Inside Naya Rivera’s Neutral-Toned Nursery — Inspired by a Teepee!

06/30/2015 at 09:55 PM ET

Naya Rivera‘s nursery is something to cheer about.

The former Glee star shows off her baby’s sleep space in a series of photos for My Domaine, in which she shares that the inspiration behind the neutral-toned nursery was a black-and-white teepee she and husband Ryan Dorsey purchased before the pregnancy.

Once the couple — who wed in July 2014 — discovered they were expecting their first child in late summer, Rivera, 28, and designer Angelo Surmelis went to work creating a room centered on her fun find from The Land of Nod.

“I actually was really inspired by the teepee and sort of built the room around that,” she says. “Then I stayed within the color palette of black, white, cream, and gray.”

Naya Rivera nursery
Christopher Patey/Domaine Home

To accent the teepee, Rivera chose matching black-and-white striped drapes, while a coordinating throw from Ikea makes the sleek rocker extra cozy.

“I’m looking forward to using the glider once the baby arrives,” she says. “I’m sure many nights will be spent bonding with our baby in that chair.”

The expectant actress continued her color themes with patterned wallpaper, a bird-themed rug and animal wall hangings. Despite the muted tones, Rivera still managed to keep it kid-friendly — adding framed artwork and stuffed animals — while sticking to a sophisticated feel.

“I’m a big fan of wallpaper, and the graphic prints on the walls and the striped Roman shades gave the room a nice contrast that will be great for our baby,” she explains. “Babies can only really see black and white and stark contrast for the first few weeks, and they pick up the shape of objects from that.”

Naya Rivera nursery
Christopher Patey/Domaine Home

But one of her favorite focal points adds the perfect whimsical touch to the nursery. “I love so many things in the nursery, but my favorite would have to be the bird chandelier,” Rivera says of the copper wire piece hanging from the ceiling.

She adds, “It’s so fun and adds a pop of color and youth!”

Rounding out the room are plenty of personal touches, including a bookshelf filled with sweet mementos.

“My favorite item in the bookshelf is the photo of Ryan and I at our wedding, and the baby’s ultrasound picture,” Rivera shares. “You can see the baby’s face so clearly!”

Naya Rivera nursery
Christopher Patey/Domaine Home

— Anya Leon

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tieraney on

I’m sorry, but what happened to her face? Is it puffy due to pregnancy or bad plastic surgery? She used to be so pretty.

Ginger on

Nice nursery room. Congrats!

C on

I agree with the face comment… I have noticed over the past 6 months or so that her face looks odd…I’m definitely thinking bad surgery! Sad, because she WAS so pretty 😦

Melissa on

Sorry, but that wallpaper looks like a giant cage for animals. And with all that black and white it reminds me of a prison, not a nursery. But hey, matter of taste.

Callie on

What’s with celebrities doing their baby rooms in neutral colors these days? Babies need color to be stimulated; this room just makes me tired and bored

veggiemama on

Well, nice shelves , but the wallpaper is too busy and black & white, not soothing at all. Then the shades look like prison bars. Don’t like it much. Wish them well tho…

Dawn on

I think it’s beautiful! Lots of love went into this space. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy, beautiful birth experience and happy baby!

JD on

The nursery, with all those patterns, gives me a headache. But to each their own.

lola on

The wallpaper hurts my eyes!! I love the simplicity of it, but wow… to the wallpaper. Poor baby is going to have headaches!

Heather on

I feel like that much pattern is going to induce a seizure. Geez.

Heather on

People seriously need to leave their faces alone, especially when there was nothing wrong to begin with.

notgoingtohappen on

Whoa! That room is way too busy. I had a panic attack just looking at it.

Pregnancy is NOT agreeing with her.

Asd on

Yikes. She’s obviously clueless. That trippy wallpaper is absurd – for a baby’s room or otherwise. And WTH has she done to her face? More fillers? Geezus people just stop!

guest on

I think the room is very cute. What is with her feet in the photo above though? Is that a photo shop mistake?

She is a pretty girl but I think the pregnancy weight has made her face chubby and we just aren’t used to seeing her that way. Maybe we could cut the girl a break.

Anyway I do love the nursery its very cute and the busy wall paper doesn’t bother me at all. I love it.

Tara on

pattern overload

Tina on

@tieraney, I was thinking the same thing.

Lisa R on

Shame on the catty, mean spirited people who make such pathetic comments about Naya! You all seem to be taking turns with each other to insult her. Are you all disgruntled fans of “Glee” or do you each know her personally? Most of you must be very young and haven’t had children because you would know that a woman’s body goes through many changes while pregnant. Ankles and feet swell and shoes don’t fit. The face can become puffy or chubby, with a thicker nose. All of those things happened to me, but returned to normal a few months after my son was born. Naya is a very beautiful woman who seems to be very happy with her life as a wife and expectant mom. Her baby’s neutral nursery is beautiful and is what Naya and Ryan choose to live with. Perhaps the baby will have a more colorful playroom in another part of the house. What is NOT beautiful: each of the mean-spirited commenters who took the time and effort to write and post insults to a new mother. If you don’t care for Naya, why are you reading and posting on her page? Perhaps some of you are jealous because she is happily married, with a beautiful home and a new baby on the way. BTW, I haven’t followed Naya and Ryan’s careers, but am aware of who they are. I have enjoyed her insights on what really happens when pregnant and some of the life adjustments that need to be made. Big congratulations to Naya, Ryan and the baby!

Stef on

Guest, I wondered the same thing. What is the deal with her feet? Why is half of one foot much darker than the rest of the foot? I thought it was a shadow at first but if you look at her little toe, it doesn’t appear to be a shadow at all. Sloppy photoshopping?

I actually think the room is cute though the wallpaper is too ‘busy’ for me.

charlotte on

kinda makes me dizzy to look at it. way too much going on in there.

Guest on

OMG!! What in the world did she do to her face!? She looks so swollen and overdone!! She was so pretty on Glee. Sad that she felt the need to blow up her face.

Dee on

Why are people making fun of her face? She’s pregnant. Haven’t they ever heard of things like water retention? Women get bigger when they’re pregnant. Haven’t you people ever seen someone who was going to have a baby?

Jennifer on

Naya used to be so beautiful. She may be a face gainer, but it’s the plastic surgery, not her pregnancy, that’s to blame her for changed appearance. Pregnancy’s a beautiful thing and Id never bash a woman for gaining weight during one. However, Naya began making alterations long before she was ever pregnant, and it’s such a shame.

imaneassi on

Naya didn’t have any surgery.She’s at her 7th months of pregnancy.Look at her face in old pictures and in one before she got pregnant,her face still is the same.

Anonymous on

Um the room looks overloaded.

Esther on

This room is atrocious as far as decorating goes. The tee pee is a useless space waster in an infants room and none of it works well together. It looks like she just bought anything she liked and threw it together. She should have hired a professional like other celebritied do for their nurseries. Especially if she was going to give the ohotos to People Magazine!!!

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