Jennifer Love Hewitt Welcomes Son Atticus James

06/24/2015 at 11:30 PM ET

Jennifer Love Hewitt Welcomes Son Atticus James
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Surprise: It’s a boy!

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has welcomed her second child with her husband, actor Brian Hallisay.

Son Atticus James Hallisay arrived Wednesday, the actress’ rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Thirteen months after welcoming their first child, now 18-month-old daughter Autumn James, the couple announced they were expecting another baby — and delivery surprise — together.

“I feel my best when I’m pregnant, which means I probably should have 18 children — it won’t happen — but I do feel good,” Hewitt, 36, told American Baby in April.

Despite now having two under two, Hewitt, who was named the face of Palmer’s pregnancy products, and Hallisay, 36, aren’t fazed by the hard work ahead.

“We didn’t have a night nurse, we didn’t have a nanny,” the former Criminal Minds star told PEOPLE in May. “We haven’t ever had any of that stuff. It’s been really interesting to do it all ourselves.”

E! was first to report the news.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Sarah Michaud

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Cary Black on


The Beyotch on

Jennifer was looking for love for a long time, and I’m glad she has finally found it and now has a family of her own.

Congrats to her and her family! Wishing everyone health and happiness.

Texas Gal on

Congratulations! Love his name!

Brandi on

Congrats to Jennifer on her new edition to the family! Lol I hadn’t even heard she was pregnant again! Question though – did the person who wrote this article make a mistake or do both kids really have the middle name James? Just curious 🙂

Mrs. B on

Congratulations Jennifer and Brian!

Gee on

Congratulations to Jennifer and Brian on the happy news!

Nicole on

I think its really sweet that both her children have the same middle name and the same initials. I think Atticus is an adorable name. I’m sure he is just as adorable as his big sister 🙂

Marisa Beatriz on

Attic??? Really!

Anonymous on

I have a friend who named their son Atticus and they call him Addie for short. Congrats on the new addition!

Anonymous on

Atticus – really?

Gail on

Love the name! Congrats.

Ellwn on

@ annonymous…..I hope they call him Attie for short, not Addie. 🙂

Sandra B. on

I just love the names they chose for their children. 🙂
Congrats to mum, dad, and big sis on baby Atticus.

CCcat on

It’s so sickening how this woman thinks that she deserves to be respected and loved by everyone and people who hates her are worthless, crazy people.
I’d want to see all the people she destroyed being happy instead of her. Oh… that won’t happen.
What an ugly woman inside and out. Not to mention: talentless.

CCcat on

OMG.Ewwww… she’s still alive? I hope she’s not coming back to Criminal Minds.
Btw i’d really wanted to see AJ’s pregnancy being a part of the show so thanks for ruining everything JLH xxo
btw i hope AJ is ok…….

Caitie on

CCcat – did you happen to watch the season finale of Criminal Minds? No, Jennifer is not returning to CM, yes AJ’s pregnancy has been written into the show, and Jennifer didn’t ruin anything. AJ didn’t even publicly announce her pregnancy until she was already halfway through it because of what she and her husband went through. They had already filmed Kate’s announcement on CM before AJ publicly announced hers.

CCcat on

Caitie – Yeah .. you know nothing.
They couldn’t write in AJ’s baby in season 10 because of JLH, now she’ll have a pregnancy storyline when she’s not pregnant anymore. Its “kinda” unfair and such an evil thing what JLH did because AJ had a difficult pregnancy, JLH said she had a “wonderful, easy..” pregnancy but AJ is the one who had to hurt her baby with pretending like she’s not pregnant, doing exhausting things etc Now she’s unwell. Great. I hope JLH is proud of herself…

J on

Someone on here is nuts. I watch Criminal Minds and JLH LEFT at the end of the last episode. Also, AJC’s pregnancy was confirmed on the last or second last episode of the show. Lastly, stop posting crazy comments because they make you seem, like you say, UNWELL.

CCcat on

guest – Stop being crazy Caitie

Jo55 on

Did she have only ‘male embryos’ implanted like Kimye or did she and her husband feel that any child is a blessing???

guest on

Congrats to JLH and her family! Beautiful names for both children.

lola on

Awww… a baby boy congats! Love the name and love that they have the same middle name. My Dad and his 3 brothers all have the same middle name….their Father’s name.

lola on


Mr. Sunshine on

Jo55, Since she said it would be a delivery surprise, I’m sure she did it the old fashioned way. 🙂

Kate on

How about John or Mike? Atticus? Seriously? There’s no way I could tenderly whisper the name Atticus into a newborn’s ear. Such a shame.

kimmie on

Atticus is one of my favorite boy names. Love it!

AJ on

Love all the folks who seem clueless to the fact that Atticus is a perfectly nice, traditional boy’s name…they didn’t just dream it up. Atticus Finch, anyone?

charlotte on

Congratulations on the new little blessing!

CCcat on

Can’t wait to hear AJ’s baby news. She waited so long for her miracle baby ❤ I hope they’re both going to be ok, i’m so worried about her 😥

And i hope that JLH is not going to get Aisha Tyler kicked off to make herself a place in the show but i have the feeling she’ll do what she wants to do.

I hated to see her on Criminal Minds so much. Sometimes, her face is looking more evil than the unsub’s face.

Mel on

Congrats to her and her family.

Side note: where are the monitors for this website? How is it that CCcat can take up half the board being disrespectful. I guess we are still in high school. Grow up.

Annabelle on

I feel best pregnant too something about not having a period estrogen levels balanced or something.

lynnie on

Congrats, but do not like his name.

Cat on

I find it really interesting that everyone is blaming JLH for the actions of the shows producers. I didn’t think that deciding to have a baby at the same time someone else was trying was a bad thing but I must be wrong. It is the decision of the shows PRODUCERS and the STUDIO if the pregnancy is written in or not, not actors and actresses. Since I don’t know JLH or AJ personally I can’t say what either of them is thinking however I’m sure they are both glad to be welcoming sons into the world and could care less what we all think about how the show is handling the situation. And for those who just want to make nasty comments about JLH because you don’t like her: why did you read the article to begin with???

robinepowell on

They couldn’t find another middle name to use? What’s the significance of James that they used it twice?

CCcat on

Mel – I’m just excited for AJ’s baby and can’t to hear that they’re both healthy. You know me (&all her fans) are a “little bit” worried… -.-

Ava on

Congrats, Love! Adorable name, so happy for you 🙂

mommy2one on

atticus??? what is wrong with people giving kids weird names? is it a game of who can give the dumbest names??

Anonymous on

“It’s been really interesting to do it all ourselves.”…..really??? Raised all my by myself…….

MissAmour on

Some people seriously need to venture outside the confines of names like William, Alexander, and Benjamin (all great names)….or maybe read a book. Atticus is a perfectly fine, established literary name (To Kill a Mockingbird). It’s not like she named him a trendy -aiden/-ayden name or something made up.

Though I didn’t particularly care for her on Criminal Minds, I am excited for her nonetheless. Her joy doesn’t lessen the joy of anyone else’s exciting news. Congrats JLH, daddy, and big sister! Enjoy this time in your life!

Mandy on

Nice name. Congratulations to Jennifer on her new addition.

Desiree on

Congrats on the birth of your son. I too am the mom to an Atticus. My son Atticus Robert was born in 06′. He gets compliments on his name every time someone hears it. I sure hope that it doesn’t become a “popular” name, that was one reason why we went with it.

Desiree on

To everyone that thinks Atticus is a “weird” name. Really read a book. Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird) is a strong literary character. There is also a St. Atticus in the catholic church. Why do people feel the need to put others down for what they name their child?