Sophie B. Hawkins Welcomes Daughter Esther Ballantine

07/10/2015 at 01:35 PM ET

Sophie B. Hawkins welcomes daughter Esther Ballantine
Shervin Lainez

She’s here!

Sophie B. Hawkins welcomed her second child at 4:49 p.m. on Tuesday, July 7, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Daughter Esther Ballantine Hawkins was born at New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Campus — the same hospital where Hawkins was born! — and weighed 8 lbs.

The 50-year-old “Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover” singer is already mom to 6-year-old son Dashiell.

After being implanted with her own frozen embryo, Hawkins announced in February that she was expecting a baby girl.

“I found Dashiell really needs a sibling,” she told PEOPLE at the time. “My son has one parent who’s 50. I want him to have a family of young people too!”

Although the mom-to-be was excited to expand her family, Hawkins admitted not everyone was on board with her decision to have another baby later in life.

“Even my mother thought I was a cockeyed optimist. ‘I’ll support you emotionally, but I don’t think it’s a good idea,’ she cautioned,” the blogger wrote in April.

But Hawkins always knew she was meant to have a daughter. “I think the nurse said I was definitely very pregnant, but I can’t remember. I heard her voice, but the phrase, ‘Yes, I know’ trailed like a banner across my mind. I did know, and I knew she would be a girl,” she wrote in a June blog.

“When I was in Los Angeles two weeks prior to that day, leaving my son at a friend’s house to have the thawed embryo transferred into my womb, I knew she would come, if I could get out of her way. That was my struggle, not the question, but the surety.”

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— Anya Leon with reporting by Sarah Michaud

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Meme on

50 really is old to have a child. I don’t care what anyone thinks of my comment. When the kid is 20 she will be 70. It’s selfish and I am frankly sick of all the selfish me people in world.

Meme on

Me people in the world….

CS on

She has the money and seems like she is in good health — more power to her.

Christine on

@ Meme – it is HER choice though so what does it matter to you when someone has a child?

Daisy on

I think its great that her son has a sibling. Congrats to the happy family.

mer on

While it feels a bit uncomfortable that she’s 50.. who are we to judge her and her life choices? I’m sure that she loves her kids and takes good care of them. So I am deciding to be happy for her and wish her all the best.

gargoyle on

I know so many people who had a second child thinking it would provide a companion/ally/lifelong “friend” for the first child; and the two siblings not only never got along but despised each other. Lots of “older” parents think it’s important for offspring to “have each other,” but there is no guarantee of anything. I know so many “onlies” who are happy to be singletons.
Her son “needed” a sibling? Hard to know if he did/does or not, or if this is the “right” one. Life is a roll of the dice.

I don’t even know who this woman is. Not even after I read the appositive.

Bem on

Wow! And I thought I was old here expecting my first (and only) at age 36.
I don’t understand what women are thinking when they get pregnant at that age. It almost NEVER happens naturally – FOR A REASON! Nature knows what she’s doing. Do women like her not realize that they are mortal and the average lifespan is late 70’s? How is that fair to a kid? Obviously we cannot control our mortality – disease or accident could take us early in life – but she chose this. Not really fair to the kid.

charlie on

Congratulations to her. I am not going to judge her on her choice to have a child later in life. That is HER choice! Great news!!

Bem on

@gargoyle: Thanks for that! I’m currently having to defend my decision for my choice to have one child only. Everyone act like you are terrible if you choose not to have multiple children – or they act like you are going to end up raising a modern day hitler if the child doesn’t have siblings. I’m one of five siblings and while I love them all, I am not very close to any of them, nor do we have much in common.

Anonymous on

You people with the negative comments are what’s wrong with this country. You’re just a bunch of whiny, busy body jerks!!

Enoughsaid99 on

Congratulations to her! Men are having kids, and marrying 20-30 years old. Glad her baby is healthy!

Bem on

@anonymous: Congrats, because you just described yourself with your own comment! Maybe look in the mirror first, next time.

LA6226 on

Good for her! Appears to have the financial resources for this and healthcare in later years if needed. I’m sure if money and age (nature) didn’t get in the way for most, more women would be waiting until a later age too. Think of all the wisdom this mature mother will be able to give to her kids.. this is not a bad thing.

Hahaha on

Only came here to say,
“DANG! I wished I was a mother!”

CDS on

Nice photo of her but I bet she has a nanny on hand for help. You really need a lot of energy at 50 to keep up with two young children. In about two years, she’ll be going through menopause, I’d like to see a photo of her then.

guest on

I’d rather see a financially stable 50 year old have a PLANNED baby than a teenaged mom or people without resources procreating like alley cats. Meme THAT is selfish. If you are able to take care of a child and plan for it that is NOT selfish. So what if the kid is 20 and she is 70? When the kid is 30 she may be 80? Children are meant to live beyond their parents and by 25 at the latest should be out of the house and living their own lives. We don’t get our parents forever and should be self sufficient to handle that normal part of life.

Annie on

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl!!! You made the right choice by having two children to go through life together! God bless you with many years of health and happiness with your family.

Anonymous on

MEME must be sick and tired of herself…

Guest on

Good for her.

Mimi on

My dad had me at 24 and died 3 yrs later in a car accident at age 27. Now if he had known that was going to happen & chose to still have me, would that make him selfish? If so, thanks for being selfish dad. I’m glad I’m here. My life has been fantastic and I have you to thank for making me. My kids are also fantastic and they wouldn’t be here if I weren’t here. Yes she will die when her kids are younger than when most people lose their parents… But I’m sure they’ll still be happy to be alive.

cutiepatootienot on

Why no mention of the person with whom she will be raising this child (at least until they break up, which ought to be about 2 years from now, given Rosie’s record…)?

Dee on

Well old men have been having kids late in life. So go for it.

Guest on

I had a child at 42.5 year old & it was not an easy decision to make but after a lot of thought my husband & I did it and we could not be happier. Many people have to look at a lot of different things & make their own decision about having children and it is a choice that each person has a right to do. It is nice that people are aloud to make the choice to have child or not. I would not have a child at 50 but that is my choice. I wish her and her family the best! Congratulation!

lynnie on

Well, I was 41 when I had my one and only child. I only feel a bit old when I am talking to moms at school 10 years younger.
Congrats to them and enjoy your kids!

casmia on

Cool. Good for her. She was obviously healthy enough to carry her baby to term and without issue. Plus, people are living longer healthier lives these days. Happy Birthday Esther!

Pam on

I do not understand people (mostly men for obvious reasons) who have children in their 50’s 60’s and older. Why bring a child into this world that odds are you will not live to see reach adulthood. Sure Sophie here will most likely live to be 70’s but it really isn’t fair to her daughter. It is selfish this girl will be caring for an elderly parent in her teens.

KL on

Jeeze, Esther?? What is she, 80??

k on

Very selfish – your child will be graduating from high school and you will be almost 70 – Granted, still very “willing” to help her out, but quite possibly mentally and physically unable to provide what she needs from a PARENT – or are you of the mind that once a child hits puberty, they are on their own ? I’m sure a lot of people will disagree, but reality will eventually set in. Selfish – definitely not thinking of the child, but then again, this is the “all about me” nation. And how much money you have, to ‘care for’ the child, does not matter. Children still need know that their parents care about them. And don’t argue “‘what if ‘any’ parents die in a car accident”…… well, that child would be alone – however, the reality is, the child’s support network would be relatives and friends, probably close to the parent’s age…. again, in your case – “OLD”….. so, who is really going to take of your child when you die – a not-yet-named “twenty or thirty-something” you wish you were when you had her ??? But geez- good luck.

Anonymous on

I am always amazed about how many comments a story gets about women having children in maturity, but not men. Does anyone else think that a male singer having a child at 66 is way too old…?

Charles Volcher on

Like Tom Hanks said in Forrest Gump “Stupid Is What Stupid Does”

Linda on

Ridiculous!!! How sad for the kid!!!

Commentor on

And young couples have children in their 20’s, then sometimes one or both parents die in their 30’s. It happens. No one knows how long she’ll be around for her kids. There are no guarantees, so how can there be a ‘too old’? To opt for the ‘safe’ way is no guarantee that it is the best option. Her decision. Life is always unexpected.

k on

Don’t argue “‘what if ‘any’ parents die in a car accident”…… well, that child would be alone – however, the reality is, the child’s support network would be relatives and friends, probably close to the parent’s age…. again, in your case – “OLD”….. so, who is really going to take of your child when you die – So, did you really have a “plan” ??? Or is it just the instant-gratification generation thing…. I want it, so it shall be.

Charles Volcher on

Like Tom Hanks said in Forrest Gump “Stupid Is What Stupid Does” Next time GET AN ABORTION

G on


mer on

“Why Esther – she isn’t 80” – what kind of stupid argument is that? That Esther was once a baby, too, you know 😀

Kathie on

Age is a state of mind. Today’s 50 isn’t the same as it was decades ago. The woman apparently has her health and plenty of money to take care of her two kids. She likely has friends who would raise them if anything happened to her. There is no guarantee in life that any of us will live long enough to raise our children. So long as she gives them her attention and love, its all that matters.

Tess on

no dad? that’s normal so sad. shes to old to have a child, even a 6 yr old, she assumes she will live to be 100 I guess, but every person I have known who had children at that age, did not work out to much age diff as time goes on.

Ann on

Congratulations to her and the family.

Dessica McCoy on

She a right to have a child at any age she wants. As long as she and the baby are healthy, all you closed minded simpletons can go get f#cked. A lot of people have children later in life and are perfectly fine.

Heather M. Last-Whipple on

it is whenever God Decides to bless us with children. so God decided to bless Sophie B Hawkins at 50 with a child. remember Abraham and Sarah
in the bible. they were 99 & 100 years old and they had a son Isaac. so it just proves that God grants people the ability to have children at any age.

sexy88 on

Sounds like she gave birth at an 80 yr old!! She is 50 so I’m not surprised by the name

VP on

She looks so young for a 50 years old woman.

Ilona on

Yes she ‘s old, but you can dead at 30, 40 or 99 year. the husband of my best friend died at age 41 , he was Dad of 2 childrens of 4 and 8 years.

Neil Schubert on

The best time to have a baby is ages 16-21. Humans are biologically programmed to make babies in this age range, and eggs get exposed to more radiation and toxins as time goes on. By the time you are 50 if you can still have a baby, those eggs can contain genetic errors. Biology 101. But there’s another more important reason:

Well, my mother died when I was 20, so I lucked out, but I don’t really think it is a good idea to have a kid when you are in your 50’s, or 50, simply because by the time your child turns 18, that would make mom 68 years old. I would have liked to have a mom to help me with my life in my 20’s. I never married. I didn’t have a mom to help with my life, and further, a dad that abandoned me and family that was less than supportive. Mom needs to be there to take care of her children.

Not that Sophie B Hawkins is going to die anytime soon, but when you get past your 60’s, there’s always a chance of sudden death.

The fact that she already has a son, and the fact that this was done artificially makes this a “NO” answer for me.

Anonymous on

The argument that she’s “too old” is getting a bit…well, OLD. Yes, older parents may not be around as long for their children. But, there was a time when disease and other ailments (not to mention, the lack of advanced medical care) robbed many children of their parents at very young ages. For that matter, many women didn’t even make it through the child’s birth. So…

Kristen on

50 is undeniably old for birthing babies. It obviously worked out okay so whatever. I’m more annoyed by her girl baby premonitions. Get a grip lady. Good moms don’t care about gender. Sorry -truth bomb.

ADCc on

Parenthood is kicking my butt at 32! To each her own….I don’t have a good enough reason to say geriatric pregnancy is bad. She has a 6 year old that she must be keeping up with. She should be very thankful to modern medicine though! I can’t believe this is possible!

Pam on

So happy for her. Love her.

Kestrel on

I lost my mom very young. It’s incredibly hard but not as hard as my aunt who’s mother began her descent into Alzheimer’s at the age of 56.
Yes, this woman has a choice but there are LOTS of outcomes: death, illness or….long life. Who knows? Is it selfish to have a baby if you have a high risk job? A family history of cancer? If you’re fatmm diabetic, etc?
You are not guaranteed tomorrow. My husband’s GM died at 106!

sky on

As I read through this thread, so many of you do not remember that she froze her eggs when she was younger, hence they are healthy eggs not the eggs of a fifty year-old. I think it’s pretty amazing she carried full-term with no problems. While 50 is probably too old for me, it’s her life. By the way Charles Volcher, your comment is disgusting. How dare you tell a woman what to do. Neil, your comment is ignorant too.