Natalie Portman: I’ve Asked Cate Blanchett for Parenting Advice

07/09/2015 at 07:00 AM ET

Natalie Portman is not afraid to ask for advice.

Between her 4-year-old son Aleph and a nonstop acting career, Portman looks to fellow actress and mom Cate Blanchett for some parental guidance.

“Very early on, I asked [Cate] about being a parent,” Portman says in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar. “I said, ‘How do you do it? You’re a mom. You’re the best at what you do.’ She said, ‘You just do. Stressing about it doesn’t help.’ ”

Natalie Portman Harper's Bazaar
Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar

Portman, 34, and her husband, choreographer Benjamin Millepied, 38, are both very dedicated to their careers, but they agree on the importance of family.

“Most men I know are dealing with the same issues,” the A Tale of Love and Darkness actress explains. “They say they feel like if they work too hard they won’t have enough time with their families. Maybe those questions need to be asked of men, too. Maybe the men need better questions.”

Portman, who has been residing in Paris for the past two years with her family, shared the differences between living in the City of Light and the United States.

“It’s magical. But the cultures are different in ways you don’t even realize,” Portman shares. “And there’s stuff you don’t know you’ll miss until you’re away — like indoor gyms where kids can just run around and jump. They don’t have those there.”

The Black Swan star adds, “[In Paris], if you’re running around on the playground chasing your kid and playing a game, people think you’re nuts.”

Natalie Portman Harper's Bazaar
Courtesy Harper’s Bazaar

— Christina Dugan

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Showing 8 comments

Edie on

Schlock piece.

Mrs. B on

I forgot that she had a child.

Pam on

She always seemed a little stuck up to me.

martina on

Beautiful and refined doesn’t automatically mean ‘stuck up’. Gwyneth Paltrow is stuck up – she has no clue about reality. What has Natalie done to deserve the label?

Cary Black on

I agree with Martina…Natalie has always been a very private person and I don’t blame her. With the way Hollywood is and how caught up they get, it’s a no brainer she lives a quieter life in Europe with her husband and son.

I used to think she was stuck up BEFORE but now, I don’t. The label needs to be placed on the correct person at the correct time…not just because.

My two-cents

SAR on

Little Miss Portman is very devoted to her career? I thought she said she’d “rather be smart than famous,” and felt her education was more important than her movie career.

Of course, she said THAT before she started whining about how being in the SW prequels “ruined her career,” and how we were supposed to weep for her because she might have been left with nothing but her Harvard education (which she’d said was “more important than being famous,” remember, Natalie?!) and the millions of dollars she’d made from her film career already.

She’s also a passionate vegan who thinks eating meat is equal to rape — she’s said so — but she shills for Dior, which manufactures fur and leather items. And she has piously said she “won’t do nudity,” then proceeds to fling off her clothes for the viewing public more often than your average skin mag model.

Little Miss Portman is a self-serving, mealy-mouthed hypocrite who says;/does whatever will benefit her allegedly “squeaky clean” image (never mind that she got knocked up out of wedlock and broke up a committed relationship in the process). I have no idea which one of her insipid projects she is pimping now (she who piously doesn’t consider herself a “typical Hollywood publicity whore”), but it annoys me how the press is still determined to make this marginally talented, overrated, stuck up, spoiled, clueless brat “happen.” If winning an (undeserved) Best Actress Oscar didn’t make her “happen,” nothing will.

And no, I am not going to apologize for my harsh words. What that little snot has done to deserve such ferocious protectiveness (other than “be hot,” as if good looks are somehow proof of worthiness) is and always has been a mystery to me.

SAR on

What Natalie has done to deserve the label “stuck up” is be stuck up. She’s also spoiled, clueless, and a huge hypocrite who says one thing and does another. She claims eating meat is tantamount to rape, but shills for Dior, which manufactures fur and leather items. You gotta kill an animal to get its skin and pelt too, Natalie! She claims that for her, being smart is more important than being famous, but now she’s “passionately devoted to her career” and has whined to whoever will listen about how being in the Star Wars prequels “ruined her career” — the SAME career she claimed wasn’t as important as her education.

I can’t stand this pretentious, clueless, overrated snot. I wish the press would stop trying to make her “happen.” I also wish she’d stay in France with her ill-gotten husband (whom she slept with when he was in a committed relationship) and weirdly-named kid.

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