Baby Girl on the Way for Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari

07/09/2015 at 08:15 PM ET

Kristin Cavallari Pregnant Expecting Third Child Jay Cutler
Todd Williamson/Getty

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallariย are thinking pink.

The couple revealed the sex of their third child on the Kristin Cavallari Official app Thursday, sharing a photo themselves with a pair of pink Converse sneakers.

“The boys are so excited to have a little sister on the way!” the reality star turned designer, 28, captioned the photo.

Cavallari and the Chicago Bears quarterback, 32, announced in May that they were expecting again. The two are alreadyย parents to sonsย Jaxon Wyatt, 14 months, and Camden Jack, 3 next month.

“We’re at it again!” she said at the time. “The Cutler crew keeps on growin’!”

The boys are so excited for a little sister!!!!!! ๐ŸŽ€

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The family has been enjoying time together during the football offseason — they’re currently in Cutler’s hometown of Santa Claus, Indiana, visiting relatives and taking a trip to Holiday World.

— Sarah Michaud

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Gaby on

I knew it! Congrats Kristin!

LS0919 on

Congrats to the Cutlers!

Caitlin B George on

this is a really cute photo announcement. i like the black and white with the pop of color!

YEAH! on

I LOVE Santa Clause, IN!! in the heart of the midwest, and not far from my hometown. I’m sure they are enjoying the wonderful weather. and CONGRATS on baby girl

CareBear on

Yay! I was wondering if they’d be announcing the gender soon. I also have two boys and a girl, so I’m always happy when I see the same!! I adore my boys, but it’s sure fun having a little girl as well. My boys adore their little sister and vice versa! ๐Ÿ™‚

DaisyMoon on

I wonder if Fertile Myrtle will quit now that she ‘s having a girl…

sam on

She has once said that they broke up because he didn’t want her to work. What a pig! No wonder nobody bids on your jersey for a charity auction. lol

Dawn on

They made the announcement in May.!

Jen DC on

Well, it’s good he’s from there; people generally believe in vaccinations.

Is Indiana’s vaccination rate high enough to keep out measles?

Indiana has seen no cases of measles this year.

Whether the state stays measles-free, however, is largely a matter of luck, state health officials say.

“We are concerned,” said Dr. Joan Duwve, chief medical consultant with the Indiana State Department of Health. “Only one case of measles constitutes an outbreak for that disease here in the state of Indiana.”

And once there’s one case of measles, others may follow โ€” especially among the unvaccinated.

The measles virus is incredibly hardy, is airborne and can be passed on before an infected person becomes symptomatic. If an infected person is in a room with 100 unvaccinated people, 90 of them will become ill, Duwve said.

From the IndyStar.

Denise on

Congratulations, she will I am sure will be one beautiful little girl ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“

liz on

Way to impose gender stereotyping on your kid. What is this, the 50’s?

Serafina on

Oh shut up, Liz! I guess the majority of the country is wrong because at one point or another most of us puts pink on our daughters and gasp! Blue on our boys.

Only you new age confused nutballs think such silly things about colors and the kinds of toys a child choose to play with. Is she going to grow up withdrawn because she’ll like dolls too?

Congrats folks! Always love seeing large families. Being close in age, they’ll be good buddies hopefully.

Janie on

Congratulations! Wonderful news!!

Kim on

LOL. They should just stop procreating.

PAT on

Congratulations! Little sister for the boys to be protective over!!!

Donna Eckhart on

Maybe she will be less of a whiny baby and a better QB!

Danny on

Glad it’s a girl. Now maybe she will stop having more unvaccinated babies.

grumpet on

yeah, one year olds jump up and down about impending siblings. Idiots. So she calls him her “little man” — she must therefore call the daughter her little woman.” Let’s just wait for that. and pink, please, how sexist. Pink was used to designate the “expendable” babies — keep the males alive and let the females die.

Kelsey on

Congrats to them! I also have a girl after two boys! She announced her pregnancy in May probably at the end or after the first trimester and just announced the sex so likely she is due in late November/early December just judging by my own pregnancies and other friends who are currently pregnant!

Truvi on

Her husband looks like John Krasinski whom I adore.

Kate on

Uh, yeah right, she eats effing Dippin Dots.

Jenn on

I can’t stand her…him either.

John on

I hope the kid doesn’t die of measles.

vc on

Who is she? And what is the big deal?

baldeagle1977 on

Congratulations! Now please vaccinate your children.

Sigourney on

Lovely. Another unvaccinated child who will be at risk and put others at risk because her mother chooses to believe a blonde bimbo.

really on

Super cute picture!

Kathy miller on

Good grief. The pettiness on this site over people simply misreading an article, not to mention the ridiculous finger waving and lecturing on the color pink. Here’s a suggestion, if you have children, then don’t assign a color to them but keep your noses out of how others choose to raise and identify their children.

Kestrel on

Santa Claus, you say? Wow. Lovely. *yawn*.

Kim on

The dog looks like there’s a handcuff hanging down from the collar?

Merry on

Holiday World is the best! We are going soon. Glad to see that they are down to earth and do fun things with their children!

guest on

I could see why some people don’t like her but I don’t mind her. I’m sure she is excited to have a girl after having two boys. She does make being a mom of 2 under 3 seem effortless. Anyway congrats to them!!

blackhawkdave on

Maybe if Cutler did less f-n he could learn to throw a football, TRADE HIM PLEASE!!!!

SAR on

Don’t know who Kristin Cavallari is, but congratulations. I’m sure it’ll be nice to have a girl after two boys.

Lisa on

amazing that people here think 3 kids is a large family….bet this lady is done now that a girl is on the way….

Pest on

I love the fact that she was so candid about the fact she choose not to vaccinate her kids . Aiden Quin vacciniited his healthy daughter and the next day she was sick and never recovered and is now autistic. You tube him talking about it . Autism is new , when I was in school not one person was autistic . You never heard of it . And that was the 80’s , and 90’s. Now it’s very common . Why is that ?

Kathleen on

@Pest – Your name really suits you! Yes, you did know autistic people before. You just didn’t know what autism was and is. We are much more aware of things now so people talk about it – both what it is and what it’s not. You should educate yourself before spouting out false information and crap. But definitely keep the screen name!

Kathleen on

Ever wonder why some celebrities are narcissists with huge egos? Look no further than the fawning comments on this site. Granted, it’s possible that a narcissist like her would scan all the comments to see what’s written about her because she’s got free time, but remember that most celebrities aren’t reading these pages to compile your good wishes.

Tessa on

Why does he always looks like an alcoholic hobo? Guess he got his wishes to keep her barefoot and pregnant at home.