Simon Cowell Is ‘Absolutely Delighted’ Louis Tomlinson Is Going to Be a Dad

07/15/2015 at 05:00 PM ET

Simon Cowell Louis Tomlinson baby
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Simon Cowell was one of the first people to hear Louis Tomlinson‘s baby news, PEOPLE confirms.

One Direction heartthrob Tomlinson, 23, called Cowell three weeks ago to break the news that Briana Jungwirth is expecting their first child, a friend confirms.

“Simon was one of the first people Louis called after he’d told his family. Louis was so excited and he wanted to tell Simon himself,” the source tells PEOPLE.

The music mogul, 55, and Tomlinson are good friends and partners in their work.

Cowell is the man behind One Direction, and earlier this year, Tomlinson launched a new record label under Syco, his mentor’s company.

“Simon was absolutely delighted for Louis and told him that becoming a dad was the best thing that had ever happened to him. He told him if he ever needed any advice to let him know,” the source says.

Cowell became a father for the first time on Valentine’s Day 2014 when his girlfriend Lauren Silverman gave birth to their son Eric.

Despite being overjoyed with fatherhood, Cowell has confessed to never changing a diaper!

“Simon knows Louis already has lots of experience with babies and adores kids,” adds the source.

“Louis’ youngest twin brother and sister are only 17 months old and he’s incredibly close to all of his seven siblings — and his mum is a midwife.

“But adjusting to being a dad will be a change, of course, so having Simon’s advice when he needs it means a lot to Louis.”

Louis Tomlinson Expecting Baby Briana Jungwirth
With Briana – AKM-GSI

Meanwhile, Tomlinson’s friends believe he will find it “relatively easy” adjusting to being a dad — and say he can’t wait to experience daddy duty.

“Simon has even offered to give Louis a ride on his private plane anytime he needs to fly between the U.K. and the U.S. to see their baby,” the friend says.

Cowell regularly commutes by private jet between his international offices in the U.K. and the U.S.

Tomlinson is currently looking for an L.A. home close to Jungwirth so he can spend as much time as possible with his baby.

After Tomlinson shared his exciting news with Cowell, the mogul kept the secret to himself, and despite his excitement for the boy-band star, he didn’t tell his closest friends.

“It was early days and Simon was overjoyed for Louis, but he said it was Louis’ news to tell his colleagues and friends in time,” the source explains.

Cowell has spent the past few weeks in mourning for his beloved mom Julie Cowell, who recently passed away.

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wapoho on

Simon’s advice? Yeah right. “Don’t change diapers, and be sure to chain smoke.” Louis has his mom for advice (what about his dad?)

Best advice: Don’t procreate!!!!

PD on

Only odd thing he didn’t tell his band mates when he told the boss-so are you saying that the band is not close at all? To wapoho he doesn’t have much if any contact with dad-sees person who raised him some-and has a current step dad Dan plus very close to grandfather on mom’s side.

celebfan on

I am not buying this PR spin about how excited everyone is by this news.

Emmy on

People, do you understand how reality works? 8 weeks is too early to even have a DNA test, and if you seriously think a millionaire impregnated a young woman and is not double checking to make sure the kid is his, you’re insane. Yet he told his boss the child was his at 8 weeks? Give me a break. This is story is getting more and more absurd and less and less believable. There is no way this girl is expecting a child with Louis Tomlinson.

mic on

simon has a new group thats why hes direction junior or maybe dad and son direction-both side projects

Tiffany on

I don’t see why anyone would be excited at impregnating someone who he wasn’t dating for very long.

Susan on

This story has been written a thousand times. Boy breaks up with long-term gf, hooks up a few times with crush, crush moves on, crush announces pregnancy. Do boys forget to use protection when they hook up or something??

Turner on

Did you really think Simon would cut down and criticize his money maker? His boy bander knocked up a fling. Kinda a big oopsie! The praise is all so insincere 😒

Sunny on

Only because this give them publicity. Now we will all hear/read about his baby mom as pregnancy, baby shower, the birth, how they raise the kid as co parents. Louis just became the most famous member of that band.

Source on

Source(Friend) is doing all the work. How about they just come forward and confirm it themselves?

Tiff on

He clearly has an excellent PR team that is working around the clock to put positive spins in this whoops.

its absurd on

This is so unbelievable. First of all, it was no big issue when Louis and Briana were dating and suddenly, out of the blue, the news arrives that Louis’ gonna be a dad. Like, all I want to know and ask, is a joke this severe fun to M!M. I seriously find this so stupid. Its affecting me so bad and I guess all the other directioners who yet can’t comprehend the change. I want Louis to come on twitter and clear all these flipping, miserable and dumb reports of him becoming a dad. Anyways guys have a good day.

Valarie on

Ooo Louis can ask Simon for advice on raising a kid.

sundaylover72 on

What a crock. As if anyone was “excited” or “delighted”. He’s 23, newly single after four years and has huge work commitments. This is a total clusterf***k. What an idiot to have unprotected sex in this day and age.

Tawny on

I am not the type of person who thinks people HAVE to be married to have kids, but seriously, celebrating a ONE NIGHT STAND baby? Wow. This KID had a one night stand with that girl and didn’t bother using a condom, so now this chick is pretty much set for life. Yay! Let’s all celebrate and congratulate her on finding a meal ticket and let’s praise him for his total lack of safe sex practices. Good job, guys!!

Elizabeth on

I personally think this is a situation like Justin Bieber was involved in. This girl is probably just looking for fame/money by saying this baby is Louis’.

This whole story is absurd on

I’m not going to believe this baby is really his until he or the other boys say it is themselves

Beanly on

Simon is not happy at all. Don’t believe it for a minute. This is very bad, negative news for his biggest money makers ever. Of course, the news is going to say he is happy. What else can they say? Simon was not exactly jumping for joy when he heard about his own pregnancy a couple of years ago either with his friend’s wife.

Gap on

The whole thing is so bizarre, not believing it unless Louis publicly making a statement.