Alexandra Reeve Givens Welcomes Son Christopher Russel

07/02/2015 at 01:15 PM ET

Alexandra Reeve Givens and Garren Givens have welcomed their first child.

Born on Saturday, June 13, in Washington, D.C., son Christopher Russel Reeve Givens weighed in at 8 lbs., 3 oz.

“He was named after his grandfathers on each side, two very important role models for Garren and Alexandra,” a representative of the family tells PEOPLE.

“The entire family is thriving during their first few weeks home,” according to the rep.

Alexandra Reeve Givens welcomes first child son christopher
Courtesy Reeve Givens Family

In keeping with his late grandfather, actor and activist Christopher Reeve, and the rest of the Reeve family, the new addition is already suiting up — in a “Team Reeve in training” T-shirt — to support the work of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

Last October, the foundation announced a huge breakthrough in the treatment of spinal cord injuries.

Alexandra Reeve Givens welcomes first child son christopher
Susan Biddle/The Washington Post/Getty

Alexandra, 31, the daughter of Christopher Reeve and Gae Exton, serves as a senior counsel in the United States Senate and an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Columbia Law School.

Garren, 33, works in the Obama administration as the director of the Presidential Innovation Fellows program.

Alexandra Reeve Givens welcomes first child son christopher

The couple met while both were studying at Yale University and married in 2008.

Alexandra Reeve Givens welcomes first child son christopher
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty

— Sharon Cotliar

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Tara on

She looks just like her dad. The Reeve family has been through so much. Let’s hope the dark clouds have finally moved on and that this new little ray of sunshine is just one of many blessings to come. Congrats.

Carrie M on

She does resemble her dad I think. Congrats to her and her family! Cute baby!

Commentor on

I wish we could all sleep so peacefully. 🙂

Nicki on

Such a cutie! I think baby Christopher has his grandpa’s
Lips! What a little blessing. Congrats to them!

Donna on

So happy for them. I wish them much happiness. Her dad is smiling down on them.

Guest on

Awww!! Congratulations to everyone!! Such the cutie!!

Catherine on

Usually with babies that young they don’t really look like either of the parents yet … but I totally think this baby looks like his grandfather Christopher.

Lynette on


lola on

So sweet!! Congrats to the new family of 3.

CS on

He’s a sweet looking little baby. Interesting, she married a African American — just making an observation.

Dee on

Such a beautiful baby! Congrats to them. What a beautiful blessing.

Jame on

Beautiful couple, beautiful child. May they only know happiness.

NR Davis on

That’s CS felt the need to state an observation re: his/her assumption about Mr Givens’ ethnicity tells something sad about CS. What does it matter?

arabrabbra on

OMG what a cute lil man! I, personally, just couldn’t name my baby after someone I lost like that. Just a total personal thing. I love people who can, I just am to sensitive. A middle name, totally. Congrats to her and her family!

Ginger on

I love this story. What a beautiful family. Happy birthday America

Kerry on

@CS– you’re a tool…just making an observation

denise on

I agree NR Davis-his ethnicity has no bearing on this news. The fact cs felt the need to point it out perhaps points to a conscious hangup with the fact that this couple is interracial. I think the fact that they love each other and have produced a beautiful baby as the result is all that should be focused on . Period.

charlotte on

What a lovely family and lovely tribute to her father! Wish them many more blessings!

AreKay on

Congratulations to all and Welcome, Kid Superman!

Mary on

Congratulations on your beautiful baby. She is a spittin image of her mom.

Mon on

How cute is this????? So so beautiful!

Kim on

@CS prejudice much?

Rachael on

huge congratulations to uou both I think your Dad and Dana were wonderful courageous people who would be so proud

Guest on

The BEST news! How wonderful the baby is named after the grandfathers. ❤️❤️

Alison on

I also think Alexandra looks a lot like her mother, British actress Gae Exton (if you see a side-by-side pic of mum & daughter, they seem similar) & I am relieved that baby Christopher seems physically healthy & his mum is OK. Congratulations to Alexandra & Gerren on the birth of their beautiful son & the start of their precious family. I wish all three good health as well as much peace & love now & in the future. Again, congratulations to all!

rker321 on

I was surprised by the fact that he did have a daughter, I thought that he only had a son, that I believe that it also passed.


You’re an idiot, CS………just making an observation. If you have NOTHING nice to say to the couple……SHUT IT!!!


Congratulations to the beautiful family.


You’re an idiot CS, just making an observation. If you have NOTHING nice to say to the family. Keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself.

Brandi on

@CS – you don’t say! I hadn’t even noticed he was African- American!!! *exaggerated shocked face* Thanks for pointing that out, Captain Obvious. The things that stood out to me in this photo – how incredibly precious the baby is, how happy and beautiful they look as a family and how much I can see Christopher Reeve in his daughter’s face. Sadly, some people are so busy focusing on the little trivial details that they fail to recognize the most important ones. Congrats and best wishes to to Alexandria and Garren on the birth of their son! I’m sure he’s got one proud grandfather watching over him from above 🙂

Anonymous on

@rker321, the last picture is Christopher’s three children; Will, Alexandra and Matthew. Matthew and Alexandra are both on the board of directors at the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

Emma on

What a cutie pie! So glad to see how well Reeve’s daughter is doing. She and her husband are obviously extremely bright and involved people. Nice to see the young family’s happiness.

Bridget on

That baby has this expression like he’s thinking….Oh, man, this is the life (lol).

ELC on

Wonderful news!I wish them all a lifetime of love, health and happiness.

chris on

Very nice.

pat on

Congratulations, such a sweet baby. Yes, she does favor her Dad! Best wishes for a happy life for this family!!!

thumbnail on

“Chris Givens” is a hard name to say. And Russel spelled with one L means a lifetime of goofed-up documents.

Before his accident, by his own admission, Reeve was a pretty self-focused happy sybarite, not doing any charitable works at all. Like Michael J. Fox, he “found” a cause after his own misfortune, and others benefitted as a result. What happened to his wife Dana was unspeakably sad and “unfair” in the grand scheme, but I loved her attitude about pretty much everything. She didn’t think she OR her husband were heroes, just people doing what needed doing. Gae Exton had a good attitude also (and does), I liked how she said “Well, one child out of wedlock, kind of OK, but TWO, I guess we should probably get married” (I’m paraphrasing). They never did marry, of course, but it didn’t matter.

Exton is a cool name.

All of Reeve’s children have excelled (I wonder if any of them plays piano, he was a gifted pianist — most people know he was at Juilliard with Robin Williams), and what a great legacy.

Many years ago I bought a videocassette player for the sole purpose of owning/playing “Superman: The Movie.” I still love that flick; and the sequel was a horrifying disappointment.

Garren is a nice name too.

Kate on

His grandson has his mouth! How cute!

emma on

So cute

sue on

Congrats to him and his friends.

freya on

I swear this adorable baby is going to inherit his late Granpa’s eyes

Pam on

Congratulations to Alexandra and Garren on their new addition.

Heart on

She looks much older than 31.

David Morant on

@CS Yes, a White woman conceived a child with her Black spouse. Is it safe to say that you are going to besiege them with hate mail?

Rosie on

What a sweet, lovely tribute to her dad. He’s beautiful. I wish the couple and their new addition all the happiness and health in the world.

Kirsten on

Congrats! I went to law school with her, she’s an extremely nice person. Glad she’s doing well.

Kathy on

All three of his children are pictured here. From left is William, Alexandra and Christopher. Williams mom is Dana.

Amy on


edie on

What a nice story.

Robin on

Such a cute little man.

Linda Levitan on

I wish the parents and baby many blessings, good health, and wonderful lives, and I’m sure that Chris will grow up to learn about his extraordinary grandparents, and what real “superheroes” are about.

Janie on

Congrats to the new parents! Wonderful news!

Nicole on

What an adorable baby! Perfect combination of mom and dad! I see grandpa Chris, too. Congrats on the new arrival! I hope he sleeps this peacefully at home too, I’d just spend all day staring at him lol. I’m one of those moms

Barbara Givens Cohen on

Congratulations. He is a wonderful addition to the family. How nice of you to name him after his paternal grandfather. In doing so, you also acknowledge his paternal great grandfather, my dad. Thank you.

laytonian on

@CS, not sure what your point was. IF you were a human being, you’d notice how accomplished both parents are AND how lucky they are to have found each other.

Tia J. on

Oh that is wonderful!!1 Congrats to you both. Your dad and Dana were amazing , they never gave up and they would be so happy with that beautiful baby and so proud of you and your brothers. Thank you for sharing that with us and letting us know how great you are doing.God bless

JustSayin' on

Congratulations to you both!! May you and your growing family have a prosperous, healthy and much deserved, blessed life.

fedcamper on

Interesting that an educated, accomplished couple had a beautiful baby and its birth is not reported for almost three weeks, while every millimeter of the expanding baby bumps of the useless Duggars is documented.
More like this, please!

KL on

OMG how precious!! A very cute name, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the chubby cheeks!!

Cindy on

Congratulations to mom and dad. What a beautiful blessing he is.

pissygalore on

What a wonderful tribute not only to her father and mother, but also her stepmother who also passed too soon. I am sure they are so proud of their succeeding generation to carry on their inspiration of humanitarian effort to conquer medical paralysis and cancer.

Dawn Murphy on

Awesome story! The baby is beautiful! Her parents would be so proud!! What happened in this family is so tragic and sad it’s wonderful to see this outcome. So sick of hearing the negative. I also think of the Paul Glaser family. Different stories, different people, same reality horror. May God bless them all.

Dawn on

Warm fuzzies all around! Hope her dad is looking down and is so proud!! One sweet looking baby and surrounded in love! He’ll have quite a legacy within!

Anonymous on


nolanite on

Bless them all. They deserve some happiness!

Susan on

Uh, CS, no need to tell us she married an African-American, we do have eyes and can see. Why mention it? Interesting how? As interracial marriages are one in ten. It’s you who have a problem.

Amy on

What a darling baby and how sweet that he was named after his grandfathers!

Mary on

I know he is looking down on you three and watching over you and he and Dana are both watching over you. I know they are so proud. Best of luck for you both with your sweet little boy. Bless you!

dorisjean23 on

Wow, never have seen pictures of her before…she does resemble her dad a lot. Congratulations! What a little cutie.

justme on

Congratulations to them. Their father was a huge influence in my life, as i suffer with back issues. Great actor, humanitarian. This couple is fantastic and will be positive rol models

SAR on

Aww how sweet. I wish Christopher Reeve were alive to meet his grandson.

Guest on

I wonder if all the teeny-tiny babies the foundation destroyed in their bloodlust for a cure had “Team Reeves” tshirts on when they were sacrificed for ‘a cure’ for someone that willingly (and while being paid millions of $) took the risk of injury in?

Congrats to the power-couple that didn’t have to sell (or human-trafficked out of) their eggs or sperm in order to make money, and now have a full-term beautiful child. I just wish they could see the horror women are subjected to at the hands of the cure-at-all-cost crowd.

Cara on

Lovely picture. He is so adorable.

Shelley on

Congratulations on your baby boy.

Roman on

Congrats Reeve family on the new addition.

mike on

good luck to all.

Spanky McFarlane on

Bet he’s real happy she married a n’ger and popped out a moolie, like Obammy.

yuck on

Yes I am sure Chis Reeve would be more then happy with his half black grandchild

Carfish on

She resembles Chris but looks more like her beautiful Mom, Gae. Both sons look like him, especially Will who was his & Dana’s only child. All of the kids are remarkable and have overcome real obstacles with grace and dignity.

Angie on

Ooo love for Reeve’s grandchild.

TOM on


vermontave on

Who’s the black guy?

GDR on

Newborn looks like he inherited his fathers bell-pepper nose. Odd she chose to marry an African American…just an observation.

GDR on

Cute baby. Looks like he inherited his fathers bell-pepper nose.

marshall rattely on

How do you know that this man is black? Native Australians are born with blond hair and eastern Africans,some are born with blue eyes and have no European genes dummy.

may on

That baby is BEAUTIFUL….Wish I had a mixed baby…..

Julie on

I agree..that baby has the best of both worlds and is gorgeous. People say mean things because they are jealous and somehow feel intimidated that they didn’t get a gorgeous family for themselves. The happy people(which is most) will say positive things because we too are happy. Racist people with mean comments are really intimidated and hurting lonely people and i want to tell those lonely few try to love yourself and then you will love others…love rules!!!

Hussein on

What color is the kid?

Hussein on

May – you still in the dumps over that “brother” that dumped you a few months ago?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Shelley on

It should not matter the colour, the baby is. How hard is it just to give a simple congratulation to this couple on there first born.

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