Rehab Addict Host Nicole Curtis Is Pregnant

07/07/2015 at 12:30 AM ET

Nicole Curtis pregnant expecting second child Timothy Hiatt/Getty

Rehab Addict host Nicole Curtis announced on Monday that she’s starting a very different sort of creative project: She’s pregnant.

Curtis, 38, posted a photo on Facebook on Monday along with a joke that initially had fans wondering if she was truly breaking the big news.

Curtis shared a photo of herself sporting a baby bump but also holding her dog, Lucy. The caption read, “To answer all your questions -yes! I was asked to be a surrogate -#lucy decided after all these years she wanted her own pups:)”

About an hour later, Curtis appended “#sarcasm #notasurrogate” as a clarification to confused fans.

Curtis has hosted the HGTV series Rehab Addict since 2010. Curtis who has talked in the past about being “a struggling single mom,” has a teenage son, Ethan.

— Drew Mackie

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tracy on

She alluded to this in her show about 2 months ago, not really breaking news. Love her show.

carolyn on

Love her! Great news Nicole!

Justme on

Who is she dating? Married too? Cute girl, the surrogate comment, not funny

Justme on

Really pork chop? The z list is ktrash! Anyone and everyone is better than their contract trash!! Your part of the chit list…loser

nac on

Congrats Nichole, you will be a wonderful mom to the new addition just as you are to Ethan. Didn’t even know she was pregnant until I watched Beach Flip on Sunday night, I haven’t seen new episodes of Rehab Addict in awhile.

taylor on

I found out on beach flip…Congratulations!

Sarah on

I wonder who the daddy is? I didn’t know she even had a guy, the only one she ever mentions on the show is her son and once in awhile refers to being divorced. My husband and I watch her show because we’re currently remodeling our house and her show offers some good tips. She’s a hard worker, I wish her the best. Hope she’s got a good guy this time.

Nicole on

From one Nicole to another I say congratulations!!!

Ali on

She gave birth in May. She is no longer pregnant. The question is, is it hers or did she surrogate?

Ali on

And, People should be able to contact her reps to confirm whether it’s her baby or not. Or to check that their story is even correct in the first place. She was pregnant earlier this year and gave birth in May. Whose baby is it? People mag should ask.

Gail on


sue on

So she’s pregnant with her dog?

emma on

I lie her just never liked her show

gracie on

She clearly was pregnant when filming her new show” Beach Flip”. What is/was the big secret. If she had the baby in MAy, why not announce that rather than a pregnancy. Again, what is the big secret…she is far from a huge celebrity.

Ann on

Haven’t seen her show. Hopefully is a good show.

DJ on

Beach Flip was filmed in February….she gave birth in May. This headline makes it sound like she’s currently pregnant. Get with the times People.

Kestrel on

She’s is smokin’.
As another “know more than most guys” woman, I feel she is a kindred spirit.
If she can tear a 3,000sqft house down to the studs and make it great, making a baby should be easy peasy. (Yes, I have 2 so I do know the challenge). Who is to say there isn’t a guy or a woman you don’t know about?
Congrats! It’ll be an awesome nursery. Definitely brick walls. 🙂

Justme on

@dj proof she gave birth?

Anonymous on

There are pictures on her FB page from last month and she isn’t pregnant. Beyond confusing.

I am the first to laugh, but not finding her post funny and she says she is the poster mom for single moms. Really? No, not really.

Hammerhead on

Why all the secrecy? It’s a baby, women have them all the time, she’s not special, or even anyone most people have heard of, she’s an HGTV personality. If she really wanted privacy, she wouldn’t have been dropping hints for months, or revealed it on social media. She’s a narcissist who needs as much attention as she can get, and she’s great at manipulating the psychophantic morons who follow her on FB. She frequently posts these nonsensical statements, then claims its her sense of humor and sarcasm, but she doesn’t even know what sarcasm is. What’s funny about surrogacy? Even after clarifying her poorly written post (sure, hashtags explain everything!) her idiot fans are still congratulating her on being a surrogate! Nicole doesn’t seem capable of writing a simple, clear, sentence, using punctuation and grammar, thank god she never became the teacher she was supposedly studying to be.

Jane Betts on

With all the “news” and “gossip” perhaps Nicole Curtis should post some sort of clarification as to what’s going on. She does have fans who would like to know what’s happening. That way the truth won’t be twisted as badly by the gossip mongering media and commenters.

LIN on

Never liked her or her show. No talent, anyone can do what she does.

Lassie on

I can’t believe the comments some people make. WHAT DIFFERENCE does it make if she’s married, or if this guy is better than her ex, or that there’s too many years between her children? Post a happy comment or move on.

Happy Happy, Nicole! Wish you the best!

sandy on

If you want privacy why make a public announcement!??? I would never have known until I saw it here.

Art Ist on

I guess she had too many sweaty, hot looking contractors working late nights get to her?

karen richter on

She is obviously already a great Mom. She will do a great job with the next one. Love her, love her show, she is very down to earth, happy with the results of all her great projects. Congratulations on her new baby!!

megan on

I’ve watched her show. She is clueless about home renovations (see all the construction workers who get annoyed with her cutesy act & have to tell her not to do something). I don’t know why she got a show in the first place

Vanna on

So happy for her! She is going to have a new addition.

GP on


janelle on

since i’m an avid fan I knew who lucy was and thot it was funny and something i would probably say myself just to watch the prigs out there drop their jaws. it did go on to say she was married but it didnt say whether it was to a man or woman and its really a moot point these days anyway. the point is she waited to “announce” it so she didn’t have to put up with comments like all of these for months on end and was able to limit it to those from the people she chose to surround herself with during the pregnancy. Smart and talented!!

Paul on

Not knowing her show, probably take a look some day.

Anonymous on

et too, nicole ?

Kristi Smith on

She dated Shane Maguire of GOLD GUYS for a couple years. It seems they split around the same time as she would have gotten pregnant…a bit after, maybe. She did have her baby, but if you’ve read recent interviews she says she regrets involving Ethan in her public persona. She made an announcement most likely bc it was shown on BEACH FLIP. She’s doing things differently this time.

Kate on

Someone screen shotted her dad’s page where he posted congratulations him and Joanie have a new grandson named Harper and the parents are Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire. Then I think it got deleted and her dad either made it private or deleted it from his page. I don’t know why she’s being secretive but maybe she just doesn’t want to get into it.

Anonymous on

does none work at a marriage anymore you do have to work at it people

Cyndi on

How is it OBVIOUS she’s a great mom? I’m not saying she isn’t I’m just saying you can’t base your opinion on something you are not personally aware of. She is amazing at rehabbing houses and using original character pieces to fit the homes. She is funny and I respect she wants her privacy but on the token she has lost me as a fan and viewer. I think as a mini celebrity you DO owe your fans, that are basically supporting you by supporting your show, a little common curtesy. A joke about being your dogs surrogate killed it for me.

Anonymous on

Did she know who’s the father of her 2nd child? I bet her 17 years old son is not very happy, he never see his previous father! She is so stupid! She is too old for her 2nd child!

Anonymous on

If she cared about her fan’s she would at least not play us for fool’s. I am not even sure that I like her anymore.Of course I know she is entitled to her privacy, but at the same time she is a public figure by her own doing!! I still like you Nicole but can’t say much for the value you put on your fan’s… mary

David Abif on

She’s a lesbian. Everyone knows that…

Regan on

Wow dad looks like a real winner. You would think she has enough brains to pick a decent guy for a late in life child.

Tlangston on

I love Rehab Addict. When someone goes public, a certain amount of sharing their lives is ecpected. Afterall, we are the reason she stays on TV. So WHY HAS SEE TOTALLY LEFT all her fans out of the joy of seeing a baby picture, knowing if it’s a boy or girl or even mention what being a new mom is like after waiting so long to have another? It feels kinda like you are ashamed of your child….Just saying. You shared you old house as a child, how about sharing your child? What will your baby think when older?