Stephen Curry Welcomes Daughter Ryan Carson

07/12/2015 at 05:30 PM ET

Stephen Curry welcomes daughter ryan carson
Alli Pura Photography

Expect to see a new adorable guest at Stephen Curry‘s post-game press conferences.

The Golden State Warriors star’s wife, Ayesha Curry, announced in a blog post on Sunday that the couple had recently welcomed a new daughter, Ryan Carson.

“God is amazing,” Ayesha wrote. “The gift of life is truly an indescribable thing. We were fortunate enough to experience it all over again Friday night! Our beautiful little Ryan Carson Curry arrived perfectly healthy and happy!”

Sharing a photo of his girls on Tuesday, Stephen added, “Thanks to the doctors and staff at Alta Bates for taking care of my girls, especially Dr. Poddatori. Healthy baby and @ayeshacurry is all I prayed for. #prouddaddy”

Ayesha reported that Ryan weighed in at 6 lbs., 1 oz. and arrived after three hours of labor.

“I was able to birth her naturally without an epidural,” she continued. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do and was so happy to get through it with the help of my darling husband and amazing doctor. This time around I felt more prepared and was able to take in the entire process. It was a miracle!”

And it sounds like little Riley is already taking to the role of being the big sister.

“Riley is completely enamored with her little sister and has taken on her role as big sister beautifully. I am already so proud of her!”

The new arrival will fit in nicely in the family’s gender neutral nursery, which they shared back in June.

— Maria Mercedes Lara

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Alyssa on

Congratulations!! I’m sure the baby is as beautiful as Riley! What a year for Steph Curry – 2015 NBA Champions – so well deserved!!!

jtw on

Who are these people?

Neenee on

I love this young family. Congratulations on the new addition

Stylista on

Agreed – who are these guys? Whatever

amyinoaktown on

Congrats to such a beautiful family! Hoping I see you all around town this summer in Oakland/East Bay.

Heather on

Beautiful family, congrats to them!

Guest on

Congrats to a lovely couple! And congrats to Steph on the 2015 NBA win!

kelli on

Beautiful family! I love both of them.

Anonymous on

Such a cute name!!

Jtw, who? It says who, right in the article. Surprised you haven’t heard of him. I don’t follow basketball and I have heard of him. He has been all over the magazines, TV, newspapers, Internet, etc. kinda hard to not know who he is these days.

Brianne on

Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you guys can’t wait to see her at the postgame

Eli on

While this site often covers F-list celebrities, you just sound ignorant when you ask “who” one of the star players for the team that just won the NBA championships is.

Charlie Dunn on

Congratulations Steph and Ayesha. You are so blessed. Riley will be the best big sister to Ryan, and the best mommy’s helper …. ever! She stole our hearts during Steph’s interviews. May God bless your beautiful family, always.

Darcie on

So happy for them such an adorable family! Such a wonderful blessing, now we’ll have tw wry cuties sitting on dad’s lap during his interviews….which means double the cuteness! 🙂

erica2 on

congrats the curry’s are such a beautiful christian family I’m so happy ayesha experienced the natiral birth she wanted 🙂 Riley will be a wonderful big sister that is full of personality. fyi Steph Curry was not just one of the stars of the nba he was the star… awarded league MVP and helped his team win the NBA finals
anyone that hasnt heard of him is a
hermit nobody that live under a rock!

Dutchy on

Congratulations, I’m sure she’s beautiful! But a little side note, there’s absolutely zero reason to mention that you didn’t have an epidural unless you’re trying to brag and/or make other women (those who do get one) feel bad about themselves or lesser than you. Tell your friends and your family, there’s no reason to broadcast it here (unless People specifically asked but I doubt that). Having one or not having one, doesn’t change a damn thing about you or your baby or anything else. Enjoy your new love!

Nicole on

Riley and Ryan? That’s more like twin names than sisters.. Ryan Carson…were they hoping for a boy??

maryhelenc on

Congrats to the Curry family!

I hope to see Ryan & Riley entertain us at future press conferences.

Gigi on

Beautiful family!

barbarian on

he won’t bring two brats to those press conferences, I hope. God is amazing? Let’s post a photo of the children “god” killed today all over this planet.

Jewel on

For all the people asking who Steph Curry is read the freaking story and you will find out who they are!

Jeanine E. Martin on

I, too, have no idea who these people are! However, I don’t believe this makes me “ignorant”! It simply means I don’t follow basketball. This person is not a major celebrity so, although I’m happy for the couple and their new addition, I think it must have been a slow news day to put this much emphasis on them.

Kestrel on

Why don’t you find out who these people are before issuing your snarky “who are they” remark?
People know who THEY are. Nobody knows you. If you aren’t aware who these people might be but other people can identify them then YOU are the ignorant ones.
He’s so wonderful with Riley. Congrats to such s gorgeous family!

America the beautiful on

Congrats! Beautiful family!

For those that don’t know who they are and claim it’s because they aren’t celebrities very much are ignorant. There once was a time when athletes were considered celebrities and not the trash that are the Kardashians

The Curry family has more integrity, talent and ‘celebrity status’ than any reality show f-lister.

Don’t know who they are? It’s called google. Turn off enews and educate yourselves about sports or world news. You may just learn something new and interesting.

carol on


Steph Curry IS a major celebrity, having just won the NBA’s MVP award and the NBA Championship, and he both he and his family have dominated the news for MONTHS. Just because you haven’t heard of them does not mean they are not major celebs.

Kristin on

Who? Well congratulations babies are a blessing

Nek on

Jeanine E. Martin, he is a major celebrity. What makes him not major? Is it the fact that you have never heard of him because that makes absolutely no sense.

Anonymous on

Dutchy- Sounds like you have some insecurities about your birthing experience. While that’s a shame (no woman should be made to feel bad about how she gave birth), it isn’t Ayesha’s fault, and she shouldn’t have to hide the fact that she gave birth naturally just to appease you and others who feel insecure (just as those who DID get epidurals shouldn’t have to hide THAT fact for fear of offending the natural birthing crowd!).

Karen Haverford on

I hate women who go on and on about ‘natural birth’ as if someone having an epidural is somehow less adequate! A baby is a beautiful gift, epidural or not.

Hanna on

Living in Australia, i only know him because of his Daughter Riley, and the spectacle she made during TWO of his press conferences, which if you ask me, should NEVER have happened. Yeah, she was cute, and yeah she was funny, but this was definitely a publicity thing, and it shows that he did NOT take this seriously. I mean who brings a child of her age to one of these, and lets her run wild while he’s trying to answer peoples questions about his sport? Where was her mother? Why wasn’t she looking after her? I don’t mind videos like this in the slightest, but they knew she was acting up, and allowed her to carry on with this manner because everyone got a good chuckle out of it, then they went ahead and did it AGAIN! Definitely a staged performance. SMH!

Taylor92 on

Such a beautiful family! Congrats on the new addition! Wish them all the best!

charlotte on

Congratulations! No doubt this new little one will be as gorgeous as the rest of her family. Wishing them lots of happiness and good health, and many more blessings 🙂

Jennifer on

I’m guessing that the name Ryan is becoming more and more of a unisex name, which is fine. And the reason why I say this is because I have a brother by that name.

Congrats to the Currys. Best of luck to them.

Vibez on

FYI: The people making comments such as “Who?” are doing their best to project their own miserable lives on others. Of course they know who Steph Curry is. Laugh at these losers with their horrible little lives who spend their days trolling this site to hate on others living their lives.

Congrats, Curry family!

Blair on

Love this family! They are a beautiful example of a family with God at the center. And little Riley cracks me up–lots of personality!

Jeanine E. Martin on

For those responding to my comment (i.e. Carol)…AS I SAID, I DO NOT watch basketball! Therefore, I don’t know who this guy is…nor do I f’**king care! If he has been on the “news”, it’s in the “Sports” segment, which I don’t watch because I DON’T CARE! Get a grip! I am not the only person on here wondering the same thing as I.

Darcie on

@Ajah obviously you’re not familiar with this couple because the only reference you have to her size is the picture in this article which was taken while she was pregnant idiot! His wife is beautiful regardless of her size but no where near the size of her NBA husband who is 6’3″and 185 lbs,
b!+€h stop hating!!!!

Must not have healthy self-esteem when you’re taking the time to post a negative comment on someone you don’t even know. Just saying…..

Anonymous on

@Jeanine… how pathetic… you stupid people click on the article and don’t READ who these people are, then write a stupidazz comment asking who are they… Seriously!! Who does that but some small minded jerks. gtfoh

Jeanine E. Martin on

Another f**king idiot (“Anonymous”) joining the bandwagon…Let me speak slower so you’ll understand! OK…the “Top Story” just said the names of these people. It did not say WHO he is or WHAT he does for a living. And yes, I did read the article (which I had to do to find out WHO they are)! Kudos to me for just not knowing who some basketball player is. Sounds like that’s ABOUT ALL you know about! Why don’t you STFU!

KL on

What a beautiful family!!! Congrats!!!

Rebecca on

The name makes me cringe! SO inappropriately male, and so horribly close to Riley’s name. Not a fan at all.

Anonymous on

Jeannie E.- The point is, you DO know who they are now so it was not necessary to act like you didn’t (BTW, I’m a different anonymous than the one who originally responded to you!)!

Ellie on

Poor kid with such a name, way too masculine and close to her sister’s… It really make methink that the baby is nothing but a pale copy of her sister and that he doesn’t even has the right to have her own personnality…

Hunter on

I don’t follow NBA, and I live in Australia – I know who Steph Curry is. Even if I didn’t, I read the article, so I would be able to work it out.

Love the name Ryan for a girl!

Missy on

Congratulations!! She is beautiful 🙂 And if you dont know who he is you should get out of your cave more often

Kelly Johnson on

Oh my gosh I love that little Riley she is adorable. My 12 year old is a Steph curry fan and we always watched the post game stuff to see Riley gorgeous family. Congrats! Love the name ryan for a girl my daughters middle name is ryan

LisaC47 on

The best!! Congrats to them


Dear People Magazine Editors and Writers:

More Curry stories, less Kardashian/Jenner stories.

Thank you.


The Public At Large

Jen on

Awwwww 🙂