2 Bumps and Counting: Pregnant Anna Duggar and Jessa Seewald Compare Baby Bellies

07/13/2015 at 10:00 AM ET

The number of Duggars should increase any day now — Anna Duggar is overdue!

The 19 Kids and Counting family’s official Facebook page posted a photo of Anna and sister-in-law Jessa (Duggar) Seewald comparing baby bumps Sunday night, pointing out that “sweet Anna is now past her due date!”

Anna Duggar and Jessa Seewald compare baby bumps Courtesy Duggar Family

“First time she has ever gone ‘late’ instead of early!” the reality stars wrote. “Here she is with our Jessa. Be praying for these girls. Pretty soon we will get to kiss the sweet face of another Duggar grandbaby!!!”

Anna, 27, is expecting her fourth child with husband Josh Duggar, also 27, who has been keeping a low profile since news of his molestation scandal broke in May.

Jessa, 22, is due to give birth to her first baby Nov. 1. She and husband Ben Seewald shared the news exclusively with PEOPLE in April.

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“We are trying to take it one day at a time,” said Seewald, 20. “We pray every night that God helps us be good parents. We are getting advice from other parent.”

— Michele Corriston


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Anonymous on

“Sweet Anna” the child molester lover.

antibreeder on

They can only discuss who will breed more. To bad they can compare educations, jobs or other life goals besides being a breeder. Pathetic role models.

Jane on

Please, stop reporting on these people. They are not celebrities, they are just delusional and sick.

Anonymous on

He’s fondling your ‘sweet grandbaby’ right now. too bad your love for your grandchildren and daughters does not extend to keeping them safe…

Tee on

Praying for Anna, can’t wait to hear all about her and Josh’s new baby daughter! And Jessa is looking lovely, seems to really enjoy expecting her first little one! Beautiful picture of two sweet women!

Lexie on

Congrats, girls. Any day now for Anna, and a few months down the road for Jessa!

Amanda on

Please do not call what he did a molestation scandal. Molestation is a crime. Why are we still giving coverage to people who cover up crimes against girls and women.

Anonymous #2 on

WHY does People even post stories about these idiots anymore!? They deserve NO MEDIA coverage of their lives! I’m SO TIRED of seeing these posts of them! NO ONE CARES UNLESS THEY ACTUALLY SAY SOMETHING REAL! They claim they didn’t even KNOW THEIR BOTHER MOLESTED THEM until their MOM TOLD THEM!??? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If someone is touching you IN YOUR SLEEP YOU KNOW! People shouldn’t post stories about them until they decide to be REAL! No one cares about their pregnancies! People are pregnant everyday AND I’d rather hear about ACTUAL FAMOUS FOLKS PREGNANCIES and not these has been reality personalities!

Anonymous on

Hard to believe I let my kids watch this “family” show and now I can’t even stand to look at Anna given that she KNOWINGLY married a man who admitted to molesting his young sisters! Just sick. Please stop reporting on them.

guest on

my first thought upon seeing this picture – BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT. that’s the mentality of these people. they have no direction in life but to over populate the world. caveman mentality

ralph malph on

Dear isis, please kill the duggars and kardashians. Thank you, america

Lexie on

Congrats, girls, on your upcoming blessings! Take care of yourselves and keep the faith!

Gabby on

Wishing them both a safe delivery and healthy babies.

Debra on

They breed like rabbits. So many children needing homes and this family is all about making money off the innocent

ralph malph on

Dear isis, please kill the duggars and kardahsians. Thank you, america

Andrea on

Well, Jessa is barefoot and pregnant. Now all she needs to be is in the kitchen to complete the Duggar trifecta.

staceyhead84 on

You people are so disgusting. You’re talking about a woman giving birth. She’s not the one who did wrong, and how many times does someone have to apologize before they are forgiven? God says for us to be forgiven, we must forgive. If they have forgiven him, why can’t we?

Pam on

Stop posting about them. Please.

seila on

why do always these girls are wearing maxi skirts? it annoys me

Kari on

People you need to stop giving this family attention you are basically glorifying overpopulation. And to those that think overpopulation is a myth it basically means that there isn’t enough food or fresh clean water for 7 billion people.

jlduke55 on

Anna’s baby doesn’t want to come out because she’s afraid of being molested by her father!

Anonymous on

I don’t get it. No pants, dresses to knee or longer, no sleeveless tops up to almost their neck yet they wear skin tight tops pregnant or not.

nanu21 on

This family pops out babies faster than “rabbits” so to speak so when will be enough? Got sixteen more kids to go who get married popping out more and more babies…..geeezz! enough of them already!!!!

Jenny on

Shame on you People Magazine. Josh Duggar is an admitted child molester. Maybe you can show pics of John Wayne Gacy or a pregnant Mary Kay Latourneau instead? they are all one and the same. Please stop reporting on the Duggars, you’re better than this.

Sara on

No, please. NO MORE of these people. I did NOT read the content nor looked at the ads, I only to implore PEOPLE to stop featuring this family in anything at all.

Lynne on

Cult brainwashed breeders with zero education. No one wants to know what these weirdos are up to. GO AWAY.

Jojo on

Ditto to what others have said. Disgusting family, disgusting values, pedophile lovers, we don’t care about them, we don’t even want to see their ugly and inbred faces.

LOL on

Good grief these people are just breeders!!

Rainbow on

Ugh! Go away Duggar family. These girls are youth sex offender apologists. They are now nothing more than accomplices to the crime. Josh is yet to show his face and explain his actions. #BoycottTLC #Boycott19Kids

Mary on

Must be weird for Anna to know the first vag her husband touched is standing right next to her. But god forbid a front hug!!

Anonymous on

When are you going to stop covering this family – who cares anymore or ever did.

Anonymous on

SHAME ON PEOPLE for continuing to share the lives of this terrible family.

Anna Dugger is knowingly having children and raising a family with a confessed child molester, and People magazine thinks it’s OK to celebrate that and share their “happy” news???

I will no longer be purchasing People magazine until you stop reporting on those who cover up and make excuses child molesters. Enough is enough. Have some dignity in what you’re reporting.

Guest on

They have one more thing in common, other than being pregnant.

Anonymous on

Another day, another Duggar baby bump. Do these people have anything else to talk about?

Jo55 on

And this is what is wrong with your culture America…glorification of grifters with fake values and no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Not even criminal behaviour can stop the almighty money-making machine.

Carol on

Another day, another Duggar baby bump. Do they have anything else to do?

CareBear on

I don’t know. I love being a mom and all, but I can’t help but feel a bit creeped out by the seemingly endless need to reproduce as early and often as possible by these people. It reminds me of those charts the spca puts out of how many kittens just one unspayed female can produce in a lifetime.

Eli on

Since this site loves people who abuse children, I guess we can count on ad nauseam reporting on the Subway guy’s personal life as well?

ctiggs on

is it joshs?

Vee on

Interesting how his wife looks so much like his sisters. Guess he has a type. 😦

West on

I dont know them but they look good, weight wise. So not everyone has to indulge in fast food and brownies while pregnant, yes ?

cynlee on

Unsure as to why People Magazine is so obsessed with the Duggar family.

Emry on

Difference between the two is that jessa is married to a man who DIDNT molest his siblings. She scored. Anna didnt.

theresa on

Enough of the Duggars…none of give a rats behind about looking at the family who supports their child molester brother and husband

For all those who were victimized by child abuse…STOP STOP with the stories of the Duggers..


joanne1965 on

Barefoot and pregnant…sad set of women.

Anonymous on

Sad that all they have to look forward to in life is birthing babies. That is it. What kind of a role model for women today are they?

Mom of 2 on

I’m sure Anna an Jessa are lovely young women, but the Duggars are not a family to emulate, so please spare us the blow by blow details of what’s happening with them. I’d much rather see you devote articles to people who are genuinely doing something worthwhile in the world. I see no redeeming value in continuing to promote the Duggars.

Anonymous on

People….you are sinking the same level of every media outlet out there…stop reporting on these sickos.

BarefootandpregnantJessa on

Enough about this family!

Marie on

Do we seriously give a crap?

Margaret on

get pregnant…show baby bumps…have baby…repeat…repeat…continue to repeat…enough of the Duggars People Magazine…let them go…

Brooke on

Stop this, PEOPLE. You are profiling a woman in Anna that is potentially putting her children in danger by continuing to stay married to an admitted child molestor. She is not to be celebrated.

Stop reporting on this whole family. Do you EVER read any of the comments on these posts?? Your readership despises them

Sadie on

Every single time you post an article on these people, are you aware that you are triggering sexual abuse victims who might just come to this site to avoid crap like that??

charlotte on

is josh the father of both of these babies?, LOL……

Anonymous on

I understand what people feel about the Duggars but what was said that Isis should kill them that horrible

Abby on

Barefoot and pregnant. How funny.

guest on

The baby doesn’t want to come out to a father who would do that!!!

Disqususer on

It’s kind of weird that People changed the discussion system when it comes to the Duggars. Are they afraid of the normal discussion that analysed their cult and dangerous patriarchal mindset?

Do they want to stop people from mentioning that this is a family of hypocrites who constantly chooses to defend an admitted, serial, sister preferring, child molester at the expense of the victims for financial and political gain?

Are we not allowed to mention that they’ve actively campaigned to deny and remove lgbtq and women’s rights? Are we not going to mention Michelle’s robocall accusing trans people of child molestation while harboring one in her family?

Fatima on

By the end of the year or in the year or 2, 1 of those Duggar kids will completely go off on that family rebel, runway & write a complete tell all on everything that really going on in that family.

True North on

People Magazine, you need to remove this person’s comment immediately. ralph malph on July 13th, 2015
Dear isis, please kill the duggars and kardashians. Thank you, america

You have an obligation to your readers to sensor disgusting, hateful comments like this on.

Buddy on

Please stop giving these people coverage. They are not suitable role models for young women and are still guilty of covering up years of molestation by Anna’s husband.

Choices on

If you don’t like them, don’t click on the story. Everyone can read or not read what they like or do not like. I do not care for any Kardashian/Jenner so I do not click on any story with them. The only thing People looks at is how many reads/clicks an article gets. Don’t like a perso, family, story, etc. Don’t click on it!

dosie juggar on

Any dog or cat can pump out a bunch of offspring. Why is it apparently such a big deal when humans do?

I can’t even imagine having the focus of your life being constantly pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant.

Just say No on

No one cares. Go away Duggars! Educate yourselves and stop having babies.

jeannie on

With 3 married kids and more to follow soon, there will always be a pregnant one. People will have to donate whole issues to them just to keep up with the updates

LDeen on

Gross. Every time I see them I think of what disgusting judgmental hypocrites they are.

jeannie on

My other point. People magazine must have an agreement with Duggars not to be able to reply to comments. Why ?



Angie on

Barefoot and pregnant Jessa, and Anna having another baby with a child molester. Just wonderful

rob117 on

most every comment is right on the money , Who cares about the duggars , they are not news worthy get out of the news and tv forever

Tom on

I love how both of these women have to have hair cascading over their breasts. Every so carefully arranged around the nipple just so.

Tom on

I love how both of these women have to have hair cascading over their breasts. Ever so carefully arranged around the nipple. Little tendrils of hair.

Tammy on

Never been a fan of this family or series, because celebrating someone as “accomplished” simply because they can breed just seems lame. Follow that up with molestation issues. Parents in America need to accept the PARENT should be the good role model, not a paid-for reality tv personality [yep, I have two children. We did not use TV people OR sports figures as our rule-of-thumb to set the examples for our kids] .

missy on

No one knows what Anna knew before she before she married Josh. Her parents were probably given a very sugar coated version of what happened, and her being incredibly sheltered from reality was probably given an even more sugar coated version. His sisters probably didn’t even realize how wrong what he did to them was , and unless they are reading comments on the internet probably still don’t. Their mentality is “He said sorry, it’s over and done with”.
I am in no way condoning what Josh did, but I am not convinced Anna or even Ben and Dereck knew the full story before it was leaked to the press.
Anna has no education, and no real skills to support herself and 4 kids, her staying with Josh may be for no other reason than she feels like she has nowhere else to go. These people don’t live in a world where divorce is an option. She probably has no idea that leaving is an option and even if she did, she would be shunned by both her and Josh’s family, and I wouldn’t put it past the Duggars to have the kids taken away from her either.

Anonymous on

Looks like the Dugar’s are back on People’s payroll !! Enough please.. Give us inspirational people to read about.

B on

Thank you for sharing these cute pix. I miss seeing them on TV and wish them all the best.

Mara on

This baby bump photo represents the sick oppression by a patriarchal authoritarian organization that imposes a strict prescription for the roles of females. A new baby should be a joyous occasion… however, I am sad for these young women. For them, this is just a prelude to a life of relentless child bearing and breast feeding, with little regard for the health and well being of the mother.

Sylvia on

Best wishes for two healthy babies.

You both have the right to have babies – you are both married – they are innocent babies and it bothers me terribly to read such terrible comments.

CreepyPicture on

Not a good photo, for so many reasons…It’s actually creepy

drebakms on

Is that not a perfect picture for these deranged idiots? Barefoot AND pregnant!!!! You right about Anna. Both of these women have been ‘touched’ by Josh.

GlassHouses on

I can’t for the life of me figure out when people (not PEOPLE) became so nasty, rude, and hypocritical of others. Let’s say Josh was two years younger (age 12 — or age 10) when this incident occurred. Would there be such an uproar? He was an adolescent. All you holier than thou girls commenting here (not women, you don’t qualify). Was there never a boy in school that didn’t cop a feel? Are you pure as the driven snow? And for the commenter about ISIS killing them… SERIOUSLY?? If this is our current society, God help us all. I want no part of it.

guest on

One sick family!

Anonymous on

Aw. These cult members are so cute. Wow People.

Erin on

Why are we criticizing these women? Because they are having babies and covering up their skin? Because they have someone in their family who committed a [horrible] crime eleven years ago? Because the way they choose to live their lives is different? America loved this family for a long time. How quickly we turn our backs and refuse forgiveness. This family dealt with this over a decade ago, its just America that is dealing with it now. They have already moved on, grown up. They have forgiven. They choose to love. That is the story of Christ. That is His commandment. We are not Christians because we are perfect, we are Christians because we are sinners. God doesn’t keep score on our sins, He loves and forgives those who call to Him. Even you, reading this. Congrats to these two ladies and their babies. Babies are awesome! Breed on!

pak on

I’m not for or against, this is to those people that say “how could they not know they were molested”. I am a survivor of incest. Sometimes your mind just blocks this stuff out until your brain decides it’s time to remember or something triggers the memory. I was 37 until a trauma triggered all the past abuse from childhood, I still didn’t believe it although I had tons of memories. It wasn’t until just a few years ago when the family member was on his deathbed and confessed that I finally believed. One of my kids was molested and had no memory of it until I told that child when much older. The child did receive therapy but blocked the therapy out. So the point is it is possible not to know.

gymluv on

Do you know what else is overdue? Cancelling this show and media coverage of the Duggars! People.com if you read the comments, it is clear that the consensus is to not post articles and pics of this family anymore. Even if we do not click on the story, their faces are on the home page. The Duggars have ample social media sites for those who want to see them. I do not so please stop posting about them. The courtships, weddings, pregnancies & births will go on for decades with this family.

Nan on

Why is this family worthy of a TV show or magazine article? These women are famous for breeding? It is sickening. Enough already!

july smith on

Fascinating. I ate too much Mexican. Want to see my stomach?

Anonymous on

Agreed, this is not news, nor do I want to know about more babies born into a home where the father is an admitted molester. Please stop reporting on them.

bianca on

Was Jessa not one of the girls molested by her brother? How can she stand to be close to him, let alone support the fact that he continues to have children = more potential victims? (Much like their parents who continued to have more victims while he was in the home, allowing him to repeatedly molest his sisters, rather than handling this properly) This is disgusting that PEOPLE continues to report on this family?

Red Skye on

Just what we need more “Billy Bobs” in this world. When are they going away! They are no role models and the whole family is disgusting!!!!!!

Comments on

Enough, please. Please, PEOPLE. No more of these folks. Please. Only clicked on this link to tell you that and I’m losing interest in your website because you continue to feature them. Please. Enough.

Dr. Doolittle on

OMG, stop covering these freaks. They’ve had far more than their share of fame and money for doing nothing but breeding. Their true colors have come out, so please NO MORE!

Norms on

Really over the Duggars. Please, anything but more Duggars.

christine loewen on

The Learning Channel owns TLC and People Magazine… So, I imagine we’ll be continuing to see stories about this deranged family in People for a long time to come…

christine loewen on

Sorry meant to say Discovery Communications owns both People and TLC…

ALM on

Stop, People, please stop. We were sick to the back teeth of your multi-daily updates on these people before the scandal, and now you’re just beating a dead horse.


Wendy on

Who cares? I agree with a lot of other commenters….why report on these people?

pattyr on

OMG, will they never stop trying to overpopulate the world all with that inbred family brood mare mentality?!?

Tom on

These women love to pose.

Diane on

Love these young women and their families.

Sootzie on

Dear People Mag, You changed your comment service to “blog format” but it did not help….ha ha…..the majority of commenters STILL do not like the Duggar “mentality”.

dosie juggar on

Look at Jessa’s feet!!! Bunions, malformed toes and it looks like the pinkie toe is missing a joint.

That’s what you get from wearing used shoes that you share with your siblings.

Carmn on

ENOUGH already!

Anonymous on

I don’t watch the show, do the girls have to wear dresses or skirts? I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of any of the girls in pants or shorts.

Emly on

People.com please stop publishing articles about this family

Sootzie on

dosie juggar, I too noticed Jessa’s horrible looking malformed feet….not uncommon in the elderly, but rarely do the feet look that bad in a young person….definitely malformed.

Anon on

That baby knows what an awful family she’s being born into and is staying in as long as she can. This might be the smartest Duggar!

Anonymous on

@stacey, they will never be forgiven. FUCK THEM

jane on

Go away all of you. No one cares how many babies you two have. Those days are long over. It is disgusting that you have nothing else to talk about. Anna just smiles and seems to have not a care in the world. I hope that pig Josh is not babysitting. Neither of their husbands can keep a job. Losers that just got lucky. But the gravy train just ended.

Daisy on

Its really freaky that they look like sisters.

moths in closets on

This makes me sick i loved watching the show and was always amazed michelle an jim bob should be charged cause all those kids must have been left alone while they were making babies jim bob always acted creepy it will probably come out he is a chester too they say it always starts at the home mostly or a family member tired of all these type of shows making these ppl celebrities,the kash trash etc,teen mom now them girls are another story dr drew should be ashamed donate the money to charities instead of giving these so called ppl air time or do a story on the homeless they need the money stop no more crap please .

Perry on

Oh my God. Poor Jessa is only 22 years old and in this photo she is literally barefoot and pregnant. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

Anonymous on

Oh look barefoot and pregnant, what a surprise, NOT. When will we STOP making these people celebrities. They offer nothing to further our society, knowledge or scientific growth. They just continue to burden the world with more people that have to be accommodated with jobs, food, medical care, air and water..

Dorothy Newkirk on

Oh look, barefoot and pregnant, what a surprise, NOT. Why are we making celebrities of these people? They are doing nothing to further our society, economy, knowledge or scientific pursuits. They are just a drain on it because they are producing more people that need to be accommodated with jobs, homes, medical care, food, water and air to breathe.

michely on

This family is a disgusting cult!!! Please stop reporting on these idiots!!!! What is it with People magazine and the Duggars?

Michele OShea on

Barefoot and pregnant. The family motto.

KL on

This family is fricken annoying!!! Grr… But hope both babies will be healthy!

Ma on

If you are tired of reading about the Duggars then don’t read the story. I don’t think anyone is twisting your arm making you read their stories. I still like the Duggars & I do not think their show should have been taken off the air. They have great beliefs & should be proud of their children. Ok, so what Josh did was very, very wrong, that was 10 years ago folks. Get over it.! ! Josh is not a child molester.! A true molester would not have gone to his parents & told them what was happening & asking for help to stop.! ! He was a kid that did wrong & went on to be a very good person. To bad more people don’t have the beliefs that the Duggar’s have.! ! They follow the bible & live their lives as the bible says to. God is the only one they have to answer to & they all know it.! ! Don’t you people who keep harping on what happened over 10 years ago have a life.! ! Also don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about because I was molested by my father, grandfather & brothers at different times before I was brave enough to tell my mother what was happening to me.! ! You say the girls had to know what was happening to them & you are wrong. Some people are very deep sleepers & don’t know when someone is touching them.! ! My grandson is such a deep sleeper we could set things on top of him, roll him over etc & he would sleep right through it.! ! The magazines are no longer writing about what Josh did. This article was about the 2 women & their pregnancies with one little comment about Josh keeping a low profile, that’s it. The Diggars are good people who have made their own way in this world following God. Have all of you people who keep going after Josh ever did something wrong in your life.? Would you want someone digging up dirt about you just so they could make some money.? They need to get a good job where they don’t have to dig up dirt on people.! So, as I said at the beginning if you don’t like the Duggars then quit reading about them. God bless the Duggar girls as they start their own families. May they have healthy babies & a wonderful life with their husbands.! If they want to have 5, 10 or whatever amount of children that God gives them, that is their business. As long as they support themselves & don’t end up asking the government for food, clothing, a house & so on then they should be able to have as many children as they want.! ! Michele is raising her children & home schooling them plus teaching them about life & about taking care & helping others.! ! To bad that there aren’t more parents like the Duggars.

Becky peebles on

Barefoot and pregnant cuz that’s all we know to do.

Jennie on

Love this family

megan on

Now they have two more babies to keep away from sicko creep Josh. Hooray : P

Erin on

Gee, PEOPLE, of the 125 comments on this article, maybe 5 aren’t complaining about your incessant coverage of this cult. Perhaps you ought to listen? #ifonly

Baddest on

Compare pedophile notes

farrah on

They are trying to get these uneducated females to bump out babies like rabbits.Now they are trying to force them to not seek proper medical care when the babies are past due and wait for the babies to come out like in the 1800 ‘ s until one of the babies or mothers die from stupid people trying push us back ward instead of forward .Lord Goatheard advice I am sure .Let the show go and let these people fade away like roaches they are .Lord knows they bread like roaches

Ellie on

Is this article a joke? why are these people here? why are they famous? what did they do to be featured here? you should quickly put your priorities in order PEOPLE and publish about real celebrities and not supposed celebrities that did not do anything except having sex tapes (kardashians) or having tons of children (duggars)!

I stopped my PEOPLE subscription because I was sick and tired of reading about those stupid families and you are not close to see me again if you still make glorification about such people…

biblebeliever on

So refreshing to hear about true Christian people. Although I don’t agree with every aspect of their beliefs, I do know they love and follow the Lord. Josh sinned, he repented and Jesus forgave him. This is Christianity’s beliefs. Would so much more like to see and read about the Duggars than so many of the “trashy” celebrities’ lives and how they live theirs! The Duggars anger so many people because the people are of “the world” and the world’s belief system., and those of the world cannot understand spiritual things. This is a spiritual thing – Josh has been forgiven through the light that came into the world for sinners – Jesus Christ.

caitlyn on

All of you idiot commenters posting rude and vulgar comments needs to disappear.

Why can’t you get it through your freaking heads the girls were the victims. The girls have chosen to not live in hatred and move forward and not suffer from PTSD. And yet you just want to take them back over and over in your stupid comments. Why shouldn’t they move forward with their lives? Why shouldn’t they live their lives to the fullest? Because they are not walking around hanging their heads down, crying or bitter and nasty you are not happy? Have you been through this in your family? My family has. Thank God the young girls in our family also chose to forgive and move forward and not live or dwell in the darkness. Will they ever forget, no. Will the rest of us ever forget? No. But I am thankful they are living life and not hiding behind shame or leaning towards suicide. Its a lot freaking harder to choose forgiveness and move forward with your heart and your life !!!! It’s real dang easy to be full of anger and hate. So stop your nastiness and let them live their lives without your judgements! This is EXACTLY why they kept it quiet.

caitlyn on

All of you idiot commenters posting rude and vulgar comments needs to disappear.

Why can’t you get it through your freaking heads the girls were the victims. The girls have chosen to not live in hatred and move forward and not suffer from PTSD. And yet you just want to take them back over and over in your stupid comments. Why shouldn’t they move forward with their lives? Why shouldn’t they live their lives to the fullest? Because they are not walking around hanging their heads down, crying or bitter and nasty you are not happy? Have you been through this in your family? My family has. Thank God the young girls in our family also chose to forgive and move forward and not live or dwell in the darkness. Will they ever forget, no. Will the rest of us ever forget? No. But I am thankful they are living life and not hiding behind shame or leaning towards suicide. Its a lot freaking harder to choose forgiveness and move forward with your heart and your life!! It’s real dang easy to be full of anger and hate. So stop your nastiness and let them live their lives without your judgements! This is EXACTLY why they kept it quiet.

CCS on

Such a sick, sick twisted family. Keep these farm freaks out of the press!

Anonymous on

We get it people most of you are just saying the same thing over and over again. Give the people a break!

ZZ on

Yeah the Duggar family is a cult family.

balls on

Why is People sharing any news about this disgusting family?

the transplanted on

Is Josh the dad of both kids? This picture is sick.

Becca on

Even seeing their pictures make me want to vomit. Stop promoting incest sympathizers.

Emily on

Wow. These comments are horrible and the majority of them ignorant of the situation. Although it’s none of our business really, if you’re going to comment on the situation, please find out about it first. Josh Duggar did not have sex with his sisters. He rubbed their back and touched their breasts OVER their clothes AND the girls were sleeping and had no idea it even happened! Their parents had to tell them. Want to know how the parents even found out about it?? Josh Duggar, the guilty son, TOLD THEM! Would your son tell you if he did something like that to his sister? Thankfully the Duggars have instilled in their children good consciences, great values, integrity, etc. Being a Christian doesn’t mean they’re perfect people. It means the opposite actually, that they know they can’t be good on their own and that Christ paid the penalty for their sins. So they can confess and repent (note: turn from their sin) and move on. The Duggars are living full, happy lives because of that freedom while others comment about their lives here through a computer screen. Some people like to hear updates about this sweet, interesting, Godly family. As for the rest of you, just keep scrolling. My momma taught me, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Therefore when I see a Kardashian post on here, I just keep scrolling. I think the world would be a better place if others took this advice.

Imy Weaver on

Beautiful name! Beautiful baby! Congratulations Josh and Anna. My prayer is that God will hold you and your beautiful family close.

Bee on

Anna thought she was getting a sweet deal, marrying a “famous” man… Now he’s famous for all the wrong reasons, and she’s trapped. Oh well, maybe Jesus will set her free from the self-prison she has created by becoming a Duggar. Mrs. Molester, I hope you deliver your baby safely.

Kelley on

Seriously? You’re proud of that pregnant belly and your husband is a cheating pedophile? Have you lost your freakin’ mind?

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Guardiola has come under fire from pundits over his insistence on trying to play out from the back.

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