What Did Evan Ross Give Ashlee Simpson for Her Push Present?

07/08/2015 at 02:15 PM ET

Evan Ross Ashlee Simpson Chanel push present
Michael Kovac/Getty

Evan Ross is one excited dad-to-be!

At a party celebrating his upcoming debut album held Tuesday at the Kia Beach House in Malibu, the Hunger Games star gifted his wife Ashlee Simpson with her push present: A limited-edition Chanel Graffiti Messenger 2015 Green Cross Body Bag he purchased from Maxfield.

“He brought it out to the deck and gave it to her in front of her family and friends,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She was so surprised. Her dad Joe loved it and gave Evan a pat on the back.”

Simpson, 30, was a late arrival at the Gevalia Iced Coffee–sponsored bash but “was smiling all day” once she arrived, adds the source.

“I’m so excited. I can’t wait. We’re getting the nursery ready right now,” Ross, 26, told PEOPLE last month about becoming a father. “I’m just taking care of [Ashlee]. That’s my job right now.”

The newlyweds have also already picked out a name for their daughter, but they are keeping it under wraps until she’s born.

“It’s unique,” Ross hinted. “You guys will figure out the story behind it once we tell the name.”

— Melody Chiu

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Chris on

I love the Simpson girls but $5,000 for a bag?!? An ugly one at that. Ugh…don’t even get me started.

Kellie on

That is the ugliest f’ing bag I have ever seen!

Katie on

I guess I have zero fashion sense because I find that bag ugly. I don’t personally get a push present idea, but if I were to receive one I’d rather it be a birthstone something I could wear in honor of my baby’s birth, not a bag.

Kristin on

Plastic surgery looks awful on people when they become puffy from pregnancy. Why must we (humans) do unnatural things to alter appearances? Be happy with yourself the way you were born.

Melissa on

Seriously?!?1 $5,000 for that!?! God these people have horrible taste.

Anonymous on

That bag is hideous

lola on

She looks beautiful, but wow!!, that is an ugly bag!! I could’ve spent that money on something actually pretty and sparkly! Oh well, if she likes it. SMH.


The term “push present” kinda makes me throw up in my mouth a little. And seriously, a BAG? Is she supposed to carry the baby in it?!?!

Brandi on

This is the craziest thing I have heard of!!! How about your push present being a healthy baby!!!

jeans75 on

“Push present.” Disgusting.
Can’t think of a more disgusting way of saying someone gave birth to another human being and the love the father felt for both the mother and his new miracle child put his heart in a place to just go out and buy her something special. A gesture that is only the couple’s business and not for the world to comment on–and especially NOT for People to title with such little regard to the experience of giving birth to a human being. These horrid, ridiculous abbreviations of language reduce human values, experiences, and just real life anything in general–to make a quick title.

WHAT the gift was, or the COST means nothing.

“Push” present—what a

traditionalparenting on

The idea of a push present nauseates me. Isn’t the kid you just pushed out present enough? You really need some expensive memento to remind you that you just pushed something the size of a watermelon out of the something the size of a lemon?

D on

I think it’s sweet, like “Thanks for having my baby” 🙂

But yeah, a ring with a stone marking the babies birth month or something may have been more fitting, BUT still thoughtful I think!

Jayleen on

Whoever came up with the term ‘push present’ needs a boot up their rear end. That is the most pathetic, disgusting descriptor, and it’s a shame anyone keeps using it. Surely someone has enough brain cells to come up with a more appropriate terminology?

Rafosmom on

I could never understand when people I knew would brag about their push presents (jewelry, trips, etc)….Besides my beautiful little miracle of a son, my husband’s “push present” to me was a beautiful arrangement of flowers that were placed in an adorable Teddy Bear vase that was given to my mother in law by my father in law when my husband was born. That meant more to me, knowing it was given to him at birth, than ANY materialistic thing.

heytheregeorgy on

Aren’t you meant to actually do the pushing before you get a push present?

Natalie on

That is one ugly bag. It just goes to show, money can’t buy taste.

My opinion

J on

Maybe the baby’s name is going to be shabby lol

Lynette on

I don’t find push presents to be bad. A push present doesn’t only represent delivery of a baby but a thank you for the months a woman had to endure the pregnancy. If you have been though a pregnancy, you know it’s no picnic in the park so yes, some kind of acknowledgment about the process of pregnancy I think is well deserved.
Push presents can range from the simple (like flowers or a nice evening out) to the expensive (jewelry) . I remember asking this one guy if he bought his wife some flowers after she had delivered and he scoffed at me and said no. I think that any man that doesn’t buy his wife flowers or a card or something in gratitude for enduring pregnancy is a douche.

Linda on

That is the butt ugliest bag I have ever seen…..$5K….Really?

Tish on

I have to agree that not only is it an ugly bag, it is an ugly $5,000 bag. Hey, I guess if she likes it…

lilly pond on

Love Chanel, but that bag is ugly!!

Anya on

Not as ugly as Kim’s but comes really close.

Roger on

Ridiculous looking bag I have ever seen.

s on

Maybe her name will be Coco or Chanel?!

Sally on

Ok he can afford to buy expensive bag for her, good for him!

Emily on

She captioned that it’ll be her “baby bag”. And they’re rich! That kind of money on a bag is nothing to them! Let them do them.

Now, on the topic of push presents, I just asked my husband where my (2!) were and he said “You didn’t push!” LOL. He’s right! None for me I guess 😂

Andrea on

Aaaaand… she’s gonna use it as a diaper bag. Classy…

Katy on

LMAO it’s hideous! xD

Bee on

That bag is hideous!

Hand on Heart Jewellery on

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catmandu on

If I delivered by V Section and never “pushed”, do I still get a push present???

Mihunny on

“Push Present” what a vapid, toxic, self-consuming neuvo tradition. And made worse my the gift being a purse for the love of all that is holy. Repulsive. What a way to say hey thanks for my future child support obligation, here’s a bag to keep the money in.

Amy on

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Amy on

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