Tamera Mowry-Housley Welcomes Daughter Ariah Talea

07/01/2015 at 07:00 PM ET

Tamera Mowry Housley baby shower
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Things just got real: Tamera Mowry-Housley is a mom of two!

The actress and The Real co-host welcomed her second child, a daughter, with husband Adam Housley on Wednesday, July 1, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Ariah Talea Housley (her first name is pronounced like Mariah) — born at 2:54 p.m, weighing 10 lbs., 2 oz and measuring 20.5 inches — joins big brother Aden John Tanner, 2½.

“We are beyond overjoyed and blessed with our beautiful baby girl. Aden already made a welcome video for her,” the proud new parents tell PEOPLE.

It was Mowry-Housley, 36, who announced in January that the couple were expecting another baby, but it was the Fox News senior correspondent who spilled the beans on the baby’s sex.

Although the mom-to-be wanted to keep it a delivery surprise, her co-hosts convinced her to find out. “I am scared out of my mind. We are having a girl!” the dad-to-be announced on the show.

There was, however, one person that didn’t need any big reveals on Mowry-Housley’s pregnancy — because she already knew! “We have this thing where we wait until eight weeks because we want to make sure everything is okay,” Mowry-Housley told PEOPLE in March of her relationship with twin sister Tia Mowry-Hardrict.

“But my sister gets it because we’re twins. She just called me and she was like, ‘Are you pregnant?’ And I said, ‘Yep, I am!’ ”

Once Mowry-Housley knew she was adding a baby girl to her brood, she couldn’t contain her excitement. “I love fashion and makeup, and now I get to have a little fun,” she told PEOPLE in February.

Now that it was her second pregnancy, the mom-to-be — who was showered with love from family and friends during a pretty in pink celebration in April — was taking a laid back approach to the entire experience.

“Every woman carries pregnancy differently,” she told American Baby. “I carry big. It doesn’t matter how much I eat or exercise, I make big babies.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Melody Chiu

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Heather on

If she is as gorgeous as their son, they better lock her up. Congrats to them!

Kerry on

Great looking family!!

eve on

congrats beautiful family

melissa bailey on

I love the baby’s name. Congrats

Julie on

Love them!!!

Mrs. B on

Congratulations to them on the birth of their baby girl. I like her name.

Marky on

Dang! That is one big baby girl!! So happy she’s here and doing well; this couple seems so sweet together, and they surely have an adorable little boy…like her name as well. Congratulations to the happy family!

LC on

Congratulations to them! Cute name and probably another adorable baby. Love Tamera!

aronna on

love the name Ariah…glad some stars keep it normal with the names… I know she is beautiful cos Tamera is and her husband is handsome….congrats yall. God Bless…

Mandy on

Wow 10 pounds, ouch!! I had a feeling she chose a name that started with A given the pics she posted on Instagram for the nursery. Beautiful name! for a beautiful baby girl I’m sure. Congrats to the proud parents !

Lauren on

Woohoo! Congratulations Tamera & Adam on your new baby girl Ariah!

nikki on

my sis 10.5 lb in the begininng me a normal 7 lb 13 oz

Anonymous on

1. Did they say 10(TEN) lbs???
2. I’m not a twin, but would you REALLY not tell your sister or Mom that you were pregnant until it was safe to tell “everybody else”? Don’t you call them as soon as the stick turns blue?

Librababe on

Darn it, that was my favorite name for years! Still is. Happy for Tamera and fam, sure she’s beautiful!

csudh1486 on

love the name..love this family..is all I have to say

Ebony on

Awww congrats Tamera 🙂

julie on

They are a great couple!! Their son is a beautiful boy. Cant wait to see their baby girl.

tjal40blessed on

Wow, Tamera!!! 10.2 lbs?? I sure hope her birth was by Cesarean!! You are one tough Mama!! For a baby the size of Ariah, you carried beautifully!! Can’t wait to see how adorable she is! ! I’ll bet she has chubby cheeks,full lips, and big,beautiful blue eyes with a full head of curly hair! ! God bless you and congrats to you, Adam, and Adan!! Sending lots of love and big hugs!!

Esther on

YAY!!!!!!!! Congrats Tamera, Adam, and Aden!!! How exciting that Ariah is finally here! I bet she is beautiful with her chubby self, lol! Can’t wait to see pics of her!

libba on

Wow big baby…how much weight did she gain…Ok if her name is pronounced “Mariah” then why spell it With an “A”. Sounds silly to me. She will have to correct people for the rest of her life.

yasmine on

@Anonymous – yes, some people do wait to tell anyone. We didn’t tell parents until 9 weeks, siblings at 16 weeks, remaining family at 20 weeks, and non family at 24 weeks. We waited because it was nice having our own secret, and we didn’t want to be harassed by family. Let’s not even discuss the fact that we kept a gender a secret from 13 weeks to delivery. We knew, our doctor knew, and that was that.

Resha minniefield on

Congrats I’m so happy for you, you have a beautiful family.

JayJay on

Congratulations to Tamera and Adam and little Aden! And @harp Ariah actually has a meaning. A beautiful meaning, too, so it’s not silly at all.

Sheri on

My goodness that baby is gorgeous. Sure little miss will be also. Beautiful family!! Can’t wait to see her.

Jocelyn on

awwwww………SO happy for Tamera, Adam and little Aden. Ariah is really a lucky girl to have such a great family. I love that name Ariah. Tamera girl I thing that you are starting a trend there will be a lot of new moms borrowing that name.

Kris on

@harp The babies name is Ariah, but pronounced like Mariah. You just drop the M. They want to ensure that you pronounce it with a short A sound and not a long A.

Christina Benitez on

Congratulations Tamera, Adam and Aden!That’s right you make beautiful babies. What a way to bring in July!!!!!!! #MySonAndIAlwaysSay #YourWatchingTheReal

RazzleDazzle on

That is going to be one gorgeous little girl. Congrats to the family!!

NickyAngel on

I love the name “Ariah”. Congrats to them 🙂

happy on

eight weeks is not long enough to be sure “everything’s OK.” Heck not even on delivery day do you know if everything is OK…

2 and a half year old’s making videos now? keep those devices out of kids’ hands….

and her husband works for Fox? I’ve never heard of him so had to deduce that from the reference, which was oblique.

I did not tell ANYONE I was pregnant until I passed 28 weeks. Not my mother, not my siblings, not any friends. Only the father knew. And we did not know the baby’s sex until a few hours after the baby was born. That was too soon for me! I love the Baby X idea…..just a human, not a sex (or what some call GENDER).

I do fear that for her whole life people will think the “M” got cut off on the envelope, on the email, on the resume, on the table setting, on the driver’s license….and they will try to put that M there. Just as they probably try to put an “i” in her son’s name….

but given how horrible her OWN name is, well….

Sue's on

Congrats on the new addition. These two make such beautiful babies.

emma on

Love the name

Julia B The Second on

@happy Why would you post such ignorance on such a beautiful post? Her daughter isn’t the only one in the world or in America with that name and what exactly is wrong with the name Tamera. If you’re gonna be mean, please don’t comment. You didn’t even congratulate them. This was a happy post and you ruined it with your dumb negativity. -_-

Lois on

Omg I know she is as cutie as her brother. Congrats…… Love u Tamara …

Ilona on

Congratulation, but Why spell Ayria if you prononce Maria ???? this little girl will spell his first name all the time

charlotte on

Congratulations. Beautiful name, beautiful family! Many blessings.

adivyah asantewa on

Congratulations Tam Tam and Adam! I love u guys. What a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY . Your life now is fully complete, i am praying for this family, to make it through good times and bad. Hold u r heads high high and pay no attention to people and their bad energies. You guys r soooooo in love with each other. Very rare. True love is very hard to find and u guys r very lucky. I am going to light a white candle and say a prayer that it remains the same and will get BETTER!!!!!

Shannon on

Ten pounds!! God bless her! If that little girl looks anything like Aden she is going to be GORGEOUS. Congrats to the Housley family!

Lisa on

Congratulations! A beautiful family with I’m sure a beautiful new baby girl! Aiden is gorgeous……..this baby will be too I’m sure.

KL on

Such a cute name!! Congrats!! 10 pounds!?!? OMG! can’t imagine…

Anonymous on

@happy, you misspelled your username. M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E is more like it.

Anonymous on

@ilona, please re-read the article. mariaH not mariA.

Norma on

happy for you God Bless you , your baby girl and your Family.

Mandi on

What a doll her son it!

rena on

they are a blessed beautiful family…10lbs,, what a little chunky peanut..how cute…God Bless them

sasha on


Lisa on

Loving the babies middle name Talea as in Game of Thrones’ Talia.

Lilly on

They have the cutest baby boy. I’m sure their daughter is just as adorable! Congrats to this beautiful family 🙂

Nikki bella and Brie Bella on

Cos you can look but you can’t Tamera and Aden and Ahria and Adam # nikki bella song