Bobby Brown and Alicia Etheredge Name Daughter Bodhi Jameson Rein

07/11/2015 at 08:55 PM ET

Bobby Brown Welcomes Daughter
Kevin Mazur/BET/Getty

Bobby Brown and wife Alicia Etheredge have welcomed a baby girl.

Daughter Bodhi Jameson Rein Brown was born Thursday, July 9, at 8:24 p.m. at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, PEOPLE confirms.

The couple, who were married in 2012, are also parents to 5-year-old Cassius. This marks the sixth child for the “My Prerogative” singer.

The news of the new arrival is bittersweet as Brown’s 22-year-old daughter with the late Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown, has been in hospice care since mid-June. She was found unconscious in her bathtub in Roswell, Georgia, on Jan. 31.

Brown and members of Bobbi Kristina’s family have been by her bedside at her Atlanta-area care facility. The 46-year-old singer has been slowly returning to work and making concert appearances. Last Saturday, on the Fourth of July, he performed in Atlanta but got emotional, occasionally hugging loved ones and saying he was “in a different zone right now.” Brown returned to Etheredge’s side in Los Angeles after the concert.

— Maria Mercedes Lara

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Maureen on

Congratulations on your new daughter. I know this is also bittersweet. May God bless you and your family.

dd on


Kristine on

Earlier this week I saw 2 reports (on that Bobbi Kristina had died. Does anyone know the latest?

skigirl25 on

This is joyous yet so sad at the same time.

Avery on

I’ve been wondering for some time if the birth of this new baby girl is what Bobbi Kristina was hanging on for. I wish so much that she could make a full recovery and make right whatever it is or whoever it is that led her to where she is now. (Not saying it was anyone or anything’s fault, not saying it wasn’t.) But with hospice care, it sure doesn’t look good for her, does it? Enjoy seeing your momma again, sweet girl. You two belong together eternally.

Catherine on

Is her tattoo supposed to be Bobbi Kristina??

jeannie on

Congratulations to Bobby and Alicia.

Nicole on

Congratulations! This must be such a happy time for Bobby but also a sad time.

Kestrel on


Anonymous on

Congrats! Bittersweet it is. Enjoy your baby girl. ❤

R on

Congrats on your baby girl!

Kathleen on

@Kristine – are you sure you read it on Hadn’t seen or heard a word about it here or anywhere.

vcb2 on

Best wishes to Bobby Brown and family. We should all be thankful that we can’t really imagine being in his shoes right now. What a mixed bag this has to be.

vcb2 on

Best wishes to Mr & Mrs Bobby Brown. This must be such a mixed bag right now.

Lastof9 on


PsychicOne on

Catherine if it is it’s not a very good one of her. Doesn’t look like her at all to me and if those are angel wings that would be rude of her to do as she’s not dead. You put the wings on to represent them being in heaven.

Anonymous on

Okay, so according to ET, she went to the hospital on Friday night and they induced her today (Saturday). Why in the world would they wait a whole day to do the induction?

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Anonymous, first, how do you know it was a whole day? She could have gone in at 10 pm and been induced at 6am Saturday. Regardless of specific times, being that it was Friday night and Saturday when she had the baby and the story broke, it wasn’t a whole day. Second, why is it odd that they waited? She probably went in and they wanted to see if she could do things on her own. When she didn’t….they induced.

Brooke on

@Kristine- You’re not imagining things. did have an article with the heading “Bobbi Kristina Brown has died”. I read another article and when I was done and went back to read the Bobbi Kristina article it was deleted. I think the ridiculous “deathbed” picture floating around caused mags to print that cause you know they don’t fact-check.

gymluv on

A baby is a blessing so I will say ‘welcome little one’. I hope you have a wonderful life ahead of you.

Catherine on

@PsychicOne, thanks. I wasn’t sure if those were supposed to be angel wings or not. Obviously that must be an old picture since she’s been pregnant for the last nine months, so it’s probably not supposed to be Bobbi K. It was just the first thing I noticed when I saw the picture.

reneadijab on

He did such a good job with his first child. Good luck with this one.

Missy on

Bittersweet moment. Congratulations to them

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! I wonder if they’ll honor Krissie somehow in the name?

Isabel Hobbs on

Try not to mess this one up Bobby!!

Isabel Hobbs on

Because he did SO well with his first daughter… This man shouldn’t be allowed to have kids!

Amy on

I feel very conflicted about all the news from the Brown Family right now. New life? Previous life?? Another life?? What?? This is a little too much for me to handle (at least right now)……I’m just sayin’.

Kristine on

@Brooke….Thank you! Your explanation makes sense. And it’s nice to know I’m not alone, imagining things, lol. I had a similar experience. The article was deleted before I had a chance to read it. It popped up again a day or two later. I clicked on it but another article showed up. I haven’t seen it since, so I’m guessing ‘People’ finally did their fact checking. 🙂

Cissy on

Hope he can take care of this one.

Kristine on

@Kathleen….yes, it was definitely here at But, as Brooke explained, it was later deleted. Now, I only wish that the whole story could be “deleted” and that Bobby Kristina would be OK.

Tia on

@Catherine….I thought the same thing about her tattoo, that it kinda looked like Bobbi Kristina. But after looking at some old pictures and articles, it appears she had the same tattoo back in 2010 and they’re saying it’s either of her or a loved one who has passed (hence the angel wings).

Liz on

Peter Pan syndrome. Man child.

rumple on

I like her earrings but that tat and her hair, UGH!

Hey Bobby, nada mas, OK????? Nada mas! Basta ya.

Z. Cruz on

Congratulations to Bobby and Alicia on the birth of their baby daughter. Please give this baby part of Bobbi Kristina’s name-maybe Kristina? It would be such an honor and act of love to do this-but, it is up to you all.
I will continue to pray that Bobbi Kristina’s journey to the afterlife is as easy as possible, and that she is with Whitney when her journey is over. We don’t R.I.P., so please try to celebrate her life, instead of mourning it too much.
This new baby girl is very special, and she will make the future for Bobby and Alicia be filled with laughter, joy, love, and adventure. She can’t make up for Bobbi Kristina, but she can be a part of the healing process. Best wishes, and love to you all.

cerise on

I think there’s something really sick about this … Bobby has one daughter dying from his ill-fated union with Whitney and welcomes another with his current wife. Both he and Whitney were addicted to multiple substances, she is dead and he is still alive. I’m truly at a loss to understand all of this …

Anonymous on


Anonymous on

Congratulations to them!

Jo on

That man should’ve been sterilized years ago.

My Comments on

When will he stop making babies????

Robin on

So Bobby Brown has made many mistakes in his life, who hasn’t? Whitney made mistakes and so did Their child. This doesn’t make them bad people, it makes them human. Whitney and Bobbi paid the ultimate price with their lives and Bobby is paying with the loss of a child, why beat them down any farther? We are all flawed human beings, we are all sinners in one way or another. We should be kinder and more empathetic of how difficult life can be, it’s not easy. Judging and being hateful doesn’t accomplish anything but making the judge more self righteous. Best wishes to Bobby, his family and his newborn child. What the world needs now is love sweet love, not just for some but for everyone.

Nicole on

It’s sickening how he welcomes this baby girl like he doesn’t have one in the hospital who is dying because he was a terrible horrible parent. I’m sorry but that Kristina had no one! Not one person. After her mom died her dad was still not there for her. He is a sad excuse for a dad. Let’s see if he does better this time around with his newest children

Mary on

To all of you saying it’s suck that he’s welcoming a new baby while Bobbi Kristina is in the hospital, she was pregnant before BK was hospitalized. What was she supposed to do? Ask the baby to set up camp in her uterus and wait because the timing wasn’t superb? The baby was gonna come, regardless of if her sister was still sick.

ABJ on

If you don’t like Bobby Brown, aren’t happy for him why speak negative?, why not be silent? ….. I loved Whitney Houston but as much as I loved her she was older than Bobby and able to make her own choices. They may have participated in things together but people are accountable for their own actions and choices ….. Plus her own family has shared it wasn’t Bobby who introduced Whitney to drugs but her brother years before. At this point bashing anyone doesn’t change what has taken place, at this point we ought to love, support, celebrate and mourn with the family! Pray for and support him as it relates to Bobbi Kris and celebrate a new life! ……. Can’t all the nastiness end?! ……. Yes the whole history is sad and tragic, but no matter if you’re Bobby Brown the entertainer or Bobby Brown the pizza delivery man EVERYONE deserves come compassion, and if you live long enough each of us at some point are going to need some compassion and understanding as well.

Continuing to prayer for the Brown/Houston Families and Congratulations in the birth of this precious new life!!

Anonymous on

Congratulations Bobby! Forget the haters. You deserve happens with Alicia! Continuing to 🙏for Bobbi Kris!

The Kid on

Congratulations Bobby! Forget the haters. You deserve happens with Alicia! Continuing to 🙏for Bobbi Kris!

The Kid on

Congratulations Bobby! Forget the haters. You deserve happiness with Alicia! Continuing to 🙏for Bobbi Kris!

Carrow on

Yes. Very bittersweet. She’ll never get to meet her new baby sister.

If that boy had anything to do with her accident I hope he is rightfully prosecuted.

Nikki on

I’ve never heard of this woman but somehow I doubt that that tattoo is BK.

debra40 on

loves to spread his seed around

debra40 on

no one is afraid of AIDS anymore I guess.

msliftbig on

He lands these beautiful ladies! I feel for him, welcoming a new baby while your first born is slipping away. 😢

Rae on

Why is everyone calling Bobbi Kristina his first child. Landon is the oldest and BK is his 4th kid. No matter what he has done in the past doesnt make this whole situation any less sad. But hopefully they can find some joy with the new little one!

Candy Girl on

I thought Bobby Brown’s oldest daughter was LaPrincia, whose mother is Kim Ward. Ms. Ward is also the mother of Landon & Robert Beresford Brown, Jr. (please correct me if I am wrong).

Rae on

Brown has five children. His eldest, Landon, was born in 1986, to his then-girlfriend Melika Williams. He began dating Kim Ward in 1989. The couple had two children together: daughter, LaPrincia (b. 1990) and Robert Barisford Brown, Jr. (b. 1992).
This is from wikipedia. Then BK was born is 1993.

Anonymous on


terrie on

Christine. Bobby hasn’t done drugs in years. That’s why he is still alive!!!

Mark on

Glad Bobby has something looking forward to after his heartache the last few months.

Dee on

He is married, seemingly stable and has a 5yr old already with his WIFE. They just gave birth…can some of you people just jump off a cliff already?
Seriously…..his daughter made the decision to do drugs (yes being predisposed puts you at higher risk but you have CHOICES especially seeing where taking drugs can lead) and she is paying the ultimate price….can you not just wish the man congratulations and move on?

Regardless of how badly a person messes up being a parent, the children of said parents always has options. They can choose to overcome and take a different path. We always have choices. That being said, this must be an incredibly hard time for the family….a blessing in a baby and another child in a coma….bittersweet is putting it mildly and unless you have been in the same situation, I would suggest all you Judges step down from your podium and get a life.

Stacy Nuttall on

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lisa on

some people should not be allowed to have children. and by “some people” I mean Bobbi Brown and whatsherface.

happy on

Another OLD person having a baby. Oh goody.

Luna on

The tattoo is NOT of Krissy, as it has been on her arm prior to Krissy’s incident. Bodhi is Megan Fox sons’ name. Love it for a boy, not for a girl. Congrats to them. It’s sad that when Krissy dies, that’s the last link to Whitney. Krissy was always the perfect mixture of BOTH parents.

dosie juggar on

What the hell? Do people not check out these ridiculous names they give kids anymore? REIN is what you use to control a horse! Dayuuum…

Andrea on


Nice! I think the honored Bobbi Kristina. The name is only off by two letters.

s on

I wish (my own personal wish) that parents wouldn’t give their children entirely gender neutral names….or girls completely boyish names, so that you have no idea if you are looking for a boy or girl. I know gender is a hot topic right now, and I am not intending to offend anyone.

myjourneyout on

Congratulations Bobby and Aretha. I love the name Bohdi.

Sassymom on

Congratulations to the Browns.. ❤

Myname Isnothere on

…I’m sorry, but I think it’s a horrible name! That name is like scarring the kid with a constant reminder! I dunno…to each his/her own I guess…

Kim.m on

Bobbi brown has sacrificed his late wife and daughter, to let his new children he born by this devil women! Two for two. Unbeliviable!

Kim.m on

Congrats for what? Illuminati , he had to sacrifice, bobbi, but whitney would not let it happen, so she gave her self, then they got bobbi anyway. Two new children bobby had, he had to replace with sacrifices . Whitney for caseous, then bobby for the newborn he just had. Sick

Kim.m on

Dang whoever approves of murder two times and congrats them is sick.

Anonymous on


roflo on

God bless her n plz teach her good manners so that she doesn’t end up like bobbi kristina

Wendy on

Congrats on your new baby. But please think about Bobbi Christina. She is in pain all the time. Please let her pass on to be with her mom. God Bless you all

Wendy on

Best wishes on your new baby girl. Please let Bobbi Christina pass on so she can be with her mom. GOD bless all of you

Caitlyn on

Did the druggie name his new offspring Baby GAP?

Malissa Elkerson on

My heart goes out to Bobby Brown, no matter how many babies he have they will never take the place of his daughter Bobbi. She was made between two people that truly loved each other. They were the realist couple that I’ve ever known of. Down to earth, rich, genuine people. There will never be another couple thar compares to Bobby and Whitney in my opinion. NEVER!!! My heart aches for him right now, it is so very sad. Bobbi Christina will never be forgotten, she was a beautiful, gentle soul. REST SWEET BEAUTIFUL BABY, YOU ALWAYS WERE AND ALWAYS WILL BE AN ANGEL!!!!

Malissa Elkerson on

My heart goes out to Bobby, no matter how many babies he have, they will never be Bobbi Kristina. She was a beautiful, gentle soul. I pray that she finds peace in her mother’s arms… Leave Bobby alone, he loved his daughter, especially because he loved her mother Whitney so much! No one can ever take their places, NO ONE!!! Bobby and Whitney had something special, he will never find that again in another female… He might want to believe he will, but he won’t. When God made Whitney and Kristina, he seriously broke the mold!!!!

sarah smith on

Dear Bobby. Forget the evil words people have said. They really do not know anything. The y will make up anything. against anyone. So forgive them, release them and let go of all there evil words spoken against you. PRAY FATHER I FORGIVE THEM AS A ACT OF MY WILL. I RELEASE THEM AND I LET THEM GO, IN JESUS NAME. EVERY TIME YOU THINK PRAY THIS AND GO FORTH FORGIVEN.

Anonymous on

Yes. Let’s saddle this innocent new born with the name of her sister who died tragically.