Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Have Chosen a ‘Unique’ Name for Their Daughter

06/26/2015 at 03:15 PM ET

With wife Ashlee Simpson ready to deliver their daughter any day now, actor and singer Evan Ross can’t wait to become a first-time father.

“I’m so excited. I can’t wait. We’re getting the nursery ready right now,” Ross, 26, told PEOPLE at the launch of OmniPeace‘s Rwanda Rocks! campaign at STK at the W Hotel in Beverly Hills on Thursday night.

But until the baby comes, Ross has his focus set on only one thing: His wife’s well-being. “I’m just taking care of her,” says Ross, who performed at the event (even dedicating a song to wife Simpson, 30, who sat in the audience).

He adds, “That’s my job right now.”

Evan Ross Ashlee Simpson STK restaurant launch
Michael Kovac/Getty

While the couple eagerly anticipate the arrival of their baby girl, they are also getting to enjoy newlywed life. “It’s amazing,” shares Ross, who married Simpson at his mother Diana Ross‘ estate in Connecticut in 2014. “The surprise [about being married] is that there are no surprises.”

They do have big surprises in store for their daughter however, namely to spoil her rotten. “That’s the main goal,” jokes Ross. “She’s going to come into this world being spoiled by her family and by my family. They can’t help it.”

As for a name, Ross admits they have indeed picked one out for their daughter, but they’re keeping it a secret for now. “Yeah, it’s unique,” says Ross. “You guys will figure out the story behind it once we tell the name.”

— Matthew Cole Weiss

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ugh on

hope they’re not shocked when the baby comes out with her old face.

Mom Of Twinz on

Such an exciting time, waiting to meet your baby. Congrats!

SHT on

So, what exactly do these two do to be famous? She has not had an album in years and I have no idea what he does. Anyway, she named her first kid Bronx Mowgli, so I’m guessing the new baby will be Queens Pocahontas?

Shiela kerr on

I wish them well and hope the baby is healthy!

myuntidydesk on

Of course they have… they are “celebrities”… they’d never give the kid a normal name.

Wow on

“Curtails”? hahahaha you are not only vicious, but intellectually challenged as well. She is a mother and engaged in fashion projects with her sister, Jessica. Evan and Ashley seem like a happy couple, so why be negative?

joanne1965 on

Please NO, just NO. Don;the stupid parents and give your child a name that is beyond ridiculous – the child will have to live with it for the rest of her life. Just NO.


Hessin, swallow another bitter pill while you’re at it.


Ugh, I see your parents gave you a terrific name, when you were born that’s all they said…….UGH!!!

Susan on

I look forward to the day when common names are popular again.

miz.gina on

I am sure that their daughter “bacon sandwich” will be all they wish for.

SFK on

I can’t wait to see this sure-to-be-beautiful baby. They’re such a cute couple. I love how he dotes on her!

hahaha on

OMG…She’s STILL pregnant? She’s just like her sister, it’s like they’re pregnant for a year.

J on

I wonder why some of you are so rude and bitter. If you’re not paying their bills for them, it’s none of your business how they spend their time.

Gina on

I like how they think that we care what they name their irrelevant kid

Callie on

What is his job beside taking care of his wife? Does he have one? Does he make money or does his mommy give it to him, what???

lovely123 on

I think they will name her, “Supreme D”!

life goes on on

Congrats to the baby, hope all goes well.

Andrea on

I vote for Manhattan Tiana, if they’re continuing her New York City borough Disney hero theme.

Steve on

Milli Vanilli?

Joy on

I hope it’s not some crazy name like her first child’s name. This seemed so rushed. Dated for a few months and then married and now after a few months of marriage, she’s pregnant. I don’t see this going anywhere…

Bev on

Being that a little gal is expected, they should name her Bridgette, or Ginger. Goes nice with Ross.

Paul on

Name her Vagas! a unique name.

Kestrel on

@Paul Vagas? What is that? Do you mean VEGAS?

Why is everyone so damned angry all the time? Yes, it’s an interracial relationship which is technically still illegal in some places. Yes, it’s uniqueness will annoy 90% of you but I get annoyed at the ENDLESS STREAM on Aiden, Liam, Ethan, Noah, Owen and Sophia, Mia, Olivia, Abigail and other cop-out names because you can’t think buying a Top 10 List. Add Harper, a few celebrities used that “wacky” name and now everyone does it.

The sure envy disguised as disgust is appalling. Why put your own feelings on them if YOU have a measly blue collar job and can’t stay home to raise your own kids so you pay a business to do it? Or are you green over the fact that her baby’s father is still with her?

Afford to have the kids you can have and leave these 2 alone. Quit denying your anger, get over yourself and maybe you can just be happy that 2 people are excited to be having a baby together.

Becca on

I can’t imagine what asinine name she’ll name her second child. Pure selfishness to ruin your child with an absurd, humiliating name you feel is “unique.”