Louis Tomlinson Is Going to Be a Dad! One Direction Star Expecting Baby with Briana Jungwirth

07/14/2015 at 04:59 PM ET

Louis Tomlinson Expecting Baby Briana Jungwirth
Denise Truscello/WireImage

Louis Tomlinson‘s life is headed in a new direction: He’s going to be a dad.

The One Direction hearthrob is expecting a baby with Los Angeles-based stylist Briana Jungwirth.

“Louis is happy and very excited about becoming a dad and he thinks Briana will be an amazing mother. It was a surprise at first, but he and Briana are very, very close friends and this has brought them even closer,” a mutual friend of the two tells PEOPLE.

The British boy band member and Jungwirth, both 23, met through mutual friends earlier this year after his split from longterm girlfriend Eleanor Calder in March and were spotted on a number of dates in May.

Tomlinson has vowed to be at Jungwirth’s side and to be a “hands-on dad” when the baby arrives early next year, according to the friend.

Louis Tomlinson Expecting Baby Briana Jungwirth
With Briana – AKM-GSI

He has even been looking for L.A. properties near Jungwirth, and has flown across the world to be by her side for every ultrasound so far.

Says the friend: “Louis and Briana care about each other very much and have spent a lot of time together privately over the last few months.

“They are both really happy and although they aren’t in a relationship, their friendship is extremely strong and they are both really excited about the baby. It’s early days and Briana and the baby’s health are the most important things right now.”

Adds the pal, “Briana is a really lovely girl; she’s absolutely not interested in Louis’ fame. She’s very private and most of the time they spend together is out of the public eye, just hanging out with their friends.”

In fact, Jungwirth had never even been to a One Direction concert until recently.

One Direction
One Direction – AKM-GSI

The couple’s moms and stepdads are delighted and met for the first time in L.A. over the July 4 holiday weekend, when Tomlinson’s mom Johannah and stepfather Dan flew in for the occasion.

The families “really hit it off when they met,” says the friend. “They are all excited and totally supportive.”

For Johannah, it will be her first grandchild. She gave birth to twins Ernest and Doris in February 2014 — meaning Tomlinson has had plenty of practice with diapers!

Johannah, a mom of seven, has grown close to Jungwirth over the past few months, the friend says.

“Johannah is a midwife, so she’s been able to give advice and has been a great source of support for Briana.”

One Direction
With ex Eleanor – Danny Martindale/WireImage

While Tomlinson’s family may be growing, One Direction recently downsized when member Zayn Malik called it quits in March.

Despite the temporary turmoil, Tomlinson insisted the group had no plans on breaking up. “We’re having too much fun!” the singer, who has also started his own record label, said in May.

For April Fool’s Day 2012, Tomlinson had Tweeted, “Can’t believe I’m going to be a Dad! Wow!!” Three years later, the Tweet has proved prophetic.

Louis Tomlinson Expecting Baby Briana Jungwirth
With Briana – AKM-GSI

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Rebeccah on

No better way to secure your future than purposely getting pregnant with the child of someone famous. Shameful.

Missy on

lol he got over his breakup fast

Callie on

Sounds like she tricked him. I could be wrong but sounds like it to me.

Gina on

I smell an Uh-oh!

Annie on

Baby Daddy-to-Be!

Callie on

I understand the friends with benefits thing but seriously both parties need to take the proper precautions to not get pregnant. He should have worn a condom and she should have been on the pill. Getting pregnant is avoidable

kimberly on

Yeh, because she TOTALLY made him ACCIDENTALLY have sex with her without a condom. His penis does not make its own decissions without his permission.



marie on

what even is this

Terri on

LMAO Poor larries won’t live though this hahahah!

Kim on

While my immediate reaction was negative…at least they are friends and get along, at least he is being supportive and hands on, at least the families support it and want to help. Could turn out to be a positive situation.

Anonymous on

What a joke, I’m very disappointed in People for publishing this fake story

Ruby Blue on

I read in Daily Mail a few months ago that he was in LA recording an album and “just having fun, he’s young and single, why not?” This would be why not – making another human being with some random chick you’re hooking up with. I highly doubt they had both a condom and birth control failure….

Fatima on

This sounds a bit fishy. Gold digger???

Alejandra on


jodie on

Lol where do you guys get your information from? This is clearly fake smh

Mingo on

You twat. You’re unmarried and too young. You know millions of impressionable kids look up to you, right?

Anonymous on

Guys it’s not real

Louislou on


Corie on

What is this article?! I mean, really! Louis is gayer than gay can get! If this girl really is pregnant with his baby than Harry will be the mom, not her. Come on People. We thought you were on our side!!!

Diana on

This whole thing is a big oops.

Jess on

Lol i just saw a post saying that the poor larries won’t live through this😂😂😂 im honestly cracking up rn bc this lady actually thinks this article is true

Sarah on

Total bs as far as I know I’m English and we’ve heard nothing about this at all !!!!!

QDPie109 on

So I’m going to agree with most posts this gurlmtotalyngotmlregnant on purpose. She must have claimed she was on some form of birth control and wasn’t. He’s stupidity though for believing her

Ashley on


ananda on


DaisyMoon on


Janovia on

I smell bullshit

antibreeder on

World exclusive…this is a story about someone having a baby which happens everyday. Get a grip.

lauren on

what a load of rubbish lmao make up better content next time !!

Janovia on

This is the fakest crap I’ve ever read

michaelafrancesca on

this is not real. Nope I refuse to believe this

what on


oh man on

ya’ll are joking right lmao

brianna on

when you get over your beard real quick

Bella on

Not Larry :))))))))))) watch this be some modest stunt I s2g

Grace on

uhhhhhhh what is this bs

brianna on

when you get over your beard to fake a pregnancy scare

larry on

ok but like do people genuinely believe this hahahaha

Mon on

This is hilarious!!!!! Poor baby!

brianna on

when you have to fake a pregnancy scare to make ppl think you’re completely str8 :^)

Bella on

How about this. This article is the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard of

Kenny on

I’m just laughing so hard right now because I know for a fact this is not true! I’m a true directioner and I know that this shit is false. Louis is single and not even thinking on being a dad. This website is full of lies. Nasty, funny, untrue lies.

Anne on

Harry must be devastated!

Jasmine on

You expect me to believe all this utter bull? I can not wait until Louis slays this article.💁🏼🙅🏻

LA6226 on

Not sure why 80% of the comments are saying it’s a joke. LOL People is actually very reputable and only prints stories with facts as backup (unlike InTouch, OK mag, Natl Enq. etc). Also says ‘Exclusive,’ meaning the other tabs haven’t gotten the scoop before People. Just accept it, 1D fans.

1D Stan. on

What a load of bullshit if Louis is knocking anyone up its going to be Harry all the fucking love x

jlduke55 on

Get that money, girl. Bet he feels like an idiot!



paisley on

She suckered him in for the next 18 years!

Amanda on

“Although they are not in a relationship, their friendship is extremely strong.” Translation: they hooked up once and OOPS! This has “Knocked Up” written all over it.

Taylor on

I see some crazy drunk preteens have found their way to the comment section.

Amanda on

And how old are you people saying this is fake? Go back to reading Teen Beat under your covers and suck it up.

Tim on

People Mag doesn’t usually report things that are not true. Sorry LARRY SHIPPERS<< IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR SHIP SANK!! HAHA I think the boys knew back in June..when they blew up balloons and harry put it in his shirt and said he was Pregnant! I think that was an inside joke then and they knew Louis was going to be a dad! lol http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/showbiz/harry-styles-and-louis-tomlinson-come-out-at-one-direction-otra-gig-in-sweden-larryiscomingback/#comment-933337

Tim on

it’s not fake! LARRY SHIP SUNK! HAHAHA and they knew back in June! when they blew up the balloons on stage and pretended it was a baby!

Lisa D'Ambrosio on

Haven’t these people heard of birth control??????

lisa on

sounds like a one night stand gone bad.

mschwellinger on

The comments here read like a high school girl’s locker room. Get a hold of yourselves. Even if she is pregnant, she didn’t do it by herself.

J on

Oh my god, all the stupid teenagers posting on this…LOL! There’s going to be a run on Kleenex soon!

“It was a surprise at first, but he and Briana are very, very close friends and this has brought them even closer,” a mutual friend of the two tells PEOPLE.” Yeah, sex tends to do that. :l

Brooklyn on

People isn’t the most reliable magazine; BUT of all of the gossip mags, I think it is pretty good. So, I’m pretty sure this isn’t fake.

Tim on

They knew a month ago! The larry shippers just didn’t see the real Joke with the balloons and thought “larry was coming back” nope! they were celebrating Louis being a DADDY then! but no one caught on! They must have a had a good laugh about that! lol http://www.unrealitytv.co.uk/showbiz/harry-styles-and-louis-tomlinson-come-out-at-one-direction-otra-gig-in-sweden-larryiscomingback/#comment-933337

Viviana on

This is way too fake

Siumara Garcia on

This is not true Briana Jungwirth has gone on twitter to say that she is not pregnant.

Jo on

“although they aren’t in a relationship” Sounds to me like they’re into some kind of a relationship if he knocked her up ! Maybe I’m old fashion, but I never thought of a “friend” as someone to have sex with. That was reserved for people I had other types of feelings for. So, I have a feeling that no matter what the official word on this is, that kid will be growing up with an absentee dad in the long run. It’s really sad how many kids are out there in this situation because having sex with nothing to be held onto for special relationships any more.

Karime on

I smell bs

Aussie cathie on

Mmmm…. Set for life!!!

Rachel on

Wow… you can truly tell the age of the commenters on this post. One, let’s face it, you all WANT it to be a joke. This shit happens ALL THE TIME. Two, don’t blame the girl alone – it takes two to make a baby. If he didn’t want to take the chance of getting someone pregnant he shouldn’t have been having sex. And hey, heard of a condom? Three, the average stylist in LA makes between 85,000-$100,000/year. She’s not poor. I mean sure he’s making millions, but it’s not like this girl is out there sitting on her ass doing nothing and just decided hey, I’ll get pregnant. And four; she “tricked” him? Are you kidding me? That is the lamest ass excuse in the book… guys don’t get “tricked” into having sex with girls. Unless he was drugged and forced, he was all about it. Now he has the rest of his life to enjoy what comes next. And hey? Maybe he’s freaking thrilled about it.

Dawn on

Sounds like they are handling things with class and ensuring their child won’t one day grow up and see things online that make them feel unwanted, unloved and unplanned. Classy couple and I wish them the best of luck with their family! A kid could have it a lot worse! He or she will be loved and cared for!

Jayleen on

He breaks up with the old girlfriend in March, is dating Briana in May and she’s knocked up by July–sure, that wasn’t planned on her part at all. Unprotected sex = baby = a full ride on the gravy train.

Missy on

LOL look at all the one direction fans WIGGIN out!!

Noodle on

This is like a reboot of the movie with Tom Hanks and the Wonders. Next Harrys going to run off and join the Army.

Marian on

People don’t realize that the media makes up shit. Smh. Nothing is true until it is confirmed by Louis himself.

Erin on


Larry on

Wow, a surrogate for Harry and Louis ! How cute !

Rachel on

Wow these comments are so disgusting and disheartening and all about the female blame. Last time I checked it took two people to get a woman pregnant. Two people, both of whom are perfectly capable of utilizing protection. If a man wants to ensure that a girl is doing her part, then he should do his part too and wear a condom. No birth control method is 100% effective so why the heck wouldn’t you want to use two? And people saying he was “tricked”, are you kidding? Unless he was drugged or forced I’d go to bet he very willingly had sex with this girl so he is equally to blame. That said, perhaps he is being a man and she is being a woman and they are taking responsibility for their actions. Perhaps they’re thrilled. Perhaps people should stop hating on them.

doesn't matter on

do u really believe this shit? xD

Anonymous on

idk this made me laugh. It seems it was wrote by a kid of primary school. Are Modest so bored to do these things?

Rachel on

*sorry about the double comment – it didn’t appear to have posted the first time*

MaryJoe on

well, I don’t think this is a joke, and I think a confirmation will come soon, so my only question is: why do celebs these days give a f***k about condoms and other contraceptives?! (I call Jude Law, Benicio del Toro, etc…)
they seem to be fwb, that’s totally ok, but what about being careful?! At least he will be there for the baby…

Tanya Milanez on

WTF this is such a fake!!

Michaela hughes on

This is a load of bullshit. Whoever wrote this needs to get a life and stop bothering people

Michaela hughes on


dia on

This is such a load of bullshit honestly and I thought sugarscape was bad….no one even freakin heard about him going out with someone and you make it look like it was obvious and out for everyone to see or something? “they were spotted on a number of dates…” yeah and when, where, by who? “he has flown across the world to be by her side for every ultrasound” are you shitting me right now? “he and Briana (wow this is totally not the first fucking time I’m hearing about her) are very, very close friends and this has brought them even closer..” I’m totally gonna break up with my bf and make babies with my very very close friend that I just met and we and our parents are all gonna be so very happy about it all…honestly man there is so much detail in this…you and this “pal” should seriously get together sometime and write a book or something.

Anonymous on

Instead of questioning HER for getting pregnant, question the supposed “friend” who said all this. Question the periodist. Question everything that’s more likely to be a lie, THEN question her and him for having a baby (if it’s even true, thing i totally doubt)

Kelly122 on

Okay, teenyboppers freaking out everywhere, lol. Personally my take on it is this. It’s a Will and Grace thing. I think he probably is gay, but wanted a child. She is single, a good friend and also wanted a child. They probably did the in vitro thingie with a lovely contract about support and visitation, and he gets to have a child part-time, with her getting a very lucrative situation for the next 20 some years. Everybody’s happy….except of course for the screaming teenagers blowing up social media and sobbing into their 1D pillows.

hahaha on

She looks wasted AND very full of herself. He’s an idiot to let her do that, he’ll be paying out for years.

Eva on

The two things I don’t understand is why Louis has never said anything about this? And who the hell is this MUTUAL friend?

stella on

WTF, do u actually believe this?

A). They didn’t mention the name of the insider
B). Lou nor Briana have come forward about this
C). All of the above

Daniels on

23 is way too young to be a parents. Don’t care how much money you have.

Traci on

I have “very very close” male friends to, but I am not having sex with them.

B on

LOL. anyone saying “this is fake omg” is straight up retarded. If you knew how to use google you’d see that it’s news everywhere, you fucking morons. Just because you want his dick up your ass doesn’t mean you can will something to not be true. stupid britsih whores. This guy looks like a fucking elf from lord of the rings anyways. wtf is wrong with the world

katie on

…..and this is why I don’t want to be famous

Anonymous on

you know things are bad when you have to get someone pregnant to try and prove to yourself (and others) that you are in fact straight…

Jen on

Wow – this is crazy but I’m glad Louis and the young lady are being mature and preparing seriously for the baby.

Gossip on

omg the tweet below is from April 2012?!? So fake:/!

yasmine on

Condoms are our friends.

Oh, but not when you’re a gold digger.

Katie on

honestly, this is fake shit!
Idek what to think anymore. This is depressing.

Arianna on


syona on


Lol on

First of all, this is complete bullshit. Second of all, Louis would be pregant with Liam’s baby, not some random girl he met at the bar. Whoever believes this shit is obviously really gullible.

Sadie on

Everybody go buy no birth control on iTunes.

Rachel on

yasmine dear… Condoms are worn by the guy. It is HIS responsibility to make sure he has a condom and puts one on just as much as it’s her responsibility she uses birth control 😉

Anonymous on

guys the only person he is getting pregnant anytime soon is harry

Elsa on

Will louis leave one direction now when he going to be a father? If he going to do that, my life is over for real. But i wish Lou all luck in the world because i will always love you

Anonymous on

This is so stupid, people magazine. I can’t believe you’d even post this. You are so thirsty for a story that you make one up and now everyone is freaking out over bs. Gee thanks.

Larry is Real on

the only person he is getting pregnant anytime soon is harry. and that tweet you used is a response to a twitter trend of harry getting pregnant.

Anonymous14 on

I guess it doesn’t matter that much they’re not married ( though I did it the traditional route, first marriage, THEN kids, but anyway…),but to be having a kid with someone you’re not even “in a relationship” with, now that’s just sad. Good luck to all involved is about all I can say

Lou on

Someone forgot to wrap it up.

seabot on

She tweeted that she’s definitely not pregnant

Anonymous on

This rumor would definitely be a stupid one if Louis confirms it is not true. I dontknow what to believe until Louis is the one to explain about this nonsense.

Olivia on

this “friend” is stupid. This is fake. Lulz I’m laughing

Barbara on

I’m very, very confused by the comments here . . . firstly, the story is true and was tweeted by the father to be himself so why are people doubting that it’s true? Secondly, so what? The world is full of pregnant women and making a baby is (generally) a very easy thing to do. They are a male and female hanging out and have se* and she got pregnant. Why is this a) shocking, or b) hilarious?? smh

Raizy on

She just tweeted about an hour ago that she is NOT A STYLIST AND NOT PREGNANT!!!! Shame on u media. Don’t just write what’s not true

Limo Liberals UGH on

I hope that other young people who look up to this group don’t start wanting to start families, these young celebrities have the money for help. Most kids don’t.

Anonymous on

Of course they’ve spent a lot of time privately together. She got knocked up.

Rachel on

I think the fact that people have created fake accounts for this girl and other One Direction family members and claimed it’s not true is the most pathetic. Again… teenagers with too much time on their hands. This guy really is up a creek if this girl is pregnant because you “fans” are gonna lose your minds. It speaks volumes that this story has been out three hours and neither Louis nor his publicist have denied it. That’s usually the type of thing a guy’s publicist or the guy himself jumps on immediately if it’s not true.

Clarissa on

If this story is false, I hope he sues this magazine!
Also, for those stupid folks who are blaming the girl for getting pregnant on purpose, you do know that she didn’t get herself pregnant (if it’s true), right? And that Louis could’ve worn a condom, whether she was on the pill or not, to cover his end! It’s not liked he was forced, duh!

Gwem on

I intended to comment about Louis and how I believed he would reunite with Eleanor but after reading all the comments from a bunch of unhinged lunatics who think “Larry” is a real couple all I can say is “Wow”. You people (Larry shippers) are stark raving bonkers.

iLashy on

Imo, Briana is one of those women who help gay couples get a baby. So, this baby is Harry and Louis’ baby. Meaning, this article is BS and Larry is real. Oh, and that tweet was from 2012 where it was a trend about Harry getting pregnant.

Liz on

All young rich idiots – buy some condoms. Try to avoid having random sex, even if you are “really good friends.”

tiff on

His PR team spun this story into magic. Still seems like this was a big whoops.

Lexi on

I don’t really believe this whole thing because she could have tricked him so they could get closer but i could be wrong

Thaysa on

The best part of this is the tweet from 2012. And this tweet was about Harry being pregnant. hahaa. ok.

fdgvdfd on

Louis is not going to be a dad

Chongsterink on

I’m sorry but this is just pathetic. Poor kid. And shame on both the parents-to-be.

KL on

WOW… that happened fast! Broke up with ex gf in MArch, and this one got pregnant in April?! SMH….

Sophia on

p u b l i c i t y. s t u n t

Hannah on

You guys this is all fake! its another publicity stunt. Louis would never do this to the band!

Guest on

They are not in a relationship, but we are gonna have a baby together! Yay! So exciting! Two immature human beings, that do not need to be parents.

funny on

funny to see teeny boppers not able to process the news and calling the story fake. when is the last time people mag printed a false story? these comments are hilarious.

Brandi on

I can’t believe how many people (i.e. over zealous teenybopper fans that are WAY too involved in the lives of these band members) are throwing temper tantrums and crying about this story being fake. I hate to break it to you but People is one of the most credible celebrity entertainment magazines around and they don’t run stories that are not true. I also find it disgusting that these crazy superfans are harassing this poor girl on Twitter. That’s utterly ridiculous. Mommy and Daddy need to take away your cell phones and tablets and put you all on a serious time-out from the internet so you can calm the hell down. Louis is having a baby with Briana. Grow up and get over it. SMH.

Bederka Islaka on

Greta…another bast@rd kid raised be 2 irresponsible brats.
just what we need.

Jamie on

I call bullshit. I’ll believe it when Louis says it not “a friend”.

IsmellaYoko on

“he and Briana are very, very close friends”
Uh more than friends if she’s having his baby.
Way to secure a better lifestyle for life, Briana.


Okay Guys the press make up stuff everyday like how Eleanor and Louis were going to get married. But where are they now? They are broken up. Unless Louis says something HIMSELF not some fake ‘source’ dont believe anything #dontalwaysbelievethepress

kyuubimeihime on

Since when PEOPLE wrote GARBAGE????

This is fake by the way on

Briana Jungwirth came out on her twitter and said she wasn’t pregnant. Honestly, you guys believe anything that is posted on the internet.. smh. Don’t believe me? How about you check out her twitter post CONFIRMING she isn’t pregnant.

Sorry to break it to you all, but it is in fact a story.

Anonymous on

This relationship is so fake!

Gloria on

We were all waiting for Louis’s tweet about zaughty and instead we’ve got this

Cat on

Guys it is true it was on the news

Vanessa on

Look on brianas twitter, she says it is false

Renee on

Now we do have to wait till louis or the girl confirms it, but people is actually pretty reliable for a gossip magazine. Directioners: Stop being upset about this. Things happen. He is grown up. If you are truly a fan, support him like he has always supported you. Yes I think we should wait till he confirms it, but be ready for the reality of his baby.

Paul on

His girl friend looks like 15 years old.

Nancy on

Three words….That poor baby! How irresponsible!

Carolyn on

Well, they’re in SOME sort of relationship. Good move, another couple who are unwed and not even living together. Wonder how long that will last?

Just a Duck on

Two people I never heard of irresponsibly breeding. Yay.

jrellimbeak on

Did you ever stop and fucking check your sources? Did you ever go and try to find the origin of this rumor, WHICH HASN’T BEEN CONFIRMED BE A RESPECTABLE SOURCE OR PARTY. No? The rumor was made up by a guy on Twitter who only did it for fun — I don’t fucking remember his @ anymore. Many magazines are asking “Briana” if she could confirm it, if they could have fucking proof for once — but they have already wrote the article. How about you stop jumping on the bandwagon and get over yourself? You really think management would allow him to get a girl pregnant when he supposedly can’t control his social media accounts? How about stop pretending you have information on something you don’t?
@people your fat joke stop pretending you know shit no one knows you .

jrellimbeak on

Did you ever stop and fucking check your sources? Did you ever go and try to find the origin of this rumor, WHICH HASN’T BEEN CONFIRMED BE A RESPECTABLE SOURCE OR PARTY. No? The rumor was made up by a guy on Twitter who only did it for fun — I don’t fucking remember his @ anymore. Many magazines are asking “Briana” if she could confirm it, if they could have fucking proof for once — but they have already wrote the article. How about you stop jumping on the bandwagon and get over yourself? You really think management would allow him to get a girl pregnant when he supposedly can’t control his social media accounts? How about stop pretending you have information on something you don’t?
you fat joke stop pretending you know shit no one knows you .

Missy on

Did they look at the twitter post from him before they tried to use it? Its from 2012

Sunny on

Karma for being a BI Itch to Zayn? Haha. Probably dumped his ex so that he could be free to f around and bam goes and gets a chick pregnant. Haahha

Missy on

Those who are saying Briana is saying its fake on Twitter…she doesnt have one and that account is fake

MKatty on

I think that these guys are not prepare to get family right know because they are young and immature

LOL on

I am enjoying reading about the fans freaking out. Yes, guys. It is possible for him to get a girl pregnant. He is old enough to do the deed, and sorry, but no it was not you. No poor commenting on the mother to be, or the future child please.

Ariella on

Wait is this story about Louis real or not just want to know?

Ariella on

Wait is this story true about Louis having a baby?

Anonymous on

I really just feel bad for Eleanor. She must be having a hard time if this is true. They were together for years and now he has an uh-oh baby. She was with him before 1D, and During his rise in 1D. My sympathy goes to her.


but seriously if this is real she a gold digger xDD

Myra on

I refuse t believe this unless your “source” is publicly revealed or one of any one of the people mentioned tweet or say something about it.

Serafina on

I bet his ex Gf is kicking herself for not being sneaky and tacky enough to not lie about birth control. Must feel terrible to be with a man for years and have him go get the next chick pregnant.

I bet he is kicking himself for thinking that 10 minutes of pleasure was worth the next 18+ years of hell he will get. He’s about to be taken to the cleaners!

I bet this new girl is doing pregnant proper cartwheels at her good fortune. Dress and act like a skank, attract a rich boy, pop the P on him, tell him you are on the pill and boom, 18 years free money. She will now see herself as a new age YoKo. Expect the new E! Show next summer.

Chirp on

“They are very, very close”? Yeah, close enough to create a child. Geez…who writes this stuff?

gigi on

Wrap it before you tap it!

Guest on

hahahaha ,what a dummy ,he’s gonna part with lots of money for some one night stand . Good for her she won the baby daddy lottery 👶🏻

Nicole on

Yes, obviously this was an accident. But, I was an “accident” too and my parents were even younger than he is. And you know what? I was always loved, I am now a doctor, and I think my parents are the best. People make mistakes all the time and a lot of the time it’s about how you handle it. So, I hope they enjoy this adventure!

telly on

wow! i see a lot of denial in the comments! ahah!! these girls can’t even fathom the thought of him knocking up a girl. It’s hilarious! It’s true. Deal with it. Get a life.

j on

They’re good friends and the pregnancy has brought them even closer? Who the hell runs around having babies with their close friends??!

telly on

The article literally said that the girl is private and does not have any social media accounts. But these crazows up in here managed to find a social media account with her saying she is not pregnant. The saddest thing here is the thought of all you teeny boppers being adults in ten years time. I see things being very difficult for the lot of you. People magazine are one of the most credible celebrity magazines out there.

dd on

all that $$ & no protection….now time to pay for baby + mom

Anonymous on

That tweet is from April Fools Day. Please sort yourselves out.

This Is BUlLSHIT on


Erin on

This is utter bullshiet. lol it’s so fake wtf? now it’s all over the media, only because of this one article. this ‘friend’ probably isn’t real either. sorry but to who ever wrote thsi article, you should be ashamed of yourself

joanne1965 on

there is no reason in this day and age for children, like these, (and yes they are children) to have an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy…

Jessica on

She’s not actually pregnant…

tara on

OMG they made themselves look stupid by putting the twitter post s it says that it was in april 1st 2012 aahahahaha lol funny what the media does to get attention

Autumn on

Plot twist shes the surrogate for Larry’s kid

Anonymous on

NO NO NO i laugh and cry and scream at once

Melanie M on

Tacky Tacky Tacky. Golddigger.

Cassie on

It actually kinda funny watching the fans of this person lose their heads over his getting a girl pregnant. It happens just about all the time especially if you don’t use protection. I am still laughing about that photo I seen on an article of these fans crying.

Paulie on

Have not heard confirmation or denial from them yet although the twitter account claiming to be hers denies it. If true, just remember; Ricky Martin has fathered 2 kids and sometime later made an announcement. Just saying.

sophia on

if you read the info on the tweet it says it was wrote in 2012 its fake

Jenna on

advice to anyone with friends with benefits wrap it up so you dont become a baby daddy!

Anonymous on

What? I thought he had his break-up only a few months ago!
A little young to be a dad, Louis. no?

Michayla on

this story doesn’t even add up. First of when has Louis had time to even screw a girl these past few weeks and where in the tour bus?! How classy! 2 there have been so many rumors about the boys in general and I’m sick of hearingn these rumors about the boys. They’re making Louis sound like a fuck boy! Yeah cause Louis is voicing from girl to girl. The only time he’s had with any girl is when they were on break in May and if they had sex then we would’ve known a long time before now about the possible kid. I swear if you believe this your delusional. Also Lou or this chick has confirmed anything 2 in sure Louis knows that the public knows about a rumor and I think if he found out he would have posted something about a kid on Twitter or Instagram or some sort of social media. Soooo like I said none of this adds up.

Ella R. on

Wow,there are a lot of little tweens here. It’s been reported by all of the major news sources. Also, their opening act commented on it as well. Get a life you delusional pyscho children.

shariah on

This isn’t true at all. Everyone calm down. First she’s not even a establishes a photographer. And she tweeted she’s not pregnant and Louis told a fast not true in a dm

shariah on

****she’s not even a stylist she’s a photographer

Laura on

So who is this “mutual friend” they”re talking about? It could literally be anybody. I’m not believing anything until someone officially confirms it.

Mimi on

Harry please do not get anyone pregnant now. Because l will die if this happens.

Anonymous on

This is a huge FAKE!!! Larries won’t believe it !!!

Mya on

Maybe she is pregnant but Louis’ not actually the father!!

ella on

this is all fake louis sister daisy responded on twitter saying its fake i can’t wait for louis to slam people 🙂

ella on

people magazine is screwed
1. briana is a photographer
2. louis sister daisy posted on twitter it is fake
3. once louis posts on twitter it is fake they will delete this article
etc. etc. etc.

??? on

Smh people stay blaming women for “tricking” men into not using a condom as if men are uneducated children that don’t know how sex and pregnancy works. Because she’s a less financially stable women dating a rich guy it means she’s a gold digger with bad morals?

sabeeha on

wow Louis is going to be adad……..this is so like a huge surprise to me.but im really happy for him im actually jumpin with joy…wish u da best Louis mwahz

Jennifer from the Netherlands on

‘ They are not in a relationship’ . They are now, for a looooong time. Maybe they should have used protection.

larrie o'brien on

Hows this , the article is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. He’s happy why can’t you accept that.

Liz on


Ghost on

Why can’t you guys just support him instead of hating on him. I thought you guys were directioners but Cleary you aren’t if you are hating on ham and insulting her. Like seriously it’s like anyone you see with one direction your first assumption is she a gold digger. Just get the fuck over it ok, your not going to end up marrying them. They wouldn’t even know who you people are. Just build a bridge get the fuck over it and be a true friend and support him.

Emily on

He is wasting his life! he has a life in front of him and HE HAS A KID? bad bad bad bad bad bad bad REALLY BAD

Molli Ward on

Louis hasn’t even confirmed it lol. Where are you “sources.”

isha on

Wait, what? This cant be happening..

Anonymous on

Okay so if anyones even checked her twitter you’ll realize she said she isn’t pregnant and that people need to check their resources before they post a bs story. She was contacted AFTER several arrivals were posted, and said that she wasn’t pregnant, and that at the time Louis may not be able to say anything because of his publicist. Sorry to tell you but she basically just denied everything your story was about.

Katherine on

so,so,so,so FAKE!!

Emma on

She had denied the rumors on her twitter, and if you do look back, her twitter was made before any of this blee up, as in a while ago. They wouldn’t have even known her name when she made the twitter. So it clearly isn’t a fake. And even if she is pregnant, if the boys fans would be able to go through what they have this past year, I’m sure that it’ll be easy to warm up to the fact that Louis actually will be a dad, and if he’s really involved with the kid, at least he’s being responsible for what happened. Don’t think it’ll effect much.

Brooklynn on

Maybe she the baby mama for louis and harry

Norma Jean on

Poor, poor Louis… I bet the girl is a lot happier about it than he is…

Jo on

“they have spent a lot of time together privately over the last few months”. Well, it’s only two months since may..

Vasequise on

These teenage girls are freaking out that he’s going to be a dad and hating on Briana.. Lol just because you cant get his D doesnt mean that you should flip when someone else does. Get a life guys. It’s their choice.



Ashini Galhenage on

Has no one realised that the tweet is dated 1 April 2012…..2012???

noorilhuda on

WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Louis Tomlinson is going to be paying the rest of his life for his fling! Here’s to steady child support 101.

Stefan on

He looks high as a kite in half those photos. Those eyes don’t lie

dont assume someones sexuality until they say it on

kinda hoping this is real bc then all these ppl saying hes gay without him saying it will finally get the fuck over themselves

Melanie M on

He was with a decent girl with class for years and didn’t realise that there are a lot of moneygrabbing hoes out there. Now he knows.

Anonymous on

panget mo

dallas on

ok people are saying this was fake, ok. but it was on Yahoo, so to me I don’t think this is fake.

pastelprincess21 on

Heyy one direction fans calm down im really not saying a bad term of this word but i think we should not react to this gossip.
Guys things change

Sigourney on

She’s lining her nest, ensuring herself 20 years of a secure future. During that time she can sock half of it away for the next 20 years. These guys will never learn. Of course it’s better with the condom off but it’s a heavy price to pay.

sandy on

“he and Briana are very, very close friends and this has brought them even closer” Ya think??? Guess it’s friends with benefits?
Her mother had twins in 2014? Guess the kids will grow up together.
Sounds like a crazy situation to me. Good luck to them as he looks like he will be a great “young” dad. I just hope- once things settle down after the baby is born, he has time to see the child.

Anonymous on

look at the date on the tweet, people. It says APRIL 1, 2012.
It’s obvs an april fools joke.

Steph on

They’re just kids? Uh he’s 23, that isn’t a kid.
When I was 23 I was a university graduate, married, owned our own home and pregnant with our first baby.

LabbieRescue on

Why do so many on here think this is false? Maybe because they don’t want to think that it is true? Like you had a chance with him. lmao

Kyle on

“I am going out tomorrow night and once I finish getting ready, I will show you that I’m not pregnant!!”

Briana Jungwirth tweeted. So stop this bullcrap!

E on

Yes, very very close friends!

Lottie1111 on

C’mon Guys! Seriosly? Why are you sending Bullshit? I love Louis and I am so not beileveing this.

[ps] Anonymous ,if you care about Eleanor Then you should know that he dated Hannah Walker[my sister] First.


Anonymous on

That is ridiculous

Anonymous on

OMG 232 comments on this? These poor idiot directioners. Oh to be a teenager again lol!

K on

its quite amusing to just read all this BS on this site. why don’t you mkae something more interesting and less more stupid?

Bernadette on

Congrats, sweetheart! You’re gonna have a little kid to give you more opportunities for kid times. Holla’ if you ever want a coloring friend to join in with her crayons. xo

Christinerz on

WELL.. I thought this was fake but then even TIME magazine posted on their website about this. So could it be true? Or has reporting really stooped so low? .__.

Rachel on

This is not true stop believing everything you see.

Cameron on

All these 1D fans are in denial, they just can’t accept the fact that their beloved Louis Tomlinson got a girl that wasn’t them pregnant. Face it people, Larry? What a joke, it’s not going to happen. They even said numerous times, they’re not gay or dating, but you fans keep insisting on it. Can’t imagine how annoyed Louis and Harry must feel when fans insist Larry’s real. For others saying, Briana’s a gold digger, or slut, what if you were in her place? You don’t even know her, yet you’re already judging her. Condoms do break, and birth control doesn’t always work 100%. You can’t automatically know that she lied to him. So what if you guys never heard of her? Like it said in the article, she’s a private person. Maybe you don’t believe that, but or don’t want too, but believe in the fact that some parts of their lives is private. I can’t imagine all the hate she’s getting from Louis’s ‘fans.’ If you really are a true fan, you would support him, not send death threats. It’s always like this, one of them gets a girlfriend, or has a friend that just so happens to be a girl and you lot get jealous and hate on her. It’s called bullying, seriously grow up. People get pregnant all the time, this is nothing new. There can be a lot of reasons, but none of you know which is the true one. So, stop with the hate and just accept it and move on with your lives. Jeez.

Ketsia Liteli on

There is absolutely no credibility in this. At all. Plain stupidity I’m disappointed in whoever wrote this please find something to do.

Natalie on

Ah good for him, he’s going to be a dad! Wow a lot of young ladies in denial, that’s cute. I realize with what’s his bucket departing from the group, now one is going to be a father. The slow decline…. hate to break it to you all but um Santa isn’t real and neither is the tooth fairy..

Mauranna on

Holy crap! What’s with this looney 1D fans? Seems like the beby news did a severe damage to their brains, and they can’t process it. Please girls, grow up, and stop being so ridiculous! Do you realize how pathetic you are? I would be embarrassed if my daughter behaved like this.

Zoey on

This is FAKE. you see, Louis’ tweet was from 1 of April 2012. I can’t belive anything on this date AND it could be a rumor, everybody

Archana R on


hahah on

if this was fake why did he tweet this

hahah on

Mandi on


Anonymous on

It’s not the fact that I’m upset about him having a baby, if that’s even true. But the fact that he just split up from his long term girlfriend not even 5 months ago and his ‘good friend’ not even girlfriend is pregnant? Like what is happening???

Anonymous on

well i dont really care what happens to louis because its obvious.im really sad for eleanor ,i mean if he had the time to go around and get girls pregnant he definetly had the time to reschedule for her. i hope she gets a way better bf in the future and BTW IF HE HAVE THE TIME TO BE AROUD AND BE A PARENT HE OBVIOUSLY HAD THE TIME TO BE PROPER BF CAUSE WE ALL KNOW THAT TAKES A LOT MORE TIME

Anonymous on

Seriously thought Louis was gay with Harry. Shocking!

Ashley on

This is absolute, complete, and utter bullshit. It’s sad that you guys report on rubbish. Saying Louis is going to be a father is like saying I’m going to marry Niall. You might want to check your sources before making a story next time. Good luck with your ruined credibility.

Ashley on

Maybe you shouldn’t believe rumors unless it comes straight from the person’s mouth that the rumor is about. You guys should know this by now…

Me on

LMAO at all the 1D fans crying about how fake it is. Sweethearts, even Time magazine reported on it. So just b/c you want it to fake doesn’t make it fake. He’s 23 years old and got a girl pregnant. Deal with it.

HarryS on

My Babes Louis. he is my one true love, i dont know where this chick came from. I love you boobear forever and always

– your Hazza (Harry Styles)


Marilee on

I must say, ID has the most idiotic fans in the world. Seriously, do you little twats really think that Louis is gay and that he is in love with Harry? OMG. You are clearly delusional. All these boys (men) are out for one thing. They are in their early twenties and their little hormones are going bonkers. They probably notch their bed for every girl they bang (except for Liam – he seems to be pretty smitten with his lady). Poor Louis just got trapped. What a sucker – little gold digger will be collecting $$$$ from him for the next 18 years. As for you “Larry” shippers – get a grip, you morons. That relationship only existed in your twisted brains.

Ebony Horan on


Krissy on

It’s too bad it is all a rumor because on Briana’s Twitter she has been denying she is pregnant and Louis would’ve told the fans already…..

kenzie on


Lauren on

this isnt even real. its all bs and you dont even know the half of it. people actually believe this? louis and briana even confirmed that she isnt pregnant and a guy got paid big bucks for an interview and he said “louis is a dad” meaning the weird daddy kink and he was joking about it but the rest of his interview got cut and his words were twisted around which the media is good for.

Kestrel on

Honestly the best part is all the tweenagers alternately moaning and denying.
Seriously, little girls, it isn’t like you were ever going to have a chance of even seeing him and speaking to him in person. In 10 years you’ll be ashamed to admit you even know who this idiot is.
He knocked her up: neither person did what they should/could have to protect themselves. Grown ups who have sex act responsibly. Little kids just do whatever they feel like without weighing the consequences. Too bad we can’t block these immature brats from engaging in adult activities.

Tia on

Guys look at the date of Louis’s tweet. It says April 1st of 2012. That is April Fools day. This is NOT true. Especially since he hasn’t even confirmed this himself. She even said that she isn’t pregnant, that is is just one of his best friends. That’s it. This is just a dumb rumor that isn’t true. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

Zill on

Fake, she twitted she is not pregnant.

sharice style potter aguirre on

hey wow
that kid should be mine but im still happy for u louis
can u do both be a father and be in one direction or would u have to quit one direction.
still love u and what ever choice u make i will accept that.
xoxo Gossip Girl haha
love ya

Olivia on

Why is she sitting on someones lap in the car???

Anonymous on

WTF is it even true? wtfffffffffff or fake? can someone tell me whether it is true

Maria on

I seriously don’t like him being a dad. I’m a fan of 1D, and I luv Louis and all, but seriously… this??!! He would be a great dad, for sure, but he’s just not ready i guess. Idk, but I don’t like it. Sorry Louis, I still love you!! ❤
~ Maria

Sean on

Yeah Louis should honestly tell fans if his girl friend is pregnant, not let the rumors flying all over the place.

Jordan on

“THE LARRY SHIP SUNK” “remember when Harry put a balloon under his shirt and pretended it was a baby? must have been an inside joke” “THIS IS PROMOTING TEEN PREGNANCY”

One, the Larry ship has not sunk. There is no proof that this is true, none of them have confirmed the pregnancy..
Two, Harry has been obsessed with babies for over a year now.. Unless you’re saying she’s been pregnant for a year…

Learn to read on

I understand all these little girl emotions, I was obsessed with Leonardo Dicaprio as a teen haha so I get it. But the word “prophetic” means that 3 years ago when he April fools tweeted that he was gonna be a daddy it ended up being true TODAY not then. Prophecy!! I know you all have read Harry Potter, so you know what it means. Get it together. Also @briana_jungwrth is NOT @briana_jungwirth on Twitter. So please just stay in school and take birth control/condoms. PLEASE.

Zoe on

THIS ISN’T TRUE!!! The man that said this was talking about being a new fan and that he was gonna be a new Daddy. Not literally. Brianna on Twitter even denied this multiple times. Take this down if it’s not true.

desiree1d on

Louis isn’t gonna be a DAD. Ok? This sh*it is a dristaction of Zayn being with them and to hace money money. ITS FAKE, ITS A JOKE. Briana and Louis denyed it and Fizzy (Louis’ sister) toó.
They just want money and make fans get On their nerves.

desiree1d on

Oh, and The April Fool’s ITS from 2012 not from 2013. ITS al fake

karina on

lol this is so fake. She is not pregnant the media is full of bullshit

Anonymous on


Cheyanne Magura on

When ever they quote someone they never put a name just “a friend” and that’s what makes me not believe it. Also, they sound so sure that she is pregnant and they never even said that she might not be so if they’re wrong that’s gonna look bad on their part. Louis and Briana clearly haven’t said anything over Twitter for a reason. They said Louis has been to every ultrasound of Briana’s when there really wasn’t any proof.

Anonymous on

Louis’s girl friend is a liar!

Paul on

Ooh yeah fake story.

Cheyanne Magura on

I’m kinda of tired with this Larry crap. Louis isn’t gay and Harry isn’t gay. Like seriously when did this article take a sharp turn to Larry. If Briana is pregnant then Louis is definitely the father, if Briana isn’t pregnant then this whole pregnancy rumor was fake. Its that simple, and all Larry shippers just know that if she does turn out to be pregnant then in less than nine months they can’t hide it and everyone will see Louis is the dad. I’m like done with this Larry stuff.

not needed to be known on

Anyone saying that we are retarded teenage bopper fangirls are obviosly stupid af. You can f off for all i care because this has not been confirmed or denied by none of the so called soon to be parents (which theyre not going to be). Just becaise this stupid fuking news article was mafe by people doesnt mean its tru. Get your damn facts straight before opening your fuking mouths and disrespecting us directioners. You can call me retarded and stupid all you want but i will NOT let you call louis irresponsible and stupid. If you were in his position i bet you wouldnt want to be called these rude things so it would be best if you shut your mouth and stop being rude. Louis is NOT a kid, he is a very responsible adult and i suggest you show some respect. Haven’t your parents taught you to be better than this? IvE had enough of your mean Remarks and your bus towards us directioners. If you don’t wanna hear the truth and you don’t wanna accept the fact that this is fake and that he’s not going to be a dad then don’t read the comments and go somewhere else!!!!

not needed to be known on

All of the people that are calling is retarded bopper teenage fan girls can f off and shut their filing mouth. You are stupid to believe that this shiz is true just Because People wrote it. I suggest that you learn your facts before you speak because obviously you’re not aware of the fact that the so called soon to be parents haven’t denied or confirmed it yet. You call call us stupid all you want but I will not let you call Louis stupid or irresponsible Because he is a grown up and not a child so don’t call him that! I am tired of your bs! If you were in his position I bet you wouldn’t want to be called these rude things so quite it! If you just cant accept the fact that this is fake and that he’s NOT going to be a father than i Think you should just not read the comments and go somewhere else. Honestly, havent your parents taught you to do better?

not needed to be known on


Robin Doyle on

I got speak and say but I don’t want to but I got to I am weak and strong like some people and no willpower like some people if I was a woman I would never take louis back from one direction raise the baby with briana and not eleanor or something.

bella on

It was on 2012, get over it. Thing change over the years. If both Lou and Brianna say that i it fake, than it is. It is funny how some people don’t read the years. Maybe you guys should start paying attention to things like dates instead of something that may not be true

sassySeHaR!! on

i feel soo annoyed..i thought they LOVED each other! wht a shitty person..dunno hu’s fault it was…but a bad decision ! can’t interfere in his life..but seems stupid n idiotic n…….&*##@$;*& to me..

Frankie on

he was either drunk or on drugs because briana is really ugly and louis is off the charts. this is going to be one ugly baby. !!!!

kerstin osborne on

I am going to flip my life is over one direction is my life

Deb on

She may not be interested in his fame….but I bet she’s gonna be interested in his bank account for the next 18 years. CHA-CHING!!

Tara on

Aw….that’s so beautiful and on top of that the tweet

Ashlee on

Call me crazy, but I think you should be a little more than “close friends” if you’re going to have a baby together! Geez!

Nancy on

When is the baby due I know it’s a girl but when is it do.

destiny.1212 on

Are you dumb. He does not even like her. Cant you tell that Larry Stylinson is real. I believe in Larry because of the way they look at each other, the way they touch, and the way they act around each other. No one really denied Larry wasn’t real. Thats why there management is always making them have beards and be with someone else. I don’t get there management. Why can’t they just be together. Its there choice so they should be happy with whoever they love not with a random girl that they don’t even like and aren’t happy with. It hurts to pretend you love someone when you don’t, but it hurts even worse to pretend you don’t love someone when you really do.

Anonymous on

BE HAPPY for him, every person wants a child someday and he’s going to have one soon and about Briana, stop hating you jealous people, U DONT KNOW HER AND NEVER WILL SO U HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE, we don’t know if she’s a bad or good person. OK AND THE YOUNG DAD THING IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF, he’s 23 not 16 he makes his own choices not you so u can be supportive or not because this baby is going to happen

Jasmine on

BE HAPPY for him, every person wants a child someday and he’s going to have one soon and about Briana, stop hating you jealous people, U DONT KNOW HER AND NEVER WILL SO U HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE, we don’t know if she’s a bad or good person. OK AND THE YOUNG DAD THING IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF, he’s 23 not 16 he makes his own choices not you so u can be supportive or not because this baby is going to happen

Anonymous on

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Anonymous on

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Anonymous on

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danielle on

i think he likes the girl he got pregnet more than his girl

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