling so hard my body was coming up off the table, lost so much blood they thought they would have to give me a transfusion, and took 2 hours to stitch my poor uterus up. I’m sorry Stacy, but that’s being a warrior. No pain meds and giving birth at home does not mean you are a warrior.

Bem on

Good for her, but I will take my hospital and painkillers and still feel like a “warrior” when my child is born. Choosing to feel the pain and not be surrounded by hospital staff fully prepared for any outcome and a nearby NICU (just in case) does not make your birth experience any more noble than a woman chooses the opposite. Bringing my child into the world in the safest way possible is my top priority – not bragging rights or some puffed up attitude about being a “warrior” because I eschewed all modern day medical interventions.

cj on

I don’t care if she had a C-section, natural delivery, at home or the hospital. This “Natural Childbirth” and birth plan crack me up. I bet women back at the beginning of time could have the choice to have a healthy baby and live to see that child if they could! How about these celebrities aging naturally too?! Why is it always intervention to stay under 30 looking? Women have babies everyday and the health of the child is the only thing that matters in the end. Not how you got to the end! I could naturally have my teeth pulled at home too but I’ll go to the dentist and have no pain, but hey to each their own.

lynne on

After having two children with very different labors (although they were both 25 hours and I prepared for them very similarly), it seems to me that chance/luck has a lot to do with being able to birth from home. This is her first (?), so she might not realize how lucky she was that she was able to have the kind of birth that she wanted. There are a lot of variables that, no matter how fit or healthy or prepared the mom is, she can’t control. I agree that any woman who has a child is a warrior, although I will say that, for whatever reason, I personally felt much more empowered after my un-medicated birth than the one where I ended up with a complication and received an epidural. Nonetheless, I would not have opted for a home birth in either situation. It seems much too risky for both mom and baby and I’m not sure that everyone choosing it fully understands the risks.

beebeefaces on

Home births are all well and good unless you run into an emergency, then you are losing precious seconds calling the ambulance waiting for the ambulance and riding in the ambulance until you get to the hospital where hopefully they can still intervene before its too late. Abruptions, cord prolapse, hemmorhaging , rapid onset of pre-eclampsia or HELLP syndrome are all things that can happen to anyone, healthy or not.

guest on

I believe this is what we call a humblebrag.

Get over yourself Stacy.

Maria on

I think this movement is about women making individual choices. She made this choice. Right on! I live in an area with a lot of home births, and the vast majority are fine, uncomplicated. I also taught special ed for a bit. Many students suffered complications during birth AT A HOSPITAL.

Unfortunately, we really need to accept and understand that childbirth can’t be a guaranteed safe procedure, no matter where or how you chose to do it. And, for the love of God or Goddess, or whoever, quit reading other people’s stories as a statement about your own decisions. No where is this more prevalent than in parenting and mothering.

Lyanna on

It is a serious thing to have a good birth experience. Those who are bashing Stacey because she had a good experience sound like sour grapes. Birth is meant to be just that, giving birth, not an operation. For those emergencies that require an operation, thank goodness we have them. However, the idea that “healthy mom, healthy baby” may be enough for some, but not for all.

egni knov on

Big deal in Europe a lot of babies are born at home it is a very natural thing.With a Midwife and Doctor in attendance,very peaceful.
I was born at home so were my Brother and Sister.
Why do people make such a big deal about it,granted if something is wrong they bring you to the Hospital of course.

lisa on

I completely agree with cynic1018… as well as .. not a cute baby.

drgrady on

That is one adorable baby girl! And a gorgeous family picture.

Guest on

Drugs/No Drugs. Breastfeed/Bottlefeed. Do what’s right for you, and try not to listen to “celebrity” experts! BTW, who cleans up after a home birth? Childbirth is messy, and I doubt the new mom feels like dong it. I wouldn’t bet on the midwife or doula doing it either.

SC on

Guess what? I felt like a warrior giving birth via c-section. It was either that or the baby and I died. After it all, I was happy to have my other two scheduled that way. Its difficult no matter how you deliver the child, but you are no less a hero if you don’t give birth naturally. Are Moms who adopt any less heroic? Are they any less of a woman or a mother? Of course not, whether or not we even give birth – we are all warrior women!

KL on

That’s good for her but any woman who has a baby with/without drugs is a warrior!!

emma on

I’ve had everyone of my children without drugs and so have lots of other women. What the hell make her so special?

CareBear on

She should ditch the Bjorn and get a carrier like a Tula which is a much more ‘natural’ way for the baby to be carried. 😉 Couldn’t help myself!

Callie on

That baby is so CUTE; she is always smiling.

ashes2005 on

Some of you are vile for calling a young baby girl ugly! You people are what is wrong with this world.

Cat on

More power to her for making the choice that was best for her and her family. And shame on the women (I’m guessing it’s all women…) who say that having a home birth makes you more of a “warrior” than a hospital birth. Neither of my daughters would be alive if I had opted for a home birth and one was natural one emergency c-section. Neither birth made me feel like a warrior. To be honest I felt like a failure both times. With my first because she was in the NICU for a few days for mec aspiration, something I could have done nothing about but felt guilty over all the same. The second was breech and there was no way to turn her as my water was gone and women are shamed so much about c-sections I felt like I did something wrong. Think about that the next time you tell someone they did it wrong or they aren’t as much of a “warrior” as you. Try being kind and understanding that what works for one won’t work for another. I know that is what I needed and was lucky enough to get from those who loved me.

Estherita on

Luckily, everything went well. As an OB, all i can say, is that it is a great risk to deliver at home. Many times, everything goes well, but when there’s a serious emergency, you can’t do anything. You can choose to deliver without any medicines at the hospital, and if there’s any emergency, you are already there.
2 pages of instructions of what to do? This is crazy. Every mother is a warrior, independently of what kind of delivery they had. Who is she to give advice to other women? Please, think

Cardemom on

Yes..thats absolutely right Mandy!!!

Momof3girls on

I had three C-sections..three girls..ages are now 24, 10 & 9…they are all are non stop talkers and I should have included “drama” in ALL their names…I love them to pieces….AND I’M A WARRIOR!!!!!

Trisha on

Why is it whenever women want to talk about their natural childbirth, do other women feel the need to defend their own? I’ve had two births, one medicated and one not and they were vastly different experiences. I loved my planned home birth and it was very empowering and guess what, you do feel like a warrior! But talking about how amazing that was doesn’t mean that the ways other birth are inferior? Who comes up with this mommy bashing?! Do your research, hire someone who practices evidence based care and have your baby! Why criticize other people for talking about their experiences? Why does talking about one cause such a visceral reaction in others?! Can’t we just support each other?!

Baby love on

We forget that we are so lucky to live in a time when we have all the medical advantages that save women’s live. Do you know how many women used to die during childbirth? A lot.

This whole craze of home births, etc. is too much. Look at Jill Duggar, she almost killed herself and the baby.

And Stacey says that her birth plan called for no medical intervention unless an emergency….. Honey, you are missing the whole point!! The point is to PREVENT an emergency, cut it off at the pass, do things that stop the emergency in the first place!

Ricki Lake is a QUACK!

And here is the only birth plan needed:
Goals: healthy mom and baby

Leslie on

Oh my goodness. There is so much pain in these comments. I am so sorry you all hurt so badly!! Clearly many of you are feeling painfully conflicted because you feel that her lovely home birth is a personal attack against your choices and experiences. What happened to you all must have been so horrible. I’m sorry you are all so sad. I pray that you will be comforted and stand in your own power, and allow other women the space to stand in their own power as well.

CGB on

Homebirth is not for everyone. It takes a lot of education and commitment and a very skilled midwife in attendance. The women who fear problems, pain and disasters during labor and birth are definitely better off in the hospital with an OB, fetal monitors and medications.

marieburtness on

Wow, what is wrong with all these people taking offense are her story. She didn’t bash anyone who had a hospital birth or a C-section. How about we just support each other in our own personal individual choices, and say, “You go, girl!” We are all warriors in birth, and this article didn’t say that she was the only one. Please stop this cattiness and offense and be supportive.

If you do your research on evidence-based studies and care, home birth is a very safe method of labour and delivery. If you continue your research, you will find that more hospital births have complications due to unnecessary interventions. The danger is not at home, as so many of you think, but is more often than not in the hospitals, where a woman’s body is not allowed to labour naturally. She is not being ignorant in her choice of home birth. It is completely safe and also significantly decreases your chances of C-sections and risks.

girlie on

1st of all, I would never take advice from this woman! This read more like an endorsement ad instead of an article. Secondly, the baby looks like George Clooney. Not being smart, I think she does.

Mindful Memory Keeping on

I planned a natural delivery for my second after an epidural with my first. I am happy I had an understanding nurse with my second who let me labor standing up. With my first I felt claustrophobic stuck in bed the entire time. I now realize that standing is how my body wants to labor. What’s most important is women feel empowered and safe to ask questions when it comes to birthing. I wish a comfortable and safe birth experience to all women.

Anna on

Man some of these comments astound me! Yes, no woman is less of a warrior than another simply based on the way she births. I don’t think that Ms. Kiebler was trying to imply that she’s more of a warrior. I think she simply meant that she felt like a warrior. This article and what she has to say isn’t trying to convince everyone that they shouldn’t use hospitals or doctors, but that birth has become so doctor controlled and shifting away from informed consent. When it comes to birth, it seems that a lot of women think they can’t question what their doctor is telling them and that simply because their doctor says it, it needs to happen. It’s scary how many women don’t even get a chance to birth how they wish because it wasn’t convenient for the doctor. Birth trauma is a real thing people! You can feel depression because birth didn’t go like you pictured and sometimes the worst really does happen. It’s not a bad thing to question your doctor. Yes, they went to school in order to learn their skill, but just like anything else, information and procedures can change. Technology grows, information expands. Did you know the U.S. has the highest c-section rate of any developed country? It’s 30%! That means almost 1 in 3 women are having MAJOR surgery to birth their babies and yet there aren’t as many issues like there were even 100 years ago. We also have a high maternal and infant mortality rate because of unnecessary interventions. We should question why these things are happening. We should gather knowledge about what is happening to our bodies and how to prepare for labor and delivery. We should be INFORMED because it is our RIGHT!

Little Black Duck on

People are actually calling hte kid ugly? Seriously? She’s not bragging, homebirth is a big deal in the staets and other countries because it is not supported by the system. Many, many amen don’t realise that they have choices, that’s her point. A medicalisd birth can leave women feeling quite the opposite of a warrior when they are treated like children with dehumanising, unconsented and unecessary procedures. We do want obstétriciens and anaesthesiologists to save us when something goes wrong. Unfortunately the approach taken by most hospitals these days is to disrupt the process. We don’t see cardiologists stopping our hearts so they can go and restart them again. Yet this is what happens for many healthy women in labour in hospital wards. Let them get off their backs, eat, drink. be comfortable, be private, get informed consent for all procedures in the absence of an emergency and avoid induction until 42 weeks. This is one area of medicine where, unfortunately, docrtors often do not know best.

Sarah on

Why is it so bad for this woman to share her positive birth experience? Women need to share their birth experience, it is a day they will replay in their mind and tell their children for the rest of their lives. Your birth experience is part of how you became a mother! Shame on everyone one of you who is shaming this woman for being happy about the way she gave birth. The comments that say any woman who has a child is a warrior is absolutely right! If your happy with your birth story that involves an home, a hosptial, a tub, an epidural, or a c-section, thats amazing! Every woman should have the birth THEY want. Not the birth some else judges is right, wrong, or best. Many women do not even KNOW about home birth. So yes, education is important, and learning about ALL the ways to give birth is important so that each woman can make up her own mind.

Angie on

Wow, so many angry and bitter women here. I just had a home birth and believe me I do not like pain and being in labor for 20+ hours was not exactly fun. I did not do it because I wanted to call myself a “warrior” or to prove anything to anyone. I did it because it was the healthiest thing for me and my baby. No one really knows what the long term affects are of all these interventions and chemicals we put in our bodies while pregnant and giving birth. I wanted to give my daughter the very best shot at being healthy and I felt a natural childbirth would do that. Not because I wanted a gold medal that I could brag about.

Jess on

I realize that every woman is amazing no matter how she gives birth and that homebirth is not always an option. But, it is a valid option that women are allowed to make and if done with a competent midwife with a good backup plan, can be very safe and wonderful for the baby and the parents. My second was born at home with my awesome midwife and it was the perfect choice for that birth. It might not be for future children but that’s the wonderful thing about education and options, we get to choose what’s best for us at the time.

Anonymous on

What a beautiful story! shame on all the people cutting her down. Why can’t we just share her joy rather than criticize her choices? it doesn’t matter if you agree with what she did or not. It’s a positive story about her positive experience. It worked for her and her family and that’s wonderful.

brynsjustice on

Good for you Stacy! It’s amazing when women educate themselves, empower themselves, and TRUST THEIR BODIES. One day we will hopefully live in a world where women do not rely on doctors for routine births, believing in their bodies to do what they were made to do. I hope some of these hateful commenters research the interventions they made during their births and learn which ones were necessary, and which ones weren’t.

brynsjustice on

And calling a baby “not cute” and saying this precious little one looks like a boy is very immature. Please grow up and act like a lady.

G on

Wow. LOTS of people being unnecessarily defensive and nasty! So what if she said she felt like a warrior? I don’t think we need to say that every mom is a warrior because she didn’t say that. The article wasn’t about other mothers, it was about HER and HER experience. It wasn’t about birthing experience as a whole, so why do we need her to say that every mother is a warrior? Also, there’s no reason to believe that women who choose homebirth do so as commentary on anyone whose experience is or might be different than theirs. She didn’t need a hospital, so what? I don’t need to go to the dr every day, and by not doing so, I’m not being snobby to everyone else who might have had to that day. If she did need a hospital, awesome, we have them! Medicine isn’t offended when we choose not to use it, so I do not understand people getting offended when other people choose to use it differently. I chose homebirth for my third baby because my first two births taught me I didn’t NEED the hospital to give birth. Looking back, I hadn’t NEEDED to birth at all in a hospital. But I wasn’t spitting in the eye of anyone by choosing a homebirth. And being in a hospital has risks, just as being out of one does. Most women aren’t educated about the risks of birthing in a hospital, and that is where her experience can be educational. And if somene chooses to be ignorant on matters such as birth, that’s fine. That is their choice to make. But getting all cockeyed about someone choosing to know more makes no sense. Doctors are knowledgeable. But they are also human and are limited by their own education (either in school or on their own–sometimes inaccurately). Look at all the pediatricians who know false or completely inaccurate information about breastfeeding, yet they are the first person women go to on feeding their child. Look at all the doctors who know false or completely inaccurate information on VBACs. Gaining the knowledge to be an advocate for yourself, and acting upon what you are willing to accept based on that knowledge isn’t something to be scoffed at. People need to stop feeling like other people’s choices are a personal attack on their own choices. If you feel defensive, then maybe you aren’t actually ok with how things went or with what you chose. Make peace with it then! It’s your experience. OWN it! It’s not anyone else’s job to make sure their experience, their description of that experience and how they came to experience it doesn’t meet someone else’s notions of a similar experience.

Nicole on

Maybe if more American hospitals instituted policies conducive to natural childbirth there would be less of an appeal to deliver at home. When you let women work with their bodies,(as in not keeping them bound to a hospital bed) whether in be through walking to progress labor or using a birthing ball through the contractions or delivering in warm water to make pushing easier, there is less of a need for risky interventions that only lead to more interventions. Inducing itself pretty much guarantees the need for an epidural, which slows down labor and leads to the use of damaging interventions such as forceps, vacuum, and episiotomy. This is why it is typically easier to recover from natural birth.

guest on

Stacy has a beautiful family I have always liked her and I’m glad all went well for her. Good for her on not using any kind of drugs doing birth. 19 hours of labor I don’t think I could have done it. But now she has a healthy beautiful daughter to show for it.

what's up?? on

What’s up with that kids nose? So weird looking and this chick is so annoying and is not a celebrity.

Becky on

Im so happy for Stacy and her beautiful family. I had a home birth with my second child, and it was amazing! I constantly regret that I didn’t educate myself enough with my first child, and had him in the hospital. I ended up having no voice in the delivery room, and it mentally scarred me for life. I would have a home birth again in a heart beat. It was the best decision I ever made!

life goes on on

I was 38 hours in labor without any drugs. My daughter was born before that time. My second birth took only 2 hours.

christine loewen on

Blah, blah, blah…

TimTam on

I wonder why some women who have medicated hospital births get so defensive when someone else mentions that they had a unmedicated homebirth? I never see homebirth women getting upset about women who had medicated hospital births though…. It always comes off like serious insecurity if you feel the need to compare and judge someone just because they chose a different journey than you did. No where did this article mention that she thought she was superior to other moms who had different birth stories, just that she felt like a strong warrior giving birth, which most women do. No one reading this should feel like something is being taken away from them or that they are being put down. She did her research and made a choice that felt right to her…doesn’t everyone? What’s to be so upset about?

Mel on

I’m glad she had a positive experience. However, it really makes mom of an emergency c-section like myself seem like we too didn’t fight a war. My battle wounds are still sore and numb 10 months later. I would have given my life as long as my son was ok. Congrats to her but ALL mothers are warriors regardless of how we have our babies.

guest on

Kind of tired of reading why is she still in the news comments. How about She has fans. She is still one of the prettiest women I have seen and she has a very lovely family now. Good for Stacy wish nothing but the best for her and her family.

ftmom on

These comments are really appalling. If you take one person’s birth experience as a personal attack on you and your choices, then maybe you should seek some help or grief counseling or something. This is one person’s birth, she did what was right for HER, just like you did whatever was right for YOU. No one is saying your choice was wrong, there are many options for birth nowadays.

This “all that matters is a healthy baby” mentality is WRONG and it needs to go away. This mentality is what is causing women all over America to have PPD because they feel like they are not allowed to grieve over the way their birth went, and it makes the excuse that obstetrical violence towards a woman is OK because the mother doesn’t matter. A healthy baby is not all that matters, the mother’s health and dignity matter too. Suicide is a main cause of death for new mothers, and crappy birth experiences and lack of support is the cause. And in this country of over medications and interventions is not necessarily safer, we are seeing more and more that the outcomes for moms and babies are poor here compared to other countries. Csection rates are sky high, over half of them are unnecessary! Choosing a hospital birth does not necessarily mean you are safer.

sarah on

Your kid got a scholarship? Congratulations!
You had a beautiful wedding! I’m so happy for you!
You received a promotion at work? Great job!
You get to take a European vacation? How exciting!
You have fond memories of the day your child was born? How dare you say that?! What are you implying? That I’m not as good as you? You must think you’re special and better than everyone else!

Becca on

Why, exactly, is she a warrior? Just another typical Hollywood egotistical elitist who thinks too highly of herself and her abilities. She is no different than a woman who gives birth in a hospital with pain medication.

sarah on

Please notice that she also called her daughter a warrior. So obviously she’s not saying that only women who give birth without drugs are warriors. People need to calm down and support other women.

Ursula on

What a GORGEOUS birth story! What a fantastic experience for her, I’m sure it was a great start to parent hood for all three of them!

Dawn on

Congratulations on doing what women have been doing for centuries.

Jenny on

Why does sharing a positive story have to be bragging? She’s sharing her birth story, not judging yours. Home birth without drugs-awesome! Hospital birth with and epidural-awesome! Planned c/section-awesome! If it’s your choice – made with all the information and supported by qualified, knowledgable care providers then it is awesome and you are a warrior. She felt like a warrior. That does not make you any less of one after your own birth. We are all mothers doing what we feel is best for our children. My birth is as irrelevant to her birth story as yours is. Those of you tearing her down are the ones who are passing judgment, not her.

A Woman on

Jesus people. What is wrong with all of you? Why do women insist on knocking each other down all the time? She didnt say her way was the right way or only way. Nor is anyone. Birthing a child is a personal choice. Birthing a child at home isnt for everyone – for many reasons, most of which are personal. But, with that said, women who are low risk and dont have any complications during their pregnancy are great candidates for home birth. Trying to scare them or anyone by sending them to hurt by home birth or telling them they are irresponsible is un-motherly of you. Reading these comments filled with so much hate, judgement and anger is saddening. As a woman, im ashamed. She gave birth – BIRTH -. That in any form, is beautiful. Anyone who has given birth knows that after, you are on a high. You want to scream out your love and happiness. You want to share your story, whatever it may be. But to be greeted by monsters’ words like the ones im reading is cruel.
Just like no woman who chose or ended up with a c-section should be crucified for doing so, neither should a home birther, or pain med free-er, or a hospital birther, or breastfeeder, or formula-er, or cover up-er, or non-cover up-er…i could go on. They ALL created life. PERIOD.
I could share my own experience with hospital and home birth for my 3 children, as i have done both, but it doesnt matter. My experience is my own, it doesnt mean it should be everyone’s.

Women, when will we stop beating each other up and embrace each other as women, mothers and warriors?

Sarah on

What horrific comments!!! Way to rip a momma apart for *gasp* actually liking her birth experience. Home birth isn’t for everyone, hospital birth isn’t for everyone, epidurals are not for everyone and neither is natural birth. When she says she wants to help educate women, she’s talking about letting them know they have choices. She’s not saying everyone should give birth like her. I am happy for you and your family Stacy! Your family is gorgeous, and don’t let any of these ‘green eyed’ ladies taint your experience.

Lizzy on

The interview is great and it’s true that she can be proud of herself, but using “the medival times” as an example of why this is the way it is “ment to be ” is a bit ironic cos… you know… in medival times like 40% of women (and babys) died in labor so if you wanna use that as an example…better don’t

Mandy on

Look at that pic, such a cutie!!!

Becca on

I had my first at home with a midwife. 26 hours of labor and I wouldn’t change a thing! Second was born in a hospital (insurance wouldn’t cover a home birth again) with a midwife and I was only there for 12 hours. Being at home is the best. I was already adapted to the environment as is the baby. Good for her for enlightening other women. Doctors seem to only want to do what’s best for them and what’s least likely to end up in litigation. Birth is the most natural thing besides sex. And we don’t have doctors telling is how to do that!

Samantha on

I had a homebirth for my first, I think it’s ideal for low risk HEALTHY pregnancies. Hospitals are for medical problems, and most hospitals make you jump through all kinds of hoops and push all kinds of interventions on you not in the best interest of mother and child, but to avoid malpractice lawsuits and get those insurance payments. I didn’t pick homebirth because I wanted to feel like some kind of warrior….I have pretty low pain tolerance and an anxiety disorder actually but I chose it because it would be the best for my daughter….easy labor and birth lasting about 12 hours, my daughter was placed on my chest as soon as she came out and swaddled and in the cosleeper next to the bed after the placenta was out and she had her first colostrum. No injections, no baths, no stealing the cord blood, no sugar water, formula, heating lamps, no nonsense, just mother and newborn together as nature intended. And guess what? zero complications, and she almost doubled her weight by the end of the second week. She didn’t even have to go outside the first week at all because the midwife did the checkups at my home.
We have birth activists because women are being injured and traumatized by OBs who just see them as another vagina that needs to hurry up and spit out the baby already so they can get home in time for their shows. Many doctors have never seen a truly natural birth…..many midwives however have seen hundreds or thousands (in the case of the one I used personally) We have rigid “hospital policies” that are in place for the benefit of the doctors, not the patients, and when the patients don’t comply they are harassed and threatened. We have nurses sneaking behind the backs of nursing moms giving newborns formula which stretches their stomachs painfully. People need to wake up and get educated, and celebrities bringing it into the spotlight is a great start.

Zol on

Um her daughter is so adorable. Like a cutie pie.

Ella on

I love Stacy I loved reading her story she and all women who give birth are warriors. 19 hours nothing for pain I couldn’t do it. For all who can not read they are sating we have choices some may not know. If you think home birth is dangerous so is having one in the hospital. Wow wonder if that is why they ask if it comes between saving the mother or baby which one do you want them to save. I know because they asked me. Maybe some need to get over themselves. I read so birth stories I guess it was a way to make people read about yours. Grow up already.

Ceecee on

I had 3 home births and believe me I felt like a warrior as all caring mothers home or hospital should. It’s the highest of highs when that mission has completed. I think she just meant some doctors and nurses can steal your strength when they push things on you when you’re at your most vulnerable. And for the mothers who do it without pain meds in a hospital that is nothing short of amazing to me. Had I been in a hospital I don’t know if I could have refused.

Happy Home Birth on

I had 2 home births and I am so glad I chose non hospital environment. First one was at The Farm, and the second one with Lauren Slak Both of them are wonderful!