Brooke Burke-Charvet Is ‘Honest’ with Her Kids About Work-Life Struggle

06/30/2015 at 10:55 PM ET

Brooke Burke-Charvet

With four children — Shaya, 7, Rain, 8, Sierra, 13, and Neriah, 15 — and their busy schedules to juggle, Brooke Burke-Charvet admits being a working mom is a balancing act.

“It’s probably the biggest challenge, that work-life balance,” Burke-Charvet told PEOPLE Friday on the set of her upcoming talk show, Breaking Bread with Brooke Burke, airing on FeeIn.

“Stay-at-home moms think they have it harder, working moms think they have it harder — I do both. The one thing that I think [my husband] David [Charvet] and I do is we compromise our social lives so that we can be home at night with our kids. We really enjoy that family time.”

But, when the hands-on mom has to occasionally miss some of her kids’s events because of work duties, she admits, “Communication is key.”

“Today, we’re at our second day of production and my daughter has a dance performance. I had that conversation with her this morning about why I couldn’t be there,” Burke-Charvet, 43, explains. “I think [it’s a] real-life lesson that mommy works and the reasons why I work … they get it and I’m honest.”

And the TV personality admits she’s “blessed” she’s able to “bring [her] kids to work with [her] a lot” as well.

“They spent 1,000 days in the ballroom,” the former Dancing with the Stars co-host shares. “I also schedule their lives full of fun things while I’m doing things that I enjoy and [have] work obligations … We have quality time when we have our down time, so I think that’s the balance.”

But even though Burke-Charvet is constantly on the go, her family is always her top priority.

“It starts with family. Family is the nucleus of everything I do and it’s also what gives me enough grounding to do what I do in this crazy, superficial industry,” Burke-Charvet explains. “It’s where it all starts and it’s where it all ends for me in my life. We make each other come first. We make each other a priority.”

She adds, “We really enjoy being at home doing nothing. We play Rummikub. We make puzzles. We have family sleepovers … We cook together. We know that that’s our cave. It’s where our safety is and where love lives. It’s the most important thing I do — raising my family.”

And the proud mama couldn’t help but share her growing brood’s latest milestones.

“Neriah, my daughter, just got her first job, which is huge. She’s all grown up right now,” Burke-Charvet says. “I can’t even believe it. It’s at a juice bar … and she’s about to start driving, which is crazy because she was in my kangaroo pouch like yesterday.”

Meanwhile, daughter Sierra is following in her mom’s dancing footsteps. “Sierra is performing at Carnegie Hall in New York this weekend, which is huge,” Burke-Charvet adds. “Shaya just dyed his hair. He’s got two-toned hair right now … It’s so freaking cute.”

As for Rain, “she’s just being fabulous.”

— Mariah Haas

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lyn on

She has aged so badly. What an atrocious hair cut!

Stacey McRae on

What happened?? Her short hair ages her.

Anonymous on

WTG lyn and Stacey, the article wasn’t about her appearance, it was upbeat about her ability to juggle work and family and having a special relationship with her kids. She looks helluva good from where I am sitting. People change, so do their hairstyles, if she chooses to grow it back then it’s her choice. She’s a beautiful woman raising a beautiful family, that’s all that matters! Great job Brooke!

Angelica on

Why would she miss her daughter’s dance performance? And sacrificing your social life for you kids is what parents are supposed to do. I think she’s pretty and she has a healthy body but one thing I didn’t like about her is how much she complained about the scar on her neck from the surgery that saved her life from cancer. Who cares about a scar! You beat cancer.

Debbie on

How dare she call herself a stay at home and working mom. She’s a working mom, with a nanny, a cleaning lady, and an ex-husband who financially supports half of her children (which are his). And supports them very well. After all he is a well known and very successful plastic surgeon. She won’t be getting any pity from me.

july smith on

Must be a slow news day. Wow, she juggles her life just like all the rest of us, except she has more money. I’ll bet unlike the rest of us she doesn’t do her own housecleaning or laundry. No one forced her to have 4 kids.

Karolina on

Looks like she took out her extensions … maybe its just me, but I really like her hair. Looks more freeing and natural.

Jenny on

It is almost more interesting than the article to read the message boards of the wickedly jealous people who post here. They actually think they can diminish her physical beauty with their comments when it is obvious she is aging well and is as beautiful as ever. Such empty and sad lives people have that spew so much negativity.

Flower on

Brooke Burke, please shut up. You have a nanny, a cleaning lady, and an extraordinarily wealthy ex-husband. Last time I checked, you were doing Sketchers commercials, so do not even begin to compare yourself to working mothers who have to miss soccer games and family dinners to make money. I forgot how much you bothered me until now, so thanks for the reminder

megan on

Having read her past articles, I remember that her “stay at home” mom duties were get up, get a Starbucks & go home. Boo hoo, that’s really hard

Emily on

Wow some Bitter Bettie’s in the comments! You all sound miserable- get a babysitter, go have a stiff drink, and get laid. You all could use it.

And show me a photo of any of the 43 year olds you all know and let’s compare. She’s beautiful (not just for her age!) and I don’t even particularly like her. But I’m also not filled with mommy angst, so that helps.

Brbpszaa on

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