Jaime King: I Understand the ‘Body Shame’ Pregnant Moms Face

07/10/2015 at 10:00 PM ET

Jaime King is definitely proud of her baby bump — the star has been actively showing off her bare belly during her second pregnancy.

Despite her comfort, however, the actress knows what it’s like to face body shame.

“People have made comments about how I’m too thin and need to eat a sandwich,” says King in the August issue of American Baby.

“I’ve seen it happen with other pregnant women in this business too — we’re either too thin or put on too much weight. But every woman’s body is different … all that matters is that you’re taking care of the nutrition for yourself and your child.”

Coliena Rentmeester for American Baby

But King, 36 — already mom to James Knight, her 21-month-old son with husband Kyle Newman — doesn’t let the negative comments affect her mood or her approach to motherhood.

“Don’t let other people get you down, and don’t put other women down either,” the cover star, who is due in August, says.

The former Hart of Dixie star also opens up about naming pop superstar Taylor Swift as her new baby’s godmother. Swift joins actress Jessica Alba, who serves as James’ godmother.

“I asked myself, ‘God forbid anything happened to me, would she take care of my child as if he were her own? What kind of morals would she instill? Will she be backup support if for any reason my child doesn’t want to come to me for something?’ ” King explains. “I looked for giving people whom I admire, and those two give more than anyone I’ve ever met.”

Coliena Rentmeester for American Baby

The actress dishes out some tips for new mothers, as well. She says she’s learned from her own son to let things go more easily and be a “better person.” Most importantly, however, King has learned to appreciate the value of sleep.

“Sleep when your baby sleeps,” the mom-to-be shares. “Even now that James Knight is older, I know that if I’m tired between 10:30 a.m. and noon, I can lie down and take a nap when he’s napping.”

Coliena Rentmeester for American Baby

— Lindsay Kimble

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Stef on

What happens when the second kid comes along? Goodbye to naps forever?

Mary on

Sleep when the baby sleeps? That only works for those rich enough to hire someone to clean the house and do the laundry. The rest of us do that when the baby is napping.

Turner on

I find Jaime to be a little unnerving. While I applaud her for achieving sobriety, she was once a hardcore heroine addict and a high school drop out. She surrounds herself with much, much younger females and her children all have famous godmothers (who all happened to be the “it” girl at the time). Jaime became unglued when Kim Kardashian was being criticized for her maternity clothing choices; Jaime said she literally broke down on the floor in a fit of screaming and tears because of the criticism… ummmm, yikes, sounds a little unhinged.

Stephanie on


nolanite on

Sleep when the baby sleeps. Okay, I’ll see if I can squeeze in under my desk. My boss wouldn’t have any questions about that, I’m sure.

Sally on

Um for her second kid, its going to be easier for her.

lily on

I’m certainly not rich & didn’t have any hired help…I slept when baby slept. Maybe my house wasn’t perfect & my laundry wasn’t folded, but I took care of myself & took the time to nap when my body needed it. I was told the same by many moms of all ages, it has nothing to do with being rich or not.

mommytoane on

@mary, i donno, I found it relatively easy to sleep when my baby slept and to clean when she was awake, but then I was blessed with an angel of a baby. She was content being worn in a carrier or sitting contently in her swing while I did things like laundry, and dishes. If you pick up after yourself, its relatively easy to keep your house pretty clean and its pretty easy to change out laundry or load the dishwasher with your baby awake. Not just the rich have the luxury of doing those sorts of things. Even us middle class folks who can’t afford a nanny can too.
Jaime is beautiful as per usual. She’s a wonderful actress and I’m glad she’s happy in her real life as well.

Mariel on

Temperaments and sleep habits of babies vary, so it’s not the same for everyone across the board. My son didn’t take long naps at all, whereas my daughter loved naps and slept really well. Two very different experiences for me. Jaime King looks lovely.

button on

I don’t think this is a problem at all. No one could ever shame me because I don’t care what they think. I weigh 125 pounds and was a bit thin in my pregnancies, but it went in one ear and out the other. My babies were around 8 pounds each. Who cares what people say? There are more important things to worry about.

Guest on

Everyone’s experience with pregnancy and motherhood is different. Most people were actually nice to me when I was pregnant. I was blessed in that my son started sleeping through the night after about 3 months or so. I was a single mom without any help, so I was always tired, late for work, etc. She is blessed in that she has friends and help. Some unfortunately don’t have that luxury. My son is 20 now, but I remember those days like yesterday.

Christina on

My first child had colic and never slept, just screamed. My second slept so much that I had to call the Dr and make sure she was ok. Point is every baby is different as is every household and we are all just hoping not to screw them up along the journey! Good luck to all the Mom’s out there, we need it! Also weight doesn’t matter much, I am heavier and my OB told me not to gain more than 15 pounds, ha! I gained about 30 both times (8.5 babies both times) and lost it all, now same size I was before, just make sure your being healthy and make smart choices.

guest on

When I was pregnant, I gained 20 pounds each time. I ate what I wanted and kept very active. That was just the amount of weight gain my body naturally gained. I was a naturally thin person to begin with. Everybody is different. Some people I know just looked at a cookie and put on 10 lbs.

SAR on

She’s thin but not excessively so. She’s one of the lucky women who just has a bump but stays slender everyplace else. I like Jamie and Kyle, I wish them the best of luck with the new baby.

Anonymous on

Mary, not true at all. Many of us sleep when the baby sleeps and clean and do laundry when both parents are home or while the baby is awake. You don’t need to be rich to nap when the baby does! Now that is just silly talk!

Anonymous on

Way to go, Jaime! This fat and thin shaming of pregnant (and non-pregnant)! celebs (and regular people!) needs to stop!

megan on

How many times are you guys gonna run articles about her saying this ? We got the point the first 30 times. Sheesh, is she trying to become the next it celeb mommy ? if so, she failed, because we’re already sick of her!

Anonymous on

megan- Speak for yourself! I personally love hearing about her!

Anonymous on

Sorry, also meant to say that I hope she continues to talk about this. The more attention we can bring to the very real- and prevelant- issue of body bullies, the better!

RG on

She has no weight problem, can afford gain few more ponds and she will looks good too.

Carina on

The problem is everyone other than herself or her qualified Doctor thinking she needs a few more pounds. I think she looks healthy, radiant, and beautiful, pregnant or not. If a person takes care of and loves themselves, that is all that should matter. Every body, mind, and spirit is different and shouldn’t be stifled to fit in anyone’s silly imaginary image of perfection. If it isn’t yourself personally, or if you aren’t someone’s personal Doctor with the qualifications and valid health concern, than excuse yourself because you have no right to try to make any feel any less beautiful than they are at that very moment. It goes that way across the board through people, celeb or not, heavy set or slender framed, and honestly I think it makes the person commenting on someone else’s weight seem either judgemental, insecure, or just plain rude and tactless. Let’s end body judgement. Just be happy and healthy to your best advantage and wish the same for everyone around you. Have a comment on someone’s weight? Try keeping it to yourself as it doesn’t bring any benefit unless you consider possibly creating self esteem issues for others a benefit. ….if so, please remove yourself from humanity. Thanks
Back to her, I think she looks fabulous let alone for it being a second pregnancy. Her stipulations on picking a Godmother are indeed true, whether or not she is taking her own words seriously when naming these Celebs Godparents really only affects her children but I do hope she means it. I’m always excited to hear the new Babys’ name and as I love the spunk of Knight, I’m hoping for something admirable this time around too.

Side Note: Always wondered what the Celeb Magical Unicorn and Defender against Stretchmarks was……..Like how??? So many have twins and nothing. ….now THAT would be a useful article or blog post.

Anonymous on

Carina- I believe it’s called make-up and photoshop. 😉

Rain on

Glad she openly talked about self esteem issues women face that women are either too thin or too fat. This issue needs to be addressed.

Kandyce on

Wow – you are one nasty bunch of commenters.

Anonymous on

Ooo love her son’s name James Knight! A normal name for Hollywood mom’s kids.

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